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Les Propheties pdf Les Propheties , ebook Les Propheties , epub Les Propheties , doc Les Propheties , e-pub Les Propheties , Les Propheties ed12a57a777 Open The Door To The Next Century With The Only Unabridged, Definitive Edition Of The Authentic Prophecies Of Michael Nostradamus Since Henry C Roberts, Regarded By Many To Be Nostradamus Redivivus, Presents The Original Medieval French Text Of This Legendary Seer, Alongside The Verbatim English Translation Of Every Canto Roberts Reveals His Uncanny Ability To Relate The Mystic Visions Of Nostradamus To Actual And Future Events And Unlocks The Predictions Within Each Of The Verses To Show That Nostradamus Foretold Such World Events As The French Revolution, The American Civil War, The Abdication Of The Shah Of Iran, And The Rise And Fall Of The Eastern Bloc Centuries Before They Transpired In His New Introduction Roberts S Grandson Carries On With This Work By Revealing Nostradamus S Ability To Predict Even Recent Events Here Robert Lawrence Shows That Many Of Today S Top News Events Such As The Assassination Of Yitzhak Rabin, The Tragic Death Of Diana, Princess Of Wales, As Well As The Oklahoma City Bombing And The Downing Of TWA Flight Were All Predicted By Nostradamus Even The Revolution In Worldwide Communication Brought About By The Personal Computer And The World Wide Web Was Foretold By This Greatest Of ProphetsThe Secrets Of Nostradamus S Power To Foresee The Future Has Never Been Fully Explained, But With This Book You Will Be Able To Experience For Yourself The Scope Of That Power And, With The Aid Of Henry C Roberts S Interpretations, Confidently Open The Door And Know What Life Holds In Store For Us Into The Next Millennium

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    Let s take a page at random There are 168 pips in a set of double six dominoes, so we turn to page 168 On that page, we select quatrain 69, because 1 8 9, so that page 168 indicates 69 hermetically, and because the digits in the number 69 are symbolic of Cancer, astrologically The psychic significance of this quatrain thus established, we discover a genuine prophecy The great one shall be no in a false sleep,The restlessness shall take rest,He shall raise an army of gold and azureHe shall conquer Africa and gnaw it to the bone The great one here is a reference to guard Trey Burke, who scored thirty points to lead Michigan maize and blue over Minnesota, 73 69, in overtime, in a Big Ten men s basketball tournament quarterfinal on 9 March 2012 Nostradamus is amazingly accurate in predicting Burke s restlessness he played all 45 minutes box score Burke takes rest after the semifinal, won 77 55 by Ohio State He is described as gnawing to the bone to further clarify the allusion to the Wolverines Africa refers to Golden Gophers head coach Tubby Smith, who is African American.Henry C Roberts wrote some nonsense associating this quatrain with World War II perhaps his prophetic vision failed him serious review follows The apotheosis of mental illness, achieved at great effort by generations of scam artists and credulous fools.

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    A very interesting book to say the least This is a volume that needs to be reissued to fit modern times This translation of Nostradamus prophecies came at a time when the stated date of his armageddon was nigh More than a decade has passed, but people should still be wary The French mystic had an uncanny ability for prognostication and though he wasn t a hundred percent accurate it was still scary close That was reason enough for people in the centuries after his death to study his obscure and still active quatrains.I am not certain of my own interpretation, but it seemed that even Nostradamus predicted 9 11 and the coming of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda the rise of China and the recent global economic meltdown Read it and see what you think.

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    I had been really looking forward to reading this book for sometime and I m sad to say that I was slightly disappointed I enjoyed the introduction that Nostradamus wrote for his son and King Henry as they gave me an insight to Nostradamus as a person and to a small extent the way in which he came up with prophecies and how he himself did not consider himself a prophet What was surprising to me was the prophecies themselves as they are written in verses like a poem which I didn t expect While the prophecies themselves are not poorly written I felt that I was reading a riddle through the entire book or like reading a book without ever determining the context of it just because I wasn t able to visualize or pin point any historical events myself Nostradamus period of reference the 15th century didn t work to his advantage when writing about centuries to come as much of his references had to do with monarchy which, no longer exists and hasn t existed for some time I think if I were to have a reference novel or research paper to accompany me while I read this I would have been able to take a lot away from this book In saying that, I now have a strong desire to read some essays and books by people who have taken the time to analyze this work properly so that I pursue what I properly missed by reading this book on my own.

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    Interesting read.

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    Ramblingway too much I was very disappointed.

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