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The Wheel of Time: Boxed Set(Wheel of Time, #1-8) files The Wheel of Time: Boxed Set(Wheel of Time, #1-8), read online The Wheel of Time: Boxed Set(Wheel of Time, #1-8), free The Wheel of Time: Boxed Set(Wheel of Time, #1-8), free The Wheel of Time: Boxed Set(Wheel of Time, #1-8), The Wheel of Time: Boxed Set(Wheel of Time, #1-8) ea0595f6b Robert Jordan S Bestselling Wheel Of Time Epic Is One Of The Most Popular Fantasy Series Of All Time For A Reason Jordan S World Is Rich And Complex, And He S Assembled An Endearing, Involving Core Of Characters While Mapping Out An Ambitious And Engaging Story Arc The Age Of Prophecy Is A Time Of Magic And Peril, When Everything Hangs In The Balance And One Man, Rand Al Thor, May Hold The Key To Time S Wheel Rand Is The Dragon Reborn, The Living Embodiment Of Prophecy The Wheel Of Time Series Tells His Story, A Fantastic Adventure And A Journey Of Discovery Beyond Compare This Exciting Gift Set Includes The First Eight Books Of The Wheel Of Time Series The Eye Of The World, The Great Hunt, The Dragon Reborn, The Shadow Rising, The Fires Of Heaven, Lord Of Chaos, A Crown Of Swords, And The Path Of Daggers

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    This is another series that I had a hard time getting into Once I made it through the first couple hundred pages, though, I was hooked Seriously hooked I couldn t put the books down The series has really colorful characters that are easy to get attached to, it s filled with foreshadowing, and the world that it s based in is really original and beautiful So it really came as a shock when I was halfway through book four and I realized that I was reading nothing but descriptions of tapestries and different styles of dresses Seriously He goes on about individual outfits for PAGES But what could I do I was already hooked So I read the next 10 or so books thinking that maybe I would ride through the dull parts and it would get amazing again Nope I would still recommend the first three though Just ignore all the hints of cool things to come They never really happen It s like those ads in the back of the paper for really hot escorts they have the pictures and everything but when it comes down to it it s really just an apartment full of sub par blow up dolls and old cat ladies.

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    Love it I started reading the series in 1994, when I was still in high school and fell in love with it at once By the time I started reading, the first 6 books were already released, so to begin with it was just a matter of going to the library to get the next one After that the waiting began Not only for each new release, but also in the story itself, the pace became slower, and there were parts that felt like you had to get through it to get to the good stuff.Me and my sister, who also got hooked, sometimes joked that Robert Jordan would die before he finished the series, but were shocked when it actually happened Luckily Brandon Sanderson agreed to help finish the series The last books also have picked up in pace again, and are seriously action packed.I find it hard to describe why I fell in love with this series, now close to 20 years ago It has been part of my live for so long, that it will be strange when the last book finally will be released in 2013.I guess it is the scope, the epicness of it all, view spoiler I like the world, and the fact that there was this Age of Legends, I love the Rhand Lewis Therin thing, I like the magic system, I like the Forsaken as bad guys, I like Taveren and the fact that everything is connected and intertwined, I like Matt, Lan and Nynaeve after she stops tugging her braid.I hate the bloody White Cloaks, a lot of the endless Perrin Faile story, Nynaeve tugging her braid for the umpteenth time, the Seanchean, the Shaido, and when being plain stupid gets mistaken for being stubborn hide spoiler

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    Read the first three and stop Its a great standalone trilogy and I think was intended to stop there until the money making possibilities were realized.I wish the story could have continued, I was very excited to read about Mat and the daughter of the nine moons however id rather have not spent three books for the bowl of winds that never got to do much Oh well Just read the first three and be happy rather than bitter and indignant like the rest of us who got dragged on for decades of our life to get nothing in the end for our loyalty.

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    The Eye of the World is the first book in the long line that is The Wheel of Time series Some are better than others but I liked them all They are long and very complicated with an ever expanding story line Some people don t like that but I do so these are great books for me Very simply put the story follows a small group of people from humble origins that help change their world Each in their own way and sometimes not for the better This is fantasy so the story evolves around each persons unique abilities With each new book the story gets and vast You wonder how in the world the author is going to put everything together There are about 11 books in the series and they are all quite long So when is the next book due out Robert Jordan died a couple months ago We will never know how it turns out.

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    AM so sad he died before finishing the last book.Liked the first couple the best The middle ones were ok and the last few were good again.

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    This series was all over the map The first three books were absolutely magnificent Unfortunately Jordan became enad of his own voice and led readers through thousands of completely unrelated pages of story There were too many main characters and too many things going on for this to be a good book series and I just finished the entire series last week Jordan also fell into the trap of description again liking the sound of his voice a little too much What did the people across the desert have to do with the story and why were they mentioned at all As much as I enjoyed Mat s story, it was totally unnecessary to the main plot except that Jordan kept torturedly returning him to it Mat and Perrin should have remained loyal secondary characters Jordan could have told Rand s story in three or four books, then moved on the Mat and Perrin if there was interest and demand He wrote for the money after all how else do you explain Books Nine and Ten The same story twice from different characters They should have been one book and mercilessly edited.Mind you, I love Jordan s lush and rich writing style in the first three books I am not a proponent of Hemingway s style, especially in Epic Fantasy Sorry, this series just ended up getting on my nerves.

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    So far I m very happy with this series and it s made for a fun summer read something to sink your teeth into so to speak Yes, Jordan gets a little repetitive sometimes and I probably wouldn t have started this if I d realized that the series isn t completely written yet frustrated enough as I am with ASoIaF but otherwise there are some great characters, ideas and twists and turns for those into fantasy of course I hate the awful van art style covers some of the worse I ve seen September update finished series, was about 3 4 way through book 11 when I heard that Robert Jordan has passed away Very sad, I suppose everyone leaves with things left undone but it seems particularly sad that RJ didn t get a chance to personally finish telling this story to all his many readers I read that he left notes and outlines with his family so I guess it ll be up to them now December update They ve announced the author who ll finish the last book using Jordan s notes, etc Not due to be published until Fall 09 damn.

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    This a big commitmentI want to start this review by being very explicit don t start unless you have the time to finish in one go over many months There is so much detail and so many characters all sounding similar that it would be difficult to get through without an online guideor if you just give up caring.I posted the images of the books, spines out I want you to fully understand the commitment you are making It took me about a year to finish all 14 books I haven t decided if I want to spend additional time reading the prequels certainly not any time soon Below are my short notes on each book not summaries of the plot and the number of pages per book 1 The Eye of the World written by Robert Jordan 753 pagesVery interesting world, very well defined, with many nuances I liked the characters It was a bit long winded, but enjoyable 2 The Great Hunt written by Robert Jordan 658 pagesAfter reading the first book, I felt committed to continuing I was still enjoying the story And for the first time, I noticed just how much The Game of Thrones and Harry Potter took from this fantasy The parallels were numerous and kept coming I feel like The Wheel of Time is the true original It is both deeper and wider than either of these other fantasy series 3 The Dragon Reborn written by Robert Jordan 673 pagesOnce committed to this story, I ve read it one book after the other For if I didn t, I wouldn t be able to keep up with all of the names and places There is a LOT to remember I wish there was a way to click on the name in the book and get a quick recap of who this was I don t know how people read these books when they had to wait for the next installment for several years Thank goodness I didn t start these until they were all done 4 The Shadow Rising written by Robert Jordan 1051 pagesOkay, this is where I ve invented the term Peril Loop a continuous series of bad events that happen to the main character in a story and Peril Loop Fatigue how the reader feels when too many improbable bad events happen to the main character one after another in a continuous barrage of peril Book 4 is where I almost stopped reading these series several times Enough is enough 5 The Fires of Heaven written by Robert Jordan 926 pagesStill reading 6 Lord of Chaos written by Robert Jordan 1049 pagesI ve made it this far 7 A Crown of Swords written by Robert Jordan 902 pagesI love how detailed the world developed in this fantasy is Everything seems motivated by deep time events You get a sense of how customs and people changed based on historical events This is far better than The Game of Thrones Robert Jordan must have a library worth of notes Unfortunately, I don t 8 The Path of Daggers written by Robert Jordan 669 pagesThis one is a bit shorter Is Mr Jordan getting tired As much as I love the millions of details, I m getting exhausted I heard about these series many years ago, way before I read The Game of Thrones GoT I figured as a writer, I should read The Wheel of Time as a great example of world development I have a lot to learn Yet, GoT HBO series was in some ways an improvement over the book the stories were tightened up many characters were combined unnecessary details removed altogether I will NOT be reading the last book of GoT if it ever comes out 9 Winter s Heart still written by Robert Jordan 705 pagesLike in any story, you fall in love with some characters than others Mr Jordan is careful to give equal time to all his main characters and to develop their storylines fully But I feel like the main story is getting sidelined 10 Crossroads of Twilight still written by Robert Jordan 832 pagesFor all of the details, some main ideas are starting to get lost Still reading 11 Knife of Dreams still written by Robert Jordan 886 pagesSo glad that I m reading this as an e book version I don t have that much room in my houseor in my purse I read everywhere and if I had to carry these books, I would have serious back problems 12 The Gathering Storm written by Robert Jordan AND Brandon Sanderson 861 pagesI began reading these series partly because Brandon Sanderson was one of the authors He picked up writing the series towards the end Brandon has an amazing imagination and I love his writing style I think The Wheel of Time books are the better for having him as a co author Still, this story is getting long in the tooth 13 Towers of Midnight written by Robert Jordan AND Brandon Sanderson 977 pagesWhen will this end I love long booksbut this is too much And things are getting muddled The story is getting lost in the details Who are these people 14 A Memory of Light written by Robert Jordan AND Brandon Sanderson 1025 pagesAside from Book 4, this was the worst of the bunch too long too many unnecessary plot points while the main plot points are left unresolved I couldn t wait for this one to end Some interesting bits, but overall a disappointment Peril Loop Fatigue Peril Loop Fatigue Peril Loop Fatigue.Overall review the best developed fantasy world I have ever read But too long, too meandering, too lost These series should have been shorter, tighter, intense The side stories were entertaining and might have been a nice addition as stand alone novellas, but they should not have been included in the first read through People will probably hate me for writing this, but I m also one of those who believe GoT would have benefited from some judicious editing And did I mention Peril Loop Fatigue How many readers gave because they just got too tired of the main characters continuously battered by bad guys and fate At some point, such twists of fate stop being engaging and become burdensome Still, for the sheer scope of vision, I rate the whole series as 4 stars Some books are better than others

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    Okay, so I had seen these books a billion times and I was always scared off by the cover art Have you seen the cover art on these shits It s so fucking heinous It s like the worst second rate, low budget ass, DD artwork you could possibly imagine However, one day I overheard one of my professors, Dr Lehtola, talking about World of Warcraft, and naturally I immediately joined that conversation and let her know that I, too, am a geek She told me to read this series of books, boldly claiming It s better than Lord of the Rings Now, I didn t believe her, but she does have Dr in front of her name, so I gave it a shot.These books are fucking fantastic Each is between 700 1000 pages and there are currently 11 of them I read them all over the course of a single semester If you like Lord of the Rings, read this shit You re not a real geek if you haven t.

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    The Wheel of time series is by far the best books that i have read.I started reading it last year and couldn t stop till i finished it all I was reading some other series when i first saw this.But i stopped it and started reading this.i could t get all the books here.So i got eBooks and read in my computer.The no of characters in these books It gets hard to keep track of them all.And the detail Robert Jordan goes to is great.It is a really long story and i wouldn t suggest it to those who doesn t have the patience to read it all Because some parts of the story are not as interesting and some might just give up.But if u keep reading.I promise you.It will be one of the best that you have read.

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