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Dead Sea summary Dead Sea, series Dead Sea, book Dead Sea, pdf Dead Sea, Dead Sea 2a8a8685ae The Streets Of The City Are No Longer Safe They Are Filled With Zombies The Living Dead, Rotting Predators Driven Only By A Need To Kill And Eat For Lamar Reed And A Handful Of Others, Their Safe Haven Is An Old Ship Out At Sea But It Will Soon Become A Deathtrap, And They Ll Learn That Isolation Can Also Mean No Escape

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    Posted at Shelf Inflicted Brian Keene s Dead Sea is a little different from his earlier zombie stories In The Rising and City of the Dead, the zombies carried rifles, were intelligent, and drove cars In Dead Sea, they are the traditional shambling, empty eyed, mindless variety The end of the world began in New York City, when people were attacked by swarms of undead rats The infected died and came back to life Once the infection known as Hamelin s Revenge spread to the city of Balti, Lamar Reed, Mitch and two orphaned children flee the city and escape on a ship with a handful of survivors Though the gore factor is high, Dead Sea is not a story about hungry, mindless zombies The story is told by Lamar Reed, a gay black man who grew up in a bad section of town, yet resisted a life of drugs and crime and was gainfully employed at a car parts manufacturer Once he got laid off from his job, he had to resort to desperate measures in order to pay his bills When Hamelin s Revenge strikes, this becomes the least of his worries Lamar is now faced with the task of survival amidst the slaughter of Balti s population and with the responsibility of caring for two children Like Keene s earlier zombie novels, the author puts his characters through myriad horrors During his struggle to survive and ensure the safety of the children in his care, Lamar changes, grows, and becomes a better person Keene, a white hetero male, portrays Lamar s character with respect and sensitivity and without resorting to stereotypes Unfortunately, Lamar lives in a world where there is little hope for the human race Dead Sea was gripping, suspenseful, gory, bleak, and impossible to put down Despite the characters strength and will to survive, there is a sense of hopelessness that pervades the novel A must read for zombie fans

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    I wanted to finish this book in one sitting, but work got in the way.At this point in history this is one of the best zombie books that I have read Possible spoiler.Mr Keene thank you for giving us a non traditional main character who survives to the end So if zombies or walkers are your thing give this book a go.

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    wow Completely blown away by this incredible zombie novel Basically me at the end of this book.After reading this, i ve come to the very logical conclusion that in the event of a zombie apolcalypse i probably would not surviveDon t want to write too much and give the plot away but rest assured that if you re looking for something different in the zombie genre, this book ticks the box It s heartbreaking, bleak and everything a good zombie book should have.Absolutely Loved it

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    This was such a delightful book to breeze through, well delightful if you like icky zombies laced into an apocalyptic theme with no signs of victory Fast paced and exciting, the novel was a fun break from anything else on my mind, I liked the characters and feared for their safety as the author took charge in making them run for their lives I haven t read Keene s previous zombie books but I didn t feel that it took away from this story, on the contrary it makes me want to revisit his older books for of this gruesome but oh so entertaining theme I was never a hardcore zombie fan, but slowly they are growing on me and now I enjoy them than ever The I get to read about them the fearful I grow for any well fleshed out character in their path and with no safety in sight it makes for a spine tingling theme for horror novels.With no hope of escape what s the point of running That is the dilemma this book faces The main hero, Lamar Reed, is simply trying to stay low and keep quiet as his beautiful city of Balti has succumbed to the zombie plague Carried through and spread to animals, it s deadly than ever and his apartment is no longer safe with the fires raging through the city He decides to make a run for it and abandons the last of what has been his home making his way through he ravaged city and trying to escape hordes of never stopping zombies They are gross and nasty Keene does a fantastic job in describing all their missing organs and what grows and feeds on them, making it very realistic Pretty soon his only option is the sea, and along with few survivors he boards a boat, hoping that they can sail to safety What starts as a secluded spot of freedom pretty soon turns into a trap with no way out and the sea is teeming with zombies, what kind, oh you have to read to believe it Through out the novel the characters discuss the point of escaping, debating how much easier would be to just give up, yet their future is simply too horrific even for cowards who no longer have the will to run, it seems that the second someone wants to live they get bitten and their life if over in a flash and this novel had non stop snacking, yumI loved the ending, despite reading reviews saying that it s left in the open, that it doesn t have an endingI liked it, it was perfect and left you with hope and a sadness and it gave me nightmares that night after reading and I adored it Lamar was a really great character and the author did a splendid job of bringing him to life, he was a really strong anchor of the novel and he helped it sail into glory in my mind Overall very well done and can t wait for

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    Brian Keene s Dead Sea might sound like The Rising at first glance Same author, same genre, same sub genre But that s where the similarities end While I loved both books, I love them in very different ways Dead Sea is in some ways a innocent book than The Rising the presence of the children and the nature of their relationship to the narrator of Dead Sea endows the book with a sweetness that surprised me However, the bleakness of the book is pronounced than it was in The Rising There were times I felt hopeless in Dead Sea, and it s a rare book that can make me feel that way This isn t to say Dead Sea is unentertaining because it is a very quick read with some excellent action sequences It s also scary Lastly, though I loved both this one and The Rising, I m glad Brian Keene chose to sequelize The Rising and to leave this one alone The former necessitated a sequel which I ll read this fall the latter ended exactly as it should have.

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    As a huge horror fan of both films and novels, you may be surprised to find I m not a big zombie addict While most of my fellow horror hounds go that route, there has never been much to appeal to me about when it comes to rotting corpses stumbling around looking for brains That being said, Keene has made quite a name for himself in the literary world as one of the best writers of the zombie sub genre out there Deciding to ignore the ending of his last and take it to a new direction, Dead Sea is a captivating experience not suitable for the faint of heart.From page one it s clear this is a different type of story, as action orientated as a book can get In every chapter there is a crisis that explodes, nothing being held back tension, fear, violence, and blood If you re a horror fan this sort of thing will likely be up your alley, as it s far from cheesy and is clearly an intelligent work There were about a dozen times I thought to myself, how the hell could Keene possibly write the character out of that It s hopeless Amazingly things turned around every time, not with stupid cop outs either, but with pure brilliance.I don t mean to gush on and on, but when a book keeps making me gasp and tell my boyfriend in detail on how wonderful it is, when it keeps me up half the night and makes me late for work the next day, it s a keeper I especially loved once they reached the boat and the inevitable slowly happened I genuinely felt for most of the later munched on characters, as their personalities had ample time to evolve.The main hero, Lamar, is not your typical lead he s a black, gay man in the ghetto trying to do right by the world Much of the story involves him taking care of two kids he finds along the way of the zombie massacre, feeling like a failure in his own heart, yet unable to back away from responsibility once it s found The little boy Malik, especially, was adorably sweet with his tough guy spirit Each character works ideally, which made it all the tragic if something happened to them.For the zombies themselves whoa Interestingly Keene decided to have the virus jump species First humans, and then slowly others like dogs, cats, etc Genuinely eerie to have a zombie dog after your tail I won t go into detail about which species were affected and which weren t as what happens with them later or doesn t is something you ll be wondering for chapters if you ever read this book , but it s fascinating how he adds to and changes the legend around.Novels that deal with the end of the world have one thing that s easy for them, and that is that it s clear for the reader what the huge obstacle is Survival is for the fittest, or in some cases the lucky It was nice to note that Keene made the reader question whether survivors were really lucky at all when they had to sit and reflect on what they were surrounded by, who they lost, and what they could potentially become Just reading one paragraph from this review should tell you I highly recommend this fierce story, but be sure to start reading it early so you can get some sleep

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    If you are looking for a great survival zombie novel, look no further This is a very dark run for your life and keep moving type of story The story is told in the first person narrative by a very likeable character.The protagonist is Lamar Reed, an African American gay man who spent all his life fighting stereotypes mostly succeeding Even though he grew up in the worst part of the city he fought against becoming a criminal He finished school He lost his job a couple of months before the events in the book and was becoming desperate Soon enough none of his problems with bills and mortgage would matter It started in New York The rats came out of the sewer and attacked people Only, these were not ordinary rats They were already dead The dread factor gets higher when it becomes clear that rats are not the only animals who get affected This idea is spread throughout the novel, and every now and then the author would introduce something new and horrible Soon the disease gets a name, Hamelin s Revenge, and reaches Balti Lamar is forced to run As is always the case with these stories, he finds friends and enemies along the way As one of the other characters says, Lamar is on the quest With two kids and a gun enthusiast, he ends up on a boat.There is a part where the story almost stops so we can get a lecture on archetypes Even if it is presented through a dialogue, it had a lecturing tone Fortunately, it picks up after a few pages The novel is very gory I can read it in supernatural horror though In Dead Sea it works perfectly The zombies are not fast or smart they are literally rotting moving corpses There are just so many of them One would think that Brian Keene would run out of the ideas how to present one without repetitions He doesn t.There is nothing new in this book that you haven t seen or read before Resident Evil comes in mind , but it is still a well told great zombie story And that ending Perfect for this book.

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    Brian Keene breathed new life into the zombie genre with The Rising and City of the Dead with an excellent slant on zombie lore.Dead Sea is apart from that world Here we have the standard zombie we all know and love slow, stupid, disgusting, and ravenous There are also a few non standards up his sleeve, but I ll leave that up to discovery.As always, Keene s pace is relentless, the story moves along like gangbusters It s not my favorite of his Ghoul takes that one, I think , but it s still very much worth reading if you re not sick of zombies by now.A good, quick vacation read 3.5 stars.

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    A fucking zombie whale Why do I read this crap

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    4.5 StarsThis is a tried and true straight up zombie horror novel There is nothing really new, no unusual twists on the theme, and definitely no fantastical type ending It is however very well written Fast paced and filled with horror, action, and a bit of the human spirit too I really enjoyed Keene s writing and felt that he created a top notch zombie book.Our protagonist Lamar, is a likable gay, African American, that has worked his whole life attempting to never give in to awful stereotypes He looks down on himself and has a difficult time accepting the fact that others around him see him as a hero He takes on a parental figure role with the children that save him He is a leader on the boat, and his friends look to him for his guidance and his answers.A great theme through out this book about survival, is said by Lamar repeatedly Listen you never know what you ll do until you find yourself in an impossible situation, so don t ever say never Survival instinct is a real motherfu r, and when your back is against the wall, everything changes Everything I know It did for me It all changed for me As with all great zombie books, I am always looking for the interesting additional undead characters This book is chalked full of them From undead versions of Tom and Jerry, to angry cattle and horses, throw in some lurching lions, and plenty of undead air flying dolphins, and you have a lot of ghoulies to root forfun fun.The plot, story, and conclusion are quite obvious, but the ride to get there is totally worth it A guilty pleasure of mine, I love the undead, the apocalypse, and the struggle to stay alive I will end my review by giving you one quote from our hero Lamar and say that this book would be loved by post apoc aficionado s Back in the day, there was a rap song I used to like The lyrics said, Evolve or Die That line has taken on a new meaning for me In order to survive, a species has to evolve We did it when we came out of the ocean, and we did it again when we came down from the trees Survival instinct is a motherfu r But evolution is even worse.

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