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Earths Survivors the Nation quotes Earths Survivors the Nation , litcharts Earths Survivors the Nation , symbolism Earths Survivors the Nation , summary shmoop Earths Survivors the Nation , Earths Survivors the Nation d5f18ceb What If The World Ended Tomorrow What Would You Do Would You Be Able To Survive The Earth S Survivors Series Of Books Follow A Small Group Of Men And Women As They Struggle To Survive On A Vastly Changed Earth, Where The Dead Sometimes Do Not Remain DeadA Great Change Was Coming To The Earth Catastrophe Was About To Change Everything Her People Took For Granted It Made Some Wish For Death, But Death Was No Longer A Guarantee For Some Death Had Become Some Other Sort Of Life A Life They Could Not Easily LeaveEarth S Survivors Book Two The Nation Picks Up The Tale Of Mike Collins, Candace Loi, Patty Johnson, Ronnie Vincent, Robert Dove And The Other Earth S Survivors As They Make Their Way Across The Country And Into The Heartland, Looking For Robert Dove S Promised Land A Place Where They Can Live Their Lives In Peace, Rebuild Their Worlds And Those Of The People They Meet Along The Way But The World Is Not Done With Them The Ones Who Have Followed Them From The Small City Of Watertown In New York, Are Bent On Retribution The Walkers Are Searching Out The Breathers Too And Their Own Growth As They Add To Their Numbers Along The Way, Brings It Stresses With ItAnd The Dead Are Coming Into Their Own Too Once Slow And Shuffling They Have Now Begun To Evolve Their Strength Has Evolved Their Brains The Knowledge They Have And Can Understand They Are Building Their Own Armies They Are Looking Forward To The Promise Given Them Of The Whole Earth And Everything In It They Are Only Biding Their Time, Waiting For The Other Walkers To Rise And Build Their Armies In The Black NightThey Began With No Leaders, No Purpose They Could Determine Just A Driving Need To Kill And Eat But Time Begins To Change Them, Their Direction And Their Purpose, And It Brings Forth A Leader, Donita She Begins To Lead The Walkers Against The BreathersFollow Along As The Two Groups Race Towards Their Destiny Both Looking To Re Settle The EarthFrom The AuthorA Little From The Dead Meet Donita In The Trees The Eyes Watched Her And The Other Cows From The Cover Of The Trees The Hunger Was Terrible, All Consuming, And It Came In Crashing Waves The Impulse To Feed Seemed To Be The Only Coherent Thought She Had It Was Hard To Think Around, Hard To Think PastA Few Weeks Ago She Had Been Been But It Did No Good, She Could Not Force The Memory To Come A Name Came, Donita She Had Been Donita, She Knew That, But That Was All She Knew And A Name Was Not Everything She Had Been She Had Been Something Else Something , But She Could Not Get To Whatever It Was Though Something That Did Not Wander Through The Woods Something That Was Not Driven By All Consuming Passions That She Could Not Understand She Turned Her Eyes Up To The Moon It Pulled At Her Something In It Spoke Directly To Something Inside Of Her Something Deep Something She Believed Had Always Been There, But There Had Never Been A Need To Address Because It Lived Under The Surface Out Of Her Line Of Thought, Sight Below Her Emotions Now It Didn T Now It Ruled Everything It Was All She Could Do Not To Rush From The Trees And Find The Smell That Tempted Her And Consume It Eat It Completely Leave Nothing At All Oh To Do It To Do ItCandace In TroubleShe Finished And Had Just Stood Back Up, When She Felt The Cold Barrel Of A Pistol Touch Her Neck Well Look At This, A Low Voice Said, Ain T You Something Candace S Heart Crashed Hard Against Her Ribs She Sucked In A Breath, And Tried To Quiet Her Racing Heart Her Voice Sounded Shaky To Her Ears As She Spoke What What Do You Want, She Managed Wha What Do You Want, The Voice Mimicked What Do You Think That I Want, He Asked One Hand Stroked Lightly Against Her Face Leaving The Feel Of Calloused Fingers And The Smell Of Unwashed Flesh I Think You Know, Missy I Think You Know About The AuthorThe Earth S Survivors Books Are Based On Characters And Stories By W G Sweet

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