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  • The Remaining (The Remaining, #1)
  • D.J. Molles
  • English
  • 07 March 2017

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    Most of my thoughts about this book can be simplified into one word NO The plot wasn t good The writing was worse The characters were not endearing The protagonist is dumb and impossible for me to root for.I feel that the author didn t really think everything through The United States Army built a fortified bunker for Captain Lee Harden, but built it such that the only entrance was from inside the basement of Harden s home And this bunker did not include any surveillance, which left Harden virtually blind any time he wanted to leave.Here s another example Harden felt that satellite phones would be useless because it was likely that the satellites they used would fall out of orbit without human intervention At the same time, however, his GPS device was his bread and butter, the life blood of his mission I can t see Harden as a hero I can deal with his naivety and his true believerism, but I cannot deal with his never ending stupidity Digging graves was careless enough, but attempting to hole up for a night with a group of survivors in a house whose patio door had been destroyed was too ridiculous to take seriously But then it got worse because Harden then led the survivors to spend a night sleeping in the cab of a pickup truck with a guy who had been bitten Of this arrangement, the author wrote, Their dreams were dark and hazy and filled with fear and hope They slept unaware that fate would not allow all of them to reach Timber Creek alive Of course not one of them was already known to be infected Come on, man This book was too much.Also, the author could have used a better editor I understand that not everyone can afford a top notch editor, but any author can have at least one friend who knows how to construct a sentence so that it actually conveys the author s intended idea or can let the author know that he failed to actually introduce two of his characters.The premise was good, but the execution left a lot to be desired Just not good.

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    Standard Zombie Apocalypse fare, but deftly handled If you ve ever wondered what The Walking Dead would be like if Rick had been better prepared for the apocalypse, this will be right up your alley Hands caked in dried blood reached for him.Speaking of prepared This may also be the main Achilles heel of the story, if you were inclined to find fault The protagonist survives the end of the world event by being sequestered in a bunker by the U.S government as part of a contingency plan for continuing governance Was his mission even feasible In that moment it felt ridiculous, outlandish, and impossible.which seems sillier the you think about it It comes across as of an arrangement of convenience for the author to draw on as the story progresses All being what it is, however, I m inclined to give this book the benefit of the doubt because it is a rather atmospheric zombie romp Bile rose in the back of his throat, and only after the bitter taste hit his tongue did he notice the overpowering stench Like rot and body odor and feces.Some of the real Horror to be found here is generated by the fact that these zombies aren t actually dead Sometimes they even experience moments of clarity and conscience, which lends an eerie edge to proceedings Imagine coming to your senses only to realize you have just killed your loved ones and well, we all know how these zombie stories go The stuff nightmares are made of There was a dark shape behind the dead man, moving up fast.One of the book s biggest strengths is the technical aspects of the protagonist s actions It would appear the author has some knowledge of military protocol and tactics Or, he has at least read the handbook All said, the action sequences make for visceral, realistic given the circumstances and exciting reading.By the way, the standard tropes apply 1 Be potentially afraid of your fellow humans than of flesh eating freaks 2 Headshots, headshots, headshots 3 Be quiet it s the noise that attracts them 4 The zombie horde 5 No good deed goes unpunished He felt like he was running faster than he d ever run He felt like the ground was moving underneath him faster than his feet could keep up, like the whole world was a giant treadmill turned up as high as it could go.In the end, I found this book to be very exciting rather than outright scary Is there a genre like Action Horror Expect sweaty palms The Remaining isn t a world changing literary achievement, but I would lie if I said I didn t enjoy it In closing I ll just mention that the author holds the reader hostage with a doozy of a cliffhanger unasked for, if you ask me , so you may want the next book close by when you read this Both of them looked out into the darkness.In the sterling moonlight, the shapes were hard to make out among all the trees, but he could see the movement, distinctly human, and distinctly predatory.

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    I m sorry, I really am, but I m going to have to call it quitsies on this book I don t like DNFing books, I ve only done it a handful of times in my life, but I really can t go on For the last twelve days I have struggled to make myself read of this book, averaging out at about 5 pages per day 60 pages in total for those of you playing at home I ve read 400 to 500 page novels in the space of a couple of days which, in all honesty, would probably equal one day, had I not been at work for 8 hours of each of those days, and had to sleep because of said work.But nothing about this novel grabbed me at all Except, of course, for the blurb when I requested it from NetGalley Now, I love zombies I love them just as much as the next girl No, it s actually a lot than the average girl I m kinda obsessed with zombies You slap the zombie label on something oh, damn, now I want a zombie label , and I am THERE.But this was so not happening The Remaining differs from other zombie books in that the main character actually knows about the virus, knows the cause of the zombie infection, and is told what to expect from the infected long before he ever finds himself in a situation where he might come face to face with any.He s had army training, and he s skilled at surviving, but sometimes he doesn t think things through, and some other aspects of the story just didn t make sense There are 48 one person pet bunkers because pets are suggested to stop people from going crazy while locked underground for what could be months This program is not known about outside a super top secret department, and they had to have 48 bunkers to minimise the chances of other departments noticing that there was some money scraped off the top for undisclosed operations Because 48 x 1 human 1 pet bunkers is so much cost effective than 24 x 2 human 1 pet bunkers, or 12 x 4 person 1 pet bunkers Each of these bunkers has access to the internet satellites, but it goes against protocol for the people in the bunkers to talk to each other They could be punished for doing so without permission To an extent I can understand this, insomuch as one person in a bunker freaking out might email other people and start them panicking too But on the other side of things, wouldn t letting them communicate with each other help stop the whole cabin fever issue, and also help them to coordinate their mission, should the zombie shit hit the proverbial fan I especially found it hard to believe that once Lee KNEW that there was likely no government around, having come face to face with a zombie and seen the deserted world outside before retreating to his bunker, he STILL didn t think Hey, I should contact the other people and give them a heads up The mission of these people is to gather survivors and rebuild, I guess But, by the sounds of it, there are no WOMEN in any of those 48 bunkers Let s say your Worst Case Scenario isn t ACTUALLY the WCS, and everyone except those people in bunkers becomes a zombie How the hell are they supposed to rebuild society to any major extent if they don t have the option to reproduce, YOU MORONS Aaaaaaaaaaanywho Then Lee is looking at the supplies he is going to take with him when he embarks on his mission properly, and he puts the satellite phones in his bag, even though he doubts they ll continue to work forever, as the satellites will likely fall out of orbit due to there being no one to keep an eye on them But then he talks about how important his GPS is You DO know how a GPS works, don t you, Lee There were certain things about the first 60 pages of this book that really annoyed me, but mostly I was overwhelmed with boredom, and by the time the zombies started showing up, I was completely out of fucks to give It s likely I will go back and try and read this book one day, if only to know how it all turns out, but I can t drag this out for the further six weeks it would take me at the current rate, and I don t see myself recommending it to anyone This proof copy was provided for free by NetGalley and Little, Brown, in exchange for an honest review Any issues stated in this review may or may not be present in the final copy.

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    I couldn t find anything really outstanding about this series It was all things that had been done before.It reminded me a bit of Walking Dead, so fans of the series may enjoy this Unfortunately I am not one don t hurt me.

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Remaining is a great zombie book Originally self published in 2012, it quickly became an internet bestseller before being picked up by Orbit, and there s a damn good reason for that By now you ve probably seen a lot of the positive reviews it has garnered, though I m willing to bet few of them have praised this story for being terribly original But does that make this a bad book Heck no In fact, I would argue that its devotion to the classic zombie survival horror tradition is a massive part of the appeal.The Walking Dead fans, this one would be right up your alley No joke The zombies in this book might not be the traditional mindless shambling hordes we re used to seeing the victims of the FURY plague are still capable of talking and strategizing up to a point before the virus degrades their brains which makes them even terrifying but the overall spirit and style of the narrative is still the same It s not out to knock you off your feet with any new or unusual or experimental ideas, but if its goal is to provide a fast moving, action packed and entertaining zombie story then I must say it has succeeded rather swimmingly.Here s what you basically need to know the main character of The Remaining is a US Army captain named Lee Harden, who as part of a secret government program is sequestered in his bunker after the sudden outbreak of a new deadly and infectious virus It s not the first time this has happened Lee and about four dozen other soldiers like him one for every state are placed in their bunkers every time the country experiences an emergency of national crisis If the government falls, their job is to come out after the bunker, take stock of the situation and try to gather survivors in order to rebuild But things in the past have never gone so far or gotten this bad before When the lockdown period passes without an all clear or any further instructions from his superiors, Lee emerges from the bunker and prepares to start his mission.As a character, Lee took a while to grow on me but he did Strangely, the moment came when I was finally able to appreciate his faults To understand, you must realize the few chapters really tried my patience The entire lockdown period featured Lee being in denial, going back and forth between his decisions and second guessing his instructions And then there were those long and wearying paragraphs about his guns The deadline came and went I kept tapping my foot waiting for him to stop describing the contents of his impressive arsenal, get his waffling butt out there and actually put all that stuff to good use on some hapless Infected.Then I realized, I was being too harsh Dude is stuck in a bunker Not knowing what s going on because he s cut off from all communication No human interaction at all because it s just him and his dog If the world outside has indeed gone to hell in a hand basket, he s probably also scared to death of the responsibility waiting for him on the other side of that tunnel.So maybe I was being a tad unfair to poor Lee And really, what a shame it would have been if he was just another archetypal action hero, full of empty bravado rushing out headfirst to save the world Lee is realistic this way, even if he did end up doing some questionable things But then, who wouldn t make a mistake in the middle of a zombie apocalypse Contrary to what all the zombie survival guides want you to believe, there s no instruction manual for stuff like this Wrong decisions or no, Lee has to make some pretty tough calls as well The guy has a good heart, but he s sure as hell also capable of showing no mercy to those who don t deserve it I love that in his character.Bottom line, if you re a fan of type of zombie apocalypse survival movies that Hollywood does so well, this is that in book form After a relatively sedate start, the novel picks up and will not slow down, with always some kind of disaster or new setback waiting around the corner for the characters to overcome No other bells and whistles or fancy schmancy embellishments, just pure zombie fiction fun.

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    The Remaining by D J Molles is a digital publishing sensation It has than 900 reviews on and is being filmed as a movie People who say the Internet hasn t done much for new authors need to watch this star rise Author D J Molles, has made great use of the Internet to get his book talked about You can check out his blog here or Facebook page here The Remaining is also the best example of TEOTWAWKI The End OF The World As We Know It fiction on the market.Appropriately, the novel begins in an underground bunker Capt Lee Harden, United States Army, belongs to a secretive project known as Project Hometown The government has constructed secure bunkers below ordinary looking buildings in each of the lower 48 states In the event of a national emergency, an operative will be sequestered in the bunker with secret orders only to be opened if there is no communication with their superior after 48 hours Each operative, known as a coordinator , is to remain in the bunker for 30 days after the last communication from their superior The bunker has everything needed to keep the operative safe and secure for the duration of the emergency.Harden is in the bunker this time with his trained dog, Tango He s been sent down into it because a new plague has broken out This is not the first time he s been sent down in the bunker and Harden expects the whole emergency will end shortly, as it usually does Shortly after his descent, most of the news feeds begin to go out All he can do is stare at a plaque which reads The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday After waiting the required length of time, he opens the box where his orders are stored, finds a thumb drive in it, and loads the drive on his computer.What he discovers is the nature of the plague Known as Febrile Urocanic Reactive Yersinia FURY , a new bacterial disease is raging across the United States Incubation is within 24 to 48 hours There is no known cure Victims begin to loose their ability to reason and turn into predatory animals, attacking anything in sight In essence, the Zombie Apocalypse has begun although in all fairness, the world zombie is never used in the book.His mission has begun link up with groups of survivors and restore order.The novel spends a lot of time discussing the various weapons and supplies Harden takes with him to the surface The author has done his homework extensively in this area For instance, did you know a polymer magazine is prefered for an M4 assault rifle because it can carry 30 rounds and won t jam I didn t Finally, before the 30 day mark, he suits up in his chemical warfare gear and leaves the bunker.He s nearly killed by a screaming infected with a knife, but manages to take her down Mofett is good at foreshadowing the action, such as noting the area around the house was trampled, which should have warned Harden He does learn a valuable lesson the infected have incredible strength and won t respond to pain The best way to take them down is a shot to the head.The remainder of the book has Harden on the move constantly, helping people when he can Not only are the infected a threat, but the world is running rampant with warlords and savages He barely manages to save the life of a young boy whose father is gunned down by crazed rednecks Again, the detail in Harden s techniques on taking out an opposing force are incredibly detailed.The novel never lets up Just as soon as you think Harden and the survivors he s helping are in for a moment of peace, something else attacks It can be mobs of the infected or warlords with captured weapons This book is relentless I read it in one day It never fails to hold your attention.The author has some insight into combat as well A gunfight was a game of chessthat happened in the span of a few short seconds You didn t have time tothink, so you made your moves and hoped your training and instincts were betterthan the other guy s At that brief second in time, Lee knew the initiative andthe advantage had gone to his attacker and that if he waited too long, hewouldn t be able to get it back There are two books in the series Molles is writing the fourth one currently He s also announced he may end the series at book five The Remaining is an excellent first book from a new author Highly recommended.

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    Not much to say about this except it s pretty much everything you might expect in a short zombie apocalypse survival novel.It may as well be Fallout lite No hibernation to wake from your Vault 200 years later, but we ve got a personal bunker action, a friendly neighborhood spiderman boogeyman military type going to ground to re emerge from the horrors of the zombie outbreak, and the usual picking up of stragglers kind of Walking Dead type action Nothing new under the sun Nope.But the joy is in how fast and unencumbered the text is Stick with the fun stuff, move fast, fast, fast, and SURVIVE.In other words, this is just right for October.

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    Contains very minor spoilers Unfortunately, the technical errors in this book were so rampant that they ruined the story for me.There are vocabulary and grammatical errors anyways should be anyway he vs him, etc , as well as punctuation issues what was written as Peterson s should have actually been Petersons or Petersons most of the time, as well as other inappropriate apostrophes and commas in other places There are also problems with spelling consistency The girl s name is spelled both Abby and Abbey Jack s last name is first Burnside and then Burnsides And probably one of the worst errors a chapter name is spelled incorrectly Some of these are very elementary errors that should have been found by any decent proofreader I firmly believe that someone who is going to self publish must have a better grasp on grammar and punctuation, or must put forth the effort to have their work reviewed by someone who does.Professional editors exist for a reason I really think that if this book had been professionally edited, it would have been MUCH better Unfortunately, if the author self publishes the next book s in this saga, I will not be reading them.There were also plot and character issues Lee is supposed to be highly trained but makes some really stupid decisions and seems to act based on emotion rather than training Some of the things he says in his internal monologue make him seem rather mentally unprepared for his mission His dog also did not act like a highly trained military dog You don t have to give those dogs the same command multiple times or physically force them to do something i.e pull them off a target Not to mention there is a massive plot flaw why didn t the infecteds just use the ladder to get on the roof I really can t believe this book has such a high rating This was, unfortunately, one of the most poorly executed books I ve ever read.

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    This book was a short, quick read Unfortunately, it really felt like it was basically just one cliche after another, and the characters were all 1 dimensional tropes view spoiler At one point, the hard bitten veteran character actually slaps the weak woman character to keep her focused hide spoiler

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    Not a horrible book, in the end, but there are some simply shocking plot inconsistencies that truly end up breaking the narrative s spell at a number of points Did the author have no one read this over Did the AUTHOR bother to read this over, start to finish IN FACT, the inconsistencies are so bad that there is one in the first sentence of the GoodReads description stating that the bunker is 40ft under his house, when the book only says 20ft.Not at all convinced I want to bother with the rest of the series Spoilers below The worst inconsistency for me was the very clear warning in the mission run down at the beginning that, even before showing any symptoms, the infected are highly contagious and the multiple pleas for extreme precautions around anyone even possibly infected Later in the book the Lee apparently had completely forgotten about this, because he knew he could not catch the plague simply from sitting next to Jack I m sorry, what In addition to that, Lee had a major revelation that his neighbor had been bitten and then turned within hours and was thankful to him for this important information and yet after Jack is bitten Lee invites him to spend the night in the cab of a truck with he and three helpless civilians forget the fact that he would be highly contagious, but he s trusting that Jack won t turn and rip them all to shreds in their sleep A number of decisions make simply no practical or tactical sense, and I m sure there would be countless other ways to up the tension without such glaring mistakes.

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The Remaining (The Remaining, #1) characters The Remaining (The Remaining, #1) , audiobook The Remaining (The Remaining, #1) , files book The Remaining (The Remaining, #1) , today The Remaining (The Remaining, #1) , The Remaining (The Remaining, #1) 020d6 In A Steel And Lead Encased Bunker Feet Below The Basement Level Of His House, Captain Lee Harden Of The United States Army Waits On The Surface, A Plague Ravages The Planet, Infecting Over % Of The Populace The Bacterium Burrows Through The Brain, Destroying All Signs Of Humanity And Leaving Behind Little Than Base, Prehistoric Instincts The Infected Turn Into Hyper Aggressive Predators, With An Insatiable Desire To Kill And Feed Some Day Soon, Captain Harden Will Have To Open The Hatch To His Bunker, And Step Out Into This New Wasteland, To Complete His Very Simple Mission Subvenire RefectusTo Rescue And Rebuild

About the Author: D.J. Molles

D.J Molles is the New York Times bestselling author of The Remaining series The Remaining was originally self published in 2012 and quickly became an Internet bestseller He is also the author of Wolves , a 2016 winner in the Horror category for the Foreword INDIES Book Awards, and the Grower s War series This year 2018 he will release the Audible Original, Johnny, as well as Harden,