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Monster Island files Monster Island , read online Monster Island , free Monster Island , free Monster Island , Monster Island c8fb3d6af It S One Month After A Global Disaster The Most Developed Nations Of The World Have Fallen To The Shambling Zombie Masses Only A Few Pockets Of Humanity Survive In Places Rife With High Powered Weaponry, Such As Somalia In New York City, The Dead Walk The Streets, Driven By An Insatiable Hunger For All Things Living One Amongst Them Is Different Though He Shares Their Appetites He Has Retained His Human Intelligence Alone Among The Mindless Zombies, Gary Fleck Is An Eyewitness To The End Of The World And Perhaps The Evil Genius Behind It All From The Other Side Of The Planet, A Small But Heavily Armed Group Of Schoolgirls Turned Soldiers Has Come In Search Of Desperately Needed Medicine Dekalb, A Former United Nations Weapons Inspector, Leads Them As Their Local Guide Ayaan, A Crack Shot At The Age Of Sixteen, Will Stop At Nothing To Complete Her Mission They Think They Are Prepared For Anything On Monster Island They Will Find That There Is Something Worse Even Than Being Undead, As Gary Learns The True Price Of Survival

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    Oh, this started out so good Ship going through the fog at night, and as the fog clears there is the Statue of Liberty looming overhead with people milling about the island just like any other day in New York City except it s at nightand those people aren t tourists any.I was ready for a Zombie book I loved World War Z I dug the premise teenage girl army, with a native New Yorker and UN worker as a guide on a mission to get AIDS drugs for their beloved leader to Zombie filled New York because the United Nations has the largest, most secure stash of AIDS drugs Super fun and creepy, right And it was It was great Right up until the moment a few still sentient zombies founded a freaky zombie religion, and the mummies in the Egyptian section of the Metropolitan Museum woke up and started jiggling around in their mummified coffins.Just take a minute to let that whole sentence marinatenow, Cue the Price is Right you just lost the car music I know How do you get over a monkey wrench like that And if I pissed off the spoiler police I say I m doing a service for my fellow readers by trying to save them from buying the book like I did Read it if you want, but for Zombie loving sakes don t pay for it Here s this other little thing that happened while reading this that kinda messed up my whole Zombie apocalyptic universe My husband used the leaf blower and decided to borrow the electric outlet from the freezer in our garage, and then forgot to plug the freezer back in Yeah Well, we are out in the driveway, with the gloves, the scrub brushes, the bleach, the hose, the triple bagged, heavy duty trash bags, etc We opened the lid to start unloading all that once, lovely meat, and I think it took less than three minutes for our driveway to look like something out of Amityville Horror Every fly in the county was there to party Eleventy billion flies didn t help with the gag factor one bit, I ll just say that.A couple of hours later, with a scrubbed freezer full of charcoal and baking soda which works by the way freshly showered and downing my third beer it occurred to me that 1 the zombie apocalypse is going to smell REALLY bad, and 2 you would hear and see the hoard of flies long before any zombie could possibly sneak up on you.That s what s missing from all the zombie books, movies and video games the flies.Fellow readers, if you have a recommendation to put me back on the proper Zombie path, I would love to hear it.

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    Read this online I m not interested in zombies per se, but I do like post apocalyptic stories.Ugh I mean I got all the way through it, so it wasn t the WORST book in the world And there were some interesting parts But overall the thing felt very amateurish, it read like fan fiction Any hard facts that were in there sounded like stuff the author already knew, random shit about guns and NYC locations The characters were inconsistent, and the explanation for the zombies felt very much like something somebody in high school would make up.Also he used discrete when he meant discreet TWICE.

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    Review to follow This is not a pure zombie book, it jumps into some paranormal stuff too But there are plenty of dead bodies walking around, blood, guts and guns I just finished it and I feel a bit ill I need a cute romance or something now to walk it off.

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    David Wellington takes a shot at the ever expanding Zombie literature market with his own take on the oft explored theme of a major city overrun with the living dead How well does he do Well, for the most part he does very well indeed.First off he chucks the incongruous team of a UN Weapons Inspector and a group of female Somalian child soldiers into New York City, on a quest to find AIDS medicines for an ailing third world Warlord If that isn t entertainingly ludicrous enough, the main baddie turns out to be a Zombie who has not only retained his marbles while passing beyond the veil of death, but also can mind control literally thousands of the dumb ass dead to do his evil bidding As it turns out, his bidding is very very evil indeed If that s all the book had going for it, we d be in 2 star territory but thanks to the author s own extensive knowledge of New York and the UN, he is able to add a remarkable level of verisimilitude which juxtaposes nicely with the loony storyline.Unfortunately, no 5 stars for Mr Wellington, partly due to his horrendous characters you WILL want to gut Marisol with a fish knife and their godawful, totally unnaturalistic dialogue Mostly though because the main baddie of the piece comes from the school of cackling evil doers who would kick the face off of a puppy for the hell of it and then make a bad pun afterwards It s a mark of an extremely lazy author who makes his villains extra villainouss just by giving them a sick sense of humour.It s a real shame that an original and captivating plot is hamstrung by ham fisted writing and hammy dialogue Now that s an awful lot of ham.

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    I know zombies are far fetched which doesn t stop me loving them But David Wellington takes it to a whole new level, bordering on being plain stupid It s poorly written but the plot itself irked me to the point I wondered why I was still reading it I don t like the idea of a walking talking zombie, I never really have, but I like the idea of ancient Egyptian mummies still being able to walk around even less Not to mention the random Scottish ghost thing that, for some reason, could control all the zombies, communicate through telepathy and bring zombies back to un life Or that really stupid scene in which a zombie rips someone intestines out by just swiping him with its nails Or the fact that some of the zombies ended up about 10 feet tall because apparently humans can spontaneously grow 4 5 feet based on their diet It s stupid, too stupid for me to take it seriously and read the other two books And too stupid for me to give it anything other than one star.

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    This book was apparently first published online, and it shows The chapters are all between 4 6 pages in length and the characterization is about as thin The characterization in this book is so thin, its friends fear it might be anorexic Twiggy wishes she was this thin in her prime This lack of character development and other details make the book s characters hard to get into, and whatever interesting ideas Wellington has and he has than a few are squashed by my inability to feel any sympathy for anyone in the book Motivation is basic, and the book might actually read better as a Hollywood screenplay There s plenty there for that zombies, uniformed schoolgirls with machine guns, splosions, basic motivations Anyone who just wants an action packed book will be OK Anyone who wants anything will be disappointed.

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    I went into reading this figuring it would be a semi mindless but fun read, and to my surprise it turned out to be much better than I expected Pretty awesome and hard to put down.

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    The first in David Wellington s strange series about zombies, Monster Island is a book that reads like an old lady drives full of short bursts of speed, followed by a lot of crawling and slow starts From a promising beginning one month after your everyday undead apocalypse, he takes us all around the world, following a young woman coping with her new state of life , a group of rag tag soldiers chasing medicine for their leader, and one man who might be the key to everything, but is rapidly leaving his humanity in the dust.Initially created as an online serial novel there s a lot of that going around , Monster Island had quite a following largely due to the fact that it featured brains and the eating thereof My generation is exceptionally fond of zombies, and there s nothing wrong with that For a while, Wellington appears to understand the key things that make any zombie story good There are a lot of tense moments, a lot of grotesque imagery, and a lot of people eaten in very unpleasant ways The cast is never particularly interesting, but hey they re just zombie fodder anyway, right So for the first third or so, the book is fairly decent.And then he has to go and add telekinetic mummies to the mix In case that didn t hit you with the full force of its ridiculousness, let me try again, in caps TELEKINETIC MUMMIES It s just the tip of a big, stupid, silly iceberg of strange ideas that begins to surface and sink the story The few interesting characters die off, those remaining start feeling and like they were written expressly with summer action movie casting in mind, and the whole thing feels like about halfway through the writing, Wellington got up and left it in the hands of a group of ten year olds The few interesting and not completely ridiculous plot threads that remained at the end of the book unfortunately weren t enough to spur me to seek out the rest of the series I can t say I regret the time I spent reading it that honour is reserved for books by Mister Laymond , but it definitely isn t the deepest fish in the pond Pick it up if you re looking for the literary equivalent of a fan made Bruce Campbell movie, but steer clear if you re looking for something meatier.

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    I ve just finished reading Monster Island, which has to be one of the best, most unapologetic zombie books ever written After the big brouhaha last year in which some NY Review of Books reviewer didn t get the whole zombie thing, looking desperately for allegory and meaning in the zombie genre and to which David Langford gleefully pointed out They don t have to be an allegory They re zombies They eat people What do you need it s refreshing to read a really gross, horrifying, not at all uplifting novel about zombies Monster Island begins six months after the End of the World The Epidemic, in which the dead shamble along meaninglessly, trying to eat the living, has taken over Our hero, Dekalb, is a UN Weapons Inspector in Africa when the Epidemic breaks out Dispatched by a third world dictator to New York, holding his daughter hostage as ransom for reasons that I will not give away, Dekalb meets Gary, the world s smartest dead man, the last Prestident of the United States, and Jack, the last Special Forces operative in New York Battling zombies human and animal and even encountering the long mummified remains of Egyptian Kings and Welsh Druids, Dekalb comes to and understanding that the Epidemic is something than merely a disease And maybe, just maybe, he might understand it well enough to give the living a chance.It was a fabulous read I sailed along and loved every minute of it There are moments in the book when the author intrudes with lines like Sorry, won t be releasing this week, at a con, that made me understand exactly where we CC people are going The battle scenes and adventure just move and Gary s really a very funny guy Even if he is dead.

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    Darn it It s so hard to find a good zombie novel these days This follows the current trend where zombies aren t just zombies they re actually demons from another dimension world It pisses me off, because then there s no real point in even trying to win since the one advantage humans have over zombies is the brain portion One good thing the idea of being dead but retaining your own mind And the hunger Lots of gore and viscera if that s your cup of tea in terms of zombie novels.

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