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Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife pdf Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife, ebook Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife, epub Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife, doc Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife, e-pub Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey Into the Afterlife cf82e4d5a71 Thousands Of People Have Had Near Death Experiences, But Scientists Have Argued That They Are Impossible Dr Eben Alexander Was One Of Those Scientists A Highly Trained Neurosurgeon, Alexander Knew That NDEs Feel Real, But Are Simply Fantasies Produced By Brains Under Extreme StressThen, Dr Alexander S Own Brain Was Attacked By A Rare Illness The Part Of The Brain That Controls Thought And Emotion And In Essence Makes Us Human Shut Down Completely For Seven Days He Lay In A Coma Then, As His Doctors Considered Stopping Treatment, Alexander S Eyes Popped Open He Had Come BackAlexander S Recovery Is A Medical Miracle But The Real Miracle Of His Story Lies Elsewhere While His Body Lay In Coma, Alexander Journeyed Beyond This World And Encountered An Angelic Being Who Guided Him Into The Deepest Realms Of Super Physical Existence There He Met, And Spoke With, The Divine Source Of The Universe ItselfAlexander S Story Is Not A Fantasy Before He Underwent His Journey, He Could Not Reconcile His Knowledge Of Neuroscience With Any Belief In Heaven, God, Or The Soul Today Alexander Is A Doctor Who Believes That True Health Can Be Achieved Only When We Realize That God And The Soul Are Real And That Death Is Not The End Of Personal Existence But Only A TransitionThis Story Would Be Remarkable No Matter Who It Happened To That It Happened To Dr Alexander Makes It Revolutionary No Scientist Or Person Of Faith Will Be Able To Ignore It Reading It Will Change Your Life

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    I might have rated Proof of Heaven A Neurosurgeon s Journey into the Afterlife three stars had the author replaced the title with the subtitle If you re looking for proof of heaven or just an insightful and critical exploration of NDEs, you are better off moving on Proof is one neurosurgeon s personal account of heaven, or rather, a heavenly experience What it s not is a scientifically rigorous and groundbreaking paper on the actuality of heaven.Alexander offers a montage of his experiences in the afterlife and the ordeal his friends and family endured, waiting and praying for seven days as he seemed to be all but surely slipping away under a prolonged coma brought on by E Coli meningitis Many readers are taken by the seeming improbability of Alexander surviving what he did, and even by his experience when his brain was apparently turned off Indeed, the doctor s recovery was a miracle but is it proof of heaven A regular reader of topics in neurology and consciousness, I am open to the possibility of Near Death Experiences, or NDEs, provided they are buttressed with some evidence Call me na ve, but I thought a medical doctor would have been eager to provide some After all, Alexander makes much of his credentials and accolades before he delves into his recollection of his NDE, repeatedly making bold claims about the creator and the afterlife One suspects that by taking this approach, he is trying to fool readers into thinking the claims advanced in his book are scientific and he repeatedly asserts they are But there is little scientific inquiry here Hell, there isn t even an insightful discussion of NDEs Instead, what we get is an interesting story and a great deal of evangelizing though one that would, in keeping with a would be bestseller about the afterlife, bear the metaphysical shading to please virtually any religious or spiritual person.Another problem with the book is an inconsistency in how Alexander describes the afterlife though he tells us that human words can t begin to describe heaven, he then proceeds to describe it as blissful and, well, heavenly replete with villagers, sparkling streams and waterfalls, butterflies, blossoming flowers and angel like beings He writes that his insights were immediate but not immaterial or abstract And yet a few pages later, we re told he experienced the infinite vastness of the Creator Alexander s NDE is markedly different than the usual NDE He did not pass through a dark tunnel or recognize deceased loved ones In fact, he had no sense of self He describes it as being similar to the most primitive state of being murky and dark and full of strange, pulse like pounding.Things only come into relief when he enters the Gateway and, finally, the Core, where things are vivid and peaceful and epiphanies await From the premise that his awe inspiring experience is scientific proof, he piles on a series of large claims about the real world We re told that it is permeated with unconditional and very tangible love the single most important scientific truth about the world Never mind that this is not at all scientific there is something called falsifiability that Dr Alexander might want to look up in an intro philosophy of science textbook In case the reader might have forgotten that this is a medical doctor who is preaching a unique NDE gospel, Alexander paints his pre NDE self as a skeptic and a scientific materialist who perfunctorily occasioned church He assures us that though he is now a confident bearer of good news about the supernatural, he nevertheless dutifully revisited his experience as a scientist One by one, he knocks down the potential scientific materialistic explanations for his experience not a psychedelic vision induced by drugs not a byproduct of rapid eye movement sleep not a DMT dump in which the brain floods itself with a substance that can bring on intense psychedelic states He rejects the possibility of a reboot phenomenon under which the brain creates a montage from disjointed memories and thoughts left over from the cortex before it shuts down.These explanations are all impossible, he writes, because the meningitis shut down his neocortex though he suggests repeatedly that it was being destroyed It seems, however, that Dr Alexander quizzical mind didn t query one aspect of his experience whether doctors closely monitored his brain while he was comatose We don t get quotes from the doctors about this and quotes from people abound in this book What many skeptics have noted is that Dr Alexnader doesn t consider the possibility that his experience might have occurred as he surfaced from his coma We all have dreams that feel like hours and discover upon awakening that they spanned only a few minutes The scientific literature on NDE describes some long experiences that occurred within as little as 30 seconds It s possible that this otherworldly experience occurred shortly after his neocortex became active But that s something the former scientific skeptic oddly overlooks Moreover, if Dr Alexander wanted to prove his scientific veracity, why didn t he submit his evidence in a paper for peer review in the scientific community and share that with us in the book He hints that he was eager to share his discovery with the world Or maybe he s not trying to convince the skeptics but reassure and confirm the beliefs of the buying public.While well written and sometimes poignant, the book reads like part Chicken Soup for the Soul and part creed screed Dr Alexander blasts scientific materialism and argues that by rejecting it, we can get in touch with our spiritual selves through love and compassion But I don t see how love and compassion are empty without God After all, even if our brains are nothing than electrical chemical signals in an all too biological machine, that does not negate the real subjective experience of the machine a inexact comparison he and other neurosurgeons toss around too readily, because machines are not conscious and self aware I wanted to be swayed to reconsider my position on NDEs That didn t happen with Proof of Heaven.

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    very cleverly written and marketed trash Those who want to believe are going to believe regardless, but all the convincing arguments he makes can easily be discredited 1 It s implied that being a neurosurgeon somehow makes his experience valid than that of say a teacher, or fireman, or even a bum on the street Nonsense it does not make him an expert on the afterlife 2 The way he sequences events in the book strongly imply that he experienced these out of body events while his brain was effectively dead First of all, his brain was not in any way dead it was receiving oxygenated blood the entire time, which means neurons were alive, active, and firing, or he would truly have been brain dead in a matter of minutes And in the end, how does he know that he did not dream these events as his body was coming out of the coma in the last day or hours, or even minutes He also implies that his brain suddenly came alive like a light switch when his eyes popped open nonsense the human body and brain doesn t work that way And how did these out of body experiences make it into his dead brain to begin with 3 floating on big, puffy, pink white clouds Ya, that one s imaginative what artist s depiction of heaven has not involved floating on clouds You really think heaven is floating on clouds Seriously I would have been likely to believe an underwater world, or perhaps floating in the gaseous red orange upper layers of Jupiter.4 a beautiful golden haired girl with high cheekbones and deep blue eyes that one s a great touch what red blooded American male hasn t had that vision Had this been an Arab muslim, she no doubt would have been merely 1 of 72 very virginal dark haired women with opal eyes and high cheekbones Or how about a gay guy Would he have seen a very beautiful young boy with high cheekbones oh, but wait gay people don t make it into heaven, or, if they do, they are quickly straightened out It should also be noted that his wife has an MFA in writing, and that he has probably already made money on this book, than he has in his no doubt extremely lucrative profession as a neurosurgeon.

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    For those like myself that struggle with their faith and what happens to us when we pass, this book gives a compelling view from a scientist and a self proclaimed skeptic As a scientist, I feel today s religions use their dogma to control morality When something doesn t fit into their belief system they want you go along just because This book explores the idea of the afterlife in a secular way and challenges the neuroscience doctrinal assertions that completely dismiss near death experiences NDE , literally, as a figments of imagination Critics of this book point to its lack of discussion about what happen to the author, Dr Eben Alexander, during the NDE event itself I personally appreciated how he provided a thorough context to the afterlife debate NDE s have been recorded for 100 s of years but frequently during the advent of modern medicine where many lives have been saved after they were thought to be lost What Dr Alexander provides is a unique perspective of the NDE from both a neurosurgeon who has treated patients and as the patient himself that has come back from a brush with death He discusses how he had to reconcile his own preconceptions about NDEs and how he has been able to reflect upon his experience as a scientist He touches on some very deep philosophical theories dealing with parallel universes, theories that have been approached scientifically from the particle physics community to explain the theory of everything Overall, this is a quick and thought provoking read not draped in over done religious rhetoric.

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    I am a Near Death Experiencer I was really excited when I ran across Dr Eben Alexander s book on his Near Death Experience I spent last night and most of today reading his book.I am happy that someone with Dr Alexander s years of experience and qualifications has told his story of one of the deepest and longest and most significant NDE s I ve ever read about or heard of.Dr Alexander is a neurosurgeon who has worked at some of the finest hospitals in the country He has also been a teacher at Harvard Medical School He is a professional who understands the workings of the brain from the viewpoint of a surgeon and a scientist This is a man who carefully analyzes and considers all points of view before presenting his thoughts on his own NDE.What I see in this book is a portrait of an NDE r who is a top professional in the field of brain surgery, a strong family man, and a man of integrity and good sense.I particularly liked his honesty in dealing with his battles with depression, and his sense of rejection stemming from his having been an adopted child To my mind, his honesty and his vulnerability help to give this book integrity.It is very encouraging to all us NDE rs who are out there, working to spread the word about what has happened to us, to find this kind of corroboration of both the reality and the value of our experiences Thank you, Dr Alexander.

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    For reason s unknown, I have been fascinated by questions of mortality since I was a teenager Deeply skeptical of religion, I have always had a profound felt sense that we are a part of something vastly greater than we can even imagine It seems absolutely absurd to me that all of this that we are engaged in is the result of some cosmic accident and that the Universe is simply random and ultimately meaningless But, we live in a scientific age where if you cannot label something and test it it isn t real So, our intuition must just be largely ignored because it is too subjective and untestable My understanding of what has opened us up and to metaphysics is that it has emerged from the shadows since the revolutions in quantum mechanics, the study of the subatomic universe, where cause and effect and all other Newtonian laws have been shattered Since objectivity has been shown to be impossible, given the indivisible nature of fundamental reality, the limits of science have been severely circumscribed So, when a hard bitten scientist like Eben Alexander, the author of this book, finds himself in an after death realm that was to him as real no MORE real than the life he was untethered from for 7 days, it gives credence to the view that there are vast, other dimensions beyond our own It is why I read books like this despite the skepticism of the larger scientific community after all, what else could they do but protest I also read, My Stroke of Insight, by the Harvard Brain researcher, Jill Bolte Taylor a few years ago Both books are fascinating treatises on the possibilities that exist beyond our three dimensional reality here on earth Dr Alexander s book goes well beyond Jill Bolte Taylor s, in that she recognizes that she had a profound experience beyond the reality she had constructed as a brain researcher, an experience that fundamentally altered her sense of existence but one which she was much circumspect about defining What Dr Alexander does is to assert his absolute, unshakeable belief that he experienced a much profound reality that was much than the mere misfirings of neurons in an unconscious brain He is absolutely certain that he entered a realm that is just as real as the one we exist in on this plane.Well worth reading, but be willing to suspend your disbelief

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    This nonfiction book about a neurosurgeon who suffers from a severe infection of the brain so severe that it shuts down his neo cortex and he drops into a deep coma is one of the best Near Death Experience books I ve ever read The author was an agnostic physician with expertise in the brain and consciousness He started with a strong position that all consciousness is centered in brain function If the brain stops functioning, you are dead and there is no coming back He was skeptical of claims of NDEs because he knew how the drugs doctors used to bring patients back affected the brain But when his brain completely shut down, he experienced a very deep entry into Oneness, and was miraculously brought back to life, not by medical intervention they had given up and were ready to pull the plug but by Divine intervention He struggled to reconcile what he knew as a physician and neurosurgeon with his experiences when his brain was completely off line The experiences he had were alternately horrifying and exquisitely transcendent The account loops around to another miracle the discovery of who his guide was in the world beyond physical existence He did not recognize his guide until a series of events brought her identity to him.I highly recommend this book

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    This book should be called A Doctor s Description of His Illness and How His Body looked to Everyone Else Oops, guess that is too long sort of like the book, too long I actually was going to give the book one star, but Dr Alexander went to a lot of effort to tell us about him and his illness and to interview people who told him what his body looked like while he was ill The little discussion there was of the NDE or up to the point when I decided to put the book down because life is too short , was rather nightmarish If he was inspired to become a better person after his serious illness, it was because he got a glimpse of hell Heck, what he saw is making me try to be a better person Having read Dr Kubler Ross, Dr Mary C Neal and Betty J Eadie s books, among other accounts, and knowing people who have had NDEs, Dr Alexander s book just does not offer Proof of Heaven Don t waste your time life is too short and don t waste your money there are better books out there to spend it on.

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    I will acknowledge that I am rating and reviewing this little less than halfway through Full bias disclosure I will also readily acknowledge that from the moment I heard about Alexander s account, I desperately wanted to read it and believe it The reason is simple The snippets to which I d been exposed in interviews and reviews so closely mirrored an experience with my late husband less than a week before his actual death and a full two years before this book s publication His eyes were closed and he was unresponsive for mere minutes, but when they opened with a look of awe, wonder and yet, pure love and serenity, I smiled and said, Where were you and his immediate response was, Heaven, I hope It was beautiful Love is all and all is love And to my joyful tears, And you are love, so you will always be with me I already believed in an afterlife I still do Scientific or spiritual arguments won t change that I also believe that in my human form I can t possibly know what it will be But I do admit to seeking validation and comfort that what I imagine to be true just may be And that one day I will be reunited with my love As other reviewers have said, neither believers nor nonbelievers will be swayed by Alexander s account Personally, I do find it compelling that he, as a scientist, was not just skeptical, but absolutely dismissive of an afterlife before his experience And just as this book is just one man s story, mine is just one woman s hope.

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    This was a hard book to get through because the author tried to prove through scientific method throughout that his experience was real Important, but not your typical NDE book I thought it had some invaluable insights to life and purpose How do we get closer to this genuine spiritual self By manifesting love and compassion Why Because love and compassion are far than the abstractions many of us believe them to be They are real They are concrete And they make up the very fabric of the spiritual realm pg 85 One of the biggest mistakes people make when they think about God is to imagine God as impersonal Yes, God is behind the numbers, the perfection of the universe that science measures and struggles to understand ButOm is human as well even MORE human than you and I are Om understands and sympathizes with our human situation porfoundly and personally than we can even imagine because Om knows what we have forgotten and undertands the terrible burden it is to live with amnesia of the Divine for even a moment pg 85 56 Ultimately, none of us are orphans We are all in the position I was, in that we have OTHER FAMILY beings who are watching and looking out for us beings we have momentarily forgotten, but who, if we open ourselves to their presence, are waiting to help us navigate our time here on earth None of us are ever unloved Each and every one of us is deeply known and cared for by a Creator who cherishes us beyond any ability we have to comprehend That knowledge must no longer remain a secret pgs 95 96 Well stated and vitally important if we can just keep that in perspective

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    I read this book because I know these people in it I worked at Lynchburg General during this time I have read my share of books about the Afterlife and NDE s Having said that, I do not believe that this book is like any of the others that I have read I have seen a lot of very ill tempered comments and reviews about this book many of which seem to seek to tear down the character or intent of the author In my opinion, that is unfair and not a review of the book I did not find anything wrong with it I believe that Dr Alexander only sought to tell his story I do NOT believe that he intended to try and coax anyone into adopting his personal beliefs If you want to see the thoughts of a Physician who experienced the strangest and most significant thing in his life and what conclusions he came to, then this is a great book If you are not interested in a simple factual account of his experience or if you think he should add a lot of flash and trash to make the book marketable then this is not for you.

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