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    3.5 starsSo I won this on booklikes and this was definitely an entertaining book plus it was my first zombie novel which I proved to really like The opening gets right into the action and immediately avoids cliches as we discover Doyle is adopted and he finds a picture which turns out to be his grandparents, Eva and William Clark There s no mystery behind who his parents really are which is great as usually that s dragged out and Doyle tries to find his grandfather, William Another cliche is swiftly dodged here as well as they locate where he is straight away.Doyle and Chuck then decide to find him and the story starts off there The switch between reality and Doyle s nightmares is gripping and tense at points as I could never guess it wasn t real Everyone seemed to fancy Doyle which was kinda annoying but I liked the fact girls were actually interested in Chuck as well There s an unreal twist during their stay in the hotel which completely draws you in and constantly forces you to ask questions until you uncover what s going on It s near the hotel that Doyle meets Addy who I liked at the start and Kai, Chuck s date who is hilarious The romance is incredibly awkward, I mean Doyle and Addy just met and they act as if they ve been going out for months There was no build up to their relationship which in turn made the romance awkward to digest as it was just too quick and I didn t really care what happened to it Addy also slightly began to get on my nerves, she just came off as annoying and needy and always seemed to be crying although she worked as a nurse and should have been use to tense situations.Although, that s probably me being harsh However, it was great to discover there was no love triangle but the end suggested one and perhaps irritable scenes to occur in the next book Hopefully not There was a lovely twist with Addy along with a lot of the minor characters like Jenny which made me exceptionally curious about her and eager to pick up the next book.A lot of the minor characters turned into something significant and I enjoyed their presence like Stephen Chuck was by far my favourite character as he was a fantastic friend with funny comments throughout the story Overall, this is a beautifully woven story with an engrossing element of zombies and other species It s a fun book at times but also tense, avoiding cliches and striking you with many unexpected reveals The only minor fault was the romance but it doesn t impact the story that much.I would still definitely recommend this novel especially to anyone interested in zombies I was incredibly glad to have won this and the cover was beautiful too, I will be seeking out the next novel

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    3.5 starsI don t usually read zombie books but this one definitely filled all zombie needs Doyle is a normal college student that one day discovers that is biological granpa is alive and that something awful could have happened to him So he sets off with his BFF Chuck in a long roadtrip, but in the way he starts to change, he feels different he is becoming something very unhuman Of course, the are zombies that all that want is BRRRAAAAIIINS but Doyle is becoming something superior, a royal zombie A zombie that has or less control of himself and uses his brain instead of wanting to eat brains Best part of the book is the relationship between Doyle and Chuck We are not only told the are great friends but also shown Their bromance is great and felt real They also have male voices, they notice things but never in great details and don t exactly talk about their feelings all the time My only complain is the love part Addy was a great love interest a nurse, older and not a virgin And everything was great for a while, Doyle tried to keep is changes a secret while dating and getting to know Addy but eventually everything ended up being a case of instalove Pretty sure they had only seen each other three separate times and already they were claiming to love each other Thankfully, the adventure and the mystery of what s happening are important than love so this book stands as an awesome zombie book.

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    Doyle Hawthorne sets out to discover family secrets and ends up uncovering than he bargained for Of Royal Descent caught me from the first page, and refused to let go Action, humor, romance, and zombies What could a girl ask for Shane s take on the mythology is original, her characters are engaging, and writing superb There s also an interesting darkness to Of Royal Descent a fright factor rarely found in the paranormal genre.Doyle makes for an excellent MC He s intelligent, level headed, and manages to deal with the craziness thrown his way, while Chuck, his best friend and sidekick, had me laughing out loud I can t wait to dive into the next installment, Of Royal Treason Highly recommended for NA Paranormal lovers or anyone craving a new, unique zombie world.

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    After the discovery of a family secret Doyle Hawthorne, and his best friend Chuck Johnson set out on a road trip to locate Doyle s birth grandfather But what starts out as a harmless excursion ends up as something much unsettling Doyle and Chuck are heading toward a colony of zombies And it s all part of a larger plan.Before all hell breaks loose, Doyle meets Addy at a roadside diner, and is immediately drawn to her The attraction is mutual So, despite his not so grand entrance, she agrees to go out with him Doyle questions why his senses are getting sharper, but doesn t dare reveal his dreams to Addy at least, not yet Across town at a government facility Edgar Bradbury s sinister plans are coming to fruition And while Doyle s dreams are slowly slipping into the waking world, lines are being crossed, and other secrets are revealed secrets that are deeply rooted in Doyle s history than he could have ever imagined He will need to brace himself, if he is to make it out alive or dead This book started off with plenty of suspense, which I thoroughly enjoyed But the pace was a bit inconsistent And after it slowed to explain some technical aspects of the story, it never quite recovered its full excitement Further, I had a tough time believing in the fast and hard way Doyle and Addy fell for each other Still, it was a fun read, with interesting characters, and some genuinely frightening moments 3.75 StarsNote This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received this book from the author exchanged for a honest review Thank You To Ember Shane What an awesome start to a new zombie book series and a totally different zombie book was Of Royal Descent Just wow what a refreshing different change of zombie book this book was for me Let me just say I don t read a lot of zombies book like that, but that doesn t mean I don t love them I really do love zombie books I am just really picky with zombie books because there was a few I didn t like reading but Of Royal Descent got me ready to start to pick and read zombie books soon Yes this book was that good for me I haven t read a zombie book quite like this one before, but I really loved and enjoyed this book I loved the plot, world building, the characters, the writing style and the diolgy had me laughing out loud at some parts I just loved everything about Of Royal Descent and I espcially loved the new take on sexie zombies I highly do recommend this awesome book I am most definitely going to continue reading this awesome series and I can t wait to read the next book Well untill next time my friends

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    3.5 4 STARS I received this book for free from the authors Booklikes Gieaways in exchange for an honest review This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review I really liked the meaning behind the cover how it reflecte the story truly do This is my first zombie novel I have never been interested in reading about the living dead they kind of creep me out shudder But let me get one thing straight, this is defenetly not your tipycal zombie apocalypse book, it has a whole other meaning to it.The author has done an amazing work, there was Humour,action,mystery and most of all a lot of sexiness in it o , one thing I extremly loved about this one is Chuck Kai they are by far one of y favorite couple So excited about the next book in the serie I want to read about those two of course it has it ups and downs, sometimes slow and other times unnecessary discription like the morning routine , but in general I enjoyed reading the book very much.

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    Of Royal Descent is the first book in The Doyle Hawthorne Series It s a zombie book with a quite original take on the subject, though it can be classified as paranormal romance We all know that I don t read too much of that genre and that when I do, beware, because bad reviews are coming This is not the case, I enjoyed this book and I m going to tell you why I think it stands out against the others.Doyle Hawthorne is college student with adoptive parents One day, while helping his father with some boxes full of old stuff, he discovers cryptic letters written by his biological grandfather All of them were addressed to his grandmother and they seem to conceal vital information about a traumatic event in the past With a little help from his best friend, Chuck, Doyle discovers his grandfather is alive and take on a journey to visit him As soon as they approach their destination, weird things start happening to Doyle and his body.This book is all about that transformation I really enjoyed the technical details Ember Shane developed as an explanation for this disease Doyle is experiencing The process is quite unique and interesting, though one part of it reminded me a bit of the book Partials by Dan Wells view spoiler I m talking about the importance of the pheromones hide spoiler

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    This book is about a guy named Doyle who after he discovers something interesting about his biological grandfather, he goes on a road trip with his best friend Chuck in an effort to discover During their journey they meet two girls, Addy and Kai, and a whirlwind romance is formed After being led into a trap by a mad scientist and discovering he is to die and become a royal Doyle is ready to say goodbye to everything he holds dear Doyle eventually escapes the clutches of the mad scientist but it turns into a true fight for his freedom First of all, endless drama I LOVED all the drama in this book, it kept you second guessing everything and kept you on your toes the entire journey Another aspect of this book I enjoyed were the characters I think they were all created and written into the story extremely well They were each unique and interesting in there own ways The strong bonds and amazing romance s had me sitting on the edge of my seat until the very end because they were so intriguing Now the whole concept of this book first had me stuck, because I didn t understand the concept, but all the way through the book you get to learn about the stories and the characters that makes everything create sense Its written so well and the world Ember has created is one I would love to read about in the future for I adored this book utterly and completely I recommend this book to you if your a lover of romance, zombies, fantasy or science fiction Now being a lover of all those things and being how incredible this book was I highly suggest you read it Well done Ember on such an amazing job well done on a terrific book.

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    Royal Zombies I was unsure what this book would have in store for me, but I was hooked from the very first page First of all, I love when the protagonist is adopted I am not sure why, I just love when it s not perfect family, perfect life kind of situations Also, the dynamic between Doyle and best friend Chuck is fantastic They ve got each other s back no matter what Doyle has to go through a lot in this first book, and a lot of it is hard to digest, but it s so very intriguing that the science of it doesn t become off putting at all And the writing was just so great, that I found myself double checking that this was indeed Miss Shane s first novel I highly recommend this book to anyone who is into paranormal, paranormal romance, sci fi, or just really likes zombies I m very anxious for book 2 as well, so consider this my plea to the author to give me a release date

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    A friend gave me this to read I asked her what it was about She said, Sex crazed zombies My immediate reaction Without including spoilers, I ll just say that I wish there had been of those scenes Aside from that, I loved the amount of humor in this book Some of Chuck and Doyle s conversations are hilarious Their double date with Addy and Kai is definitely one of my favorite scenes.I will forewarn you that it does end on a cliffhanger, but if that doesn t bother you, this book is recommended as an entertaining and quick read.Looking forward to the second book

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