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The Country Guesthouse (Sullivans Crossing, #5) pdf The Country Guesthouse (Sullivans Crossing, #5) , ebook The Country Guesthouse (Sullivans Crossing, #5) , epub The Country Guesthouse (Sullivans Crossing, #5) , doc The Country Guesthouse (Sullivans Crossing, #5) , e-pub The Country Guesthouse (Sullivans Crossing, #5) , The Country Guesthouse (Sullivans Crossing, #5) 2b54534206b A Summer Rental, A New Beginning Hannah Russell S Carefully Crafted Plans For Her Life Have Been Upended Without Warning When Her Best Friend Died Suddenly, Hannah Became Guardian To A Five Year Old Named Noah With No Experience At Motherhood, She S Terrified She S Not Up To The Challenge She And Noah Need Time To Get To Know Each Other, So She Decides To Rent A Country House With Stunning Views On A Lake In Rural ColoradoWhen They Arrive At The House, They Are Greeted By The Owner, A Handsome Man Who Promises To Stay Out Of Their Way But His Clumsy Great Dane, Romeo, Has Other Ideas And Noah Immediately Bonds With The Lovable Dog As Hannah Learns To Become A Mother, Owen Abrams, Who Is Recovering From His Own Grief, Can T Help But Be Drawn Out Of His Solitude By His GuestsBut Life Throws Challenges At This Unlikely Trio And They Are Tested In Ways They Never Thought Possible All Three Will Discover Their Strengths And, Despite Their Differences, They Will Fight To Become A Family And The People Of Sullivan S Crossing Will Rally Around Them To Offer All Of The Support They Need New York Times Bestselling Author Robyn Carr Delivers An Emotional And Triumphant Novel About The Fierce Power Of A Mother S Love

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    Hannah Russell is a successful sales manager living in Minneapolis While her career is on track, her love life hasn t been all that shiny and recently took a major nose dive As she plans to take some time off and return to Colorado, the lovely site of her last business trip, one of her best friends dies suddenly, leaving 5 year son, Noah, in her care Hannah decides to keep the planned trip intact so she and Noah can have a chance to bond and grieve She d booked the house owned by freelance photographer Owen Abrams who d planned to be out of town but his plans changed and he s not traveling but will stay in the attached barn I loved returning to Sullivan s Crossing and it was the perfect place for Hannah and Noah to find respite With its strong sense of community and natural beauty, it set the stage for both of them to heal and experience the outreach from the residents Owen also had experienced a tragedy years ago and had never fully recovered from it The relationship he created with Noah pulled some serious heartstrings, almost eclipsing his romance with Hannah but not really And then there was his dog, Romeo, an adorable and lovable Great Dane who really was a scene stealer This story has all of the elements that normally keeps me enthralledand I was I chose to listen to this story because it s narrated by Th r se Plummer who is fabulous normally and in her performance here She masters the young Noah while credibly delivering the male voices along with the others She provided distinctive qualities for all the major characters, helping to define them beyond the pages I m committed to listening to the series here after.I loved everything about this story It wasn t all sweetness and light as Hannah and Noah experience some real threats and challenges It grabbed me from the start, wouldn t let go and I finished it in a day Carr is a master at writing compelling small town romance and she doesn t miss here Posted on Blue Mood Caf Thanks to Recorded Books for my complimentary copy All opinions are my own.

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    As usual with Robyn Carr s stories, The Country Guesthouse sucked me right in from the first chapter Hannah s life is turned upside down in ways than one when her best friend, Erin, dies unexpectedly and she s named as the guardian to her five year old son, Noah Erin and Hannah had been best friends since college, bonding over shared goals and horrible mothers Of course, when Hannah agreed to take care of any of Erin s future offspring should something happen, Hannah never dreamed she d have to carry out that promise She s determined to cherish and raise Noah right, and to get better acquainted and smooth the transition Hannah takes them on a vacation to a secluded Colorado house Little does she know that due to a scheduling mishap, the owner, Owen Abrams will be staying on the property as well, but this turns out to be the best thing for Hannah, Noah, and Owen Owen Abrams is no stranger to loss, and so Hannah and Noah s situation tugs at his heart His big Great Dane, Romeo, immediately breaks the ice and lifts Noah s spirits, but it s Owen s help and friendship that truly make their vacation special Days swimming and fishing in the lake and nights spent making dinner and relaxing on the porch make it so Hannah and Noah never want to leave Hannah and Owen grow closer and closer making leaving a painful prospect Never fear, love finds a way The situation was both heartbreaking and heartwarming, and I was captivated from page one As with real life, there were bumps in the road There s usually a little suspense and danger with Ms Carr s stories, and there s a situation that definitely put me on edge and had me worrying for Noah s safety, but Hannah and Noah had love, support, and protection from Owen, as well as many of the residents in Sullivan s Crossing, most I d met in the previous installments Characters from past stories pop in, but I think The Country Guesthouse can be read as a standalone since this is very much Hannah, Owen and Noah s story Sullivan s Crossing has been a thoroughly enjoyable series, and I love digging into every new installment Set in the Colorado mountains, where the Continental Divide Trail and the Colorado Trail intersect, Sullivan s Crossing sounds like a beautiful small town, and I ve grown to love the colorful characters I had an ARC e copy of The Country Guesthouse, but I usually can t resist buying an audio copy of Robyn Carr s books because of Therese Plummer s superb narration I alternately listened and read, and loved the story A copy was kindly provided by MIRA via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    DNFI usually like small town romance Recently I enjoyed Securing Zoey by Susan Strokes I was looking forward with The Country Guesthouse At about 60%, I give up What does not work for me is the pace of the story It is so dragging Too slow and too boring I even fall asleep listening to the audiobook I hate to shelved book under DNF Only with a book that is really bad or does not fit my taste, I have to shelved it with DNF 2 stars

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    Carr mixed in an oversized dog, a heart wounded man, a sweet boy and an overwhelmed yet strong heroine.Then Carr placed them in Sullivan s Crossing and let things unfold She gave us laughter, suspense, tender moments and all the feels Even though I felt the romance was subdued in this story, yet I still felt the relationship grow and connected with the characters.It was great to back in Sullivan s Corner I love Sully, and all the folks who call it home When trouble threatens the young child, they all step in to help The suspense tread was nice, and I even appreciated that Carr didn t use cliched characters, particularly with the brother Everyone is worthy of redemption in my book Just because their cover is worn and a lot of their story doesn t look promising, those final chapters haven t been written gets down of soapbox The story touches on grief, family, love, and community It delivers sweet romance that has little drama thanks to a suspenseful thread that will keep you flipping the pages This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer

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    I am such a huge fan of Carr s I can t put her books down once I start reading them This one was no different I love the drama and the ending was to die for You are going to fall in love with the three main characters I am on pins and needles waiting for Carr s next book.This can be read as a stand alone.

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    Moral of the story there s nobody whose perfect so don t die trying I love this book and the characters so much that I think we should all go in search of finding Sullivan s CrossingWhose with me The dilemma is such that you feel every heart pounding action when Hannah is faced with caring for a friends young son Noah after her sudden passing.She always said she should anything happen this would be the result so no going back now.Now, ladies there s another heart stopper in form of Owen who has his own trauma from the past to overcome.Can these two find a common ground while dealing with the trouble that s about to bowl them over This was superb writing and can t recommend this one enough Go, run, get a copy

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    The Country Guesthouse is the fifth book in Robyn Carr s Sullivan s Crossing series, and as with all the books in the series it works perfectly fine as a standalone novel Although you get to see characters from the prior books in this one, it is not necessary to have read their stories to enjoy this one it s simply an added bonus.Although I did enjoy The Country Guesthouse, I m going to be honest and say it s not my favourite in the series I powered through it in a single sitting, as I do with all Robyn Carr books, but this one didn t quite wow me to the same degree as the other books in the series.As always, Robyn Carr takes a real issue and pulls you into the story You quickly connect to the characters and find yourself desperate to see how their stories come together However, with this one, I found myself wanting It was great to see how things developed, but there were certain elements of the story I would have liked to have seen of, there were certain elements I would have liked to have been given depth.There is no doubt it was an enjoyable read and I loved how things played out, but this isn t my number one Robyn Carr read For fans of Sullivan s Crossing, however, The Country Guesthouse is a nice addition to the series.

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    Robyn Carr was a new to my author a couple of years ago but once I picked up one of her books, I could immediately see why so many people enjoy her novels Picking this book up in the dead of winter was a little depressing though, because I could practically feel the sun on my skin with this glowing beach style read Even though the setting is in Colorado, it still reminded me of a fun read on a sunny summer day while I was passing some time at the beach, this is the sort of book that you want to pack with you on a lazy summer day It has lots of romance and charm to draw readers in for sure With Robyn Carr s Virgin Rivers series on Netflix being so popular, I think a lot of readers are looking for books by this lovely author and they should definitely read the Sullivan s Crossing series This book could easily be read as a standalone even though it is part of a larger series I had no problem hoping around in this series at all and enjoyed each of the characters and their stories.The small town setting of this story was great I thought it fit the characters and romance well and made me long for a quiet mountain retreat myself, for me it added a lot to the story The main thing I loved about this one though was that each of the characters had some difficulties of their own to over come before they were able to fully commit to each other There s a little family drama mixed with a healthy dose of romance that s perfect for Valentine s Day coming up Hannah and Owen s romance isn t easy but it works for me.This was a quick read, as with most of Carr s books I made my way through it on a quiet afternoon and easily could have finished it in a day but I had to set it down a couple of times because life but when I did go to pick it up again, I had no trouble jumping back in with the characters and plot It was entertaining and a nice way to spend an afternoon Carr always writes such enjoyable and believable romances, if you haven t discovered her yet, you absolutely need to pick up one of her books and why not start with this one See my full review here

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    4.5 5This is the fifth book in the Sullivan s Crossing series but you could definitely read it as a standalone Each book follows a new couple with reappearances from the characters in the previous books since they re all set in the same quaint town I wasn t sure who this one would be about at first and I was pleasantly surprised that both the hero and heroine were fairly unknown characters making it even easier if you want to just jump in here.Having read quite a few of Carr s books now the one thing that I think really sets her apart from other authors is the authentic and messy characters she creates Hannah and Owen both have a lot on their plates, Hannah with the sudden custody of a five year old boy with special needs and then Owen has a tragic history of his own There is nothing easy for these people and I always find myself rooting SO hard for these kind of characters, it s a nice change of pace from romance novels filled with perfect sounding characters, that s for sure.This one had it all for me, romance, family drama and strife, an adorable kid and a charming town with even charming residents Having only missed one book in this series I think it s safe to say that this one was my favorite, they seem to be getting better with each installment and I m excited to see what happens next.

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    Beautiful storyRobyn Carr, in this book, has created wonderful characters and a hard to put down story line Characters from previous Sullivan s Crossing books also make appearances.

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