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Convoy of Carnage (Zombie Road #1) txt Convoy of Carnage (Zombie Road #1) , text ebook Convoy of Carnage (Zombie Road #1) , adobe reader Convoy of Carnage (Zombie Road #1) , chapter 2 Convoy of Carnage (Zombie Road #1) , Convoy of Carnage (Zombie Road #1) 9de826 The First Book In A Thrilling New Series The People That Tried To Kill The World Were Fiendishly Clever After Decades Of Planning, The Contagion Was Unleashed And Overnight Hundreds Of Millions Died And Came Back As Rampaging, Undead Monsters The Living That Had Been Lucky Enough To Survive The First Day Of Carnage, Lucky Enough To Be In The Right Place And Lucky Enough That Some Of Them Had The Skills They Needed, Soon Found Out There Was Much To Worry About Than Just Zombies In The High Desert On The Outskirts Of Reno, There Is An Old Truck Stop Frequented By A Mix Of Hard Caliber Truckers, Day Tourists, Musicians And Travelers They Have Survived The Chaotic First Hours Of Contact With The Undead And Now Must Make Their Way Across The Country To A Location They Believe Is Safe Zombies Are Only The Beginning Of Their Troubles As They Try To Cover The Thousands Of Miles Of Open Road With Their Hastily Ard Wheelers Gunny, A Long Haul Trucker Doing One Of The Few Jobs Available To Him As A Disgraced Soldier, Is Unwillingly Saddled With The Job Of Getting These Survivors To The Safe Zone With A Motley Crew Of Truck Drivers, College Kids, Veterans, A Drug Dealer And A Rock Star, They Are Racing The Clock To Make It Before Time Runs Out The Last Text He Had Received From His Wife Before The Cell Towers Went Down Told Him She Was Trapped In A High Rise In Downtown Atlanta And Their Son Was In Detention, Stranded In The Basement Of The School He Attended Gunny Just Wanted To Drop The Hammer, Steal Some Guns And Blast His Way In To Rescue Them But Duty Called He Had To Get These People To Safety First, Then He Could Recruit The Best Of This Crew To Help Him Save His Family If They Survived The Journey

About the Author: David A. Simpson

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Convoy of Carnage (Zombie Road #1) book, this is one of the most wanted David A. Simpson author readers around the world.

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    Wow What a story I don t know where this David Simpson has been hiding, I guess in a truck stop or something but he did such a bang up job on this book I had to check twice to make sure I had read it correctly that this was his first book Dang His first book at it was freakin phenomenal I had heard about it when it had won the book of the month in the book club I belong to I read the blurb and thought I would give it a shot not knowing what to expect because I didn t know this author and was pleasantly surprised when I started to read it I love discovering new zombie stories and new authors and this was like finding a diamond in the rough The Hope Diamond of diamonds It is that good From start to finish, the action keeps on rolling see what I did there rolling and never stops I loved the characters which were well described and so likeable and relatable This is a must add to anyone s read list that loves zombies or just loves a well written story that will keep you entertained for hours All I can say is you won t be disappointed

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    When you feel like blowing your mobile operator to smithereens and your significant other pressed that toothpaste in the middle again, nothing like good zombie apocalypse to keep you in check Goodread, easy to follow, guilty appocalyptic pleasure.

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    Great book.This was a great read which made the hours fly past with an interesting plot, good characters, and plenty of zombie guts Just how I like it

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    Ever since television shows like The Walking Dead brought zombies into the mainstream, the undead have been a mainstay in fiction Granted, they were around well before then, but never has there been such a saturation of zombies, and zombie themed works cropping up all over the place Some trends seem to ebb and flow, or die away, but it is testament to the popularity of zombies as a subject, that explorations into undead realms just keep on keeping on.Naturally, with so many zombie related books being churned out in mass proliferation, there are true gems, there are terrible ones, and there are those which, while well written tread the same well worn path and present nothing new Then, there are those which manage to find a truly unique way to present the subject.David A Simpson s Zombie Road Convoy of Carnage is one of those that slots nicely into that final category.When there are so many spins out there on the good old zombie formula, that it is increasingly harder to maintain a fresh approach or conjure up something new, Simpson has done remarkably well with this balls to the wall, fast paced, action packed foray into the undead Zombie Road revolves around a collective of assorted miscreants including random truck drivers, college students and several other survivors of a zombie outbreak, where a virus has been released and infected a vast amount of the population at the same time These souls, frequenting the Three Flags Truck Stop out in the desert areas of Reno, aren t at first even aware that the zombie apocalypse has descended upon the world, but soon enough they make that horrifying discovery Now it s up to long haul trucker, Gunny, to ferry this bunch of intriguing characters to sanctuary, before he can concentrate on his own mission to rescue his own family.Simpson s prose is fast and furious, well written, with solidly developed and well realised characters, and a main man who isn t just a cardboard cut out clich of many of those so called heroes who populate zombie apocalypse fiction The pacing is exemplary, there are some brilliant moments of dialogue and character interplay, and the extreme zombie despatching when it kicks off, is done so with gleeful splatter in abundance, and violence notched up to incredible levels Do yourself a favour and check this one out, whether you re a zombie aficionado or otherwise There s a whole lot to Zombie Road Convoy of Carnage than just another undead apocalypse tale.

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    This is the first book I ve read by David Simpson and it most definitely won t be the last What a fast paced, action packed roller coaster ride of death, blood, terror and hordes of the dead.There are three separate groups fighting for survival in this book There are vets, now long haul truckers, tourists and travelers trapped at a truck stop A group trapped in a high rise office building and a group of students trapped in a school They all set out to escape the hordes to find safety.The cause of the outbreak is unique and terrifying This is not your usual zombie book as the plot and the reason for this horrific eradication of the world s population will throw you for a loop Thumbs up to David Simpson and I m really looking forward to the next book in this awesome series.

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    Wear your MAGA hat and prejudice for this one.This is a review of the series While there are a few good jokes, the whole thing is a bunch of stereotypes, gung ho marines as they never existed, and one cliche after another Worse, by the end of the second book and clearly in the third, he portrays Clinton as the traitor who sold the zombie virus I have never read such an obvious display of prejudiced drivel He had a few interesting subplots in the first book, despite the cliche he men, but his partisan attacks keep orbiting up into drooling Lock her up territory Despite a couple of interesting subplots and jokes, this series devolves into rancid extremist right wing posturing and attacks on Clinton.

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    NEW AUTHOR WITH A GREAT FIRST BOOK What a great story, first time author David A Simpson has written The downfall of most of the world comes as a terrorist attack, but the how and why was really super to read This is one story I would recommend to others, definitely worth a 5 star rating.

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    Great Read Warning Possible Spoiler I have read countless novels from the zombie apocalypse genre, and Zombie Road Convoy of Carnage easily falls into the top ten Once I started reading, it was nearly impossible to put this book down The action scenes were plentiful and the descriptions David A Simpson gave were so detailed and vivid I felt like I was sitting right there in the passenger seat of one of their decked out Mack Trucks I loved the humor and attitude that came from a group of rough, ex military truck drivers doing what they do best kicking ass SoIf Zombie Road is so good why did I only give it 5 stars Well, you see this is where the possible spoiler comes in , every zombie apocalypse is caused by something or even likely, someone and in this case it was the Muslims I personally feel that in this day and age with all the hate against Muslims that is spreading through the United States, and even the world, this may not have been the best direction to go The Muslim religion is one of peace and love I had a hard time accepting the idea that an entire group of people were made to look bad, when only a few of them are truly evil Plus, I m pretty sure that these extremists wouldn t bother to save all the Muslims of the world only themselves.Anyway, that being said, the subject of the apocalypse s cause takes up very little space in the book The rest is about survival and helping your fellow man All in all Zombie Road was a great read and I look forward to starting book 2 as soon as I press the submit button on this review

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    This was entertaining but I have this pet peeve with zombie fiction how are thousands of the undead outside Wouldn t most be in houses, cars, or hospitals If zombies can t open doors then most of the undead should be stuck indoors meaning the healthy folks should be able to wander around outdoors without too much trouble.

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    I love this book I love the characters, and I really care about what happens to them, I didn t want the book to end I really want to read the next one NOW Recommended

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