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    I think this book was at least as good as Daughter of the Forest, although in a somewhat different way DotF was, as I ve noted in that review, a tale of the strength of love for family, of good overcoming evil even when it is at great cost, and of love found along the way Child of the Prophecy is, I think, a book about learning to love oneself, that it doesn t matter how many people might love you because it is all lost if you don t have that inner core of strength and self love.CotP is most definitely a tale of a girl s struggle to find her identity, to figure out what she stands for, and her sacrifice to do what she knows is right despite the horrific cost to herself Fainne is, in my opinion, probably the most believable of the characters in the three books She is conflicted and scared, manipulated and manipulating, by turns overly innocent and surprisingly wise She has otherworldly abilities like many of the other characters who have gone before her, but unlike them, she seems entirely earthly I think her own doubt about her nature gives her that groundedness, because her insecurities make her feel inadequate and as a result, she doesn t trust those very otherworldly abilities that were almost taken for granted by Sorcha and Liadan Those women were both completely aware of who they were and what they thought their roles in life were They had no crises of identity like Fainne, so we never really had the same experience of seeing them decide who they were, as we do with Fainne This is also a tale of personal accountability Throughout, Fainne is coerced to do some terrible things, and she does her best to make amends, to right the wrongs that she caused She pays a huge price and does so willingly in atonement Darragh is, aside from Conor and Finbar, my favorite male character I don t really get his somewhat slavish devotion to Fainne considering all she put him through, but he is an admirable character and any woman would be lucky to have a man like him He is clever, well rounded, and brave He can be a fighter when needed, but his preference is to be gentle and loving with all things As always, Marillier delivered another exceptional novel and I d highly recommend this, along with the other 2 previous books, to anyone who enjoys fantasy, Irish myth, paganism Druidis, and rich, complex characters.

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    4 4,5 Juliet Marillier se reafirma con cada libro que pasa como una de mis autoras preferidas en cuanto a ambientaci n fant stica Lo que m s disfruto de sus historias es esta sensaci n de que puedes tocar, ver y oler esos mundos que describe Su estilo narrativo es tan distintivo que cada vez que empiezo a leer uno de sus libros es como si atravesase una cortina de humo y de repente me encontrase dentro de un cuento c ltico.En esta tercera entrega de su saga Sieteaguas veo m s riesgos en cuanto a la selecci n de su protagonista En contraposici n a Sorcha o Liadan, Fainne es un personaje moralmente m s ambiguo y eso me ha gustado mucho Sin embargo, a medida que avanzo con la saga y a pesar de que estoy disfrut ndola much simo, veo patrones que se repiten y algunas cosas en las que creo que la autora no acaba de atreverse a apostar y que creo que enriquecer an la historia global el mensaje de que en una mujer la fortaleza no reside en la fuerza f sica por ejemplo sin en la fuerza de voluntad o de car cter, o en sus aptitudes m gicas no tendr a que excluir que se de un mensaje tan claro de que no hay lugar para una mujer en un campo de batalla o de que las mujeres no pueden ser instruidas en las armas Son libros que abogan por un mensaje de paz y en eso estoy completamente de acuerdo pero habiendo una trama de conflictos territoriales de por medio y 6 libros de m s de 500 p ginas me gustar a ver alg n personaje principal o secundario, pero mujer que se salga un poco del patr n Sobretodo teniendo en cuenta que tanto la fortaleza como la fragilidad masculina s la he visto representada tanto en personajes t picamente guerreros como en otros con otras cualidades y aptitudes druidas, videntes, curanderos, etc A pesar de eso, he disfrutado much simo con la historia, creo que es la m s m gica hasta la fecha, la m s empapada de folclore He reconocido retellings de algunas de mis historias celtas preferidas contadas por los personajes, y la manera de describir la magia y a los Fair Folk ha sido belleza literaria pura.Este volumen originalmente estaba pensado para ser el que cerrase lo que iba a ser una trilog a y sin duda el final deja una sensaci n bastante m stica y hasta nost lgica Deseando ponerme pronto con la segunda trilog a de la saga

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    This is such a hard review to write because I loved this book so much There is something about Marillier s writing that is completely absorbing I ve only read her original Sevenwaters Trilogy so far, but each of those books has succeeded in captivating me with a full range of real emotion The characters are so real, and their trials so heartbreaking and rewarding that I can t turn away She combines tragedy and desperation with hope and love romantic and familial love, love of the forest or the sea, love of the old ways that are dying out They are all bittersweet, some bitter than others At first, I wasn t sure I liked being made to feel all these things, but the experience is so rich that this is now one of my favorite series of all time.Each book has a unique story, and each affected me at a level that few books have touched before I usually avoid sad books because the emotion often feels contrived, but these are not tearjerkers I really care about the characters and what is happening to them, and sadness is just part of their experiences It s so real I m in awe of Marillier s ability to make me feel it and not make it feel cheap or fake.I wasn t sure if the first two books were just flukes, but with the third, Marillier has made it onto my favorite authors list, and books 2 and 3 are solidly on my favorites shelf Book 1 was still a bit too dark for me, in spite of everything I just said I am now greedily hoarding everything else she has written, and am glad there are so many left for me to read I just hope they are half as good.Enough general raving Now to the specific review Child of the Prophecy was often not an easy book to read I was frustrated at Fainne, at her naivet and the weakness that led her to betray herself and everyone else who mattered I wanted to shake her at times I wanted to reach in and prevent her from making terrible mistakes, or do something to help her find her way.But Fainne s growth and discovery from beginning to end was a journey that I found totally worth it 100% The last third of the book had me completely glued to the pages, hardly breathing It had me fearing, grieving and hoping all in one And the ending was perfect It was magnificent I had to go read it over again immediately I want to do it again right now I still don t want to move on January 4, 2015Loved it review to come hopefully later when I have recovered my senses.

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    There were patterns to everything, if you knew how to look My father taught me that The real skill lay in staying outside them, in not letting yourself be caught up in them Sevenwaters is a family saga telling the tales of the women from the Sevenwaters family The series started with the wild swans fairy tale retelling featuring the Daughter of the Forest, Sorcha and continued with Sorcha s daughter, Liadan in Son of the Shadows Child of the Prophecy tells the story of Fainne, daughter of Niamh Liadan s sister For me, Niamh was a shimmering star shining brightly on the margins of a very bleak main story and so I looked forward to reading about her daughter with a great anticipation.What I loved about Fainne the most is that she is flawed, both physically and spiritually The girl is plain let us ignore for the moment her purple eyes insert an eye roll here and has a disfigured foot resulting in a limp Further, Fainne believes herself to be cursed by her heritage, blood of the evil sorceress Oonagh her granny , which , on the one hand, gives her powerful magic and on the other sets her steps toward a destiny of darkness Sorcha and Liadan were two super snowflakes Sorcha had to, and because of the fairy like quality of the retelling it didn t bother me, but Liadan I couldn t stomach as you know team Niamh I liked Fainne not only because she is not pretty, but also because she is a walking well, limping proof that having magic doesn t make you smart or sociable or courageous or all three indeed Another reason for my initial sympathy was the way Fainne had been brought up in a remote seclusion and extreme austerity, like a monk or druid, with little worldly luxuries work, rest, eat when we must While her father gave her essential care and taught her the craft, due to Niamh early and tragic demise, there was nobody to show Fainne love or tenderness that every child needs When it comes to simple pleasures in her life all you ll find is one doll hidden under her bed and one friend, Darragh, a tinker boy and a horse whisperer.She has been sheltered in a different way than the two previous girls but sheltered nonetheless She is socially and emotionally impaired, and these are two huge disadvantages, especially that bearing the blood of four races Fainne believes herself to be set apart from the ordinary people and destined to be evil.I can do morally ambiguous protagonists In fact, those grey figures, those on the margins, those engaged in internal fights, are the best ones What I cannot do are stupid protagonists And this is when the whole setup comes to the fore by her father s decision Fainne is to be sent to Sevenwaters Oonagh promptly steps in and with a mixture of blackmail and vengeance mongering, she tasks the girl with destroying her mother s family The sheer idiocy of this plan is never accounted for in the novel view spoiler Can somebody please explain why the sudden urge to send the girl to Sevenwaters Even considering the fact that Ciaran is dying, which by the way never played out fully, it still does not make sense He sends his precious daughter to the very people whom he hates, and quite rightly so, instead of sending her to Liadan who had helped him in the past and where the girl still would be safe and provided for hide spoiler

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    Ironically enough, I wound up loving Child of the Prophecy than its predecessor, Son of the Shadows. For many, this original concluding foray into Sevenwaters was a disappointment, sadly lacking in comparison to the beauty that was Daughter of the Forest and the epic that was Son of the Shadows. As someone who left the latter feeling than a little disappointed and was prepared to feel the same way from this installment, Child of the Prophecy proved to be a pleasant surprise A very pleasant surprise I wound up devouring this over a brief weekend in NYC, unable to set it down on the subway, train, or bus And yes, I did get many strange glances at my oft grief stricken expression, not to mention the stray tears, but it was so, so worth it If, like me, you ve been putting off this series under the assumption that this novel is the weak link, let me convince you otherwise truly, it isn t What makes Child of the Prophecy a difficult novel to like is the fact that it is a difficult novel to enjoy Sorcha and Liadan, our past heroines, are women who have grown loved and sheltered in the woodlands of Sevenwaters Fianne, however, has grown up secluded near the ocean with only her father Niamh, Fianne s beautiful mother, committed suicide shortly after Fianne was born and, as a result, Fianne has always wondered why she was never enough to keep her mother alive Further, Fianne s limp and sorceress status keep her secluded from others all except Darragh who patiently befriends her and loyally returns for her every summer, though he is a traveling man As such, from the beginning itself, Fianne is a very different heroine, one whose path does not merely lie in testing her endurance, but also in discovering her own path Our novel truly begins, though, when the Lady Oonagh, Fianne s grandmother, blackmails her granddaughter into infiltrating Sevenwaters and preventing a prophecy from coming true Johnny, the son of Liadan and Bran, is the titular child of the prophecy upon which the hopes of Sevenwaters lie as they face a perilous time nearing war with the Britons, specifically the Northwoods who neighbor Harrowfield Fianne, though recognizing the evil intents in her grandmother s plan, is powerless to stop her as the Lady Oonagh threatens to kill Ciaran, Fianne s father Thus, Fianne travels to Sevenwaters, little realizing that her extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins will fill her heart with love and weaken her resolve Fianne, who has known little of love in her life and has seen its destructive hand in her family, will now discover the true power, both of family and, most importantly, of love Fianne, from the beginning itself, was a protagonist I loved, merely because of her flaws Unlike Sorcha and Liadan, Fianne is not without her evil attributes In fact, on than one occasion Fianne commits acts with terrible consequences, choosing not to intervene and prevent certain actions from unfolding While this may indicate the presence of evil, what it really indicates is a character who is confused and afraid Fianne fails to see her own beauty, both outward and inward, and also fails to recognize the power she holds All these qualities make her an easy pawn for the Lady Oonagh and the struggles Fianne must face mold her character into one with many, many grays It is difficult to decide if Fianne can even be considered a good person after all the evil she has done, no matter the good she does as well, but these are the precise reasons I love her character so Fianne is not the perfect heroine Sevenwaters usually gives us Along her way she finds way to defy her grandmother, to stand up to her and to stand up for what is right, and though she returns to being a pawn, time and time again, each time she learns and her experiences steadily give her the confidence she needs in herself to finally overcome evil Without a doubt, Fianne s growth as a character is the best this series has delivered so far, and likely will be for her circumstances lend themselves to so much room for improvement Fianne s steady will, her courage and determination to find a way to do right while leading her grandmother to believe she is doing wrong is such a tricky and difficult path, but she treads it realistically, with equal parts despair and hope Although I was not comfortable with some of the decisions she was forced to make at the hand of her grandmother, I recognized their worth in her growth as a human and, ultimately, appreciate their value Marillier wouldn t be herself, though, without rich secondary characters as well We meet almost the entire Sevenwaters cast again, sans Red who has sadly passed away by this point, and are exposed to the changes that have taken place in the past eighteen years While our favorite characters remain the same, time has changed them and their circumstances as well Additionally, there is a slew of new characters, all in the form of Fianne s numerous cousins, all of which I loved Yet, the secondary character who stole my heart and Fianne s too was Darragh Darragh and Fianne are childhood friends and while Fianne cannot see it, Darragh slowly falls for her with time Now, however, entrusted with the Lady Oonagh s deadly task, Fianne sends Darragh away, fearful that her grandmother may threaten to harm him next Thus, Fianne and Darragh are often apart for most of the novel Although Darragh always returns to Fianne, their moments are short and their romance is not an overwhelming majority of the novel In fact, I d go so far as to say that this is perhaps the most subtle of Marillier s romances, but one of the most beautiful nevertheless While Darragh and Fianne are kept apart, their memories of one another never are and through small thoughts and subtle gestures, the longing these two share is built up Although I don t parade as a hopeless romantic, the truth it, the sheer longing and uncertainty and love and affection between these two had me shaking with emotion near the end of the novel, despite the lack of emphasis it was given in the book Darragh s kindness and his love give Fianne the strength to persevere on and while he isn t a leader like Red or Bran, his innocence and gentle nature are exactly what Fianne need, not to mention his loyalty and undying faith in his best friend, despite the horrors she confesses to him For me, at any rate, these two definitely join the ranks with Sorcha Red and Liadan Bran Without a doubt While Child of the Prophecy was a surprisingly quick and engaging read for me, it did have its low points For one, the portrayal of the Lady Oonagh was disappointingly Disney like for my tastes After shrouding this evil sorceress for two novels and building up her legend, actually meeting the woman was a disappointing shock Marillier failed to convey the true hatred that resided within Lady Oonagh s heart and her dialogue depicted her as a blood hungry witch Additionally, the death of a major character, both from Son of the Shadows and this novel, was dealt with very sloppily, in my opinion For fear of spoilers, I won t mention any names, but this character and Fianne shared a large story line, one that was integral both to Fianne s growth and the plot of the novel Thus, to see the character killed off in a quick and hurried fashion, mostly as a matter of convenience, was confusing, to say the least In some ways, this novel didn t carry forth the same level of well rounded excellency as Marillier s novels always do, with a few points shoddily disregarded or merely disappointing, but ultimately, one cannot deny that Child of the Prophecy is an excellent conclusion to this original trilogy Not only did it exceed my expectations, but it wormed its way into my heart as well Well and truly, Child of the Prophecy is far from being the disappointment of this series In fact, I suspect there isn t one to be found.

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    3 A buddy read with the good folks at FBR.This is not and easy review to write because I really enjoyed the first two books and very much wanted to love this one However, I have to admit I was let down Which is a shame, since I find Marillier s writing very enchanting and absorbing I am new to her as an author and I was pleased to discover an author who is obviously well versed in Celtic Folklore and has a beautiful sensibility, possessing a rare ability to involve the reader emotionally in everything she conveys In the Sevenwaters Trilogy so far each of the books has succeeded in captivating my interest and not for a minute did I ever think to let go of the book or forget about the story The story telling is not the issue The issue I have is with the characters and to a certain degree, the authors self indulgence when it comes to stories within the story Yes, I can see all the things that connect or influence one or the other, but while in the first book it was novel and gave the reader instant connection to the story and gave a familiar groundwork for all to feel as if they have common ground to start from, by this third book, the stories were far away from the reader s knowledge base and had little to do with effecting the story, but were just snippets of the character s reality, thus loosing their gravitas and making them close to irrelevant Good and bad shade and sunlight, there s but a hair s breath between them It s all one in the end Despite all of that, Marillier is a master when it comes to weaving a tale in the most magical way possible Her characters are realistic and she puts them through hell and back, making all of us go through their experiences and we do not leave the story unaffected All the main leading ladies are tragic in their own way, but they also carry the torch of love and hope, of looking forward without forgetting where we came from, of securing a good future while preserving the teachings and beauty of the past Yes, there is tragedy and melodrama, and in the previous two books there were scenes that gave me nightmares for a while, since they were so realistic in their villainy, but they are memorable and will have their place for ever in my book memory In this book I particularly liked the idea that a human sacrifice is needed even when it comes to preserving what is magical and Fae, because it is part of human history as well and we should work just as actively in preserving it, since we are the most active force in tearing it down To me this spoke straight to my deep seeded fear that us humans, with our insatiable need for immediate gratification and just the basic instinct of surviving right now and not thinking about the future, are slowly destroying what we have been so freely gifted from Nature and G d We stop on weekends and enjoy the nature preserved in small far away places, while the next work day we forget all about it and laugh at those who try to preserve it for our children Weird, that this is what I got out of a book in which the main character has to deal with the question Nature or Nurture am I bad because my blood comes from bad people and is bad, or do I have the choice to be bad or good on my own and by my own deeds and paths I choose to take Man sets his hand to games of power and influence, he quests for far horizons and wealth beyond imagining He thinks to own what cannot be possessed He hews the ancient trees to broaden his grazing lands he mines the deep caves and topples the standing stones He embraces a new faith with fervor and, perhaps, with sincerity But he grows ever further from the old things He can no longer hear the heartbeat of the earth, his mother He cannot smell the change in the air he cannot see what lies beyond the veil of shadows Even his new god is formed in his own image, for do they not call him the son of man By his own choice he is cut adrift from the ancient cycles of sun and moon, the ordered passing of the seasons And without him, the Fair Folk dwindle and are nothing They retreat and hide themselves, and are reduced to the clurichaun with his little ale jug the brownie who steals the cow s milk at Samhain the half heard wailing of the banshee They become no than a memory in the mind of a frail old man a tale told by a crazy old woman The books in this series tell the story of every following generation of girls from the estate of Sevenwaters, thus they are connected by an overall arc, but each has an unique story, so if you choose to tackle it, I would recommend not to go out of order This book had the granddaughter of the first books heroine Fainne as the main character and although she was an interestingly conceived character, she was my least favorite so far, though I wasn t too found of her mother and aunt either Neither one of them lived up to Sorcha, but she was also the one most closely associated with the past, so I guess I am old fashioned But Fainne was also very naive and I hated how easily others manipulated her, leading her to be the worst she could be, never sure of her own mind and rarely standing up for herself or what she believed was wright All those are qualities often met in Real Life, but having come from those strong characters before her, she frustrated the heck out of me with her inability to act She made me feel like she really did need a man to take care of her, just to keep her in the straight and narrow, and I guess I have gotten too accustomed to strong female characters and this disturbed me somehow After all, we all want to read about what we could be like, not what we so often have to deal with in our daily grindSo, If you are a fan of the Celtic myth and folklore, and if you love some angst with your stories, this is a good series to check out If those are not what you like, and fairy tales are not your thing, maybe give this one a try when there is nothing else around to read Mow I wish you all Happy Reading and may you all find what you Need in the pages of a Good Book

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    In some ways I wish I hadn t read this book Ever since I read Daughter of the Forest years ago, I have been in love with this series I was so in love with the first book, that I refused to read the second one for years afterwards, afraid that it was not going to be as good and ruin the first book for me Thankfully the second one was just as beautiful so I didn t wait quite as long to read the third one So I must admit that I was disappointed with this one Although I loved revisiting the old characters from the previous novels, it was just missing something.Now because I read the first book long before I started writing reviews, I feel that I should say something about it Maybe it will help to explain why even though this was a very good book, I just didn t enjoy it as much as the others I will have to re read Daughter of the Forest and write a review for it, but in the meantime I will attempt to convey how absolutely wonderful it was and why this series touched me so I would class Daughter of the Forest as the best book I have ever read I m sure if I read it for the first time now it would not have the same effect on me because I have read SO many wonderful books since then But at the time, I was in a very emotional time in my life It cast a magical spell on me, and had a profound effect on my emotions and my heart I remember CRYING MY EYES OUT at the end I could NOT stop thinking about it And to this day I often re read my favourite parts if I m feeling down or need a happy cry Daughter of the Forest introduces us to the couple whose future offspring feature in subsequent novels In this one, the grandchildren of the original couple feature heavily Fainne is the offspring of the Sevenwaters clan, and also granddaughter of an evil sorceress Oognah, who put the spell on the family in the first book, which started this entire saga Fainne is manipulated by her grandmother to bring the whole family down However, she is still a daughter of Sevenwaters, will she be able to destroy what runs through her blood I just adore Marilliers writing If you haven t experienced it, I highly suggest you give this series a go It is absolutely captivating Somehow she keeps this series fresh and exciting, and you absolutely fall in love with all the characters.She also did something wonderful and clever when she made the books about the offspring from the last You are already emotionally invested in the characters and then their appearances in subsequent novels is awesome because you can really see what the characters did and how they grew after the last book.However this one was just missing something I found Fainne to be overly annoying and I found the entire book dragged on and on The first two were not shorter, but they were magical, and I didn t mind the pace at all But Fainne was just not engaging enough to waste the extra hours.The audio version was done really well, I can t fault the beautiful voice of the narrator and the haunting accents and atmosphere that she created Would I recommend Child of the Prophecy Oh this is a tough one On its own probably not, however as the third of an amazing series it does tie up loose ends and it has some very touching moments It was unfortunate that for me, the main character lacked the likeability and the wisdom of the characters of the first two.Will it stop me from reading the next one Hell no But I may give it another few years I purchased Child of the Prophecy at my own expense at audible.comFor reviews check out my Blogmy link textFacebookInstagram

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    Reading this book made me realize how perfect the protagonists of the previous Sevenwaters books were Sorcha and Liadan were model women in their community and among their peers They were sure of their identities and the decisions they made They had the uncanny ability to see beyond the actions of their decisions and fully realize the consequences even before they were faced with the choices They were strong women who were able to grab fate in a chokehold, stare it down, and proceed to calmly walk down the path of their own destiny In light of this, it must really suck to be unsure of one s own motives and to be conflicted with the concept of identity In other words, to be a normal person.Fainne is a different sort of woman from Sorcha and Liadan Raised in solitude by her distant father, haunted by the death of her mother, and manipulated by her evil sorceress grandmother, no wonder Fainne is so unsure of herself When she is sent to Sevenwaters, we constantly witness her struggle to balance her desire to become a member of a family and to carry out her grandmother s ill will against Sevenwaters The comparison between Fainne and characters like Liadan, Sean, and the near mythical Johnny is stark Eventually, Fainne is able to carve out her own path and become a strong woman in her own right, but not without overcoming many difficulties I have very mixed feelings about this book On one hand, like all of Juliet Marillier s works, this story has a sort of magic that whisks you away from reality and settles you comfortably in the refuge of Sevenwaters But on the other hand, I found the perspective of Fainne to be uncomfortable She s a very mislead individual, but there were some things that she did that I strongly disliked view spoiler What stands out most is when she seduced Eamonn by playing upon his desire for her, and his desire for vengeance This act really disgusted me It made me lose a lot of respect for not only Eamonn but also Fainne, which is a bit unfair I admit, considering how manipulated she was by a grandmother who did exactly the same thing But while Oonagh was driven by vengeance and had a clear goal in mind, that Fainne is capable of such a thing when all of her instincts tell her NO really made me question her character and morality I also questioned her slow realization that the amulet was not a good thing It seemed so obvious from the start that the amulet was something that manipulated Maybe it s because I m a naturally suspicious person so I tend to question people , but I couldn t see why Fainne vacillated so often between semi trusting a grandmother who wouldn t hesitate to kill her own son Fainne doesn t even start to question her grandmother s motives until the book is over halfway done hide spoiler

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    Este terceiro livro da Trilogia de Sevenwaters devia ter sido o coroar de gl ria da hist ria, contudo, na minha opini o ficou aqu m dos anteriores Nem as personagens tiveram o carisma a que est vamos habituados, nem o final foi o que esperava Impunha se o fechar do c rculo a resolu o de todas as quest es pendentes nos dois ltimos verdade que se resolveu a quest o das ilhas e eliminou se de vez a amea a de Lady Oonagh, no entanto, achei a bruxa pouco convincente os di logos com Fainne muito pobres, os pr prios feiti os muito d j vu Ou ent o, j li demasiados livros e vi demasiadas s ries do g nero e as bruxas andam a pecar por repeti o de talentos Tamb m n o gostei do final dado hero na desta hist ria a solu o final assemelhou se mais um castigo que a uma honraria, mas, l est , neste g nero de hist rias h sempre um infeliz que dedica a vida a uma causa renunciando ao mundo e aos seus Nem o remate final, laia de amor e uma cabana me deixou mais satisfeita Embora tivesse come ado mal provou que merecia mais e melhor.Apesar disso e fazendo um balan o da trilogia, acho que foi das melhores que li Sempre numa linguagem acess vel e fluida, chegando a atingir um ritmo verdadeiramente fren tico, a autora criou hist rias envolventes, que nos fazem esquecer da vidinha e mergulhar num mundo de magia, de as com tanto de imposs veis como de indestrut veis, personagens fortes que defendem as suas causas sem renunciar aos seus valores No fundo, tudo o que se procura num bom livro de fantasia e entretenimento.

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    This conclusion of the Sevenwaters trilogy is a bit different from the other two It s still narrated by a young woman, Fainne, who is a member of the family of Sevenwaters However, it s a bit different in that Fainne s rather scandalous parentage scandalous even by today s standards , her rather withdrawn personality, and her very powerful magical talents make her an outsider and an object of mistrust to many of the characters we know and trust from the first two novels This sets up a suitably tense atmosphere throughout the novel.Fainne is different in another way as well The first two books starred two young women made of very much the same stuff, and were easy to like Fainne didn t grow up with a lot of people, and she spent an earnest childhood devoted to the study of sorcery Fainne is far from an unsympathetic character, but she tends to do and say things with a heightened sense of fallibility She is quick to trust information from what the readers know are dubious sources, and takes actions that she bitterly regrets This is what makes her interesting when she finally realizes that she must fight back against the evil that has surrounded her her entire life the reader has to spend a long time waiting for her to take a stand, so the payoff is ultimately satisfying.Like the other books, this one does have a fair bit of romance to it Fainne and Darragh s relationship isn t the focal point of this book as much as the relationships were central to the other two, but it s a strong contribution to Fainne s story, and helps her story have at least somewhat of a happy ending This book starred a new type of character, but the theme of strong women making big, world shaking decisions shines through, and remains true to the rest of the trilogy Well done.

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Child of the Prophecy download Child of the Prophecy , read online Child of the Prophecy , kindle ebook Child of the Prophecy , Child of the Prophecy 8559f3401571 Child Of The Prophecy Is The Thrilling Conclusion To Juliet Marillier S Award Winning Sevenwaters TrilogyMagic Is Fading And The Ways Of Man Are Driving The Old Ones To The West, Beyond The Ken Of Humankind The Ancient Groves Are Being Destroyed, And If Nothing Is Done, Ireland Will Lose Its Essential Mystic CoreThe Prophecies Of Long Ago Have Foretold A Way To Prevent This Horror, And It Is The Sevenwaters Clan That The Spirits Of Eire Look To For Salvation They Are A Family Bound Into The Lifeblood Of The Land, And Their Promise To Preserve The Magic Has Been The Cause Of Great Joy To Them As Well As Great SorrowIt Is Up To Fianne, Daughter Of Niamh, The Lost Sister Of Sevenwaters, To Solve The Riddles Of Power A Shy Child Of A Reclusive Sorcerer, She Finds That Her Way Is Hard She Is The Granddaughter Of The Wicked Sorceress Oonagh, Who Has Emerged From The Shadows And Seeks To Destroy All That Sevenwaters Has Striven For Oonagh Will Use Fianne Most Cruelly To Accomplish Her Ends, And Stops At Nothing To See Her Will DoneWill Fianne Be Strong Enough To Battle This Evil And Save Those She Has Come To Love