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All the Ways We Said Goodbye pdf All the Ways We Said Goodbye , ebook All the Ways We Said Goodbye , epub All the Ways We Said Goodbye , doc All the Ways We Said Goodbye , e-pub All the Ways We Said Goodbye , All the Ways We Said Goodbye f741a4922c2 The New York Times Bestselling Authors Of The Glass Ocean And The Forgotten Room Return With A Glorious Historical Adventure That Moves From The Dark Days Of Two World Wars To The Turbulent Years Of The S, In Which Three Women With Bruised Hearts Find Refuge At Paris Legendary Ritz HotelThe HeiressThe Resistance Fighter The WidowThree Women Whose Fates Are Joined By One Splendid HotelFrance, As War Breaks Out, Aurelie Becomes Trapped On The Wrong Side Of The Front With Her Father, Comte Sigismund De Courcelles When The Germans Move Into Their Family S Ancestral Estate, Using It As Their Headquarters, Aurelie Discovers She Knows The German Major S Aide De Camp, Maximilian Von Sternburg She And The Dashing Young Officer First Met During Aurelie S Debutante Days In Paris Despite Their Conflicting Loyalties, Aurelie And Max S Friendship Soon Deepens Into Love, But Betrayal Will Shatter Them Both, Driving Aurelie Back To Paris And The Ritz The Home Of Her Estranged American Heiress Mother, With Unexpected ConsequencesFrance, Raised By Her Indomitable, Free Spirited American Grandmother In The Glamorous Hotel Ritz, Marguerite Daisy Villon Remains In Paris With Her Daughter And Husband, A Nazi Collaborator, After France Falls To Hitler At First Reluctant To Put Herself And Her Family At Risk To Assist Her Grandmother S Resistance Efforts, Daisy Agrees To Act As A Courier For A Skilled English Forger Known Only As Legrand, Who Creates Identity Papers For Resistance Members And Jewish Refugees But As Daisy Is Drawn Ever Deeper Into Legrand S Underground Network, Committing Increasingly Audacious Acts Of Resistance For The Sake Of The Country And The Man She Holds Dear, She Uncovers A Devastating Secret One That Will Force Her To Commit The Ultimate Betrayal, And To Confront At Last The Shocking Circumstances Of Her Own Family HistoryFrance, For Barbara Babs Langford, Her Husband, Kit, Was The Love Of Her Life Yet Their Marriage Was Haunted By A Mysterious Woman Known Only As La Fleur On Kit S Death, American Lawyer Andrew Drew Bowdoin Appears At Her Door Hired To Find A Resistance Fighter Turned Traitor Known As La Fleur, The Investigation Has Led To Kit Langford Curious To Know About The Enigmatic La Fleur, Babs Joins Drew In His Search, A Journey Of Discovery That That Takes Them To Paris And The Ritz And To Unexpected Places Of The Heart

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    I would describe this as primarily a mystery of family lineage with the thrill of untangling the relationships of the characters in the past set over three different time periods Secondly, I describe this as a romance Each of the main characters has their own romantic relationship that is flourishing Summary In 1914, heiress Aurelie seeks to restructure her future while war breaks out In 1942, Daisy joins the resistance though her husband works for the Nazi s In 1964, shortly after her the death of her husband, Babs decides to find someone code named Le Fluer who was part of the resistance during WW2 but had an alleged relationship with her husband Historically The focus is not on the resistance, their fight, or the war The reader does see a bit of resistance occur, but it is short lived because the focus always turns back to the budding romance The story revolves around their relationships It very briefly mentions a few things that other novels have included such as Coco Chanel and the Velodrome The Jews and their suffering are not detailed The setting is historical, but historically nothing new is learned Chapter Organization Each chapter alternates between three main characters Aurelie, Daisy, and Babs This takes adjusting on part of the reader Each chapter is not short, so when a new chapter started, I often found myself having to internally remind myself which character that was and their background before beginning Rating Explained There were a lot of scenes in Babs chapters that I found hard to believe The story moved at a moderate pace until around 83% when the missing pieces of the lineage and relationship puzzle start to come together However, it was easy to predict most of these pieces This is a romantic mystery that takes place in the past Overall, I kept reading to confirm my suspicions about the mystery concerning the relationships set in the past.Thank you to NetGalley, Edelweiss, and HarperCollins for a copy Opinions are my own.

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    3.5 starsI ve been wanting to check out a book by this trio of authors for awhile now because I have enjoyed some of the solo efforts of writers Beatriz Williams and Karen White I m not sure how they broke down the writing duties for this one but I was really impressed how it felt like a cohesive story and not three different styles of writing This might not make my list of top historical fiction reads but it certainly was a good story and I definitely recommend giving this one a look if you are a fan of any or all of the authors.This story alternates between different characters and timelines which I always enjoy although I did have trouble keeping track of all the characters near the beginning Aurelie is an heiress living in France back in 1914 just as the war is breaking out The German military has taken over her family s estate and despite being on different sides, she forms a friendship with one of the soldiers Switching over to 1942, Daisy was raised by her grandmother at the Ritz in Paris Her husband is a Nazi collaborator and Daisy secretly starts helping her grandmother s Resistance efforts And finally there is Barbara, Babs Langford who is a widow after the recent death of her husband Kit The year is 1964 and Babs has traveled to Paris to meet with an American lawyer who wants her help tracking down the identity of a Resistance fighter and perhaps traitor with the mysterious nickname La Fleur How do these 3 storylines connect This isn t a book in which the main goal is have the reader super shocked at how everything ties together You do have a fairly good idea of the general direction of the story way before it is all revealed However, because the female characters are written as strong women, whether they necessarily realized it or not, you feel invested in them and want to see how everything plays out And there actually did manage to be one or two small surprises along the way which was nice.As for my criticism of the novel, I thought Aurelie got lost in the shuffle a bit in the first half of the book I had the most trouble remembering the things going on with her storyline compared to the other two characters She became distinct in my mind eventually and was an important part of the story, but I really wish it hadn t taken quite so long to get there I also wouldn t say this is the most memorable historical fiction book when compared to some of the other books about the war in that genre A few touching moments here and there but I wasn t moved to tears like I have been with other World War 1 and 2 historical fiction novels I enjoyed reading this book and liked how the story highlighted some of the Resistnace efforts by women but I wouldn t place this in the must read category Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review

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    All The Ways We Said Goodbye is a story about three strong women and all had a unique connection to the famous French hotel The three women had lived or stayed at the Ritz, Aurelie Courcelles is a French heriess, Marguerite Daisy Villon is a French resistance fighter and Babs Langford is a English widow.France 1914, Aurelie is staying at the Ritz with her mother, she makes a rash decision to leave Paris and to drive her fiance to the front The Germans are advancing towards capital, all men are being deployed to the front to stop the Germans taking Paris and she s soon finds herself stuck behind German lines Aurelie has to make it to safety, she starts the long walk to her fathers ancestral estate and she eventually makes it home The next morning the Germans arrive, they take over the estate, she s shocked to discover a familiar face and she knows one of the officers They met before the war, while she was making her debut in Paris, he s the handsome Maximilian Von Sternburg and she has always been very attracted to him.In 1942, France has again been invaded by the Germans, Paris has fallen and the Nazis have total control Marguerite or Daisy is stuck in a very unhappy marriage, her husband is a collaborator, she was a silly naive girl when she married him and she now has two young children to look after.Daisy is Aurelie s daughter, she grew up living in the Ritz and she s soon drawn into helping the French resistance by her American grandmother She agrees to become a courier, she meets a man, his code name is Legrand he forges documents to help Jewish people escape France, soon they begin having a dangerous and very risky affair.In, 1964, Babs is a English widow, a American lawyer called Drew Bowdoin, contacted her, he s trying to find a resistance fighter and he asks her to meet him in Paris She s of course staying at the Ritz, she s hopeful he might be able to help her solve the mystery of what happened to her husband during WW II and help her to find some closure Babs loved her husband Kit, she kept a secret letter from him and she feels very guilty During her husbands final days he kept muttering the name La Fleur, she must be her husbands first love and she s a French spy The book has multiple timelines, it starts in 1914, it continues in 1942 and it ends in 1964.It spans two world wars and the rather modern times of mini skirts in the 1960 s.All three women are of course connected, it s a long and very complicated story It s a saga really about war, love, tragedy and secrets I did enjoy reading the book and did it need to be so long I gave the book four stars, I have shared my review on Goodreads, Edelweiss, Twitter, Barnes Noble and my blog.https karrenreadsbooks.blogspot.com

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    Three women, three different time periods, three different situations, but they all find the Ritz of Paris to be their comfort zone.We meet Aurelie in 1914 who lived at the Ritz with her mother She needed to get away and had the perfect excuse She drove her fianc e to the front, and on her way back, her car was shot up She thankfully was near her father s estate and walked there to only find she would be stuck there because the Nazis had arrived and had taken over the estate.We meet Daisy in 1942 who was raised by her grandmother at the Ritz and who eventually helped her grandmother with the resistance Then we meet Babs in 1964 whose husband had been in the war and had befriended La Fleur who was a resistance fighter Babs wants to find out who La Fleur was since her husband called out her name a number of times before his death She also meets at the Ritz with an American lawyer who is also looking for La Fleur There are quite a few characters to keep straight, but the main characters are strong, brave, and very likeable Babs was my favoriteher story had me laughing at some of the things she did and said Aurelie s story was the most interesting because of her situation but was the most upsetting I admired Daisy for what she was doing for the French Resistance, and enjoyed reading about another way things were secretly done The 3W s did it again ALL THE WAYS WE SAID GOODBYE is another marvelous, well researched, difficult to put down tale We readers are again treated to their detailed writing, terrific story line, and smooth transition from one author to the next, but have a notebook handy to keep all the characters straight Do not miss reading this gem 5 5 This book was given to me by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 rating rounded up All The Ways We Said Goodbye is another gem by the writing team of Willig, Williams, and White Each strong writer tells the tale of one of the three female characters set in 1914, 1942, 1964 As this writing team has done in two earlier works, the joint effort works seamlessly and effectively While two of the three timelines take place during World Wars, the focus is on the strong women who are trying to survive versus the detailed horrors of war that we normally find in historical fiction during these periods I was fully transported into this novel in which the Ritz Hotel provides its central location across the decades In addition to the three lead women, the men in the book were well developed and admirable and the supporting women characters were wonderful Fans of Beatriz Williams will enjoy the appearance of a member of the Schuyler family Put this one on your must read list January 14 is right around the corner Many thanks to Edelweiss, William Morrow Harper Collins and The Three W s for an advance copy.Review posted at

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    4.5 5 stars In their third collaboration, authors Lauren Willig, Karen White Beatriz Williams, aka Team W follow a family legend that spans two world wars and discovering the truth, with the stories of three women This novel was released on January 14, 2020 You can read in my bookreview on my blog here.

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    A well written historical fiction family drama fusion All the Ways We Said Goodbye has three different point of views with Daisy s being by far my favorite in three different time periods World War I, World War II, and post World War II 1960s As the story unfolds, the three narrators, Barbara Babs , Aurelie, and Daisy find that they have a lot in common than they think I really loved how the story unfolded, but quickly realized that this is of a romance and family drama than anything else Go into the story knowing that and you ll enjoy it .

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    All The Ways We Said Goodbye is a sweeping family saga of three strong females and their heroic men that s centrally located in different time settings at The Ritz of Paris Hotel and a beautiful century s old French Chateau This book easily transported me back in time to each different era I didn t want to put it down With so many genres rolled up into one entertaining story romance, humor, mystery suspense, to secrets and tragedy from wartime France in 1914 1942 to the flip hair style and mini skirt era of 1964, this book is not to be missed I really enjoyed it I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

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    All The Ways We Said Goodbye is a sweeping family saga of three strong females and their heroic men that s centrally located in different time settings at The Ritz of Paris Hotel and a beautiful century s old French Chateau This book easily transported me back in time to each different era I didn t want to put it down With so many genres rolled up into one entertaining story romance, humor, mystery suspense, to secrets and tragedy from wartime France in 1914 1942 to the flip hair style and mini skirt era of 1964, this book is not to be missed I really enjoyed it I received an ARC from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

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    Having really enjoyed the previous collaboration of these three authors on The Glass Ocean, I assumed this book would be a winner, and indeed it was It is primarily a family saga a complex and intricate one featuring not one but two commendable war heroines with dashes of mystery, romance, and espionage.I ll be very curious to learn how the writing process worked amongst the three authors anyone seen an interview on this yet with any of them Please do let me know if you have I am assuming each was primarily responsible for one of the three POV characters The way the three fit together so seamlessly is a testament to all three authors such a sense of continuity is no small feat , though I do detect some differences in character quality I assume Aurelie belongs to Beatriz Williams She was my favorite of the lot, though I also loved Daisy Babs was a tougher sell for me She s dowdy She s insecure She s not French but gasp British I m sure she was intended to be relatable, but to me she came off like a rube I didn t dislike her, but I did pity her, which was a stark contrast from the admiration the other two heroines evoked in me Regardless, her story is still good, and in fairness, she didn t fortunately for her have the opportunity to be a war heroine In all, a compelling read that is both light and uplifting but also meaningful and moving I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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