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    This was my first introduction into Edgar Cayce when I barely knew anything about him I read it about 8 years ago whilst still studying and remember finishing it within a number of days because of how intrigued I was all the way through the book I didn t think Edgar Cayce was anything particularly special in terms of spirituality, at the time I kind of just thought he was some random guy who could channel and I was interested in people who produced their work directly from their minds through rigorous thought or meditation This book made me realise what an incredible mystery EC was and how special he is in modern spiritual culture and times He truly is an anomaly which made me question so much of what I thought about spirituality If you don t know much about EC and the story behind his works then this book is a great place to start.

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    At one time in my life I read everything I could by and about Cayce.I don t now if this edition is what I read there were many other books containing his readings In the past I followed the doings of the Edgar Cayce Institute that by the way helped many people Cayce died in his early 50s I lost faith, you might say Still, an amazing adventure.

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    Never thought I would read something like thislong story short, the book was sent to me by a woman after having an in depth conversation about ghosts and spirits The next thing I knew, I had this book sent to me and a membership with the Cayce Foundation I felt obligated to at least peruse the text so that I could participate in a conversation with my benefactor I found Edgar Cayce s story interesting, yet I remain skeptical of the authorship In the least, it offers another perspective on church doctrine that is, one does not need the Vatican, the Temple, or Mohammad to find heaven.

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    When I read this book in junior high school, I was impressed and somewhat awed by Cayce s alleged powers As a skeptical adult, I realized that the author was writing of a hagiography, and did not question the validity of any of the claims made on Cayce s behalf Cayce remains a fascinating figure, however, and those who are interested in the quotidian side of his existence should see or read the play about him, entitled The Freak.

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    The prose is a bit dense but the story of this man changed my life.

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    I first read this book many years ago and when I came across it recently I thought I would dip back into it to see if it still intrigued me It did I re read it completely and marveled once again.Born in Kentucky and not well educated, Edgar Cayce was a man who learned he could fall asleep and then go into a trance like state and both diagnose and cure illnesses from afar This is the part that fascinates me He later made predictions and did readings on past lives This part less so However, this man who died in 1945 made thousands of readings that are still preserved in Virginia Beach, Virginia Did he tap into the collective unconscious It seems so.A miraculous story.

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    I don t necessarily believe all of the things Edgar Cayce prophesied, but I appreciate the manner in which the information was laid out in this book It was interesting to read, and written with an impartiality that left me to decide for myself Well worth it for any reader with an open yet carefully discerning mind.

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    Fabulous My aunt Edna gave me this book to read when I was 9.

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    A brilliant book of a fascinating man The prose can be a bit dry, but there s plenty of information, for those open to accept it.

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    I m totally embarrassed by how much I used to be obsessed with all things Edgar Cayce That s all I have to say on all my reviews of his books.

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Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet download Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet, read online Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet, kindle ebook Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet, Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet 3950a83e5f36 A Fascinating Biography Written By The Country S Foremost Authorities On Metaphysics The Edgar Cayce Story Is One Of The Most Compelling In Inspirational Literature For Than Forty Years, The Sleeping Prophet Closed His Eyes, Entered Into An Altered State Of Consciousness, And Spoke To The Very Heart And Spirit Of Humankind On Subjects Such As Health, Healing, Dreams, Prophecy, Meditation, And Reincarnation His Than , Readings Are Preserved At The Association For Research And Enlightenment, Inc In Virginia Beach, VirginiaA Native Of Kentucky With A Ninth Grade Education, Edgar Cayce Accurately Predicted Two World Wars, Including The Years They Began And Ended, Racial Strife In America, The Death Of John F Kennedy, And Hundreds Of Other Recorded Events He Could Apparently Travel In Time And Space To Treat The Ill, And Dispensed Information That Led To Innumerable Cures Where Traditional Medicine Was Helpless The First To Introduce Many Americans To The Concept Of Reincarnation, Cayce Drew On A Subconscious Universal Mind For Startling Information About Past And Future In The Sleeping Prophet, Jess Stearn Presents The Extraordinary Story Of His Life, His Healing, His Prophecies, And His Powerful Legacy