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Like a Prince summary Like a Prince , series Like a Prince , book Like a Prince , pdf Like a Prince , Like a Prince 9ac70f20bd Five Gay Fairy Tales That Feature Classic Stories Like The Beauty And The Beast And Cinderella With A Queer Twist What Are The Erotic Possibilities Of The Dashing Princes And Dark Forbidden Forests That We Learned About As Children Stories Range From The Charming Tale Of A Mischievous Cinderella To The Deliciously Dark Story Of A Modern Day Little Red Riding Hood Complete With A Real Life Wolf A Mysterious Young Prince Needs Help From A Beautiful Young King In The Goose Boy, And Beauty And The Beast Gets A Sexy Retelling In Captivated Includes Stories By Elizabeth Schechter, Julie Cox, Kiernan Kelly, Alexandra Erin, And Monique Poirier

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    Captivated by Julie Cox 3 starsTwo Balls by Alexandra Erin 4 starsLe Petit String Rouge by Kiernan Kelly 1 star hated the bad ending Goose Boy by Monique Pourier 4 starsTo Market by Elizabeth Schechter 4 stars

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    Take fairytale, take out girls and insert boys instead and you got lovely stories for good night reading Classical themes were well handled and the book was pleasant My personal best is beauty and the beast.

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    I like re tellings of fairy tales And these stories were rather imaginative and pretty damn steamy I liked the one about Cindarella s balls the most The voice of the narrator was cheeky yet poetic still.The little Red Riding Hood one was not exactly my cup of tea but there was something entralling in its cruelty.The Beauty adn the Beast is one of my favorite stories and this version was pretty interesting even though I am not sure I like the Beauty that much But by the time it ended I didn t care very much about my first impression of him being that of an obnoxious brat The last two stories I have no reference to but I liked both quite well The Goose Boy one had a rather bittersweet undertone and the goblin one was just sweet all over.

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    I love fairy tales and have a real soft spot for fairy tale retellings, so often I ve found that people try to be too clever and lose some of the nawww happily ever after fairy tale glow Apart for a couple of exceptions I found these stories remarkably true to form and really enjoyed this book That being said I would have given this book a higher rating but those exceptions didn t really win me over.

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    I started this forever ago I finished by force of will

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    Entertaining and enjoyable collection.

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    You can read my reveiw

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