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Big Lies in a Small Town chapter 1 Big Lies in a Small Town , meaning Big Lies in a Small Town , genre Big Lies in a Small Town , book cover Big Lies in a Small Town , flies Big Lies in a Small Town , Big Lies in a Small Town a4b7e1e12a7cf North Carolina, Morgan Christopher S Life Has Been Derailed Taking The Fall For A Crime She Did Not Commit, She Finds Herself Serving A Three Year Stint In The North Carolina Women S Correctional Center Her Dream Of A Career In Art Is Put On Hold Until A Mysterious Visitor Makes Her An Offer That Will See Her Released Immediately Her Assignment Restore An Old Post Office Mural In A Sleepy Southern Town Morgan Knows Nothing About Art Restoration, But Desperate To Leave Prison, She Accepts What She Finds Under The Layers Of Grime Is A Painting That Tells The Story Of Madness, Violence, And A Conspiracy Of Small Town Secrets North Carolina, Anna Dale, An Artist From New Jersey, Wins A National Contest To Paint A Mural For The Post Office In Edenton, North Carolina Alone In The World And Desperate For Work, She Accepts But What She Doesn T Expect Is To Find Herself Immersed In A Town Where Prejudices Run Deep, Where People Are Hiding Secrets Behind Closed Doors, And Where The Price Of Being Different Might Just End In Murder What Happened To Anna Dale Are The Clues Hidden In The Decrepit Mural Can Morgan Overcome Her Own Demons To Discover What Exists Beneath The Layers Of Lies

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    NO SPOILERS.only descriptive teasersDiane Chamberlain knows what a good story is about She continues to arrive at new levels of power with each of her novels being impressive than the one before A very loved novelist by readers all around the world.I, too, became an instant giddy fan in 2014, when I read Necessary Lies The story itself was a punch in the gut explosive historical awakening Having now read about a half dozen of her novels.what stands out for me is Diane Chamberlain s humanity It s irresistible In Big Lies in a Small Town , we follow a duo timeline Both timeline stories are equally good.We first meet Morgan Christopher in a Correctional Facility for Women in 2018, Raleigh, North Carolina Morgan had just finished her one year minimum prison sentence.when surprise.two visitors entered 1 Lisa Williams, the daughter of the well known artist Jesse Jameson Williams.who recently died Lisa Williams was a real estate broker She had no experience with art but given she was her father s only child, he trusted his very specific instructions to her. written in his will Lisa s father, Jesse Jameson, wanted a 70 year old canvas mural to be restored by the inexperienced 22 year old Morgan who was sitting in prison for a crime she didn t commit and2 Andrea Fuller an attorney..who came along with Lisa to over see the legalities Morgan gets a get out of jail free card in exchange for restoring the mural Morgan had reservations about her own qualifications.but she said yes Lisa brings Morgan to live in her house for the time needed until the project is done On the drive from the prison to Lisa s house with Morgan in the passenger seat This is the new Morgan, I thought sadly to myself The Morgan afraid at the outside world We d ridden ten minutes in silence before Lisa finally spoke The Government never fully paid the artist Anna Dale for the mural, so after she went crazy or whatever happened it essentially became my father s property to do with as he pleased, she said But since the gallery is a gift to the community, your work on the mural becomes a sort of community service She glanced at me, and the smallest of smile s lifted the corners of her lips Anna Dale went crazy Anna Dale was born in 1918 In 1939, she was living in Plainfield, New Jersey Anna entered a competition with a mural she did in her hometown In Edenton, North Carolina, The Selection of Fine Arts was impressed with Anna Dale s artistic talent They wanted her to work on an assignment a mural for the post office in Edenton, North Carolina Anna had never been to North Carolina It was suggested that she familiarize herself with the geographic area surrounding her assignment She had never expected to win the competition and the timing could not have been worse She had just buried her mother who was her best friend However.off Anna goes driving from New Jersey to North Carolina.It was the inner thoughts during that first drive to Edenton where we begin to know Anna and the concerns that weigh heavily on her mind Without the feelings of strength from mother her mother s advice we see just how deeply Anna feels ALONE We also learn background about Anna s mother The south seemed backward to Anna with the segregation They actually lynched Negros in the south Anna was interested in painting the Tea Party but when she met several of the locals all men who looked at her as a pretty little thing and why wasn t she married..Mr Fiering, Manager at the Cotton mill replied Oh, not that tired old Tea Party again Anna was shaken by the sudden outburst and she thought the Tea Party was something that Edenton was proud of Mayor Sykes jumped in and said, We re very proud that our ladies stood up for freedom but..because it was such a long time ago the locals were vocal about how tired they were to be reminded The towns people argued back and forth each wanting their business to be the focus on the mural..be it the cotton mill or the peanut factory or their melons, or fishing.almost anything other than woman s fight for freedom The mayor s cousin Martin Drapple was a well known local artist.The locals were resentful that he wasn t chosen to paint the mural As the reader.we begin to see that problems fall ahead problems that Morgan will face in 2018, and the problems Anna had to contend with in 1939.You know that old saying that whatever you don t complete comes back to haunt you Wellhistory comes back to haunt in Edenton, North Carolina Since it was going to take several months before the mural would be complete, the townsmen suggested Anna stay in town instead of going back to New Jersey Myrtle Simms, a widow, lived across the street from the railroad building and could host Anna for the few months while she worked Every character in this book big or small primary or supportive are well developed Anna had painted The Tea Party sorta she added her unique interpretation of the subject Her paining was controversialThe locals thought it was sick All Anna did was paint the truth as she saw it When Morgan discovers the 70 year old canvas for the first time.he knew there was a story there It looked like a hacker snatched it from the stretcher The old canvas was damaged and reeked of mold and mildew Morgan had two months to restore it My lips are sealed. I say no Other than this is a wonderfully satisfying story the pages turn themselves Troubled women.Troubled times.A villain.And hero s.A passionate town.Twists turns.History to contemplate the real mural competition during the Great Depression Themes racism, mental illness, injustice, poverty, righteousness, secrets.and..as the title suggests BIG LIES..in a small town WONDERFUL Thank You Netgalley, St Martin s Press, and the gracious talented storyteller, Diane Chamberlain

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    This is only the second novel that I have read by Ms Chamberlain This book is quite different from The Dream Daughter which involved time travel and a woman s decision about the fate of her unborn child What this book shares with the previous book that I read is a dual timeline once again and strong character development I would classify this as a mystery with a very unique story I found the flow to be wonderful and it was easy to move from one timeline to another, I really enjoyed it.We first meet Morgan Christopher as she is serving a sentence for a crime that she didn t actually commit, in Raleigh, North Carolina, but I will leave you to discover the details of that crime, it is 2018 What happens next sets us up for the entire story Two women, one the daughter of a famous painter, Jesse Jameson, named Lisa, and her attorney, Andrea Fuller, come to visit Morgan, they have a proposition for Morgan They want her to restore a mural that had been painted for a post office and has been hidden in Jesse s home and now is a pivotal issue in the details of his will as he has recently passed away There are strict guidelines and dates for when the mural must be restored and placed in a new gallery and he wanted Morgan Christopher to do the restoration We don t know how or why he insisted that Morgan do the work at this point Even though she has never done any work of this type she was an art student for 3 years and of course wants to be released from prison We will follow Morgan as she lives with Lisa and proceeds to restore the mural which is badly damaged and so grimy they can hardly make out the scene it depicts.In the other timeline we are introduced to Anna Dale, an artist from New Jersey who has won a contest to paint a mural for the post office in Edenton, North Carolina, it is 1939 She was not actually expecting to win the contest so she drives there to see what the area and the people there are like She finds the south to still be small minded with lots of racial prejudice and ideas of where a woman should be, and they feel that is at home They are unhappy that a local man, Martin Drapple, didn t win the contest and we will find out just how many obstacles that Anna has to face in proceeding to paint the mural We are also left with the question of what happened to Anna Why wasn t the mural ever installed Without giving away any of the plot I can tell you that this book has strong, competent and complicated women who rise to the occasion and many issues will be addressed including, racism, abusive family situations, mental illness, injustice and the deeply seated prejudices of the town There are other strong characters in the book which are all believable and I cared deeply about the outcome of the story.I can highly recommend this book I received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Netgalley It is set to publish on January 14, 2020.

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    Big lies in a small town is the story of two women born in different times dealing with issues which are beyond their control Each woman will have her challenges and her triumphs Each will be tested, and each will have to prove herself.North Carolina, 2018 Morgan Christopher was an art student who made a bad judgement call and ended up serving time in a women s correctional center for a crime she did not commit Then one day she is visited by two women who tell her that she will be released from prison if she agrees to restore an old post office mural She knows nothing about restoration but desperate to have freedom, she agrees North Carolina, 1940 Anna Dale has won an art contest and is chosen to paint a mural for a post office in Edenton, North Carolina She happily accepts and considers this to be an honor and a challenge Little does she know, but there are those who don t want a woman painting the mural, nor do they like the company she keeps while painting Prejudice and false assumptions run rampant.The two women s stories blend perfectly together Usually when there are two timelines, I tend to prefer one over the other, but I loved both in this book Both women were likable, both characters had me rooting for them I watched Anna as she tried to complete her mural and I watched Morgan as she restored a mural which had been hidden away for years.I was fully invested in this story and loved the journey of finding out how the book would end This book was beautifully written and had me on the edge of my seat, not with heart pounding suspense, but with a captivating and enthralling story that I didn t want to stop reading I could literally feel the characters emotions while reading Chamberlain did a great job of transporting me back to 1940 in the South There are some heavy issues dealt with in this book and she handles them with care and sill I love how she carefully guided the reader between the two stories telling the tale of mystery, romance, love, family ties, family secrets, art, music, pain, secrets, and prejudice There a couple of little twists and turns along the way and all felt believable and made sense.Riveting heartfelt, thought provoking story telling This is a MUST read Highly recommend.Thank you to St Martin s Press and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    I always look forward to Diane Chamberlain s books and I was delighted to receive an ARC of her new book Big Lies In A Small Town This story is told in two time frames.In 1940 Anna Dale wins an art competition to paint a mural for a post office building in a small town When she arrives to work on the painting she feels that she is not welcome because everyone is unhappy that the towns resident painter was not chosen as the winner.In 2018 Morgan Christopher is let out on parole from prison to restore the mural that has never been put up in the town and has been in storage since it was finished I liked both of these characters and thought that the dual timeline worked very well.I really enjoyed this story and can t wait for this author next book Thank you NetGalley and St Martin s Press for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Hello, My name is Mary, I am an addict I am addicted to Diane Chamberlain s books I devoured Big Lies In A Small Town in one night and it left me wanting Chamberlain did not disappoint and she describes Edenton just the way I see it when I close my eyes I love that Chamberlain writes about this small town and the emotions that are on each page had me in awe I could not turn the pages fast enough The ending left me wanting answers but I can speculate at them, I guess Hurry Run and preorder you copy right away.5 Stars two times and I HIGHLY recommend this book Time slip novels are so hard to write well and Chamberlain did a fabulous job.The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not required and all views expressed are our own.

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    I always love when a new Diane Chamberlain book comes out This book tells a story about 2 different women Anna in 1939 and Morgan in 2018 Anna painted a mural in 1939 and never finished it Morgan was wrongly accused and sent to prison for a crime she didn t commit A lawyer got her out early as she was chosen to restore this mural from 1939 Morgan had no idea how to restore a mural but she wanted out of prison so would give it a go Both stories tie together very nicely with a big red bow tied around it towards the end and I loved it Well done Diane Chamberlain Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for this advance copy All opinions are my own.

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    I wish to thank NetGalley and St.Martin s Press for this intriguing novel encompassing art, and two strong but troubled women in different timelines set 70 years apart Their story connects with their work on the same mural and also contains a mystery which could be entitled Whatever Happened to Anna This is only the second novel I have read by Diane Chamberlain, the first being The Dream Daughter They are different in both themes and stories, but the author handles the dual timelines extremely well, seamlessly moving back and forth from one period to the other Both contain strong character development and storylines Big Lies in a Small Town is a novel depicting the importance of art in the history of a community, and in the lives touched by art In 1939 Anna Dale wins a contest She is an art student in New Jersey and her prize is the honour to paint an art mural in the small town of Edenton, North Carolina for its post office, rather than in her home state Being unfamiliar with the south, she decides to visit the town to familiarize herself with its history and society, to get an idea for the subject to depict on the mural She experiences friendly southern hospitality, but on meeting the town s male leaders, she is shaken by a misogynist attitude They feel she is too young and inexperienced, and that a woman s place is in the home Anna had decided to make The Tea Party a historic woman s movement as the centre of her mural, but the men want no part of that portrayal They want their local businesses and landmarks painted They feel that the prize should have gone to a talented local artist, Martin Drapple, son of the mayor, and not to an inexperienced young girl from outside their state Anna is doubting her ability to produce a mural to make Edenton proud and enlists some unpaid art students to help She encounters prejudice, segregation, some resistance, and secrets but is determined to finish her work The project progresses well, and many of the townspeople are impressed by her work, but something goes very wrong near its completion People are shut out from viewing the mural in progress, and the project was never finished Anna mysteriously disappears and so does her painting What happened to Anna In 2018, Morgan Christopher is in prison serving a three year sentence for a crime she didn t commit At the end of her first year imprisonment, she is visited by famed artist, Jesse Jameson s daughter, Lisa with her attorney Jesse was rich and famous for his paintings and made it his project during his lifetime to help talented, aspiring young artists.In his will, he stated that Anna s mural, hidden in his home is to be restored by Morgan under stringent conditions It must be restored by a definite date in two years time for a new art gallery opening in his honour Morgan is bewildered She had been only an average art student for three years before prison and has no idea how the famous artist ever heard of her She has no experience in art restoration, but the project comes with her freedom and a large sum of money if completed in time Lisa stands to lose her house if the art gallery with the restored mural doesn t open by the deadline Lisa has no interest in whether it is restored properly, just that Morgan finishes it in time Lisa states the work was never completed because Anna went crazy or something near the end When Morgan sees the mural, she is discouraged and has no idea how to start The large painting is badly damaged, covered with grime and mildew with parts barely visible She searches the internet for ways to restore a painting but learns art restoration is done by highly trained professionals Luckily the kindly Art curator for the new museum agrees to help her As Morgan begins the laborious task of cleaning the mural, she realizes she feels a connection with Anna and is enjoying the work She is determined to do her best in tribute to Anna As she cleans she discovers some strange and alarming additions made by Anna to her original plan They seem to depict that something terrible occurred to Anna, but the town held secrets 70 years ago This is an equally gripping and compelling story within both timelines, and I was riveted to the stories of both Anna and Morgan.

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    Absolutely one of the best books I ve read this year I wasn t too sure at first with the alternating time periods but it unfolded into one of the most beautiful stories I ve ever read DC has the knack for weaving tales the mesmerize you.

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    5 Loved it Big Lies in a Small Town is a fabulous intriguing book chocked full of mystery that I quickly became invested in exposing all its juicy little secrets the further I read And believe me, there s plenty of them in the small N Carolina town of Edenton Very good, highly recommend.Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Woohoo I won a copy of this through the Goodreads giveaway

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