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Mirror, Mirror pdf Mirror, Mirror , ebook Mirror, Mirror , epub Mirror, Mirror , doc Mirror, Mirror , e-pub Mirror, Mirror , Mirror, Mirror f49481906f5 Looks To Kill ForAna Is Nothing Like Her Glamorous Mother, Queen Veda, Whose Hair Is Black As Ravens And Whose Lips Are Red As Roses Alas, Queen Veda Loathes Anyone Whose Beauty Dares To Rival Her Own Including Her DaughterAnd Despite Ana S Attempts To Be Plain To Earn Her Mother S Affection,she S Sent Away To The Kingdom S Exclusive Boarding SchoolAt The Academy, Ana Is Devastated When Her Only Friend Abandons Her For The Popular Girls Isolated And Alone, Ana Resolves To Look Like A True Princess To Earn The Acceptance She DesiresBut When She Uncovers The Dangerous Secret That Makes All Of The Girls At The Academy So Gorgeous, Just How Far Will Ana Go To Fit In

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    Beauty was an interesting retelling of Snow White The writing was simplistic and enticing and the tale progressed quickly and managed to keep my interest throughout.Tatiana Anatolia, or Ana, was a fiery main character I liked her intelligence, spirit, and resilience throughout the book The lack of a male love interest was actually refreshing, because it was good to see Ana fend for herself and survive against her evil, cruel mother The result is a gritty, dark version of Snow White, which I enjoyed immensely.The only thing I found rather lacking was the ending, which was very glossed over to me The queen s death was abrupt and not well explained and the final chapters were rushed Otherwise, Beauty would have been a good retelling of the traditional fairytale.

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    3.5 5 stars

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    This is the same book as Beauty by Nancy Butcher Are they the same author Here is the other book s link.

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    I love a fairy tale retelling and this one was a pretty good version of Snow White well bits and pieces of Snow White Evil Queen, check.7 dwarves uncheck.This was a pretty short book, of a novella really and not worth the eight dollars I spent on it, it really should have been in the five dollar range.The author had a good voice, storytelling and setting were decent, in fact the world she created for her characters was pretty fascinating and I would love to see tales located in it I had a little bit of an issue with the character development and a teensy issue with the plot I felt that the Queen s back story lacked Why did she want to be so beautiful that she d kill her daughter What drove her In some parts the Queen seemed to love her daughter and then have that love turned to disgust and hate when her evil little Beauty Consultant would advise her that the girl was going to be the Queen s competition He was the main bad guy of this story It just seemed like a stretch that she would round up all these young beautiful girls and kill them She just didn t feel evil enough I am not sure how to explain it, I felt she was a villain with potential that wasn t realized.Ana was supposed to be 16 or 17, however her inner voice sounded like a 12 year old girl She makes herself ugly and fat to win her mother s love and then when at school her BFF ditches her for popular girls she comes out of her shell as a beautiful true princess She suddenly is a heroine and saves the day, rescuing everyone Which I felt was a bit of a stretch.There was no romance in this novella, yes you read that right This book had NO ROMANCE it was pretty awesome, it was completely plot driven even if the plot lacked a tiny bit and Ana was the star though I craved about her mother.I felt the ending was rushed while the start was a little slow However I enjoyed reading this book and that s important for me It was fun and simple, had all the trademarks of a fairy tale, aside from the missing love interest If you are looking for a fast easy read, perhaps something to take on vacation then this is the book for you.

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    Name Mirror, MirrorRating Main Character Princess Queen TatianaBook Boyfriend No OnePage Turner YesCliffhanger NoHappily Ever After YepWhat I learnt from this book Beauty isn t everything and doesn t matter if you re filled with ugliness inside You should love yourself no matter what, and not hate someone else just because they re better than you Be thankful for what you have.And Don t be a bitchy mother.AnaPellQueen VedaI really liked the story line and this is probably the first non romance book I ve read in a long time and it felt good Recently, I ve narrowed my reading choices down to just romance and paranormal, but change is good.The story was good, showing how a woman s love of beauty led her to feel hatred for her daughter and how she d go to any extent to stay the most beautiful woman in the kingdom It was kinda like Snow White, but with a twist Ana wants her mother s love, and she does everything to make her mother love her again, even if it means eating pastries and getting fat and not showering and getting ugly But her mother s love for beauty is too damn much and she s willing to do anything to make sure no one surpasses her beauty, and in the end, gets what she deserves.Overall, A nice little read.

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    Ana wants to be ugly She has worked very hard at it, ever since she was twelve years old Ever since the day a man complimented her on her beauty and she saw the look of hatred, jealousy, and anger in her mother s eyes Now she doesn t bathe, doesn t trim her toenails, doesn t brush her hair, and eats nothing but pastries, bread, and moldy cheeses Her nutrition has left her body pudgy and her face blemished She is happy because she seems to have her mother s favor however, staying ugly takes a lot of effort Queen Veda, Ana s mother, is a calculating ruler Vanity is her main focus and she is never without her strange Beauty Consultant He is a creepy little man that is always lurking around His eyes turn red whenever he approves of the way the Queen looks He mixes beauty potions and creates creams out of ingredients like spiders and leaves for the Queen to use to maintain her beautiful appearance It is Queen Veda s jealousy that leads her to devise her most diabolical plan ever The Queen creates a new Academy for the best and brightest girls of the land About fifty girls receive personal invitations to attend this prestigious academy and Pell, Ana s best friend, is one of them Ana is heartbroken, thinking that she will lose her best friend forever But on the advice of the Beauty Consultant, Queen Veda sends Ana to the Academy, too Pell and Ana are thrilled to be attending a school that will provide rigorous academics, while at the same time being roommates However, a sinister plot awaits all the girls that attend the Academy BEAUTY is a fast paced fairy tale that pulls at your heartstrings The reader will cheer for Ana when she finally realizes the truth about her mother The sinister plan could have been sinister and the ending a little complex, but overall this is a fascinating story, definitely one for fans of queens, princesses, and fairy tales.

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    I am usually not so critical of books but I just really did not like this book There was just many things wrong with it the synopsis originally sounded really intriguing to me but it did not turn out to be what I hoped it would be The book follows the story of Ana the daughter of very beautiful Queen Veda Queen Vedas goal in life is to be the most beautiful person of all time So when she sees how beautiful her daughter is becoming she shuns her All that Ana wants though is to have her mother love her In result she tries to make herself as ugly as possible But still her mother is worries of Ana becoming beautiful then her so she sends her away to a special academy But at the academy the girls are as obsessed with being beautiful as Ana s mother and maybe even The thing that was the biggest issue for my was the way the author wrote the story it was written in a very exaggerated and over the top voice Sometimes it also sounded kind of childish to me too She also wrote the story in a very dark way sometimes which I wouldn t originally object to but sometimes it just came out being really strange There was also not much character development in the book I also couldn t stand the main character Ana She was so whiny at times and came across desperate and annoying I could not connect to her at all and that made the book hard to read Not one of the characters in this book actually stood out to me in a good way They were either annoying, strange, or just boring.Overall this book just did not don t for me, it was dark, annoying, and strange I think this book could of had potential with the interesting synopsis but the author just did not execute it the right way.

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    In this re telling tale of Snow White being beautiful is quite dangerous Nancy Ohlin takes a classic fairy tale and completely makes it her own We see Queen Veda and Ana s mother daughter relationship throughout the book All her majesty wants is to be the fairest of them all and all Ana wants is her mother s love And in order to have her mother s love and approval she has to be ugly So she doesn t bathe, eats unhealthy and doesn t take time to groom herself properly But the beauty consultant still says that Ana will surpass the queen So Queen Veda fabricates an elite school to where she invites the most beautiful girls And it seems as though their beauty is only enhancing The question is, will Ana cave in It has been quite a long time since I ve read a book written in third person I had to get into the groove for the first few pages I did like Ana s character very much Especially in the second half where she stands her ground and doesn t budge on certain issues All the characters were neatly developed There was only one character I disliked and that was the beauty consultant He was very strange and I wish I had background on him But other than that I enjoyed this story and it s underlying message Having beauty isn t everything, it could destroy you I love Ohlin s take on this classic tale It is very different from what I ve grown to know, yet similar in certain aspects Completely re telling a story that has been told time and time again and making it your own, I believe, is a difficult task Nancy Ohlin has excelled It was a fast paced read And by fast paced I mean it will keep you very intrigued and anxious for what is to come.

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    I was expecting there to be , something I expect Ana to be stronger She knew her mother hated her for her beauty and thus she tried to ruin it by eating pastries, not washing her hair and such Which is kind of gross A week without washing your hair That s just Pure gross and unhygienic The old man was creepy, but what I was hoping for Ana to kill Queen Veda After knowing what her mother had done, all she did was confront her and in the end she still felt that maybe it was better if she had just been the same old ugly Ana in disguise to please her IS ANA OUT OF HER MIND OR SOMETHING I must say I was hoping a prince to save Ana from her misery and unhygienic state, but romance is not always needed, but Ana s character is a bit too bland Too flat Also, King Galen should definitely haunt Queen Veda or explain it clearly what exactly she had done to him I assumed she had killed him for the throne There are so many questions left unanswered for me and there could be a sequel but nah, I most definitely wouldn t get it if there is one.

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    a very interesting approachOriginally posted on Small ReviewSnow White was never my favorite fairy tale either, but it s a princess story, so I m always at least partially predisposed to liking it And, overall, I did like this one With some reservations.Nancy Ohlin s version was definitely unique, twisting the traditional focus on Snow White s beauty into a story about body image and disordered thinking This was a much deeper, sadder story than I usually associate with the original tale.Nancy Ohlin did an excellent job exploring the relationship between the Snow White character and her mother and the disordered thinking and emotional pain between the two These women are both damaged and ill and while it was very well done, it was also very uncomfortable to read.Which is my main problem with the book I don t like issues books, and this is definitely an issues book Sure it s fantasy and takes place in a fantasy world with magic and potions, but it s really an issues book.Check it out if you re looking for a short, unique fairy tale retelling like the Once Upon a Time series particularly the The Rose Bride Just be prepared for something much weightier and darker.

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