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  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • Comfort Food
  • Kate Jacobs
  • Portuguese
  • 15 May 2018

About the Author: Kate Jacobs

Kate Jacobs is the New York Times bestselling author of Comfort Food, Knit Two, and The Friday Night Knitting Club, which has over 1 million copies in print.Kate grew up near Vancouver, British Columbia, in the scenic and delightfully named town of Hope pop 6,184 It s an area filled with friends and family and Kate loves to visit Back then, of course, it was tremendously boring, as only home

10 thoughts on “Comfort Food

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    Zzz oh, I m sorry, did you say something I apologize I was put into a deep sleep by this latest book from Kate Jacobs A great cure for insomnia I couldn t make it past 100 pages Too much telling, not enough showing, and no clue where the book was going or why If I read one word about poor little Gus the TV star, who seems like a total unlikeable control freak, I was going to scream Nothing happened, and I didn t really care if it did or not The inconsistencies really got to me, too she doesn t own a cookbook but somehow has a copy of Julia Child s French Cooking Vol II in her house, who doesn t wear a seatbelt even though her husband died in a horrific traffic accident whatever This is going on my will never finish list.

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    I can t believe I actually finished this book Halfway through, I realized I was still waiting to like it I kept plowing ahead, hoping that the next chapter would redeem all of the awfully written and constructed previous chapters That never happened Characters were dull, the story felt rushed and incomplete, and the food seemed like an after thought Over all, the whole story was contrived The ending was saccharine and came together far too neatly to even be remotely believable, entertaining, or satisfying I would give this book zero stars if it were possible.

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    I loved the first three hundred pages The details are on, the story line is engaging, and I am willing to suspend some disbelief But, I figured out my trouble with Kate Jacobs She runs this huge ensemble cast of characters through her novels, and this forces a contrived ending to wrap up all the different characters The over all effect is that everyone is a little too good, and that things work out perfectly, just like that I think this book and Friday Night Knitting would be better if she used one narrator, and focused on no than 3 main characters, maybe less I see how she s been influenced by ensemble TV for sure

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    I only made it past the first chapter It just didn t engage me At all Maybe it s something about reading in the third person that I don t like Maybe it s something about Kate Jacobs drilling into my head the characteristics of Gus Simpson over and over and over and over.With so many books on my to read list, why waste time with something I m not enjoying It s so very hard for me to give up on a book because it may very well be a fabulous book after you muddle through _____ number of pages chapters I m just not in the mood to muddle I want something good and I want it now as I type I want it now I have Veruka Salt of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory singing in my head I want the world, I want the whole world I want it NOW What brats both of us are Edited to add after writing my thoughts on this book I looked up other reviews and found that I m not the only one that thought it was painfully boring So now I don t feel bad for giving up on it.

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    Gus Simpson is turning 50, has two 20 something daughters, and her own cooking show which is experiencing a ratings slump The story revolves around her need to heal from tragedy, develop better relationships with her children, and define who she is and what she wants out of the rest of her life.with a little romance thrown in the side.One problem I had with The Friday Night Knitting Club is that there were too many darn characters in the book It s even worse in this book because the book isn t as long It just seemed like the characters didn t get developed as well as I would have liked And the ending Don t even get me started I love a happy ending, but this one was so ridiculous it was like nails on a chalkboard.I read this because I needed a little mind candy And, it is good for that I thought the premise was good better than knitting, for me personally and there were even a few moments where the author really explored some raw feelings But, other times the story was just over the top and not very believable.

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    This book was just ok It was the kind of book that if I had been at the airport and didnt have a book and bought it, I wouldn t have been angry that I had to read it But it was really predictable and had some parts that really annoyed me I don t know if it was because I read it on kindle but it was confusing how the point of view shifted very abruptly, sometimes I couldn t tell it was even a new paragraph and suddenly the story was from someone else s perspective It s also a pet peeve of mine when authors tell you the same information than once, like you re not smart enough to remember that they just told you who a character is And my last complaint about this book is that I know it s a standard of chick lit but do all male and female characters who work with each other have to fall in love, really I gave it two stars instead of one because the main character s name is Gus but she s a woman, gasp.

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    I ve read all of this author s books This was good just not as good as the others I do feel like baking a coffee cake in the morning so I did get something out of it I can t remember the last time I baked

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    I hated all the characters in this novel and that made this impossible to like.Our main character, a universally likeable TV personality, was overly preachy and tight like a detestable version of Martha Stewart Her grown daughters were inexcusably whiny In fact, our entire cast was shockingly immature, childish and catty and not in a entertaining Real Housewives way Even the weirdly omniscient narrator didn t know when to shut up not allowing the reader to infer everything for themselves and instead spelling everything out with a gaggable optimistic tone We start out with a misfit cast characters that don t like each other characters competing for the same spotlight characters with unpleasant pasts characters with personal baggage and by the end of the book they ve all come together to be best friends, each in turn, saving the day and having each others backs Throw four men and four women in a room and watch them all conveniently pair off and fall in love So combine irritating characters with a predictable plot this book is anything but comforting.

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    I m not sure where to start with this one It wasn t until I reached the last chapter of this book that the hope for something worthwhile was finally crushed What was wrong with it The plot What plot This book is a string of contrived coincidences The characters Of the main seven, three the underdeveloped ones, at that were tolerable the other four were so thouroughly dislikable I couldn t believe it The writing itself It was tell, and tell, and tell, and never any show Long paragraphs devoted to backstory, or something completely unrelated to the story A an entirely pointless thirty pages devoted to a ridiculous team building retreat After annoying, endless descriptions of how Elegant, how Confident, how Perfect Gus is, what Gus is wearing today surprise she s overdressed again , I was hit my the realization that now, whenever I need to explain to someone what a Mary Sue character is, I can point them to this book and watch them squirm in agony, gnash their teeth, and scream aloud to the heavens

    If you can t tell, I think this never should have been published, and am thouroughly ashamed that I wasted my time reading it Don t make my mistake If you want something light to read, pick up a trashy romance At least with those, you know what you re in for.

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    Caveat I read this in the audio version, which may or may not have affected my experience So, hitting the library looking for something light to keep my commute to and from work from being an endless litany of radio bad news is a very hit or miss proposition And I should know by now that I really should avoid anything that smacks of chick lit But I don t think I ve ever read any novel whose author seemed to dislike ALL of her characters so much I was six disks into the book before any of them did anything that seemed to smack of the slightest inclination of a redeeming characteristic Gus, the central character, is so consistently condescending to everyone around her and yet she is offered as someone to be admire Seriously, how is it Kate Jacobs could spend all the time it takes to write a novel creating such unlikeable people Throw in cliched writing and exposition that was so jumpy that when I accidentally skipped disk 2 it took me until disk 4 to realize I had missed something and I can say that listening to the litany of political news on the radio would have been a far better choice for me.

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