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  • 06 June 2019
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    Collide will always be awesome to me because it was the very first book, but Caleb and Maggie were definitely the most fun to write If I could have jumped in the book and married Caleb right then, I would have I love characters with morals and real feelings, characters that have redeeming qualities.If I can have some paranormal stuff going on with some real love and romance thrown into the mix with an original storyline, I m hooked Line and sinker So.though this may not be everyone s cup o tea, I love a good story that is about TRUE LOVE under any circumstance and if that s your bag then I d suggest this to you Thank you for all your support I love my readers Best Wishes and Happy Endings Shelly Crane

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    This was a good read in a very shrugworthy kind of way It was cute and sweetly romantic But it just didn t have the umph I was looking for WHAT I LOVED Caleb He was adorable and loyal and had cute shaggy light brown hair and I hope to someday have a German Shepherd just like him Caleb s family They re kind of a huge group of sweet and funny misfits And the grandmother was hysterical I loved em The first kissing scene Because, well When am I not a fan of the first kissing scene The ending It was actually a very well written ending, especially for a first book in a series It just wasn t enough to make me buy the second book. WHAT I HATED Imprinting And if you don t know what imprinting is, fear not it explains it to you during all of the first 387 pages OR you can just take my word for it when I say that imprinting s basically Stockholm Syndrome only you get to date your captor And I get that it was always supposed to be a key factor in this series I mean, it s in the damn blurb, right I just didn t realize that it was going to completely take the driver s seat Unfortunately it does No angst Zero None Zilch Nil And I m goin to let you in on a little secret I m a HUGE angst fanatic A like sexual tension that makes me grip my Kindle a little bit harder and a heroine who doesn t know whether she wants to toss a fist at the guy s face or to have him fist her hair And this book doesn t have anything even remotely close to that However, there are about forty two scenes where they put their foreheads together Riveting. Maggie Umm I mean, what s with her starting out as a borderline emo girl who is absolutely unready for anything and then two pages later she s this omniscient badass who s ready for everything All in all, I guess it s safe to say that I don t really understand all the hype over this book And I definitely don t recommend it Unless you re reaaaally bored and slightly blind and wholly illiterate.Then I d say throw it in the maybe pile.

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    IF YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW INSTA LOVEYou didn t Not until you ve read SIGNIFICANCE This book is a perfect explanation to why I despise books on soulmates To me, you should not fall in true love within 48 hours I don t care if you re 17 or 50, soulmate or not.

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    8 13 Just found out that Significance is in pre production to become a movie With all of the amazing books out there featuring unique and intricate stories, I m a little confused about why this story was picked to be brought to the big screen There isn t much to the plot of the first book, since the world details aren t as fleshed out in book 1 How can you base an entire movie around two people who can t bear to be apart and have to be touching constantly Am I the only one who is thinking this 2 12 original review I have nothing personal against Significance In this case, it s about the right book at the wrong time in my life When I was younger and still learning about love, I know I would have enjoyed Significance Back before I realized that love means having equal but separate identities, I might have swooned a bit over a story in which a young man and woman find each other and can t stand to be apart At the age I m at now, I know that even in the best of relationships, there are times when you want need your space It would drive me crazy to have to constantly touch someone, or else feel pain Even when I was in the stages of a relationship where I couldn t get enough of a person, I wouldn t have been happy with having my choice of whether or not to spend time with someone taken away from me.This book just wasn t my thing Love is great, but this felt like suffocation So much of the book revolved around the connection between Caleb and Maggie, to the point where it got repetitive with some of the scenes Maybe if the background plot had been pushed a bit to the forefront, I wouldn t have been quite as antsy about how much these two kids were obsessed with each other If you like books with extremely intense romances, you ll probably adore Significance Many people have given this one a high rating, so I m guessing that I will continue to be in the minority here All consuming love has a huge draw for many people and I understand why It s a fun fantasy If you like to get caught up in that fantasy, then this story might be a great fit for you If you honestly like romances where people can t get enough of each other, or if you get pissed off at books when it takes an entire story for a couple to acknowledge their feelings, then I d say to check this out It s probably going to be right up your alley.As for the soulmates concept I honestly don t mind books like these, as long as there is to the couple than just what they are together I do think it s possible to have a charming story in which two people are meant for each other and love to be there for one another, but still acknowledge that there is to their life than just what s in their little bubble.My favorite example of soulmates fiction done right would be the Tairen Soul series, starting with Lord of the Fading Lands because the epic story and world is just as engaging as the beautiful romance.As for book two in the Signficance series, surprisingly enough, I will probably end up reading it anyway I found myself connecting to Bish and Jen, and am wanting to see how things turn out for them Maybe I ll have better luck rating and reviewing the second book, knowing what to expect.

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    This is an addictive series On to the next one

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    A romance heavy story that is very sketchy on what s actually going on with the paranormal stuff and unfortunately, the romance just didn t work for me How is it that all the guys think this girl is hot and would die to be with her The book has the usual self published issues with typos, clumsy dialogue, the need for a good editor, and the fleshing out of plot and character development.Fundamentally, it also makes me seriously uneasy to have a story line in which teenagers are so strongly imprinted on each other The fact that it s physically painful to be separated or be with anyone else, etc, etc., is pretty disturbing, and not the healthiest message to send This type of thing might work if it were balanced out by other elements, but since the romance is the primary subject here, I found it difficult to overlook It s also hard to relate to or have any sympathy for a character whose entire life revolves around her love interests That s not interesting in a real human being, and it s not interesting in a fictional character.

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    Two stars for this freebie TwiLite clone This is about as close to Twilight as you can get without actually having anyone s blood get sucked out of their neck except that it has far worse grammar and punctuation problems I think it s time for a GoodReads Game how many parallels can we find between Significance and Twilight Mildly spoilerish so read at your own risk 1 Main character is a high school girl living with her divorced dad.2 Insta love, on steroids.3 Oh no, her love interest is not quite human 4 And he is compelled by his immense love for her to be a stalker and extremely possessive 5 But it s okay, because she loves him too.6 Especially when he creepily watches her sleep every night has to sleep chastely touching her all night long.7 Aww His family is so sweet, and even though they have superpowers they love human girl.8 Cool If she hangs out with him long enough she will be changed and get to have superpowers too 9 Even cooler The change process instantly makes her beautiful 10 But even before this magical change, isn t it weird how all these guys want her even though she doesn t think she s anything special 11 Mind reading it s equal opportunity now.12 Oh no, not quite human guy has enemies who want to do terrible things to our heroine and so on.If you really loved Twilight, you ll probably like Significance If not, don t even crack it open, even if it s free No werewolf love triangle, though, so there s that Though sorry there is instant imprinting Also, maybe a love triangle shows up later in this series There s always hope Unfortunately, I ll never know.ETA Downgrading my rating to take away the extra half star I m stingier now than I was when I originally wrote this review.

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    So I blame it on the fact that I had a fever last three days I felt like I was in the deepest pit of hell, I was cranky, it felt as if my lungs were on fire and I had a killer headache So as one of my girlfriends said, I needed something sappy Where to start What I like or what I don t like How I m afraid of feminist wrath Or how I m torn between giving support to inde authors and wanting to strangle them for publishing their books in hurry without checking it out for, if necessary, millionth time and, for God s sake, good editor Let s begin with the most improtant irrelevant thing cover For indie novels, Shelly Crane has some pretty amazing covers I had to say this because some publishers should learn from this woman I know it s shallow, but cover is very important.The story Hmm Interesting concept, it could be great book, but You read book description on the beginning of this post, right Well, that s it The whole plot On 330 pages I seemed much longer to me Lots of repetition, certain parts of plot are left hanging loose and others are overdone The biggest no for me was ending I don t want to spoil it for those who didn t read it, so I ll just put it like this it should ve finished after 26th chapter That s actually common problem for self published authors they don t know when to end or how to divide the manuscript Next time, ask for help Don t rush it won t get you anywhere Make second edition upgraded The characters Caleb and Maggie are sweet, but looking in general, character development is lacking The whole story is just about their interaction it would be believable and less repetitive if author gave atention to other aspects of their lives and to the other people in their lives Because of whole imprinting thing, it would be better it Maggie and Caleb are, at least, twenty years old We have Twilight clich big, happy, supportive, rich family And I m annoyed with it.Speaking of Twilight clich s, Signifiance, obviously, goes in category of books written by obsessive Twilight fan Enough said If this book was reviewed by my friend Zemira, she d put it on this shelves could have been better, ahhh my eyes, get to the point already, hmmm, i blame twilight, mixed feelings, why the hype and youve got to be kidding me And there are others reviews with lots of squealing, gushing, ahhs and ohhs, OMGs and WOWs and swooning Where does it leaves me Wel, somewhere in the middle.I believe this could be book worth reading but it needs lots of hard work and author s willingness to accept constructive criticism I don t like to write negative reviews, but sometimes it s just the right thing that authors need to hear.

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    A love like this comes once in a lifetime.A love like this can consume you.Graduation is a time for celebration for most teenagers.There s the cap and gown.The receiving of that paper scroll.The flashes of cameras, the smiles of proud parents, the cheering of friends.The future bright and full of opportunities.But for Maggie, graduation is a reminder of everything she s lost Her mother got up one day, taking everything clothes, bedding, Maggie s college money and leaving for California, breaking Maggie s dad s heart and sending him into an almost catatonic state Bish, her adopted brother, lives away from home Her boyfriend of almost three years, Chad, dumped her to get his college football scholarship, three days after her mother left.Love at first sight is just a myth Or is it In a freak moment of destiny, Maggie saves the life of Caleb stopping him from crossing the road, and from being hit by a truck From the moment his eyes meet hers, urgent, as he asks her whether she s alright, something flares up between them Drawing her to him Intriguing her Making her long to know him, to be by his side All it takes is one touch One touch one simple touch and Maggie and Caleb imprint with each other Visions whirl, their future together playing out before her in flashes Confused and incredulous, Maggie discovers that Caleb is an Ace Otherwise known as Virtuoso, or Charmed, they re not completely human gaining abilities once they reach a certain age after they imprint Imprinting is when an Ace finds his or her soul mate they can feel each other s heartbeat in their chests, read each other s minds, find each other and even heal each other And Maggie and Caleb are soul mates She is his significant and only death can keep them apart.Imprinting, for Aces, has become rare But to imprint with a human is even rarer.Caleb s big family quirky, motley and talented welcome Maggie with open arms They explain to her that she ll soon be experiencing supernatural changes of her own That her soul, and Caleb s, chose each other That she needs the touch of his skin to survive.But not everyone is thrilled by this development Aces are divided into clans, and a rival clan appears enemies of Caleb and his family due to a centuries long grudge intent on putting a stop to Caleb and Maggie s ascension Because when the ascension completes itself, Caleb and Maggie s abilities will appear and bloom and will threaten the rival clan not to mention that Maggie presents an enigma to them Why her Why a human What is it about her that caused an imprint to occur after such a long time But love is worth fighting for No matter the costA cross between Obsidian by Jennifer L Armentrout and Stephanie Perkins Anna and the French Kiss, Significance is funny, full of adventure and with a cast of characters that will steal your heart.

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    AUDIO VERSION RE READ 6 Finding True Love StarsI read this book a few years ago and I never got around to writing a review I thought the audio version would be a perfect re read As a romance reader, I am a SUCKER for the Can not live with out each other story line You know, the one where it makes you ache, heart swoon and head sigh Shelly Crane delivered on this one It s a TRUE Romance.Maggie is your typical ordinary teenager Her boyfriend breaks up with her, her mom leaves her and her dad ignores her Her life isn t perfect One day she meets Caleb Well, she saves him from getting run over by a car It s a super meet cute When Caleb and Maggie meet, sparks fly and it s like BAM insta connection.Maggie is Caleb s Significance.What does it all mean It means, Maggie isn t so ordinary any I consider Significance a YA paranormal book and I love it It reads super sweet and super innocent The story is about two people learning about each other and forming an intense relationship Caleb is different His family eventually gets paired up with their significant It s not easy finding a significant, it hasn t been happening lately and Caleb is the first to be paired up in a long time Once two people are paired, eventually they will obtain powers There s a lot that goes on, but that s the shorten version.Another family, not part of Caleb s is jealous of the new pairing and so there s retaliation and beautiful drama Maggie becomes thrown in the middle and Caleb is so sexy because he goes all protective cave man on her I love reading Maggie s thoughts I loved going through what she went through Everything is a big mystery and there s so much to learn I was just sucked into Caleb s world and all the special things that went with it.I loved the rival clans and all the drama.Let s just say, everything is intense The one thing that I enjoyed most about this read is the love Caleb and Maggie have for each other It s so intense because of the pairing I like that they are only meant for each other I also like that they were almost strangers and within a few minutes they become paired It was just like I said crazy intense Audio Questions If you could sum up Significance in three words, what would they be SWEET, EPIC, ROMANCE Who was your favorite character and why The Heroine and Hero made the story I love that this is a true romance love story It s a very sweet read about two young lovers getting to know each other There was so much that went on and I gobbled it up Have you listened to any of Cris Dukehart s other performances before How does this one compare This is my first Cris narration I loved her voice I found it very sweet, young and it matched the Heroine perfectly I loved listening to her inner struggles I felt her confusion, pain and love for the Hero I found the transition to Caleb s not my preference I usually prefer the narrator to do a deeper voice, but Cris made it younger, which I understood because Caleb is suppose to be young too, but it just didn t really match up to what I was thinking in my head If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be An EPIC YOUNG LOVE STORY I LOVED IT from start to finished FREE AUDIO 1.99

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Significancecharacters Significance, audiobook Significance, files book Significance, today Significance, Significance 51cf7 A Story By NEW YORK TIMES And USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Shelly CraneMaggie Is A Seventeen Year Old Girl Who S Had A Bad Year Her Mom Left, Her Dad Is Depressed, She S Graduating, Barely, And Her Boyfriend Of Almost Three Years Dumped Her For A College Football Scholarship Lately She Thinks Life Is All About Hanging On By A Thread And Is Gripping Tight With Everything She HasThen She Meets CalebShe Saves His Life And Instantly Knows There S Something About Him That S Intriguing But She Is Supposed To Be On Her Way To A Date With His Cousin But Things Change When They Touch, Sparks Ignite Literally They Imprint With Each Other And She Sees Their Future Life Together Flash Before Her Eyes She Learns That Not Only Is She His Soul Mate, And Can Feel His Heartbeat In Her Chest, But There Is A Whole Other World Of People With Gifts And Abilities That She Never Knew Existed She Herself Is Experiencing Supernatural Changes Unlike Anything She S Ever Felt Before And She Needs The Touch Of His Skin To Survive Now, Not Only Has Her Dad Come Out Of His Depression To Be A Father Again, And A Pain As Well, But Caleb S Enemies Know He S Imprinted And Are After Maggie To Stop Them Both From Gaining Their Abilities And Take Her From Him Can Caleb Save Her Or Will They Be Forced To Live Without Each Other After Just Finding One Another

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Shelly is a NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY bestselling author from a small town in Georgia and loves everything about the south She is wife to a fantastical husband and stay at home mom to two boisterous and mischievous boys who keep her on her toes She hoards paperbacks, devours sweet tea, searches year round for candy corn, and loves to spend time with her family and friends, go out to eat at