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    I don t read a lot of self help type books maybe I should nor do I read a lot of LDS non fiction But I really think this book is a gem Fun to read with great little tidbits of advice I ve read several times as my children have grownespecially when I just need to feel like someone else has been there.

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    I m surprising myself by giving this five stars it s not my normal five star fare , but it was so enjoyable to read and has given me so much to think about and revisit that I really think it deserves the five star rating from me That said, I don t think this will be a five star book for everyone, so I need to clarify First, have you ever absolutely LOVED a book, only to reread it a few years later and wonder what was so great about it Sometimes, you just happen to pick the perfect time to read a bookwhere you can relate to everything in it and overlook all its flaws and totally immerse yourself in the writing That happened to me with this book I m sure it has something to do with the fact that I have a new baby and my life is slowly becoming ever chaotic I honestly don t think I could have read this book at a appropriate timemy feelings, frustrations, hopes, fears, anxieties, and dreams were all validated I feel like it was truly a tender mercy to read this book just when I needed it most.Second, besides the perfect timing, many of the topics have given me a lot to ponder about One of my favorite analogies compared life to a video game ironic, I know, that I would like a video game analogy There are many sections that I want to write up and post around my house so that I can see and remember them on a daily basis.Third, I don t want to give this book back to the library I want it to be my own so I can reread sections and feel those good mommy feelings all over again Last, speaking of rereading, I think on a Mother s Day in the future, I will reread the book in its entirety Nothing says five stars like I will take the time to read this book again Depending on what my life is like at that point, I might wonder why I gave this book five stars, or it might be that I will love it just as much but in a different way.If you are a mom, you will for sure like this book, even if you don t love itit is full of funny stories and takes a very realistic look at mothering It will make you grateful for this very special job.

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    I pulled this off the bookshelf a few months after my daughter was born I was in the throes of baby blues and I remember sitting down and reading this I read it in just a few hours and while it did not make the baby blues go away it helped me feel better about being a mom and helped me get through that one day I love Emily Watts I should probably go read this again.

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    There was only one chapter in this book that I really enjoyed The chapter about being grateful and trying to enjoy the stages that your children are in at the moment was really touching for me Other than that, I thought the book was advice that I have already heard and that is pretty much impossible to live by.

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    As a foster mom two 2 elementary age children, and 1 teenager, a full time nanny to two newborn twin baby girls, and pregnant with our first, I can say that this book about motherhood is a saving grace A reminder that we can t do it all, but that what we are doing as mothers is worth it

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    Throughout this whole book, I was ready to give it 3 stars, but I enjoyed the last chapter so much, that I decided to add one This is a great, easy read about all the little things one needs to remember to enjoy their journey through motherhood It had a lot of fun humor and was chuck full of thought provoking comparisons I really enjoyed each page as I was reading it, and I laughed and teared up quite a few times However, I am finding that I can t remember much of what I read, so I must not have taken many lessons away from the time I spent reading it Oh well As I mentioned before, my favorite part of the book was Strategy 10 Remember That the Years Fly By, Even Though Some of the Days Are Mighty Long This book included all the phases of motherhood from pregnancy through your child s adulthood, then it listed out things you ll have to live through, and the things you ll want to remember I cried all the way through each phase and I really appreciated the thoughts the author had to share What a great book to remind a woman how important her role as a mother is, even though it doesn t always feel that way Definitely worth reading once

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    This book is uplifting and harmless I don t think the writing or ideas were particularly captivating or that I had any moments of great inspiration reading it as is the case with some parenting books I didn t particularly enjoy it I think it had philosophical ideas than practical suggestions or the strategies were so obvious that I didn t feel I came away having learned very much I do agree with her ideas.I did check out the book and audio version, the reader on the audiobook has one of those syrupy voices that almost makes me choke and made kind of cheesy material seem super cheesy.It is a quick, easy read Even though it really wasn t my favorite, didn t lose a lot of time reading it.

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    This books gives such good advice to moms It is one that I plan to buy and have my own copy I especially liked the advice she gave on saying yes to a project or task These are the three questions you should ask yourself 1 Will it feel me in some way creatively or emotionally or physically or socially 2 Is it important to another person s well being 3 Can I honestly say that I have the time and money to pursue it The only other question that I would add to that is Do I have the energy to fulfill this task This is a quick read, very enjoyable.Lesa

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    My mom just suggested this author to me and when I read this book I realized I had read it before long before So, I grazed over it yummy and had lots of laughs She s a very pick me up person and I like her style My two favorite chapters are defintely the last two My goal was to read one new marriage book and one new parenting book this year Even though I had already read it, it was still good to throw in.

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    Emily Watts is hilarious She describes many true to life experiences that any mother could relate to I found the strategies good ones, but ones that I accidentally learned by myself a few years ago, okay well most of them Okay, I d like to think I learned those strategies All right, I ll be totally honest and say this book was pretty valuable But I would have to say that it would be better for soon to be or new mothers Altogether, it s an uplifting and fun read.

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