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Feed explained Feed, review Feed, trailer Feed, box office Feed, analysis Feed, Feed 8c9f The Year Was We Had Cured Cancer We Had Beaten The Common Cold But In Doing So We Created Something New, Something Terrible That No One Could Stop The Infection Spread, Virus Blocks Taking Over Bodies And Minds With One, Unstoppable Command FEED Now, Twenty Years After The Rising, Bloggers Georgia And Shaun Mason Are On The Trail Of The Biggest Story Of Their Lives The Dark Conspiracy Behind The Infected The Truth Will Get Out, Even If It Kills Them

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 599 pages
  • Feed
  • Mira Grant
  • English
  • 11 September 2018
  • 9780316081054

About the Author: Mira Grant

Seanan McGuire.Born and raised in Northern California, Mira Grant has made a lifelong study of horror movies, horrible viruses, and the inevitable threat of the living dead In college, she was voted Most Likely to Summon Something Horrible in the Cornfield, and was a founding member of the Horror Movie Sleep Away Survival Camp, where her record for time survived in the Swamp Cannibals scenario remains unchallenged.Mira lives in a crumbling farmhouse with an assortment of cats, horror movies, comics, and books about horrible diseases When not writing, she splits her time between travel, auditing college virology courses, and watching horror movies than is strictly good for you Favorite vacation spots include Seattle, London, and a large haunted corn maze just outside of Huntsville, Alabama.Mira sleeps with a machete under her bed, and highly suggests that you do the same.

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    This book has zombies in it, but to call it a zombie or horror novel does it a disservice There are some awesome action sequences, but no gratuitous feeding scenes, screaming teenagers, or B horror movie cliches or gore It s of a novel about journalism, the right to information and free speech, and the personal and political ramifications of a wide spreading disease With occasional zombie action.This is also not necessarily a young adult novel Not because it s inappropriate in any way, but because the themes it addresses are hard and sometimes the narrative is pretty dry In the year 2039, Georgia and Shaun Mason, along with their friend Buffy recognize any zombie related names there , are invited to cover Senator Ryman s presidential campaign in a world in which the Kellis Amberlee virus has decimated the country s population and resources Traditional news organizations have given way to the rise of internet journalism, and the trio of young bloggers must uncover a terrible conspiracy and disseminate information to their readers, all while risking their very lives.The strengths in this novel include incredibly well thought out world building, strong characters, snappy dialogue, unexpected plot twists, and excellent action sequences Mira Grant s attention to detail in Feed regarding precautionary measures, sterilization procedures, and waiting for heart pounding test results all rang very true Richard Preston s The Hot Zone A Terrifying True Story scared the bejesus out of me when it was first published in 1999, and for awhile I was fascinated by the CDC and read a lot of books about various outbreaks and plagues Georgia, who is the primary narrator, is a butt kicking heroine with a huge amount of integrity, and I loved her adopted brother Shaun, who sports both a cheerfully bantering demeanor and a crossbow I have a healthy amount of respect for their efforts to survive and for their pursuit of truth, which often came at great cost to themselves and to those they hold dear.This is not to say that this is a perfect novel There are overly long info dumping passages they are intelligently written and provide necessary back story, but they are info dumps all the same that would have been better served with dialogue a surprisingly uncomplicated, easy to spot villain and some aspects of Georgia and Shaun s relationship that were teased but perhaps a bit unexplored I wish there was also better build up of tension, a few zombie encounters, less politics a personal preference, though, since I find politics a big snoozefest , a less prolonged ending following a major game changing event, and a little emotion throughout the book Overall, I think the spareness of prose and Georgia s all business approach worked within the context of the story, but because I m always looking for emotional connection, I would liked to have seen it spread out in than just a couple of places Howeverthe scenes with emotional impact pack a gigantic wallop It s hard to surprise me these days with unexpected story twists, but this one managed to do it not once, but twice and the outcomes of both those revelations ratchet up the stakes in a way that nothing else could have I had early, anxious worries about the ending, but things didn t unfold the way I expected and it still didn t prepare me for the tears that flowed freely and the awful ache in my throat, both of which still come and go as I think about the book That characters would still, in such extreme and tragic circumstances, behave with such integrity and nobility and selflessness and love, just wrenches my heart To be honest, this would probably normally be a 4 star review because of points I mentioned But because of its heartrending and unforgettable ending, it gets 4.5 stars from me I think as readers, most of us go through dozens and dozens of books hoping to find that one book that shatters our expectations and leaves us speechless with unexpected feeling For me, Feed is one that definitely does that Here is my spoiler free review of the sequel which is okay to read even if you haven t read FEED Reminder DO NOT READ the synopsis for the second book in the trilogy, however, as it spoils major plot points for this first book.

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    I think my Venn diagram says it all What It doesn t Well, alright then This book was a real roller coaster for me I attempted to read a library copy in November and I just couldn t make it through THE POLITICS THE BLOGGING There are several sections of Feed that really slow down the pacing At points, I felt like I was running around an empty track At others, someone had tied concrete blocks to my feet and I was running in quicksand I am so happy that I finished it my second time through, though I have to admit that my motivation to do so was increased by 1 the fact that I was reading with a friend and 2 several of my Goodreads friends sing this book s praises.The ultimate strength of this novel is in the characters Adopted brother and sister, Georgia and Shaun, hold the entire story together with their bond I grew to really enjoy some of the side characters as well, though it was clear to me who was up to no good before their big reveals.I think the reason I didn t love this as much as some of my friends is that I felt it could ve been at least 100 pages shorter than it was If not The beginning solidified Georgia and Shaun s familial situation and their friendship with Buffy, as well as the entire world they were living in and the blogging atmosphere I was hooked The ending was just fantastic It was the middle that was rough going and it makes me nervous to start the second Newsflesh book will it be a blog slog again

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    This is not a zombie book, or at least not a zombie book in the way it is marketed That s only part of the reason why this book pisses me off It promises a zombie novel despite the fact literally hundreds of pages go by without seeing one It kicks off with a bang and some zombie action and then that s it When I buy a book on the understanding it s about zombies, I do actually expect to, you know, experience them Mira Grant assumes otherwise Two things that genuinely confused me The pop culture references to the current world Considering the fact this book is set 20 years in the future, in a completely different world and society andpeople still remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer Irwins are named after Steve Irwin, who, by the time all this takes place, is long dead The whole George Romero thing irked me although I m not really sure why I understand his movies or less catapulted zombies into mainstream culture but his most recent movies have flopped so hard people are wondering why he s still making them I m not ratting on the guy Day Of The Dead was the movie that got me into zombies , I m just saying I don t buy him having a god like status in society The lack of anything sexual Why I m not saying I expected it, or really that the book would have been better with some sex scenes but Grant avoided them to obviously, going as far as the categorically state both Georgia and Shaun are celibate with such abruptness my icky sex radar went through the damn roof It didn t help that she went to noticeable lengths to point out that they only needed each other, no one else under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES I m all for siblings being close but Grant failed massively and just made me suspicious some kind of relationship beyond brother sister was going on I was honestly expecting some kind of incest they re adopted but have been brought up together Not sure if that counts subplot to come out and bite me Georgia, for me, was a huge irritant She was possibly an author insert and definitely a Mary Sue She s awkward and hates the lime light yet gets lots of it, even though she tries her hardest to avoid any attention She s the head of the team yet hates the recognition this gives her She claims to deliver nothing but the truth, despite her blog posts being nothing but her opinion She has an eye condition another thing Grant doesn t let you forget that means she s sensitive to light and can t go without her epic sunglasses This takes nothing away from her appearance other than to make her look moody and cool If my memory serves me right, someone even likens her to a rock star On the occasions that she wears contact lenses, she wears bright blue colored ones so she can make people feel uncomfortable Maybe Grant is under the illusion this is a flaw in some way much like apparently being clumsy and falling over a lot is, ala Bella Swan but it s obviously another way of showing how cool Georgia is There was one passage when she even avoids a hug off of a well meaning woman who has been nothing other than kind to her because she didn t want to have to touch her be touched Hugs last about 3 seconds and she made it sound like touching this woman was akin to licking dog shit What a rude dick She cannot create good, believable characters This is my biggest pet peeve None of them least of all Georgia and Shaun can have a conversation without cracking juvenile one liners and generally showing how bad ass they are And then there s the constant references to the blood testing kit It was ok the first time, but 40th Nope I get it, it s a dangerous place to live judging by the lack of zombie action, it s not really, but I ll pretend to go along with Mira anyway I don t need to be constantly reminded every time they want to open a door It s not like it s mentioned in detail the once, she go into detail every single time The writing is repetitive to a point bordering on infuriating If I had to read This is my brother Shaun, he pokes things with sticks one time I probably would have burst a valve She evens makes a reference to reaching for the stick in the interview at the back It wasn t funny the first time Stop it I really, genuinely do not like this book The I think about it the it pisses me off I m sorry but I m not buying any of it Ps, the fictionals made me want to smash my head off a wall Wtf did she get that from Pps, stereotyping and judging is not good, Mira The only female politician is described as having big fake boobs, zero brain cells and no real talents other than squeezing her ta ta s together Whether or not that s Georgia with a case of The Bitchies I don t know, but it s not exactly fair and reeks of pathetic insecurity The stereotyping Oh dear The only English character drops bloody hells all over the place and has a blog called Fish Clips I shit you not Mira needs a holiday somewhere outside of America Review for second book

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    This book is about mobs of mindless zombies influencing American politics Surprisingly, it s not about the Tea Party.In the year 2014, genetically engineered viruses mutated and caused the dead to come back to life and start munching on people like senior citizens at a casino buffet Over 20% of the world s population got gobbled up like popcorn shrimp, and in 2040 the threat of the still existing virus and zombies has changed life forever Since the virus is present in everyone s system, when anyone dies, whether it s from zombie bite or natural causes, they will turn into one of the undead cannibals Large gatherings of people rarely occur, everyone s homes and cars are fortresses equipped with high tech screening equipment and huge areas like Alaska have been given up as zones too hazardous to enter without special permits and training.Georgia Mason and her brother Shaun are part of the new generation of bloggers Georgia is a straight Newsie, reporting only the facts and trying to get past the spin Shaun is kind of like one of the guys on Jackass who goes out to taunt the undead while recording and posting his exploits When they are offered a chance to follow the presidential campaign of a senator it s a chance for them to move to the head of the pack of web journalists However, when the senator s caravan is the victim of a zombie attack the Masons get caught up in a dangerous conspiracy.This was a pretty unique zombie tale with some very good ideas in it The explanation for the way the virus works is one of the thought out causes of the undead I ve read It also shows a lot of thought of what the media of the future is going to look like with competing websites featuring a mix of news opinion death defying features and even fiction Mira Grant has created a tale of how the fear of external threats can become an everyday part of society that s ripe for exploitation.However, at 600 pages it feels a bit overstuffed We re repeatedly walked through the blood screenings and other security measures that are part of society to the point of boredom Georgia has an eye condition due to the zombie virus present in her system, and there are about 1236 instances of security guys demanding that she take off her prescription sunglasses and the problems it causes And for a book where the threat of zombies is ever present, there are very few actual zombie attacks in it.I couldn t quite wrap my head around the Mason s role in this story They re supposed to be young journalists on their way up, but somehow Georgia s reports quickly become must reading on the web as she instantly became an expert on presidential politics her first time covering a campaign Also, Georgia and Shaun are constantly looking down their noses at everyone around them for being amatuers when it comes to dealing with zombies because as we are repeatedly reminded they are licensed and trained journalists with extensive time in the field So these young people are apparently the only ones with the smarts, experience and ability to see what s going on and everyone, including a US senator, defers to them to an unbelievable degree.Still, this was fun mash up of a zombie story and a political conspiracy thriller with some interesting predictions about where the new media will take us I ll probably check out the next one in the series, but I hope there s brain munching and fewer blood tests in the second book.

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    three stars look at me i am right in the middle of the road with this one watch out for traffic, karen i wanted to read this as soon as it came out i think i bought it the week we got it into the store but, you know how i roll, this was just sitting around for ages and ages in a stack by the door and then i heard that it was amaaaazing and then i heard that it was terrrrrible and etc etc and it wasn t until zombie month 2011 that i managed to see for my damn self.and for me, it was good but i have no choice but to rate it in terms of the other zombie books i have read thus far it was way better than dust and frail, but not as good as the reapers are the angels or raising stony mayhall so we gotta go with a solid and respectable three fair is fair, after all.i loved the characters in this book, i gotta say george and shaun are both such damaged and driven people and i was so relieved that grant didn t go where it looked like she wanted to go with their characters she was toeing the line there for a while, and i was rolling my eyes and giving her warnings, but she never toppled over into ick territory, and that made ME feel like the creep for seeing things that weren t there i shake my fist at you, ms grant, but appreciate that you made their relationship so exceptional without making it exceptionally gross.also great is the world building it is dense with details and mostly reasonable on the one hand the virus transmission or activation is really cool and not something i have seen before so nicely done there on the other hand does anyone remember the dandy warhols today, in 2011 i don t think anyone in 2040 will be remembering them there is nostalgia, and then there is just foolishness but other than that, i enjoyed the details that were original and specific to this particular zombie world that is always my favorite part of these kinds of books what the author is contributing to the mythology that is unique to their story the only reason i didn t like this as much as the two books that i really loved is because it is of a traditional zombie story an action story with political cover ups and a central mystery and numerous action sequences the books i found particularly great were tricksy in the way they used the zombies but that doesn t mean i am not going to read the second one or the e book short stories i am curious to see where she takes the story, now that THE THINGS THAT HAPPENED IN THIS BOOK HAVE HAPPENED is my version of dancing around spoilers all i know is that i liked this book, and even though i had to write some damn paper in the middle of it, which made my house look like this for a week or so which looks totally cluttered, but is actually very carefully arranged , i still was very interested in getting back to this book, and it was easy to fall back into its world when i needed a break from academia i am going to read the second part later in the week, and then i guess wait patiently for the third part as a bonus, here is a picture of my cat in a drawer man, i have lost the knack for writing book reports i all dizzy from learning who wants to read a paper about readers advisory come to my blog

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    YO, THERE S SOME MUTHAFUCKIN SPOILERS UP IN THIS BITCH, FOR REAL 1 Star for the most grindingly obvious villain that i ve had the displeasure of experiencing in years he s a militaristic, right wing, fundamentalist old man with the ruthless urge to dominate and no respect for youth, the media, liberals, etc i know these people exist, obviously but can t targets be picked with a bit subtlety and finesse this guy was out of central casting and only needed a moustache to twirl to be obvious geez louise, Captain Obvious The Author not only is the target predictable, but his every villainous move is telegraphed with thudding, insulting He Is Bad Man ness how trite obvious, obvious, obvious SNORE 2 Stars for some pretty shoddy writing at times many times. no, i don t need to hear snarky comments made every other paragraph because that s the way young adults on tv talk, not real young adults at least not 100% of the time and no, i don t need to read incensed reactions to hyper vigilant security protocols every single time that a security protocol happens good grief, enough is enough repetition does not make this heart grow fonder the second time this happened, i grimaced the third time it happened, i began to hold a grudge by the time it happened for the umpteenth time, yo, i was cursing up a muthafucking storm, for real also, characterization for supporting characters WEAK i find out that Buffy was the funniest person that Shaun ever knew and yet the reader has been given no evidence of this in fact the reader has been given no evidence whatsoever that Buffy even has a personality beyond an OCD desire to be technologically on top of things and at the end i find out that the nonentity known as Rick is now a vice presidential candidate uh, whatever words can t convey my feelings of derision at that announcement 3 Stars for Overall Enjoyment i, as the stars say, Liked It would i recommend it no, probably not, except maybe to a teenager although, duh, that s the target audience, mark, get a grip so despite the above complaints, and see below, overall this wasn t a disagreeable experience for me the zombie attacks were sparse, and despite being a zombie lover, i appreciated their sparseness it rather lifted this book above straight up horror and this is, i suppose, a bonafide YA novel so i also really, really, really appreciated the lack of Corny Eyerolling Romance Lite thank you, author 3 Stars should be automatic for any novel that has intelligent goals behind its design, that seeks to entertain but also seeks to provoke and to make the reader both think and feel 3 Stars for getting that right 4 Stars for Edjumakation for the Youth i am probably going to sound like an old man here what s new , but the lessons in this novel actually are pretty important and i think it is really important that The Young People, whoever they are, listen up for real the whole novel is an obvious parallel for what is happening in the States RIGHT NOW or i guess what could be happening in the forseeable near future the U.S is at a very dangerous crossroads as we speak, with religious fundamentalists and sociopathic assholes in political power and often in collaboration with parts of the mainstream media , and poised to turn this country into Taliban Lite in terms of both domestic and foreign policy yes, that s an exaggeration, but a purposeful one now i love my conservative friends, so no offense to you all, but elements of the right wing have degraded debate to a point where debate is simply a game of chicken who can go the farthest who can block the most policies who can call who a communist or anti american or enter pathetic cliche here i think all the viciousness of the extreme right wing quasi fundamentalists is simply the viciousness of a group of close minded, money grubbin bullies who smell that the wind is blowing against them but they are still in power and they want to remain in power and they have the resources to accomplish their disgusting dreams so yeah, i appreciate all the points laid out so energetically in Feed kids, teens, young adults, whatever people should know what exactly is happening, and they should be pissed off and angry the time for old men like myself is fading fast and i m not even that old but me and my friends main concerns these days seem to be about day to day things involving work and family and vacations it was different when i was younger i was angry and broke, with very little in the way of tangible responsibilities nowadays i just want to make sure i do the right thing on a daily basis if i can say i ve accomplished that, i ve had a good day so i really hope all the folks who are younger than me, all the folks who are inheriting this country and the earth i hope that they are pissed off, angry, and that they want change and for that, Feed is a 4 Star Call to Arms well, not arms as in guns you know what i mean anyway, i really admire Feed s passion and its anger i truly appreciate it 5 Stars for that one chapter, and the one before it, and the one after you know the ones i mean She Dies my God, that was moving it was tough to read i may have a ton of complaints about the writing overall, but in those three chapters, no complaints whatsoever perfectly accomplished i felt sick, i felt sad, i felt moved, i felt so much beautiful job on that incredible, really i wouldn t change a word of Chapters 25, 26, and 27 because they all flirt with a kind of minor note brilliance just the kind that i like wow wow so thank you for that, Mira Grant a sad kind of thanks oh, and this was a Drunk Review or at least a tipsy one happy hour drinks after work with my pals, that s the way we old folks roll now what s on tv it s time to not think a perfect time for a zombie attack

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    Looks like I m going to have to add this book to the list I call Popular books I can t appreciate along with novels like The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Magic Bites To all those goodreads members who loved this book I tried, I swear I did I finished a book that failed to grab my interest one bit right up to the last page, I have never forced myself to read 571 pages of a book that felt like wading through sludge Perhaps I am not intelligent enough for this story, but whatever the reason, I ve come away with nothing but relief that it is now over.I won t give it 1 star, it is not a bad novel The characters were varied and developed, the writing was sophisticated but the story was just boring Drab Dull I have mixed feelings about zombie novels zombies themselves don t interest or scare me so there has to be something to the story this wasn t a problem In fact, the book wasn t largely dedicated to flesh eating and zombie moans, it was dedicated to something which I am very interested in and should have been what sold the book to me politics.I am a self confessed politics nerd, I have been for a long time probably ever since I was eleven reading Orwell s 1984 and discovering for the first time how politics could be used to create one hell of a fictional story I was delighted when I read that the novel was political than anything else Ah, well, it wasn t what I expected In fact, this novel is one very long, drawn out presidential campaign that made me want to tear my hair out with boredom I am very surprised that I finished the book at all.I think I was waiting for a great pivotal change to occur about half way through I ve read several reviews saying that the pace picks up in the second half I would say it does marginally I think other members obviously found a greater difference between the first and second halves that I didn t pick up on It s difficult to say a novel is slow to get going when I never really thought it did Get going, that is.I found Feed to be a novel that was too long, too dull and too concerned with technical mumbo jumbo I m not a genius but I m no idiot either and I can t believe that I could be the only one thinking what on earth at all the medical lingo and weird descriptions of things that I d never heard of I like books that can be educational as well as fictional but if I don t know what the author s talking about I can t take anything away from the experience By about page 300 of this book, I would look at it on my desk and want to groan at the thought of picking it up again I cannot imagine there would ever be any desire in me to pick up Deadline.

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    This book broke my heart Twice Today I have a headache and puffy bags under my eyes But it was worth it Kellis Amberlee is a fact of existence You live, you die, and then you come back to life, get up, and shamble around trying to eat your former friends and loved ones That s the way it is for everyone. Two of my favorite books this year both have zombies in them One is The Reapers Are the Angels The other is Feed view spoiler I wonder what that says about me hide spoiler

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    I read this for the Apocalypse Whenever book group and ended up not liking it at all I ll admit I have some prejudices that pushed me to that assessment 1 I really hate it when I can hear an author s opinions or point of view coming out of the mouths of his or her characters Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park, Laszlo Kreizler in The Alienist, etc Laszlo even looks like Caleb Carr I know that authors almost always use their characters to channel some of the authors own thoughts and opinions, but when the writer uses the character as a direct mouthpiece it just looks amateurish and vain Grant does this so blatantly that I feel I can comfortably assume she is a single, geeky, female who doesn t get along with her parents but still lives with them, drinks lots of Coke, has frequent migraines, loves cats, has given up on sex, and wishes she could wear sunglasses all the time without looking odd No offense meant to geeks I m one too.2 I d also assume that she writes and or reads a lot of fanfic That was the very first impression I had when I started reading this book and 500 pages later it hadn t changed Again, no offense meant to those who enjoy reading or writing fanfic if you like it, go for it but I personally don t care for the stuff It s almost always bush league if that , written for a niche audience, and full of errors in style and editing This book strikes me as the product of a fanfic writer who learned to structure a novel well enough to be published.3 Plenty of style and editing errors show through, though It was bad enough that half way through the novel I started dog earing pages so I could return to reference The characters of Governor Tate and presidential candidate Ryman are so one dimensional as to be completely unbelievable She may as well have had Tate throttling kittens and Ryman running a baby dolphin rescue organization hint one of those examples is not my invention I m not racking my brain over it but I really can t think of an instance where I ve encountered two flatter characters.4 She should fire Matt Branstad, who was responsible for verifying the accuracy of my firearms design A lot of zombie fiction fans are also interested in survivalism and are gun enthusiasts, and when it came to weapon technology the details were only superficially touched upon The computer technology details, on the other hand which make up a large part of the book seemed to be top notch, believable, and well researched Of course I have no first hand knowledge of that kind of stuff so I have no idea if it s accurate or not.5 Tons of lame self aggrandizing statements like, He was a journalist after all and we re all incurably insane EYEROLL 6 She has a strange preoccupation with handshakes, describing three different characters as having handshakes that are strong but not too strong pg 81, 235, 399 7 She describes a VW Thing as having airbags which they were not built with I suppose one could have been retrofitted but there s no mention of that detail Further, you can t be pinned by an airbag.Anyways I m starting to sound like I m piling on Despite being a big fan of zombie stories I won t be picking up the sequels in this trilogy.eta I d logged around 400 books on Goodreads before creating the waste of paper shelf, just for this book.

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    Ok, I really got to stop adding things to my review. but just this last time..Feed and the entire Newsflesh Trilogy made the list for..Best Badass Zombie Bookshttp badassbookreviews.com the bestOk All you FEED fans for your viewing pleasure from Mira Grant s aka Seanan McGuire s blog FED by Mira GrantWhat if the ending of FEED had been different FED, by Mira Grant But trust us, if you haven t read FEED, you don t want to read on This ending contains massive spoilers.Still want to read FED. go tohttps www.facebook.com newsflesh apUpdate 5 23 11 I did say I would pre order the next book, and I did Even though I have a Kindle and can get the book the same day I order it, I actually pre ordered book 2 for my Kindle Yes, I know I am a dork but I do love this book THAT much I m not very good at writing reviews Why Because I don t like big words, suck at grammar, and frankly, I just want everyone to trust me when I say read the book without explanation Nevertheless, I know that I must put forth effort than begging you to read this book.Mira Grant aka Seanan McGuire created a world that sucked me in every minute I was reading it I thought the beginning of the book was long, and boring But without it, the last 400 pages would have not been what it was, a truly magnificant book I can t stop thinking about this book Everything that happened, George and Shuan, and their relationship, the ending you ll either love it or hate it , the politics, the action, oh yeah, and the Zombies Will I read the next book I, without a shadow of doubt, will hit the pre order button as soon as the second book becomes available Update my copy is circulating among my co workers, I liked this book so much, I just bought another copy The only other time I ve ever done that was with the Fever series Karen Marie Moning Another Update I ve placed this book on my favorite book of 2010 shelf.

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