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A Plague Upon Your Family (Zombie Fallout #2) chapter 1 A Plague Upon Your Family (Zombie Fallout #2) , meaning A Plague Upon Your Family (Zombie Fallout #2) , genre A Plague Upon Your Family (Zombie Fallout #2) , book cover A Plague Upon Your Family (Zombie Fallout #2) , flies A Plague Upon Your Family (Zombie Fallout #2) , A Plague Upon Your Family (Zombie Fallout #2) f2f812e62a08c This Story Picks Up Exactly Where Book One Left Off The Talbot Family Is Evacuating Their Home Amidst A Zombie Apocalypse Mankind Is On The Edge Of Extinction As A New Dominant, Mindless Opponent Scours In Search Of Food, Which Happens To Be Non Infected HumansIn These Pages Are The Journal Entries Of Michael Talbot, His Wife Tracy, Their Kids Nicole, Justin And Travis With Them Are Brendon, Nicole S Fiancee And Tommy Previously A Wal Mart Door Greeter Who May Be Than He Seems Together They Struggle Against A Ruthless, Relentless Enemy That Has Singled Them Out Above All OthersThe Talbots Have Escaped Little Turtle But To What End, On The Run They Find Themselves Encountering A Far Vaster Evil Than The One That Has Already Beset Them As They Travel Across The War Torn Countryside They Soon Learn That There Are Than Just Zombies To Be Fearful Of, With Law And Order A Distant Memory Some Humans Have Decided To Take Any And All Matters Into Their Own Hands Can The Talbots Come Through Unscathed Or Will They Suffer The Fate Of So Many Countless Millions Before Them It S Not Just The Brains Versus The Brain Eaters Any The Stakes May Be Higher Than Merely Life And Death With Eternal Souls On The Line

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    I have to jump in and rate 2 having already finished 3 and eagerly aawaiting 4 I ve gone back and viewed some of the negative ratings for the first book and if the worst someone can come up with is typos and there are far less than many of the indie published books in the zombie genre, which is a credit to his publisher then I think we can declare this series a success One other reader didn t like pop culture references in the first one and complained of the preparedness and references to zombie movies by the main character I can understand that, but to call it unrealistic is assinine Max brooks has made the phrase zombie survival plan a widespread idea and allusions to zombie movies Have you ever heard of the term homage Look it up, its french But I don t want an entire review to be negative comments on other reviews All three novels have been must reads for me Because of their price on kindle I have to call these a steal There are a lot of novellas and cheap work out there in the zom genre but you won t find one of this quality at anywhere near this pricepoint Nearest comps in terms of entertainment JL Bourne s day by day series and the late ZA Recht morningstar series, but those don t provide the comedy alongside the gut wrenching drama Because my brother is an avid zombie reader as well, and he doesn t have a kindle, I bought the paperbacks new at 12 to 15 a piece That should show you how much I believe the kindle price is a steal The second novel is a good bridge between the first and third but was not my favorite of the series Like any good series, some books have to do the heavy lifting of moving the plot along to the entertaining story lines However, even as a standalone story, this brings the hilarious random thoughts comedy and good natured ribbing that made the first so unique It delves into the supernatural without being hokie or over the top.as with Recht and Bourne, you get the feeling the author is former military or was in a military family given the details about military weaponry and the general feel for what military men are like I hope I can someday write anything that is half as entertaining as this book Keep up the good work Mr Tufo.

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    I really like this series even though it is way out of my genre The main character is snarky which keeps the zombie apocalypse not too depressing It s still pretty gross but It s fast moving and I have become connected to the characters I liked reading this second book, but I did listen to the first book on Audible and I liked it , I think maybe because of the narrator I ll be returning to Audible for the third book.

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    After being rescued from his attic, Micheal Talbot, his family and a few survivors are on the run from the zombies What they don t know is that the zombie horde is not nearly as mindless as it seems Unlike other survivors, the Talbot s and the people they travel with are being hunted At first, Micheal doesn t want to believe this is the case but Tommy s warning becomes dire and his son Justin is starting to show terrible side effects after surviving a zombie attack How much of Tommy is still human is something they will have to discover, as the Talbots struggle to survive, even as it seems that their son is looking for an opportunity to lead them to their deaths Can the Talbots stay one step of the zombie plague that is determined to consume them.I actually had to pause before writing this review and not because Tufo s story is particularly complex He added new elements like zombies being able to move quickly, the dead from Talbot s neighbourhood stalking him and even a zombie vampire hybrid This of course helped to raise the level of peril and added a sense of urgency to each step the Talbots tale I could feel the anguish of Michael when confronted with toddler zombies intent on devouring him It was symbolic of a loss of innocence, of a way of life which would never return If only Tufo had focused on these elements of his story but alas that was not to be When Tufo was not overwhelming the story with puerile commentary about farts and various other bodily functions, the story was like an ism lalapalooza.A Plague Upon Your Family, is easily one of the most offensive books I have read in this genre Please keep in mind that I have read a lot of shit There isn t a single ism that Tufo didn t engage in in this story, which makes me wonder why Tufo believes that the pain of marginalized people is appropriate fodder for his second rate offensive comedy I almost don t know where to begin.We met BT read Big Tiny in Zombie Fallout He is the only Black man among the survivors and of course, he is big and intimidating because well, aren t all Black men Michael Talbot vacillates between trying to calm BT s ridiculous, ever present rage and counting on his physical size and strength BT is simply angry for the sake of being angry, as all Black men are stereotyped to be If someone seems even remotely disagreeable to BT, like refusing to drink out of a bottle after he has had a sip from it, it must be because BT is Black There is no nuance to this character He is simply a big Black hulk, who doesn t seem to have a sense for his own survival and is dedicated to Talbot s leadership for some reason I cannot even begin to fathom In fact, when BT isn t ridiculously angry, he spends his time propping up Mike Talbot s leadership and self esteem.Then we have Jen, the sole lesbian of the group After being described as a waste because of her lack of interest in men in the first book, I suppose it was too much to hope that her character would improve When Jenn steps in to help Talbot fight off the zombies, she s described as a gun toting man hating lesbian pg 76 It only gets better from there folks When she is able to move quickly, BT says, Who would have thought a lesbian would have that kind of speed pg 123 Is there something about homosexuality which denotes that one must move with the speed of a turtle The line doesn t even make any sense Lesbians apparently are also aware as we learned on page 209 Do you think lesbians are spatially aware than your normal female I asked BT I mean they have to put their own furniture together and shit Use a tape measure to hang shelves, that kind of thing This actually hits the mark of being both sexist and homophobic Jenn never becomes anything than a stereotype and in the end, died falling off a truck when Talbot couldn t save her Normally, I am not happy when the sole member of a marginalized group gets killed off in a story, but in this case, it was an absolute relief because it means a break from all of the homophobia Tufo engaged in.Read More

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    If you are reading this review for Zombie Fallout 2 A Plague Upon Your Family, and you haven t already read the first book in the Zombie Fallout series, you really need to find it and start there Just sayin.If you have read the first book in the series and are here looking at Zombie Fallout 2, then you ve already been bitten Pun intended It s too late for you You ve already succumbed and become da da da dum a Zombie Fallout Fan Mark Tufo s series about the effects of an untested Swine flu virus no disrespect meant to any hogs who might be reading this is addictive It must also be contagious, because everyone I told, and who went on to read the first book, couldn t wait to read the next.Michael Talbot s second journal continues on right where the first left off, and takes you through a hair raising quest to find a safe haven in the midst of the madness Just like the first book, you will cringe You will laugh You will cry Ok, maybe just us girls will cry You guys can pretend you got something in your eye I won t provide any spoilers cuz I m not that kind of gal But, I will say you re gonna want to read this if for no other reason than to find out what busted nuts, mini vans, McDonald s drive thrus, hairless tails, and winters in North Dakota all have in common Read on, ZF fans and maybe while you re at it you should go ahead and get Zombie Fallout 3 I know I will

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    My Thoughts Okay, I have to say it Mark Tufo is bloody brilliant I freakin love this series Alright, I ve got that out of my system now Let me see if I can do this book justice by reviewing it Fair warning if you have not read Zombie Fallout 1 read my review , then please go read it first before reading this review I don t want to ruin anything for those that have not had a chance to dive into this series yet So, Mike Talbot and his family managed to narrowly escape Little Turtle in the last book and this book literally picks up where the last one ended So, action and tension from the very beginning This book focused even on the characters themselves and how they began to reveal their various tendencies towards reaction or non reaction in different situations Unexpected allies came to the forefront while supposed allies went different directions So, by the end of this book, the group has not only dwindled in numbers but has shifted in alliances BT and Jen yep, I was as surprised as Mike when she made her appearance actually played active roles in this book and it was interesting to watch them through Mike s eyes as they stepped up to the plate time and time again I gained a lot of respect for both BT and Jen throughout this book And the interactions especially between BT and Mike were freakin hilarious I lost count of how many times those two had me giggling I think that s one of the best things about these books is that even though the situations are creepy, scary, dangerous, and tense, Mark Tufo finds ways to weave humor in that helps to lighten the mood some when it s most needed Definitely a much added benefit to this genre More info about Eliza is revealed in this book and it just makes me shudder even whenever she makes her appearance The methods she utilizes to get at Mike and his family and friends are sadistic and cruel, making her the ultimate villain as she plays mind games with Mike especially I m really worried about Justin and have no idea how his story is going to go as this series progresses I really hope it ends okay for him otherwise that s going to be devastating for the entire Talbot family but especially for Mike and Tracy And Tommy tidbits were revealed about Tommy, but I m still not sure exactly what s going on with him So, hopefully will be revealed in the next book This series has definitely got me very invested in it now and I hope I can get my hands on the rest of the books soon If you have yet to check out this series, please do It s sooo much than just fighting and killing zombies It s about survival, humanity, family, friendships, and so much A definite must read for any zombie lover

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    I really wanted to give this book 5 stars like I did the first one I like Mike Talbot, his family and friends Mr Tufo has made me care about them over the last two books Mike is a funny and thoughtful narrator through the circles of Hell that they have been traveling in this book and the last But I have a couple problems with this book that kept it from the elusive 5th star The First is that Tracy wasn t kept in character Under zed attack we would all show signs of stress but who we aren t won t change In the first book Tracy was on Mike and the boys about swearing even after the dead walked and in the second book she would make a sailor blush and was taking the Lord s name in vain It just seemed very OOC The other two problems I had will put under spoiler tags since they are intricate to the plot view spoiler Second I didn t like the way Mike handled the Brandon situation Yes I understand that his leaving was a needed plot point and that he was going to be the Calvary that came in and saved the day That was clear from the moment he took off But I didn t like Mike s words about how he wasn t really family It seemed out of character for Mike anyone else see a trend and he should have swallowed his pride and tried to make Brandon stay Lastly, what is up with Durgen Is he a zombie, a vampire, a zombie vampire, or just messed up like Justin I really wish that it would have been made clear because I just can t see him still being human with one leg gone and the other all busted up by Mike Maybe he has some hot zombie nurse to push him around XD hide spoiler

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    Zombie Fallout 2It s got zombies, it s got blood, it s got humor, it s got sarcasm What could you ask for Well, other than the obvious wanting the zombies to die..again.Wow No one can say these books don t pack in the action I was pretty stressed out than once wondering how they were going to get out of the horrible situation they were in, and there were plenty I love this series In a zombie apocalypse I d definately want to be with Mike Talbot Though he has a knack for getting into bad situations he also has the same knack for getting out of them Although there are some pretty bad people in this story there s also the story of family, friends and loyalty There is great character depth, even the ones you briefly know you have definate feelings on them You know which ones you d like to see eaten.soon and though I love my family dearly I see a lot of sandwiches or pizza delivery in their future until I m able to finish this series.

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    I enjoyed Zombie Fallout but couldn t finish this I got to 31% A zombie apocalypse story with vampires is just wrong

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