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This Is Not a Test files This Is Not a Test, read online This Is Not a Test, free This Is Not a Test, free This Is Not a Test, This Is Not a Test 56c565406 It S The End Of The World Six Students Have Taken Cover In Cortege High But Shelter Is Little Comfort When The Dead Outside Won T Stop Pounding On The Doors One Bite Is All It Takes To Kill A Person And Bring Them Back As A Monstrous Version Of Their Former Self To Sloane Price, That Doesn T Sound So Bad Six Months Ago, Her World Collapsed And Since Then, She S Failed To Find A Reason To Keep Going Now Seems Like The Perfect Time To Give Up As Sloane Eagerly Waits For The Barricades To Fall, She S Forced To Witness The Apocalypse Through The Eyes Of Five People Who Actually Want To Live But As The Days Crawl By, The Motivations For Survival Change In Startling Ways And Soon The Group S Fate Is Determined Less And Less By What S Happening Outside And And By The Unpredictable And Violent Bids For Life And Death Inside When Everything Is Gone, What Do You Hold On To

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    this isn t a zombie book so much as a zombie framing device to explore damage and the difficulties of making yourself vulnerable in front of someone of communication s pitfalls and the numbing effects of trauma there are people who believe that trauma builds character these people have probably never experienced trauma trauma does not build character, but how someone responds to trauma is the true and most telling test of character. often than not, trauma leads to a retreat nobody is a fan of emotional outpourings, are they or am i projecting again so let s just talk about this character sloane is not a fan of emotional outpourings her father has been physically abusing sloane and her sister for years, and the two of them formed this intensely close bond that never allowed anyone else in after her sister ran away, leaving sloane alone in the path of her father s rage, she had no support system in place to fill the gap, and became suicidal.and then, the zombies attacked.so what happens when the wrong people survive the ones who didn t want to survive before the world went to hell this is a fascinating character study six teenagers holed up in a school, barricading the doors against the zombie invasion outside alliances will form, resentments will fester, desperate hookups and confessions and all around brokenness will ensue.and sloane, watching it all, unable to break through her own emotional reserves to make herself vulnerable in front of the others is this what it s like to get close to other people you do something insane together and then you have to share everything even if you don t really want to she grows so much as a character, and it is painful and sad and you just want to be there with her, holding her throughout it all not that she d let you the other characters are great, too this is not a one person show it manages to rejuvenate the YA survival genre for me, like a cross between the breakfast club and a way intense Trapped.one character mourns his life, and how with nothing left in the world, his opportunities to become something have pretty much ended it s nothing i thought it could be something, i mean, eventually he finally looks at us my life i thought but i meanit s nothing how absolutely shattering to realize, at fifteen, that your life has meant nothing and is essentially over GAH and how clear eyed sloane is through it all, as she thinks of a future she is still not sure she wants any part of when this is over, society will need entertainment to get past it we ll make movies about it, hundreds of movies, and in every one of them, we ll be the heroes and the love interests and best friends and winners and we ll watch these movies until we are so far removed from our own history, we ll forget how it really felt to be here.that insight is very rare in these typical survival novels often, it is just all about the clinging to a member of the opposite sex for validation or comfort and there is some of that, here, but it is way charged than is typical there is an immediacy and a desperation that is deeply written and felt by the reader and thank you for the realism the thing no one tells you about surviving, about the mere act of holding out, is how many hours are nothing because nothing happens.they also don t tell you about how you can share your deepest secrets with someone, kiss them, and the next hour it s like there s nothing between you because not everything can mean something all the time or you d be crushed under the weight of it they don t tell you how you will float through days you autopilot, here but not really here, sleepwalking, and then every so often you are awake.god, i am so tired of import there is an awful lot of sleeping in this book and silence and yet it is not boring to read this is such a fast paced book but the reality of how boring it would be to survive is much appreciated, and the true fact that not every kiss is the beginning and end of everything a kiss can be, in fact, just a kissand this the ramifications of the last two sentences in this quote are quite easy to overlook if you haven t read the book, but i am caked in mud and my hair is straggly and knotted from the rain my lips are bruised there are cuts and scratches on me that i must have gotten since leaving the school but i don t remember how she won t recognize me when she sees me i look like someone who has survived.you should read the book.if nothing else, read the first chapter, which is a triumph of buildup and utter utter chaos i cannot remember ever reading a better opening chapter in all my days.come to my blog

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    HARROWING I sincerely never thought that I could ever be so fascinated by a zombie post apocalyptic story before, but there s a first to everything, isn t there However, it s definitely focused on the psychological elements than the world building, since it underlines the theme of survival and how precious and fragile life is Courtney Summers, you re writing terribly tearful stories Please don t stop.

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    4.5I owe a huge thanks to Courtney Summers for giving me a second chance to read and review this after my netgalley rejection It made my day and I m so glad This Is Not a Test was all that I d hoped it would be.I m going to say what I said at the start of my reviews or before I started reading Feed, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, The Other Life and even the one I was sure would be the exception to the rule The Reapers Are the Angels, and that is that zombie novels have never been my thing I ve searched and searched for that one book that would allow me to share in my friends love for novels of the walking dead, brain eating variety This is the first yes, the very first book about zombies I have enjoyed Ah, but then I suppose this isn t really that much about zombies.As with Courtney Summers other novels, this is mostly a book about people, about survival Summers does survival tales best, it doesn t matter whether the threat is zombies, grief or a bunch of bitchy teenage girls, every situation is equally poignant and Summers never fails to leave a lasting impression This is the tale of a group of teenagers who barricade themselves into what was once their high school as the zombie apocalypse descends outside Each character has something important to offer this novel and, for me, when you can make this kind of statement it puts Courtney Summers up their with the few others who have this rare talent Melina Marchetta, Megan Whalen Turner, to name a couple And on top of that, they all have a story, they are all fighting something that goes beyond the realm of living corpses, and this is what I like most about this novel In most zombie stories, people fight until they die and maybe one or two survive but Courtney Summers remembers that, even in the apocalypse, living is about than just not getting eaten and perhaps sometimes there are scarier things out there than those zombies, and even death.Also, it is worth noting, I have always said that zombies do not scare me at all When watching horror films, if zombies manage to get any kind of reaction from me it s usually amusement at their silly moans But this was one hell of a creepy novel I m not sure why this book managed to give me chills when so many others failed, but I admit it, I was freaked out, and not always at the zombies.My only criticism will not be a problem for some people In fact, you may find it positive Summers endings are always sharp, brutal, effective but sometimes a little too abrupt for me The ending to this will leave you thinking, wondering you will undoubtedly be affected by it But, for me, there was a lack of closure that I felt I needed from a novel I d become so emotionally invested in Otherwise, this was a fantastic novel and I knew Courtney Summers wouldn t let me down I will read everything she writes, no question.

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    Edited, because ZOMBIE NAILS See below 4.5 starsThis is not a zombie book This book has zombies in it But it s not about zombies, as such.It s about so much than that.Call them a catalyst, a threat, an inciting event the zombies are an ominous presence that set off a chain reaction of events and lurk unnervingly around the corners of the book But this is not even so much a book about survival, although that s certainly one of the themes threading through the story For me, deep at its heart, this was a book about will The will to live versus the will to die And how sometimes, for some people, this is not an unconscious, involuntary response to each day as it arrives, but a choice and a fight every moment.This Is Not A Test is an incredibly intense and psychologically gruelling novel to read It had me in a stranglehold from the first page, from Sloane s opening words, which almost echo with the emptiness carved out by her sister s absence While her pain bleeds through the pages in places, there s also something detached, cold, about her narration Because her mind has been made up She s resolved Until the morning the world shatters.In depicting her vision of the zombie apocalypse, Summers uses restraint to masterful effect The horror of the undead is rendered powerful by the suggestion of their presence, like the sound of them hammering against doors in their hunger, as opposed to always placing them in the limelight Similarly, by barricading six teenagers into a school, it s the constant fear of a breach that stretches the nerves to breaking point, rather than an endless gore fest Which is not to say that This Is Not A Test doesn t contain disturbing images of violence or pay homage to the genre of zombie horror it does but the effectiveness is amplified by the enormous amount of tension that has been wound up in the plot.The scenario of six people thrown together, under siege by the rabid infected and forced to make snap judgements with life or death ramifications, makes for a mental battleground The dynamic balances on a knife edge, allegiances and motivations threatened by accusations, guilt and desperation born out of the desire to live or die At work beneath the obvious conflicts are the character s own internal battles, and the larger questions of what it means to take or save a life, and at what cost do they preserve their own Who is the real enemy the undead, or the darker side of human nature This Is Not A Test almost defies categorisation It s a hybrid of sorts, and the brutal emotional honesty is not sacrificed in order to continue ratcheting up the tension It sounds strange, but the juxtaposition of the contemporary elements with the horror premise work exceptionally well The parallels between the internal and external fight to survive are powerful, and there is a depth and relevance to this story in it s insightful portrayal of pain, loss, grief, and ultimately, choice In Sloane, Summers has created a character and a story that hit me right in the chest I felt an almost relentless ache for her, for what had compelled her to make her decision And yet never does the writing feel gratuitous or melodramatic It feels painfully realistic, all the powerful for the things that are left unspoken, the profound silences between the scenes I was exhausted when I finished This Is Not A Test I felt mentally, emotionally, physically because I stayed up so late to read it wrung out and the haunting final scene of the book lingered with me days afterwards I m a little bit in awe of this book And I m going to start sleeping with a cricket bat under my bed.

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    When someone sees a zombie book there are two reactions 1 Oh zombies, scary and gory AwesomeSAUCE or 2 Ewww zombies Icky pass So this is a warning As far as zombie books go, This Is Not A Test has to be one of the tamest It s not gory, nor is it an adrenaline filled story Yes there are zombies and it can get intense at times, but funnily enough, it is not about the zombies It s about a girl who doesn t want to live in this world any She can t keep going with a dad that beats her, and a sister that left her This book is about finding the will to live in all this melancholy Surviving in a school with others who only want to make it through this zombocalypse, when all Sloane wants to do is leave To let the zombies take her away from this unforgiving world Even though the zombies almost never make an appearance It doesn t mean it s not frightening Courtney weaves them in the always present background leaving them to our imagination makes them scary in a way no one else can We don t know what s happening on the outside and with a constant fear of breach, the tension in the story is unmistakable The unknown is a terrifying illusion This is the angle Courtney takes to make this book absolutely unnerving.With half a dozen teenagers in a life or death situation, there is no absence of angst However, it s not aggravating, it s realism It was written with such authenticity that you never feel annoyance, only distress These are not just surface characters, either This is a gang of teenagers who are experiencing the end of the world who have lost everyone they ever knew and loved who just want to make it through to the next day without killing each other or dying at the hands of the zombies We get to know these characters to the core, exposed We see them at their most vulnerable It s all so raw that you get to care deeply for these people Even when you re not reading, you re constantly worrying about them it s mentally exhausting, but truly captivating These personalities who often clash have to learn to work together if they want to come out of this alive It s sad, it s heartbreaking, and there s a constant sense of doom in the air One positive vibe throughout, though, is the hope These kids make the best of what they have, and you always feel like somehow, things will work out.This story is one that sticks with you, with an ending that leaves you in a bittersweet mess where you re not sure if you should cry, or simply exhale and let it go This was my first novel by Courtney Summers, but if this is an example of her writing, I can say she has exceptional talent that I will seek out again with immense anticipation For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads

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    2015 reads Do not give me zombies, kay This is not a book about zombies, this is a book with zombies.And I m so okay with that I mean, to be frank, I m not into zombies Like, at all Usually, they never manage to a Scare meb Interest meDead people who come back to life Come on That s just gross to me Therefore I end bored often than not, except if I take it as a parody, changing myself into this annoying buddy who can t help but laugh at awkward moments sorry guys for all the movies I ruined If it wasn t for all the reviews I read which pointed that it wasn t really a zombie horror book, I d probably never have given it a chance That s why I m pointing it too If you expect a classic horror story, you ll be disappointed This is not a book where the zombies scare you, this is a book where the characters make you think Now, you know I m a huge fan girl when it comes to Melina Marchetta, especially because I can t help but fall in love with every single character she brings to life In this book, Courtney Summers manages to create flawed characters I adore Though it was anything but evident at first, because I have a thing I don t usually love depressive characters Yeah, you got it, the key word here is usually Indeed Sloane is all kind of depressing she actually wants to die and yet she managed to move me like crazy How did she do this How I m not sure I can t even explain We ll become reanimated corpses navigating a sorry imitation of our glory days and this is why I don t understand the point in going on, why it s so wrong to give up There s nothing left There s something so desperate in her way to handle all the crazy stuff that happens constantly and yet she s never ever whining Not a single time I often found myself in awe of her perseverance, as I think there s some braveness to show such motivation, even if it s to die at some point Did I find it stupid Of course I did I have a thing against suicide, I can t deny it, that s totally personal and I can t help it it often obscures my judgment about characters like her, because not only suicide makes me sad, but it piss me off But Sloane won me Completely I took her with all her flaws and wanted just one thing to read about her Look, I m not saying she s going to die In fact, I m not saying anything she s a believable character you know, so she can evolve Or not Yep, I m totally a tease. This is not a book about battles, this is a book about survival and all we re ready to do to survive because This is not a book filled with teenage angst, this is a book about the inherent injustice of life What do you think you d be willing to do to survive As I already said in my review of The Ask and the Answer, the only honest answer I can give you is I don t know Sure, I could convince myself that I wouldn t be selfish and would always do the right thing but we have to know what this right thing is to begin with Is it saving your parents Saving your love Saving yourself Saving the human race Tell me when you find your answer because I m not sure I ll manage to It was so easy, he said Just physically doing that When it was over, I thought people we aren t made of anything That s how easy it was Each character has his choices to make, and what can I say That s real, that s painful, that made me feel I can t not love it This is not a book you ll spend days to read, this is a book you re going to eat in one sitting.Surely you know the feeling you re reading a book, sure that you ve reached 50%, and you re stunned to realize that in fact you re at, like, 15% This book brings the exact opposite of that feeling Although the writing can appear pretty confusing in the beginning, I was hooked from page one and this feeling never ended until the end Indeed Courtney Summers s writing contains particularities that I never fail to love when I m lucky to find them short and sharp sentences, well done repetitions her style completely serves the plot as it helps grandly to express the growing tension the characters feel This is not a review, this is well, if this is not a review, I have no idea what the fuck it is PS I thought I wasn t scared and in the end, it seems that the sensation of being threatened grew on me without realizing it Yes, I totally freaked out when I got out to let my dog pee Poor me. For of my reviews, please visit

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    This has been said a few times, but it s certainly worth repeating This is not really a zombie book Although it has zombies in it, they are just the constant threat in the book, and they are minimally shown The gore is quite minimal, too This is just a warning for others, like myself, who aren t really into gory books, because I wouldn t want anyone to not read this book just because of that Of course that can go both ways, however, and a zombie fan looking for an all out gore fest may be disappointed.After I read the opening chapter of this book I was blown away It was quite intense We are introduced to our main character, Sloane, who has just been and frequently is physically abused by her father Suddenly there is a woman pounding on their door, and she s covered in blood Her father finds out that their street is full of screaming and chaos, and then quickly the scene switches to Sloane in the High School with 5 other students Six survivors after the zombie apocalypse They have barricaded the windows and doors They have food,water, and a radio to listen for emergency broadcasts All they can do now is wait for help to arrive.This story has a lot going on for how short it is, but it never feels cluttered We know that Sloane was abandoned by her sister, Lily, but the details of what was supposed to happen and how that has affected her come out slowly throughout the book The main focus of this book is each person s will to live Lily was all Sloane had left so once she left her she has none Sloane wants desperately to just die I thought the author wrote this very well We can feel Sloane s desperation and hopelessness, but she never seems emo.Each of the students has a very different personality, and they need to learn to work together, despite their disagreements, if they want to survive With a book about six teens I often find myself getting really annoyed with about half of them, because of their attitudes This didn t happen with this book, luckily At one point I was starting to get annoyed with Trace and his bossiness, but that was just his personality and it wasn t overdone These kids all lost everything and almost everyone they loved I felt bad for them, yet hopeful they would survive.The last chapter was just as intense as the first I was feverishly turning the pages wanting to know what was going to happen next This chapter was action packed and seemed to fly by so quickly my head was spinning at the end I am so happy about Sloane s personal ending view spoiler The Sloane we met in the beginning was definitely not the same Sloane was got at the end Courtney did an amazing job with writing her character, and the growth she experienced throughout this book hide spoiler

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    4 1 2 starsBecause I m a fancy creative post writer, I thought I d start this off with a quote from someone whose opinion I really trust Can you imagine what she s going to do with zombie survival I bet it s going to be gruesome D You know what I really do love the sound of my own voice You are so, so right, me of approximately five months ago.Of course, this is Courtney Summers so the gruesome part of this book doesn t arrive with the zombie apocalypse it takes place within the grasping, desperate, damaged minds of the survivors Which I think is a common thread in all the best zombie novels, really Zombies are compelling in that they speak to some of our deepest fears for example, that our bodies could become vacant killing machines, piloted by something other than ourselves It s a complete loss of free will But in some sense, zombies can easily be a stand in for any mass disaster or plague What s most compelling is the reaction of the human survivors to the zombies.This book has one of the best opening chapters I ve read in a really long time It is completely subtle but also utterly horrifying and absorbing We are introduced to the main character Sloane in one brief, emotionally intense snapshot Her life is a confining, meaningless misery and now that her sister is gone, she doesn t see the point in continuing She s just about to finally let go when something happens a shattering window, a crazed woman, a mad rush of humanity outside And then we are pushed forward in time by seven days, as Sloane and five other survivors find shelter in their high school What happened in those seven days was ugly and brutal, but we are not shown the details fully We are given a front row seat to the interesting part the aftermath I ve long admired Courtney Summers writing, because she really has a talent for getting in deep with the darker emotions and portraying them with such stark honesty that it s impossible not to be affected But in this book I feel like she s really grown as a writer, finding that perfect balance between subtlety and story telling She hits us with bright pieces of emotion and action, but she never fills in all the blanks It s subtle but evocative enough that we are compelled to contribute we have to put ourselves into the story She can lead us down the path, but we have to use our own emotions and experiences to make the final steps I think that s one of the hallmarks of a great writer because in the end, no writer can complete a story alone No writer can describe an emotion with such perfection that someone who s never felt it before will suddenly understand it The best writers lead us to our own emotions, and the best stories are collaborations between writers and readers I think that Courtney Summers really masters that with This Is Not a Test.And of course, this woman writes my favorite kind of endings dark but ambiguously hopeful, with realistic growth in the main character perfection Perfect Musical PairingFlorence The Machine Never Let Me GoThat s right, I m pulling out all the stops for this book No less than Florence will do This song, to me, is about giving up on everything, completely, only to realize that you ve survived anyway And now I need to make an announcement Attention everyone this is not a test Go crazy for this book Bloggers it s time to light up the super special ARC signal in the sky Courtney Summers fans do whatever you have to do crack each other s heads open and feast on the goo inside if you must Just get this book This is not a test people Also seen on The Readventurer.

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    Find all of my reviews at Stars This must be what Dorothy felt like, I think Maybe If Dorothy was six scared teenagers and Oz was hell When I saw ALLLLLLL of my friends reading All the Rage recently I figured I would end up reading it wrong see Exhibit A and opted for Summers version of zombies instead What can I say I m not interested in being the oddball again this week but I enjoy brain nomming stories shrug However, being that Summers is Summers, this book had a lot less of this With a lot of this The premise seemed familiar the zombie apocalypse began a week ago, leaving a brain, an athlete, a basket case, a princess, and a criminal six students no choice but to work together in hopes of surviving the danger that potentially lurks around every corner of their former high school where they are holed up The only thing that separates them from the undead is a chain link fence DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN Okay, so while the basic concept has been done a time or twelve before the delivery was 100% unique If Lord of the Flies and The Walking Dead had a baby you might end up with something along the lines of This Is Not A Test If you like your zombies with a lot of gore and a high body count you should probably look elsewhere On the other hand, if you re looking for a zombie book that deals with questions of mortality and morality, this is the book for you Summers is quickly becoming a YA fave.

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