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The Time of Jacobs Trouble chapter 1 The Time of Jacobs Trouble , meaning The Time of Jacobs Trouble , genre The Time of Jacobs Trouble , book cover The Time of Jacobs Trouble , flies The Time of Jacobs Trouble , The Time of Jacobs Trouble 2d35ebc65ea90 A Typical Day At Work Turns Into A Nightmare For Emma Grady When Her Favorite Patient And Several Colleagues Vanish In Front Of Her Fear Turns To Chaos As Emma Begins The Frantic Race From Brooklyn To Queens, Anxious To Discover If Her Boyfriend Is Safe Subways Are Closed, Graves Are Open, And Countless People Have Inexplicably Disappeared Mayhem Erupts As Terror Grips The Residents Of New York City What Could Make So Many Vanish In A Moment And Not Just In New York, But All Over The Globe Emma Wonders If This Is The Predicted End Of The World And Begins A Desperate Search For Answers This Page Turning Story Will Take You On A Riveting Journey From New York City To Israel, And In The Final Chapters, Donna Turns To The Pages Of The Bible, Where You Ll Learn That God Has Made Known To Us The End From The Beginning, And That Things Aren T Spiraling Downward But Are Actually Looking Up The Bestselling Author Of The Christmas Shoes Now Explores A Future World Facing Its Final Days In The Time Of Jacob S Trouble, Weaving End Times Prophecies Into The Lives Of Emma And Her Friends As They Struggle To Survive And Come Face To Face With The Chilling Truth About The Disappearances

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    Let me brutally honest here this is not a novel It is a biblical exploration of the end of times with an exceptionally weak narrative to try to pull it together The characters are two dimensional cut outs, the events are implausible at best even taking into account the revelations of Scripture, the reactions of everybody cut and dried in a ridiculously black and white fashion Essentially what VanLiere has done is take paragraphs from the Bible and construct a thin tale around them supposedly depicting the second coming of the Lord If there was meat on the bones than repetitive Scripture hurled at you in paragraphs constantly throughout the novel, it would be have chance of standing up to scrutiny, but it doesn t.You follow three main characters Emma, Elliott and Zerah and the first problem of many is that they are all essentially the same character, they all have the same thoughts and concerns and they all do or less the same thing It doesn t help that none of them are fleshed out in detail All of them have difficulty initially understanding what is going on, but all become Bible fanatics within a remarkably short time and are willing and able to extol about the second coming at great length to anyone who will listen and quite a few who won t The relationships across the novel are all made of the same thin cardboard, whether it is a relationship with family, friends or a partner All of them have the other side of the relationship not believing for one reason or another and all of them are guilty of being so aggressive in their beliefs that they successfully push the people they should care for most away from them But of course it isn t seen this way because they are the good guys and those who don t believe are the bad ones.Never is this openly seen than when Elliott opens his mouth on street corners or in a church or well, in any variety of different places to preach the same thing every single time He is protected by the strength of Jesus and yet as soon as he starts to preach other people get mindlessly angry, start attacking him, charging him, even shooting at him There is no rationale behind this other than the blatant message that if you don t believe fully and completely you must be ridiculously aggressive and have an immediate impulse to shout, scream, rage and strike out at those who are That is not how most people are, it is not how most people behave and yet the author is completely incapable of depicting individuals on a gradation of greys, instead insisting on hammering her point home in absolutes and no in betweens Humanity is a wonderful mess of various shades of grey, with very few people being all of one or the other and that is not shown here at all It makes for a poor set of characters to go along with the thin as hell narrative It caricatures everything, making it a mockery of the very points it is trying so hard to express.It also doesn t help that there are virtually no cultural references here part of the novel is apparently set in Israel, but if not for the fact that you are told you are in Israel you could be forgiven for thinking you were still in New York City It s all bland and vague, with nothing that leaps of the page at you This is true for the general writing style as well there is a whole lot of tell rather than show You are informed that someone is feeling an emotion, but there is nothing in their behaviour to back that up, except of course for the all too frequent occasions when non Christians go mental and start screaming and shouting for absolutely no reason When combined with the repetitive nature of the text you are told again and again that characters are reading the Bible, the same Biblical passages are explored by every character and often multiple times, the same basic dialogue happens again and again and again it makes for a really poor experience that is utterly marred by its two dimensional nature And then 35% percent of the book is an actual look at Scripture VanLiere just cuts off the admittedly weak narrative without even attempting to offer any form of resolution and yoiu are chucked into a Bible class, one that has been referenced many times throughout the novel at the end of chapters or sections Want to know about the scripture Go to page __ Where In The Word for further details So, thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the free ARC copy but I promised an honest review and here it is As a Christian and an avid reader, all I can say is that this is beyond poor The story is weak as hell, the characters are cardboard cut outs, there is so much repetition it is ridiculous and you find every other page interrupted by a biblical passage.

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    I thoroughy enjoyed The Time of Jacob s Trouble by Donna VanLiere Ms VanLiere has written an excellent novel which deals with fictional characters at the time of The Rapture, foretold in scripture as the time when Jesus returns to call his believers to Heaven prior to Armageddon In addition to the novel we are given Where in The Word which helps those who are not Biblical scholars to ascertain where they can find in scripture the prophecy dealing with the various aspects of the story.I am a committed Christian and had no trouble following what was going on and why but, having Where in The Word literally to hand when reading the novel, makes this end times thriller a must both for Christians and for those interested in learning about Christianity Ms VanLiere s writing style is such that the novel will be equally acceptable to those without faith who will enjoy the book as a thriller.First in a series and recommended.

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    The Time of Jacob s Trouble by Donna VanLiere.I received this ARC in return for an honest review If you are a fan of the Left Behind series, you will love this book It is nonstop, edge of your seat, can t put it down action from the beginning I was not disappointed It begins with Emma, a physical therapist, trying to get everyone in her apartment building to go to the basement There is an attack on the city and everyone needs to get to safety The author then jumps back to one week earlier This is where the story begins There are three main characters in this book Emma, Brandon, and Elliot Their stories point of view are told throughout the book The characters eventually merge into a group, along with other survivors The theme of the book is the Rapture and what comes after, such as war, famine, and violence This band of survivors those not take with the Rapture find the Truth and try to save others physically, mentally, and spiritually The true jewel of this book is that there are options throughout to read the biblical facts behind the story in that chapter or to continue on with the story Should one choose to continue with the story, there is a whole section in the back of the book that gives biblical reference to each chapter While the fictional book itself is an amazing read, knowing the facts behind it are extremely important I highly recommend this gem and will be anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.

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    The story about those left behind after the rapture isn t new and it s not even remarkably gripping Their conversions are sudden and they re running through the whole bible within a few days There s a lot of telling instead of showing.It is obvious that the purpose of this book isn t to tell a gripping story with psychological depth, but to illustrate biblical prophecy.The appendix is as long as this first part of a trilogy I m not really looking forward to the other two parts.

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    This is not a typical read for me but I wanted to try something new and unfortunately, it fell short The storyline and characters did not captivate me nor keep my interest I thought it would be like reading the Left Behind series but this seemed like I was in sunday school.

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