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The Prophecy of Shadows chapter 1 The Prophecy of Shadows, meaning The Prophecy of Shadows, genre The Prophecy of Shadows, book cover The Prophecy of Shadows, flies The Prophecy of Shadows, The Prophecy of Shadows 0c0e56b00f20b Witches Are Real They Re Descendants Of The Greek GodsNicole Cassidy Is A Witch Descended From The Greek Gods But She Doesn T Know It Until She Moves To A New Town And Discovers A Dangerous World Of Magic And Monsters That She Never Knew ExistedWhen The Olympian Comet Shoots Through The Sky For The First Time In Three Thousand Years, Nicole And Four Others Including Mysterious Bad Boy Blake Are Gifted With Elemental Powers But The Comet Has Another Effect It Opens The Portal To Another Dimension That Has Imprisoned The Titans For Centuries After An Ancient Monster Escapes, It S Up To Nicole And The Others To Follow A Cryptic Prophecy In Time To Save The Town And Possibly The World

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    I literally loved this book It is my perfect read A mixture of WITCHCRAFT and GREEK BLOODY GODS So firstly let me tell you how IN LOVE i am with the idea and theology behind the magic I LOVE magic with limitations and the witches in this world HAVE limitations Their magic is mental which means they have no physical control over anything until a group meet under the comet and it changes them for ever..Elementals follows a group of witches who unlock the abilities to control one of the FIVE elements WATER, FIRE, AIR, EARTH AND AETHER Please please read this novel when it comes out so i can TALK TO HUMANS ABOUT ITSomething awesome about this series is that the author will be pushing all the novels for the series out really quickly. the second book comes out in APRIL and this one is not out yet so get on this band wagon with me please..A perfect mixture of magic and mythology An entrancing story of trust, friendship and well naughty boys WITCHES are not the only thing walking the earth.

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    In the beginning of the new year,the Olympian Comet will cross the sky and the wall will grow thin.Five representing each part of the world will work together to restore the balance,the power of the Aether igniting them.The Journey will lead them East on the path to the Shadows,which will serve as their guide I sincerely hope that this prophecy will not be fulfilled,because I d hate to spend the first day of 2016 hiding from Cronus or fighting harpies What s the story Starting over sucks,and Nicole isn t thrilled to attend a new school in a new city being the new kid,but then she enters her first class and finds out that the professor is actually teaching Magic 101 and that she s a descendant of greek gods who can manipulate energy.How cool is that Of course,when a Comet alters her powers and a prophecy about Titans and mythological creatures is revealed and she sets off a scavenger hunt among with the rest of The Elementals gang her crush,his oh so bitchy girlfriend and two other friends and she s nearly eaten alive,her powers seem like a burden and less than a gift.But war is coming,and maybe 5 teenage witches is all that stands between life and death We re witches.You are,too.And regarding your question,we don t use wands because real witches don t need them.That s an urban legend created by humans who felt safer believing that they couldn t ne harmed if there was no wand in sight Oops Cheers Greek mythology.Battles between Olympians and Titans,monsters that escape the Underworld and lectures on greek history Count me in I also kept wondering whether DNA tests can verify your olympian heritage so I can finally have proof that I m Athena s descendant and get accepted to Camp Half Blood what do you mean it s another series Magic.Magic in the form of colourful energy,each colour having different uses.Elemental magic with spirit as the key to unlock the prophecies.And a comet amplifier.Need I say The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest.Forbidden romance is one way or another intriguing,and The Prophecy of Shadows was no exception.Nicole falls for a guy who is unavailable,which results in tension,sneaking out,and inevitable heartbreak.Nicole was stronger than I gave her credit for,because she knew that morality doesn t apply only when it s convenient.Even when the forbidden fruit is an ubber delicious Blake dreamy sigh The scavenger hunt.Ok I admit the riddles were not that difficult to solve but following the clues and not knowing whether they d face a hydra or a hellhound in the next step and exploring creepy forests were a great way to add mystery and suspense to the story Jeers The clich s.I know that in books about prophecies it s inevitable,but man I could predict what was about to come miles away,and it took the MCs awfully lot of time to figure things out.Also,new girl falling for the gorgeous guy who s dating an equally gorgeous girl and all of them happen to be witches and share a magic bond that will determine the fate of the world Secret Circle anyone I got the feeling that some storylines and ideas were underdeveloped and some things happened way too fast,like the insta love between Nicole and Blake or how easily Nicole called everyone her friend even though she knew them for about a week.Thankfully,as the story progressed the writing became better so technically this is a half jeers.So why did I give it 4 stars Even though The Prophecy of Shadows narrated a story I ve read before,I still enjoyed it a lot and felt compulsed to turn the pages until I finished it.I will definitely read the next instalment of the series and who knows,perhaps until then I will be ready to join the fight against the Titans and keep Blake to myself ARC gererously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Warning this book maxed out my bullshit meter so the sass is strong in this one So lets get into the general plot which is literally summarized in this one single sentence A week into a new school, and not only was I a freaky super witch who made a glass explode in class, but I also had extra homework Darn that fucking homework, gettting in the way of supermagical power practice since 2012 Nicole our main character seemed pretty chill in the beginning but had a tad special snowflake My main concern with her character is that there wasn t anything unique about her personalityjust the magical abilities that kept popping up And now our plot Five characters who represent the five elements colors that witches use to focus on certain characteristics The idea of colored magic was awesome but described as underwhelming and borderline childish Like she gets a little nervous about magic but ends up accepting it in a day beceause she can FEEL colors Thats right Feel a color, but the description sounded like some rainbow fairyAnd of course the petty comments You re powerful than her You re better at tennis Your element the aether is the center of all of ours HAHAHAHAHHA the fact that another girl is better at tennis has this bitch Danielle so wound up that she starts cursing Nicole s motherfucking tennis racket just to mess her shit up Oh mah gawd this is fake, this is goddamn fake So enter the bitch So Danielle right now is a cliche mean girl sterotype but TBH I liked Danielle the best because she actually had a personalitythe other ones kinda blended together in just blah and bland The origin of your name is Greek, she said It means victory of the people It was a strange thing to say, but I nodded, assuming she was just a quirky older lady Notes from when I first read this scene Crazy old lady runs a diner and has important knowledge to impart Probably a view spoiler goddess in disguise Oh mah fucking god Nicole s MIA dad is actally a god This makes her not only a witch of spiritbut a demigod hide spoiler

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    I don t know how to explain it, but I ve felt connected to you since I saw you walk into homeroom on your first day Why do I think I ve read this before Oh, because of course, I ve read it before A typical paranormal read where a new girl in town caught the eye of a hot guy in school who s dating an equally gorgeous girl, but no problem cause there s this thing called, cheating.No, I m not angry or even disappointed any, I m sad This is the 2nd book of Michelle that I ve read so I was kind of expecting some of the things I didn t like in this book, but I m just sad because I badly wanted to like this book, I really really liked the author you see I guess sometimes there just things that wouldn t work out Elementals reminds me why Remembrance was a disaster for me From the unrelatable characters to the disaster romance included in the book, include the lack of world building. it s just won t work for me It actually started out good, great even Nicole Cassidy was swept in right into the world of the witches people who apparently are a descendant from the bloodlines of the Gods Yep, they called themselves witches, don t ask me I liked the idea of powers that was represented by colors Like Yellow energy, to help with focus, blue to keep you calm, red to boost your confidence etc It s refreshing Then everything went downhill when our very special MC met Blake My heart was pounding so hard that he could probably hear it, and even thoughI d wanted to be alone with Blake since I first saw him, I needed to control whatever I was feeling for him Nothing could happen between us At least not right now, while he had a girlfriend I didn t read this book because I wanted to read drama and cheesiness I wanted to read this because I m a sucker in both paranormal, fantasy and GREEK Gods story Seeing that this books target audience were the fans of Percy Jackson Series, I m definitely in, but this book should have gotten a thing or two about romance in that book as well Shouldn t hurt to do so I m just probably making this a big deal but I wholeheartedly believe that Nicole is being a bit obsessive with Blake, and reading things like that in a book tend to get really really ugly and annoying.I already said it, but I ll say it again, the idea of the story and plot was good and eye catching, at least for its target audience, but the world building are not good enough for me It leaves a lot of questions because the story tried to move only the sequence of events further leaving little details to the world itself Like, It is illegal for underage people to use their power, or else they ll risk having their powers purged completely Seriously, how would the elders know know or detect when someone s using their powers illegally I also find it funny how the school is operating a all magic classes for witches inside a perfectly school for human perfectly normal people A little details wouldn t hurt I guess.Don t even get me started on how Nicole gets the hang of everything in only a matter of 1 or 2 weeks Sure, she s powerful and everything being the main character of the story, but really, there leaves a little growth for her I had no idea how I knew that but I knew I was right Well aren t you just special Summary of my review Bad News I didn t like this book as much as I thought I would Unrelatable characters, too much romance for my liking, not much of a world building.Good News The book was fast paced making it a quick read for me, I guess one of the reason why world building wasn t given much chance to shine I did enjoy the adventures and quest along the way Also, it s good that the copy I have contains sneak peak for the 2nd book, The Blood of the Hydra, because I m liking it It gives the hint that book 2 is still going to be a fast paced read, I no longer cared if there wouldn t be much of a world building there, I just want both Nicole and Blake to calm their fvcking hormones and everything would be perfect for me.Despite my initial disappointment in this book, I m still not ready to give up on this series and I ll still definitely read the 2nd book.

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    5 Words Witches, elements, friendship, teamwork, family.After a slightly shaky start, this book really picked up.I m very hit or miss with this author, there are books in the past I have hated, books that are middling, but I still keep coming back.At first, I didn t really like Nicole As wonderful as she was supposed to be, she came across as quite nasty I couldn t click with her, I rolled my eyes a lot I just wished she could have been a little nicer, taken the high road It would have made me like her a little likeable.So it s a good thing I enjoyed the story itself Once I got into it, I found that I couldn t put it down I loved the pace and how it kept building and building.If you ve ever read my reviews of similar Greek Myth God inspired stories then you ll know that they usually don t gel well with me But this one I loved it There was a logic behind it all, it made sense I could almost believe it I was than pleasantly surprised I received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes and I am taking part in the blog tour.

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    We re witches You are too This was a YA paranormal story about a group of teens with supernatural powers.Nicole was an okay character and she went out of her way to help her friends She also had integrity, and stood up for what she believed in too.The storyline in this was about Nicole starting at a new school, and discovering that she was a witch with supernatural powers We then had an event which increased these powers even , and led Nicole and her friends on a bit of a scavenger hunt, and we also had a love triangle popping up which really reminded me of The Secret Circle This was an enjoyable read, but I did find it a bit cheesy at times, and there was quite a bit of info dumping about Greek Mythology as well.The ending to this was okay, but it was clear that the story would continue in future books.6.5 out of 10

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    To view the original review with extra content click here In The Prophecy of Shadows Nicole Cassidy and a few of her friends and not so friends are gifted powers over the elements Knowing that, I thought the book was going to go one of two ways either this would be a Percy Jackson esque squad or we d be steering into X Men territory both of which are awesome directions to go in btw But Michelle Madow surprised me and created a magic system that had unique elements of its ownwhilst being just as badass as the aforementioned franchises Three cheers for girl power because Nicole kicked some serious bad guy ass in this book, people.Book cover Did this cover give me a serious case of hair envy You guys have no idea how much I m pretty sure I d do almost anything in order to achieve the ethereal locks the cover model is rocking Plus her hair glitters Or, correctly, it creates glittery sparkles that float around her like a shimmering halo of awesomeness I wish my hair was a glitter machine but nope I m stuck with regular brown strands that refuse to emit even a lousy confetti particle.Not only is the cover model s makeup game on point, but her eyes have me all kinds of hypnotised They re doing that Dominic Sherwood esque two colours trick plus they re framed by the longest lashes known to man.I m pretty sure that if you stare into these eyes for longer than a second, you ll become her eternal slave Thoughts Nicole Cassidy is life.You re probably thinking Booknut, you need a life Booknut, why are you utterly obsessed with this fictional female you ve only known for a mere month First of all, when I say Nicole is life what I really mean is life goals Not that she s perfect, or drop dead gorgeous, or super rich and successful, etc She hasn t done anything that would put her in the running for the Nobel Peace Prize YET guys, just wait a few years But what she does do is that she sets an example for YA females.Nicole s top lesson Doesn t matter how hot a guy is Or how much he says he cares Sometimes he s just not that into you.This lesson makes me so, so happy Because Nicole doesn t delude herself into thinking that a combination of intense gazes, passionate kisses, and good looks love Nicole realises that real love is love that tries, is truthful, is loyal and that acts No matter how many words of love a guy is saying, it s just not enough if his actions don t back them up.Nicole doesn t settle She values herself and knows that she is worth fighting for.She s a heroine who has sorted out her priorities, despite her young age Saving the world and dealing with the crisis facing them as a team is important than finding sometime to spend Valentine s Day with Nicole refuses to sacrifice the harmony of their super squad in order to appease a guy s fickle affections She s a girl boss Girl power rant complete Now on to the plot I loved how Madow integrated the mythology into the modern day setting of the book Despite mythology having been used in a similar way by other authors e.g Rick Riordan Madow made hers feel fresh and entertaining through her unique writing style and colourful cast of characters.The moral of this review if you need a good read with a great message, The Prophecy of Shadows is the book for you

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    of all this book I think it s ebook only is FREE right now on Michelle Madow s website for a LIMITED TIME www.michellemadow.com I won The Prophecy of Shadows in a blog giveaway I think, but I m not sure which one it s from Sorry I know, I m horrible I received the ebook via the author Thank you Michelle Madow I m going to get right to it on this one The Prophecy of Shadows was ALMOST a 5 star book for me It was so close and there was only one thing that really held me back from giving it that last star The entire book was so GOOD, but from the very beginning of the book there was one thing that drove me nuts the whole way through I m going to put a mild spoiler here MILD SPOILERS In the beginning of the book Nicole shows up for her first day of school and she gets put in the classes the witches are in, but it s never explained who knew she was a witch to put her in those classes in the first place Nicole herself has no clue and since that was her FIRST day at school how did anyone else know The entire book it drove me nuts because Nicole never even thinks about it I want to know WHO knew she was a witch before she did to put her in the classes and HOW before she even started going to the school END SPOILERS Now I heard through the Grapevine that we will get answers to that much later in the book series That s fine I m happy to know that at least it isn t left open That would irritate me, but I still gave this one 4 stars If I had not done some asking around in the blogging community I would not have been able to find out that we have to wait for the answers to this Personally, I think all of this could be solved if once or twice in the book Nicole wonders to herself or to someone else about it That way the reader knows that answers ARE coming, even if we have to wait a bit I know this may come off ranty I hope not though because I don t mean it that way , but it was so distracting for me while reading because I kept thinking about it and wondering why it was being ignored by Nicole Seriously that s my one and only gripe about the book though IHopeThisSoundsConstructiveAndNotRantyOther than that one complaint The Prophecy of Shadows is an EXCELLENT book After I found out the information about my one gripe I even thought about changing my rating to 5 stars The fact of the matter is that I did not get that information from the book so I left it at 4 stars Seriously though everything else was SO GOOD The writing flows really well and I read most of the book in one day I really loved all of the characters, especially Nicole and Blake This is one where there is a whole group of entertaining characters and I love that All of the magic and mythology elements were done really well I like how witches and greek mythology were blended together and I m surprised at how well it worked This book was so darn entertaining and it reminded me of Twilight in a way WitchesMeetsGreekMythologyForTheWinOverall The Prophecy of Shadows is very captivating and definitely worth the read This is a really fun one to read I believe all of the series will be coming out this year and I want to read the rest I may wait till they are all out and binge them though I m not sure, but I will HAVE to finish the series and see what happens INeedTheRestNowI recommend The Prophecy of Shadows for fans of books with witches, the Percy Jackson series, and Twilight CallingAllTwihards

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    So many thanks to Netgalley and Michelle Madow for providing me this ARC If I need to summarize this book in a few words they ll be Witches Greek Mythology The Prophecy of Shadows Well, let s talk about what I like and what not Stuff I like I love that the magic of the witches comes from different colors like Yellow Magic of Happiness and that things Greek Mythology This don t need explanation Stuff I don t like So slow One day I though about DNF this book because of that Some thing were a Little too obviously I feel the characters something loose I let us with this little review who I probably make longer after but, this week I had exams and my registration and study for the exam for High School.

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    2.5 2.75 STARS Iwas provided a copy for review throught NetGalley, this has in no way affected my opinion of the book nor the content of my upcoming review READING PROGRESS 10 01 2016 2 % Harry Potter reference 7% typical teenage love at first sight, I m very skeptical about it Ummmmm. I ll wait and see 29% I m not sure if I like this Blake or not, He s He s. sooo confusing maybe I don t KNOW I just have a nagging feeling about him 33% finally some action 34% How can prophecies as easy obvious as this seems not obvious and easy to our dear protagonist.Just Crazy 39% you do use your brain after all 44% Blake my friend, you seriously need to DTR, don t make me hate ya11 01 2016 50%I m already haffway through this book, and the relathionships friendship couple BFFs Even ENEMIES between these characters are next to none existent.It s just 68% Ooookay, you ve been running around all day with them Danielle and you re still acting like a pethetic jealous bitch great 73% This is me right now in the school libraryand this is what I truly feel like inside This can t be happening, I connot accept thisYou might be hapy about this but I m NOT x Get the F CK away Blake DTR first remember 75%if that hair tossing was mentionned one time I might kill someone 80%the Cliff what just happened, OMG 15 01 2016 82% I ll see you in Hades, my little Spoiler 90%Nicole sweetheart your lack of response to Danielle s bitchiness is seriously..And YOU DanielleSOOOOOOO96%THE END.I m not reading the sneak peek.I m disapointed and a teeny tiny bit pissed, almost everything was expected, detached annoyingly easy PS I really don t like Danielle and her somewhat pethetic excuse of a boyfriend Blake sorry everybody Full review will be up on my blog near the release date

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