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    A thrilling work of science fiction on an epic scale With a cast of thousands, a storyline that continues down through generations, and a seemingly never ending tapestry of plot twists, this book is sure to delight any reader One has to admit that the idea of a hero written as a cosmic Jewish zombie telepath seems a bit hokey at first, but somehow the authors pull it off with only a few insults to the reader s intelligence This is definitely NOT a book for children however The many adult themes include bestiality, incest, BSDM lifestyles, pervasive violence against women, xenophobia, genocide, pervasive profanity, and human wagers made between deities and supreme evil beings.This book could have earned a five had it been less verbose and better edited for clarity of storyline.

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    An absurdly confusing generation spanning saga.Apart from being generally long winded, there are too many inconsistencies in the plot to ignore The pointless digressions and Tolstoyesque cast of thousands makes it very difficult to follow, let alone identify with any of the protagonists.The ending makes no sense whatsoever.

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    WARNING This a work of fiction Do NOT TAKE it literally CONTENT ADVISORY Contains verses descriptive or advocating suicide, incest, bestiality, sadomasochism, sexual activity in a violent context, murder, morbid violence, use of drugs or alcohol, homosexuality, voyeurism, revenge, undermining of authority figures, lawlessness and human rights violations and atrocities EXPOSURE WARNING Exposure to contents for extended periods of time or during formative years in children may cause delusions, hallucinations, decrease cognitive and objective reasoning abilities, and in extreme cases, pathological disorders, hatred, bigotry, violence including but not limited to fanaticism, murder and genocide endanger your mental health and life.

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    Out of all the minutes in a day, how many do you devote to God NOTE TO FRIENDS I UPDATE THIS ROUTINELY FOR MY PERSONAL RECORDKEEPING, NOT TO APPEAR AS HOLIER THAN THOU 6 10 17 I just finished the book of Matthew, and now I m going to start it right over again since it contains so much, particularly the life and words of my Savior It s funny when re reading passages that I have read numerous times, how I find new information that I overlooked in the past With this reading of Matthew I noted especially 1 James and John the sons of Zebedee did not ask to sit at Jesus right and left hand in heaven, their MOTHER asked that for them 2 At Jesus resurrection, when the temple veil was torn and graves opened, many of the dead saints were raised, went into Jerusalem, and appeared to many 3 It wasn t Roman soldiers as is so often pictured who guarded Jesus tomb after His crucifixion it was Jewish temple guards I have read the Living Bible version through twice and for quite a while I have been re reading the New King James, one book at a time The version I am using now is Max Lucado s Inspirational Study Bible, with notations and readings for each book This will be a permanent book on my current reading list I try to read at least one chapter per day, in addition to the daily lesson from my Sunday School book Started early in the year, perhaps in January, 2015 I think this is my fourth reading of the Bible all the way through, not third.So far as of 6 16 19, have read Genesis 2 times , Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua so exciting and fact filled that I read it a second time , Judges, Ruth 2 times , I Samuel, II Samuel, I Kings 2 times , I Chronicles whew , II Chronicles, Ezra, Habakkuk, Isaiah 2 times , Jeremiah, Esther 2 times , Psalms 2 9 17 I finally finished reading all 150 of them , Proverbs, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel 2 times , Hosea, Joel 2 times , Amos, Obadiah, Jonah 3 times , Micah, Job, Nahum 2 times , I John 6 28 15 Our pastor challenged the congregation to read Luke through Revelation by July 31, about 6 1 2 chapters a day Matthew 2 times , Mark, Luke, John 2 times , Acts 2 times , Romans, I Corinthians, II Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians 5 times , Colossians 5 times , I Thessalonians 3 times , II Thessalonians 3 times , I Timothy 2 times , II Timothy 2 times , Titus, Philemon, Hebrews, James 2 times , I Peter 2 times , II Peter, I John, II John, III John, Jude, Revelation Finally finished It took me just over two months instead of one to complete the New Testament I had to take my time STUDYING Revelation, rather than just reading it I and II Thessalonians for a Bible study class, for which we were also required to WRITE OUT both books in their entirety , James, I Peter, II Peter, I John, II John, III John.6 30 16 Just finished a study of the book of Daniel For anyone interested in Bible prophecy, there is a short, FREE correspondence course on the books of Daniel and Revelation, offered by Voice of Prophecy, 4301 Waterleaf Court, Greensboro, NC 27410 I ordered mine from Discover Bible School, P.O Box 440, Tellico Plains, TN 37385 The lessons are short pamphlets with simple T F answer sheets that can be returned in the self addressed and stamped envelopes provided and then the next two lessons will be mailed to you The study is non denominational, absolutely biblical, and they haven t asked me for one cent nor for anything in return Lessons are well written and very interesting, providing much light on difficult biblical passages and historical facts I give them five stars

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    I started reading the Bible as soon as i could read, which was before kindergarten My mother started me reading a few verses a day, then a chapter, and the times i went through it the i wanted to read it I ve lost count of how many times i ve read it cover to coverit s the living Word of God, relevant to today in a way that many people don t realize because they don t study it instead, they pick through what they like and don t like Don t do thatread it and be open to what God is saying to you, even if it feels like it s tearing your heart out The heart of God is to teach you to have a heart for Him In order to grow in a relationship with the Creator of the Universe, you need to be reading it, even if u get stuck in Leviticus P Keep going

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    This is probably still my favorite translation of the Bible it was the first one I read through, cover to cover from front to back that is Most of the mistranslations of the original KJV have been corrected while the flavor and poetry of the 1611 language are still there though sadly there are a couple of places where the Authorized King James got it right and the NKJ mistranslated This is an attempted word for word translation much like the RSV and ASV also New Revised Standard and New American Standard It suffers slightly from lack of idiom meanings but is still a very accurate translation.

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    I read this book 1 chapter a day, from Gen 1 Rev 22 I will NEVER get those 3 years back What a waste of timeIt s a shame that people worship a childish jealous, psychopathic murderer.The psychosis of Abraham is a horrible malfunction of common sense rational IT S PATHETIC What kind of man would be willing to kill his own son at the request of an invisible being Is that what is required of you from your god That s the father of Judaism, Christianity Islam They are all so proud of this man But, what would people think of somebody like that today

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    If there is only one book you read in your life, make it this one It contains the actual history of the world, not what modern scientists would have us believe Man is lost in sin and we will all answer for the sins we commit in this life However, there is hope for us God s only begotten son, Jesus Christ, came to earth 2000 years ago, lived the perfect, sinless life, and willingly let himself be crucified by those who opposed him He gave his life as a perfect sacrifice to atone for the sins of the world so that we need not suffer in eternity for the sins we commit in this life The Bible tells us how we can find this salvation, gives us God s expectations for how we should live our lives, and tells us how we can spend forever with our God and with our savior Jesus Christ in Heaven and avoid the torment and agony that awaits us in Hell if we fail to follow Him and put Him first in our lives It is better than any self help book man has written or will ever write If you disagree with me, I pray that you will read it for yourself and will change your mind It can change your life Please let it.

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    Holy crap this thing is long It s not exactly a page turner, but it does have lots of sodomy, rape, incest, people living in the sky and underground in pits of fire, burning bushes, canes that turn into snakes, and a race of giants Wait a minute, this isn t supposed to be fiction

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    As much a discipline and a study as it was a goal for me to read I was surprised at how often my Sunday school teaching version of a story was vastly different from the original, which was often quite brief Beautifully written at times and just plain boring and confusing at others I found that as many questions were raised for me as they were answered All of the violence and killing in the name of God was very disturbing, as was the general attitude towards women The basic ethical teachings though are as true today as they always were, and certainly the world would be a better place for everyone one if people fully embraced them.

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