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The Enemy (The Enemy, #1) summary The Enemy (The Enemy, #1), series The Enemy (The Enemy, #1), book The Enemy (The Enemy, #1), pdf The Enemy (The Enemy, #1), The Enemy (The Enemy, #1) 59e9c1971a In The Wake Of A Devastating Disease, Everyone Sixteen And Older Is Either Dead Or A Decomposing, Brainless Creature With A Ravenous Appetite For Flesh Teens Have Barricaded Themselves In Buildings Throughout London And Venture Outside Only When They Need To Scavenge For Food The Group Of Kids Living A Waitrose Supermarket Is Beginning To Run Out Of Options When A Mysterious Traveler Arrives And Offers Them Safe Haven At Buckingham Palace, They Begin A Harrowing Journey Across London But Their Fight Is Far From Over The Threat From Within The Palace Is As Real As The One Outside ItFull Of Unexpected Twists And Quick Thinking Heroes, The Enemy Is A Fast Paced, White Knuckle Tale Of Survival In The Face Of Unimaginable Horror

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    We can t lose all we believe in Our sense of right and wrong, said Maxie Just to survive.Just to survive There s no just about it Survival is everything Have you ever noticed that big budget everyone is pretty as all hell even covered in blood Hollywood horror movies hardly ever kill kids The kids escape, live to tell the tale, and walk off into the sunset with their happily ever after tucked under their arms Well.let me say here and now the same can NOT be said for a Charlie Higson world The man has no problems slaughtering his characters his kids I realize that might sound sick, but hey, I m talking horror here haha So yeah, I love the man already and this is just book one DCome on Let me introduce you to Charlie Higson s world The Enemy pulls readers into a world a year in to a disaster that made every grown up 16 years or older sick, crazed, and diseased Adults overwhelmed with madness tear through the streets of London with a hunger for blood and flesh Mothers and fathers turn on their own children Teachers show students whole new kinds of bloody lessons Neighbors killing neighbors So in return, the children must take up arms and defend themselves Kids killing parents, brothers, sisters, and friends Brutal, bloody, disgusting battles of survival that will rip your soul to shreds All over London, groups of armed to the teeth kids have holed up to fight, work, and hopefully survive together Readers meet two groups of kids banded together in supermarkets faced with hard decisions, low food supplies, and constant attacks from the grown ups When news comes down and around about a better place, a safe place with kids, protection, and food the kids decide to risk it all and head to Buckingham Palace Yes, I said Buckingham Palace Haha Bloody brilliant, right As a history geek, Higson is my hero He has infused history lessons into a zombie tale Haha bows head in awe The groups of children range from the very small to the older teenagers in charge with life and death decisions of sacrifice and loyalty Attack, RUN, fire, or die Fighting the grown ups is a must to live another day, but when the fighting, power struggle, backstabbing, and manipulation grow within the bands of kids, each one must learn to stand up, pick a side, lead, follow, or question The kids always assumed the dangers would come from the outside drooling, sick, mad, grown ups trying to get in But what if the enemy is inside, in charge or right beside you Can trust and loyalty survive the bloodbath and slaughter of this zombie like disaster Haha I told myself I would not ramble on, but hell I haven t even touched on the characters yet Some of these voices and kids stole my heart right away while others slowly grew on me through the battles and chaos Several were gone in a blink of an eye while others made me root, cheer and hope to see them lead in the future So many kids woven together with their own voices, humor, and style I loved them all Each one contributed leadership, heart, intelligence, compassion, strength, and ingenuity All coming to together to form a society The way the different threads and ingredients twisted together here on the page was amazing Brilliant I have to shout love out for a few of my favorites though Arran A leader we all hope for in real life One who pulls everyone together by example, strength, and teamwork Maxie The heart of the story for me Pumping compassion and loyalty into the madness.Oh, Whitney haha.Girl, you are kickass D I would hug ya, but I m willing to bet you would kick my ass Small Sam Too cute for words, little man He tiptoed right into my heart with his tenacity and courage The Kid I can t wait to see what this half clever, half stupid, and half crazy boy has up his sleeve A character I kind of put in the same league as my love and obsession with Dodger from Oliver Twist A character to keep your eye on at all times And now to my personal favorite If I was forced to pick one anyway ACHILLEUS He forged a fierce path through this story with humor, strength, and blood shakes head The boy made a dent in my heart the size of Texas Hell, they all did This brutal, no holds barred punch was filled with gruesome and disgusting detail No illusions No mercy No pulled punches Honest, bloody slaughter like style that hit me in all the right places This is their life now Some kids could let go of the old life, accept, change and survive in the new brutal way of things Others could not Sad, bitter, and heartbreaking one minute hilarious and hopeful the next This story clawed at my insides in ways than one.I am reading book two as we speak, so I m sure you will hear of my gushing soon Will the gang survive the royal zombie treatment at the Palace Hope you dive in and find out Read it Charlie Higson s world is unforgettable.

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    Perhaps the most brutal and goriest YA dystopia novel I ever read It s bloodfest almost every chapter The novel is jam packed with things that makes peace loving bitches wince Zombie attacks, strong language There is a line from a character that shocked the hell out of me I didn t like him He s getting on my tits Fuck Yeah Awesomeness cannibalism, and gladiator, everything It s bloody, dark, violent and best of all, it s pure fun Definitely not for the faint heart and sensitive stomach especially the self righteous douchebags Charlie Higson is a damn brave author He s nonchalant about killing his characters left and right He doesn t care if its a major or a minor one He s a psychopath He will let you get attached to the character first, then he will kill it He s like You re liking this character, eh What you would feel if I do this , then he ll kill that character in a brutal way Pure wickedness No one is safe.I highly recommend this to those who loves Michael Grant s GONE novels Both book shares the same elements such as big casts, in your face non stop actions, kids going against each other, alternating perspectives, fast pacings etc It s fun literature at its best.It will leave you exhausted but it will also leave you zombie hungry for I m effin ready for bloodfest and in your face violence The Dead, bring it on I dare you to read it

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    One of my least favorite books from 9th grade English class was Lord of the Flies I hated its theme, I hated its deliberate cruelty, I hated its vision of an island that was about the exact opposite of Island of the Blue Dolphins, a far preferable tale The Enemy is Lord of the Flies amped up, and while adding zombies would seem a natural fit for addressing survival in a world without adults, not even the undead can re animate this into a pleasurable tale Essentially, The Enemy combines zombies with the world of adolescents, scatters in a generous helping of random violence, all in a base layer of basic prose Something has either killed the adults or turned them into zombies, leaving small groups of children under sixteen on their own The setting is basic urban survival, and a band of youngsters is steadily growing desperate when a pied piper comes to lead them to London Specifically, to Buckingham Palace I suppose if you are going to hole up in the apocalypse, why not go big There s a parallel plot with a member of the group, Small Sam, seeking to rejoin his sister Ella after getting separated, and another limited storyline that deals with a boy who didn t want to leave their fortress Overall, while the plot wasn t particularly surprising, it does moves quickly, despite kids arguing virtually every step of the way.There were a couple of interesting offshoots, but unfortunately, they were likely there as teasers, as they weren t addressed before story end For instance, view spoiler why did the zombies carry away Little Sam and not immediately eat him What were the grey beasts near the zoo trying to do Why were the zombies in the London mall playing dress up Why were the grown ups able to live underground but melted up top hide spoiler

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    The Enemy, by Charlie Higson I got to hear Charlie speak at the Disney Hyperion dinner at BEA in New York He said he tried to make this book as scary as possible, and would read scenes to his son, ratcheting them up until his son had trouble sleeping at night I figured this must be worth checking out The best description I can think of The Enemy is The Lord of the Flies with zombies It s set in London after a mysterious sickness has killed off most everyone over the age of sixteen, but left some adults alive as mutated, brainless creatures who want to kill and eat the surviving children Gruesome enough for you Bands of children roam the streets looking for food and trying to survive One such group has created a fortress at a supermarket, but they are out of supplies and the situation looks grim, until a mysterious messenger arrives with an invitation Come to Buckingham Palace, and you ll be safe Is it a dream come true, or a trap The novel offers tons of nail biting action Be aware children die in this book, sometimes in nasty ways The violence is not graphically portrayed, but Higson presents a dark, scary future Different families have different comfort levels about this sort of thing, which is why I mention it, but is The Enemy a page turner Absolutely

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    SO GROSS And yet so satisfying Recommended for those with an iron stomach and are not faint of heart.

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    Can you enjoy a book where pretty much every one of your favourite characters gets chomped on by a zombie I m going to say yes because this book was brilliant.This book was genuinely creepy and I like to think I m made of strong stuff Unless clowns are involved and boats.and, like, those huge Australian bugs that Mandee and Reynje take so much pleasure in sending me pictures of when I m expecting wallabies and koala bears.OK, actually Maybe I am a bit of a wuss.But one thing that struck me about this book was how atmospheric it was I know I made a similar observation in my review for This is Not a Test, but one of the first scenes the bit in the swimming pool, for those who have read it was like the beginning of a horror film.A group of kids are inside somewhere and it s quiet Too quiet But they re safe in here Aren t they You get an idea of the individual characters You have the leader, the cocky one, the cheeky two and the one who keeps looking over his shoulder Better safe than sorry, right And they re all talking and sniping at each other and behaving like boys do And none of them have noticed that something is wrong Really wrong.And that s where I ll stop.I can t describe it because I m not a writer like Mr Higson I mean, you ve read my other reviews, right He d always been scared of the dark His mum had told him not to worry If you can t see the monsters, they can t see you Back then there had been no monsters Not real ones Only imaginary.Now See shudders FYI That quote is from my favourite scenes in the book SO GOOD And also, it s bloody disgusting It s really gruesome We re talking Yancey s The Monstrumologist gruesome The skin blackened, shrivelled and split, the overripe flesh inside squeezing out His insides had turned to mush Arran prodded the body with his trainer As he did so the skin popped, a stream of pus oozed out followed by a bright pink blossom of soft fat I mean, that s disgusting, right That s so vile That s absolutely horrendous.It s also AWESOME And that s not even the best bit That comes later and eeerrrrrrgrgrghhhh it s brilliant.Mr Higson certainly knows how to write a story The twists and turns were perfectly executed and, even though if you ve ever read a zombook or a zombie film you may guess some of the twists and turns, it didn t bother me at all There were certain scenes and certain things that happened that had me completely thrown Mr Higson really took the phrase Kill your darlings to a whole new level Or at least Kill Jo s darlings so, yeah, THANKS FOR THE ANGST, CHARLIE HIGSON.I think without Mr Higson s attention to detail with the characters this could have fallen into the Oh a zombie book Now that s original trap I have lots and lots of notes about my favourite characters in this book but seeing as I ve told you that most of em turn into Zombie Snacks similar to Scooby Snacks, by the way, but um, living I m not going to share my specific thoughts and feelings I kind of loved every single one of them Their back stories, their dialogue, their reactions to what was happening around them, how strong they were when things.happened Love love love.But even though I loved a lot of the characters individually, I adored how they worked as a group They all had their roles to play without it being clich and box ticky Yeah we have the smart one and yeah we have the one who wants to go zombie hunting, and the one who isn t sure what to do but everyone s looking at for help Yep, they re there too But it felt fresh and exciting and by the time I got to the end, I really felt like I was part of their group.Though, that s probably wishful thinking because I would want to be part of their group Because, if when a zombie apocalypse happens, I m going to be used for bait I know this and I ve accepted this But maybe if I stuck with the kids in this book I d last a little bit longer before they dress me in a bright colour and shove me out into the street before locking the door behind me.Anyway You know that feeling when you read the first book of a series although, from my understanding, they don t follow on Just the same universe, though I may just be telling you vicious lies and you get all excited and giddy and you look at every grown up thinking they might eat you I have it with this book and I m really excited to read because if that ending is anything to go on, a lot scary brilliance this way comes.Oh and also zombie monkeys.What was that You want me to elaborate No way.If the phrase zombie monkeys doesn t make you immediately add this to your reading list, I don t think anything will.Anyway, I m gonna have to go because there s this really creepy bloke just standing outside my house I mean what kind of grown man wears a St George s flag t shirt and oh my god, I don t believe it He s just got his friends to come too and nope, I m not having this Hold that thought I ll be right back.You can read this review and other exciting things on my blog, Wear the Old Coat.

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    3.5 5 StarsSummary This book takes place in dystopian London and all adults have succumbed to this disease, making them zombie like There are only the kids left unharmed and now they have to survive daily life With the threat of the grown ups around every corner we follow a large group of children who are just trying to make it to the next day.Dislikes I m a very character driven reader, and this book quickly throws people at you So I found it a bit difficult to connect to anyone.Likes The world building was great and I appreciated the plot The idea of this disease only targeting adults was also very intriguing I ended up really liking Small Sam and his character development since we spent the most one on one time with him.Overall Liked this book, not the best dystopian that I ve ever read but I am curious to see what happens in the rest of the series, especially since there are 6 books.

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    June 2016This is the fourth time I ve read this and I love it than the first time Can t wait to finally finish this series This series is going under my favorite YA zombie books Even though I wouldn t really call the grownups zombies, but oh well It s gory, has plenty of action, has great characters, and I love that it takes place somewhere else besides the U.S I also love the fact that a lot of characters die The author isn t afraid to kill of some characters It s like how GOT isso my tip is to NOT to get attached to anyone I made that mistake the first time I read this years ago Got attached to one specific character and Bam they die Can t wait to finish rereading them all and I can t wait to get my hands on a copy of the last book in November.

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    When a mysterious virus turns all of the adults into kid devouring zombies, the children must do all that they can to survive Can they while out running the adult zombies and find a place they can call safe Read on for yourself and find out.This was a pretty good Ya zombie book that was a different take on the zombie mythos Definitely check this out if you are a fan of horror and zombie books This book is available at hastings and wherever books are sold.

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    Aw yeah This is like it.I usually read books that are romance heavy, and reading this has really proven to me that I needed a break This book was SO GOOD, you guys.I m not much into summarizing, so in short for some unknown reason, all adults and older teens at the time the illness struck have either died or turned into a zombie like creature They will kill and eat any children they can The Enemy is about a large cast of young characters trying to stay safe by any means necessary Favorite CharactersArran The head honcho of the kids He is the quintessential leader character, with a heart of gold to match He gets much love from me view spoiler I was genuinely shocked when he died, especially because it was so early in the book I thought he was going to be the main character, I loved him so hide spoiler

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