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    What happens when you put together two insanely talented authors One that is a juggernaut on UK Darren Sant, and the other an emerging author in the horror genre, Sam Lang Sam really is one sick puppy I am going to have to guess a read like Severed because that is what they did I enjoyed the blend on the two voices, one being British and the other not It brought a dimension and flavor to the story that I found refreshing even in a horror piece Both authors have a wicked sense of humor and it shows.Sam Lang is the author of The Reprisal series that is beginning to find an audience and with good reason the guy can flat out write He has an ability to ratchet up tension and suspense Darren Sant is the author of the very successful Tales of The Longcroft Estates and Flashes of Revenge , all of his titles once they were released hit the UK charts within hours His strong suit lies in his ability to transfer emotions and passion with his prose and wry sense of humor The combination of the two in this plotline becomes lethal for us the reader as they take us on a mind bending journey of horror and mayhem Not bad for under a buck if I may say so I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall with the conversations the two of them have had putting this together It is that time of year when these types of stories become popular Give it a go the ride is worth the price of admission Here is some info on the story and the authors In this digital short story series, Darren Sant Tales of the Longcroft Estate, Flashes of Revenge and Sam Lang Reprisal, A Vampire s Guide to Sex bring you the end of the world It is a zombie apocalypse brought on by an unlikely source Each edition of this series will be the portrait of different character and their desperate struggle for survival.In the Beginning establishes the series with the fall of all the major cities A lone survivor in Florida, Judy takes refuge in an abandoned apartment There, she discovers the journal of another refugee, Zac The journal tells of a life after death, love gained and lost Zac s writing tells the beginnings of his journey yet to come.

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    Okay, I m a closet dead head Oh wait, that s not right 1 I don t hide the fact that I like zombie stories 2 I don t listen to THAT band.As for the new short story series Severed, there is a lot to like in a small space These two authors have put together a nice little store with huge potential I can t begin to guess where they will go from here, but if the following stories have as much emotion as this one, I won t be disappointed In the Beginning starts off showing destruction around the world and gives us a unique cause for the zombie attack From there, a hidden journal is found that tells the story of one particular group of survivors.Sant and Lang have really set the stage for something special Considering it is a short story for only 99 cents, it is money well spent By the way, you can read my interview with the two authors here

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In The Beginning... download In The Beginning... , read online In The Beginning... , kindle ebook In The Beginning... , In The Beginning... 0b1c450ff460 In This Digital Short Story Series, Sam Lang Reprisal, A Vampire S Guide To Sex, Theoretical Fishsticks Brings You The End Of The World It Is A Zombie Apocalypse Brought On By An Unlikely Source Each Edition Of This Series Will Be The Portrait Of A Different Character And Their Desperate Struggle For SurvivalIn The Beginning Establishes The Series With The Fall Of All The Major Cities A Lone Survivor In Florida, Judy Takes Refuge In An Abandoned Apartment There, She Discovers The Journal Of Another Refugee, Zac The Journal Tells Of A Life After Death, Love Gained And Lost Zac S Writing Tells The Beginnings Of His Journey Yet To Come