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    When I saw Sweet s latest novel had to do with zombies, I groaned a little I mean lately there is nothing but zombies vampires everywhere you look I like both subjects, but still Ya know I should not have worried This book is outstanding I ll go so far to say it may be my all time favorite on the subject of zombies The writing is crisp tight I felt for each and every character, even the new breed of zombies Speaking of the new breed of zombies Brilliant Just brilliant Excellent premise, and one I had not personally ever come across Joseph Sweet needs to be a household name Seriously.

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    I liked the concept of the book, but hated the execution of it Although it has a somewhat unique bent on zombies, the book never engaged me in either the story or the characters At times, I found the writing awkward, having to go back and reread a paragraph, even a page, to understand what the author was writing I won t be continuing in the series, even though I am curious where it will end up.

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    YES This is the zombie book I was looking for Man, there s a lot of crap horror out there I ve been weeding through trying to find something that fills my desire to watch zombie movies and The Walking Dead but in book form This did it, to a T I d call this smart horror , if such thing exists The plot is no believable than any other zombie story, BUT it s well written and takes zombies to a whole new level with a as plausable as zombie stories can be plot line I love that this is written from a variety of view points in easy to digest chapters It kept me engaged and my only regret is I wish I was longer I can t wait for the next book in the series

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    Really liked it Love the new zombies Of course I am left waiting anxiously for the next book Hooked, need

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    Requiem for Humanity By Joseph SweetSuch a good book This was the second book I had read of Mr Sweet The first being a novella The Drawer which I will be posting a review shortly Requiem was a unique take in this genre The common thread through the many groups of survivors had written down the events that had pertained to their group, observations and surviving Some even left warnings for other survivors of things they had witnessed first hand and discoveries made along the way to survival It all started with a group finding a journal of a survivor s account and timeline of events as she witnessed them The finder of the journal thought that it was a good idea to continue on They would write the account of what had become of their lives in the group they were in None of these various groups knew if there were other survivors out there after years of the undead walking the earth, but when they were done they would each leave the journal in a public place along with other survivor s journals they found, in hopes that the discoveries made would help others to survive.Up till the Zombie apocalypse happened most only knew what they had read in books or seen in the movies If that were that lucky to have been a consumer of zombie fiction at all Two years after the outbreak the Zombies were not what they once were slow, brain dead and hungry They are now cunning, resourceful and able to use tools It appears the smart zombies started from a failed attempt by the C.E.L.L to find a cure and the experiments they were doing on any Survivors they came across.Penelope was saved from the C.E.L.L s men who were mistaken for the Military by Ed or if you want the full name, Eduardo Enrique Luiz However, things changed from that point on for both Penelope Ed as well as for Zombie kind Pick up this book, you won t be sorry, there is a second book in this series out now also you ll want to read as well.Mr Sweet did a great job creating a world with well rounded characters with depth.I look forward to reading by this Author.

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    Requires for humanityVery interesting read,ran through it in one evening Very different from other zombie apocalypse books.A must read for those you love zombies like I do.

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