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Of High Treason (The Doyle Hawthorne Series, #2) pdf Of High Treason (The Doyle Hawthorne Series, #2), ebook Of High Treason (The Doyle Hawthorne Series, #2), epub Of High Treason (The Doyle Hawthorne Series, #2), doc Of High Treason (The Doyle Hawthorne Series, #2), e-pub Of High Treason (The Doyle Hawthorne Series, #2), Of High Treason (The Doyle Hawthorne Series, #2) dbfde2f0c0d When Doyle Hawthorne First Discovered The Truth Behind His Royal Lineage, He Couldn T Have Imagined A Worse Fate In Fact, Rubbing Elbows With Royalty, A Government Created Race Of Super Zombies, Could Ve Been Found At The Top Of His Not To Do List Unfortunately, No One Asked For His Opinion Before His Induction Into The Royal Court Now Doyle Must Come To Terms With How His Royal Status Endangers Addy, His Pheromone Bonded Mate He Realizes He Needs Instruction In Self Control Than His Current Teacher Can Provide Forced To Seek Out William, The Long Standing Alpha Of The Colony He D Helped Free, He Begs For Assistance This Is No Easy Task As Both William And Doyle Possess A Strong Predisposition To Lead But If Doyle Can Survive The Education, It Could Prove Invaluable Of High Treason In The Follow Up Novel To Of Royal Descent And Continues To Follow Doyle Hawthorne And Friends As They Navigate Their Way Through The Volatile Atmosphere Of Royal Subculture Intended For Audiences Due To Language And Sexual Content

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    This is the second installment in The Doyle Hawthorne series which managed to outshine the first book and set up an even better plot for the third novel This book follows Doyle Hawthorne, a royal zombie who is experiencing trouble with self control which eventually prompts him to leave the clinic in search of Willian and the colony to master self control The opening is a bit slow but it really picks up towards the middle, with plenty of perfectly executed plot twists and turns.I really began to like Addy in this book as I loved the fact she stands up for herself and is disgusted when her freedom of choice is stolen from her She becomes far assertive and independent as she copes with situations herself and adapts Also, she develops into a significant character, instead of just a love interest as she s a great asset to the team The only scene I didn t really like her in is when Chuck is transiting and Doyle is going through a hard time with coping with the sudden news but she proceeds to act like a hormonal teenager After that, I greatly enjoyed her scenes and narrative.The switch in narrative was a terrific touch as I loved the insight into the other characters and the break up between scenes I felt like the story was far better in this book as it was thrilling and nearly completely unpredictable I was slightly disappointed with the lack of Jenny in this book but the cliffhanger at the end involving her is an intriguing detail which is another reason to read the next book.This is a fantastic book which I m incredibly grateful for receiving.I can t wait to read the next one and I d 100% recommend this book, gripping and thrilling

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    Everywhere that I was able to I gave this 4 1 2 stars.Most second books in a trilogy suffer from what many call second book syndrome This is not the case with this book This book males the world that Ember Shane has created so much than we saw in the first book She has explained how the zombie hierarchy and colony function, and it well thought out and very interesting to read about The charters in this story have progressively developed Even the last few pages were giving insight into what is important to each and everyone of them There are quite a few characters in the story but I had no problem keeping track of them and could tell them apart by dialog alone because of their differences and and personalities These characters have been introduced to me so well that I feel as if I know them It is easy for me to feel angered when they are angered and happy when things are going in the right direction I don t feel that any of their actions have broke character, which is something that irritates the hell out of me when it happens in books I read This doesnt contain as much emphasis on the romance developement as i thought it would There is a love triangle between Chuck, Doyle, and me Doyle, Addy and Pheonix It isn t the kind where the character s don t know who they love or are going around getting naked with each other Doyle and Addy have a pheromone bond with each other, but Pheonix has a pheromone bond to Doyle that is one sided I really feel horrible for Pheonix Her bond to Doyle was caused by funky scientific exexperiments that were an attempt to create a double sided bond between the two I couldn t imagine craving someone as much as these zombies crave their bonded partner without a mutual craving in return Doyle is repulsed by the thought of touching anyone but Addy, but he feels completely awful for how Pheonix must feel Addy still gets under my skin, but I think it is that my personality and he s would completely clash, that and she is with one of my book boyfriends.This is written in first person style Like I said in the review of the first book, I am normally not a fan of books written that way, but this works for me The author s writing ability is great and has obviously improved since the first book, which was also great just not on the same level as this one It bounces between which character is being focused on It is not confusing because at the beginning of the chapter it is clearly labeled who you will be reading about I somehow missed this at first.There are bad guys coming after these zombies Their powers are craved by many, and some see them as a threat to human existense because of how difficult it is for them to control their nature The action scenes in this book have really improved and are detailed than in the first book.I love this trilogy and will be reading the next book in the trilogy shortly There are things that are left hanging in the air and I am anxious to see where it all goes I am extremely eager to find out what Doyle s sister Jenny is I have a good reason to believe I will be finding this bit of information in the next book I also have found out that the author is working on a spinoff series featuring Jenny, so whatever her DNA holds, it must be interesting I NEED TO KNOW NOW If I don t find out soon, even if I love the next book, I will deduct a star No I won t, but I am desperate to know NOW Recommendations I really think that fans of L.J Smith s Vampire Diaries, Jennifer Armentrout s Lux series, Victoria Scott s Dante Walker series, and other new adult young adult paranormal romance Something I think needs to considered in addition to that is that so far this trilogy isn t full of sappy romance This book is said to be for readers 18 years of age and older There is a sex scene that gets mildly graphic It s not pornographically graphic or on the same level as a bodice ripping romance, but the acts are explained There are vulgar words used in this book, but I don t think it was to the point of shocking.I won this book on Booklikes.

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    Of High Treason is the second book in The Doyle Hawthorne Series and it was another exciting continuation of Doyle s story I loved the first book Of Royal Descent And I loved Of High Treason Another 5 Stars for this author but this series deserves 5 Stars You really need to read the first book but I will try to include no spoilers in this review Of High Treason picks up where we left in the first book Doyle is still adjusting to his new life as a royal zombie but now he is happy to be with his family and close friends Their lives are still in danger and there are twists in the story that made me question who can they really trust This second book has a change in which there are now 4 point of views Doyle, Addy, Kai and Chuck Addy, Doyle s girlfriend, is a strong character She s accepted Doyle and his zombie status but she is struggling with their relationship She is smart and independent But we see and understand her frustration with Doyle He continues to make choices for them without her input Rather than sit back and cry she takes matters in her own hands She makes a bold move that I would be hesitant to do, but it made a great twist in the story Kai is Addy s best friend and is still the smart ass which I love We do see her vulnerable side and it is heart breaking But we realize she is a survivor and I can t wait to find out what she does in the next book Chuck is Doyle s best friend and is still the hilarious side kick We see a darker side of him but he still is such a smart ass he had me laughing and angry at the same time.I am so happy that the author decided to write the different POVs I loved this group of friends in the first book so it is nice to form a connection with each one The change between POV s is well done and it flowed well with the story Doyle is the main character but the amount of time spent in the different POVs is perfect that it doesn t cause an interruption with the pace of the story.The Doyle Hawthorne Series has romance, action and comedy I am still amazed that this is the author s first series Ember Shane is a talented writer and she created a unique story With this book she increased the heat between the characters with some steamy scenes, and wow they were hot The action scenes were exciting and have the right amount of details so I can imagine everything as if I was watching a movie This book is about zombies so there are some violent scenes They are graphic but not grotesque, enough to show the strength these creatures have.I think this is an amazing series that all paranormal fans would love I also think this is perfect for readers who are new to paranormal or looking for something different to read This is a fresh idea so there are no clich s that would turn you off for example how you may feel towards another vampire story This is a new species of zombies and the author did a great job of developing her new world without feeling overwhelmed with too much detail I can t wait to read from Ember Shane and highly recommend this book to everyone

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    2.5 stars.This book reminded me of why I barely read trilogies and sagas any Because a 90% of the time second books suck and not much happens So basically there are two main problems here 1 I still hate Addy, the love interest.2 Nothing happens Not really At the end of the book the plot hasn t move an inch, I swear The only thing that happened was that we finally find out what Chuck becomes and nothing else.Doyle still has trouble controlling himself around Addy and Addy I truly do not understand her One minute she gets angry at Doyle because he doesn t let her become a royal like him and dumps him The next minute she has a ridiculous horrible plan to save Doyle that could potencially kill him and everyone, but never mind, they ll be together in the end She also is extremely jealous, even when they have a pheromone bond, and once actually got into a fight because a girl flirted with Doyle I mean, really are you like, five I thought you were mature The best part was when Doyle s grandpa, William, who not only teaches him how to be a royal but also tells him that he doesn t really love Addy, he just wants her That true love is selfless.I almost clapped, I mean, finally someone was calling bullshit on that relationship And the even better part Doyle doubted of his feelings for a minute or two Sadly they are still together at the end of the book, but for a moment I could pretend that they were going to split forever sigh It s well written, as usual, but I think it would have worked better as a standalone or duology.

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    Of High Treason First of, thanks so much Ember Shane for sending this book my way The first book was one of my favorite books in the month that I read it So of course I was nervous picking up the second book, cause you never know how things will turn out and you just hope that you will like it as much It s just really rare that you will like it even than the first book That s just my experience But I LOVED the second book Apart from the fact that I still don t know what Jenny is That was the thing I wanted to know the most after finishing the first book but I have high hopes for the third book Once again I really loved the relationships in this book Doyle and Chuck, that friendship is just one of my favorite things I also really loved that we got moments between Doyle and William and Dylan, especially Doyle and William and how things changed between them And I m just a total sucker for Chuck and Kai, which was really heartbreaking this time around I really liked how things developed in the book and moved forward There were like two twists that I didn t see coming at all And with the end of the book, things seem to be getting really intense and interesting Just overall this series seems to be getting better and better.And people should really start reading, cause it s just really great and wonderfully written.

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    I love Ember Shane and her fabulous take on zombie culture I love the style of writing and how she can so flawlessly paint a picture with her words This book, if possible, was even better than the first We are still following Doyle and his adventures since learning of his heritage We also get to see a bit about how Addy, Chuck and Kai are dealing with this whole world in this volume My mind was BLOWN when I got to the big reveal toward the end of the book And I had moments in the telling of this story that brought literal tears to my eyes I absolutely can not wait for the next book in this series 2015 Ember You re killing me This is a definite must read for anyone who likes fast paced, grip you from page one type paranormal books As well as anyone who loves zombie stories.

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    Of High Treason by Ember Shane continues with Doyle s story He is a member to the zombie royalty My heart broke for Doyle when he has to decide what course of action to take in order to keep Addy safe Chuck struggles to make it through the second shade and Kai makes a tough decision also In all of this emotional turmoil, a betrayal is uncovered and lives are at stake.I read this book in one setting because I could not put it down Ember had me tied up in knots wondering what was going to happen next I am not normally a fan of zombie books, but I am so hooked on this series I cannot wait for the next installment to come out I give this book a 5 star rating because it was just awesome There are no other words that I could use to describe this story I can only assume with the way this series keeps getting better that the next one is going to be another page turner.

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    I received this book by the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you to Ember Shane Ohh my ohh my I really miss this series so much That I can t believe that it took me so much time to pick this book up to read I just love this world and the sexy zombies that Ember Shane writes And when she said it was a little bit raunchier than the first book She was not kidding but that doesn t really bother me because I absolutely love books like that Of High Treason starts off exactly were the first book left off And I was super surprised that I remember everything in the first book after I read a few pages in this book I really love the characters in this world especially the bromance between Doyle and his best friend Chuck These two guys are a hoot togather and I absolutely love the banter they have with each other Which we see a lot in this awesome book Now there is a few characters that get on my nerves and annoyed me so much like Addy and Kai I know both of these girls has major issues in there life s and have a lot of insecurity on themselves But still they can t listen too reason and don t have some common sense to act they way these girls were acting Especially Addy I just wish I could reach my hands in the book and shake her senseless until she comes to her common sense Thank god at the middle of the book Kai come to her senses and realized the truth about her situation I still say that Addy still needs to come to her senses some what But I started to really like her around the end of the book OMGosh right in the middle of this book starts getting really really good that I don t want too go into to much details about it without spoiling it for anybody But let s just say that Doyle gets real close to his father, grandfather and the pack of Royals When he needed some major help to control his shading But something really big happens when he is staying with the pack of Royals that effects them until the very end of this book Which of course leaves off on a big cliffhanger that I just want to get the next book like right now I really loved and enjoy Of High Treason that I can t wait to read the third book when it comes out which I hope soon Until Next Time My Friends.

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    Phenomenal, heart racing,action thriller, excitable read.Zombie royalty, normal and productive member of society Fighting the instinct to shade to royalty Savory taste of raw flesh Graceful, acrobatic flair leaps and bound Faster than Coyotes, Zombie Feeding Habits 101 Who shades back to Human Does drinking alcohol affects a royal senses Homicidal powers now comes a butt load of responsibility The word kill cause vivid images of a recent meal Doyle Sean Hawthorne tsk tsktsk, awesome zombie Squabble with a love one, no kidding Addy said, I never said you couldn t touch me What I said was I don t want you touching me while you think about your ex girlfriend.Geez, woman there s a reason a SAFE word he uses is his ex girlfriend name, one to remember and second, not to shade turn all zombie like Addy continues, I d rather have your blue alter ego than have you Flesh Colored and thinking of her I really enjoyed the zombies thought process through the story The author chose words so intricately to convey every emotions a zombie function on Some adult theme, Zombie do what Ha ha ha .Quite the imagination Colony has rules, four in all however will he abide by them Reflexes too fast, play nice are you ready to play nice Would you rather be in captivity, abstinence, and starvation Drugs and viruses,yes I will stop and leave you hanging Get the book and see what happens to Doyle and the others, you will not be disappointed Thank you

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    3 3.5 STARS A refreshing,entertaining, tension filled read.I really liked it the story is told in Various Point of views, there were many surprises I haven t seen coming, it s definitely leaves you on edge and waiting for what is to come, and without certainly knowing who is the the real friend or the traitor on. but there were part in the story that dimmed my inticipation and exitement for this book that s why it took me too long to finish this book but overall I enjoyed it I really want to know what s going to happed next, I don t do well with CllifhangersI ll diffinitly pick the next book in the serie, when it s out

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