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  • Paperback
  • 333 pages
  • The Shadow Queen
  • Anne Bishop
  • Portuguese
  • 08 September 2019
  • 9789896371692

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    This is not a good book It is, however, incredibly engaging on a very specific level If you re looking for reasonable human beings, beautiful turns of phrase, thoughtful politics or believable dialog, this is not the book for you BUT If you want melodramatic wish fullfillment crack, then the only series suited is Lackey s The Last Herald Mage This is the latest book in Bishop s Black Jewels series The world is split into two classes the downtrodden landen basically serfs and the Blood, who do magic and have ruled the world for centuries Blood operate in a very structured hierarchy those with magic rule over those with less, and every member of society grows up knowing exactly what their place is Territories are ruled by Queens, who have a tangled sort of feudal relationship with their Courts of male Blood Over the centuries, this hierarchy became twisted and malformed, and many people lost their lives or sanity to the sadistic whims of those in power over them The heroes of the first trilogy, Lucivar, his half brother Daemon, and their Queen, Jaenelle, all suffered through torture and slavery before finally destroying the most dangerous members of the Blood Two years later, they are still dealing with the fall out Daemon has never quite recovered his sanity, and Jaenelle no longer rules And despite Jaenelle s best efforts, many territories are still in revolt against the Blood Dena Nehele is a provincial backwater, but when the descendent of Jared from The Invisible Ring requests help, Jaenelle makes sure to send the person best suited for the job Cassidy is not beautiful, magically powerful, or aristocratic, but she is a Queen, and she has the right instincts for the job Her journey toward becoming a true ruler, and her Court s journey to accepting her rule, takes up much of the book.The usual problems with Bishop apply here Her books rely upon gender essentialism to an almost unbearable degree People have inborn rank and power, and going against it is a terrible travesty Sexual violence, slavery, and violence are talked about on every page, although everything happens either off screen or before the book begins The plot is wrapped up poorly The romance is nontraditional and actually, about as sketchy as Daemon and Jaenelle s and not that believable And yet somehow, I couldn t take my eyes off the pages.

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    2009 2 stars2011 3 stars2018 4 stars Made me cry I m getting attached with this one.Mucho PSTD en este libro The Shadow Queen is part of the Black Jewels verse Two years after the cleansing storm to get rid of the wicked witches er the bad Blood bad queens and badder priestess, Terreille is almost in ruins The population were wipe out for the aformenthioned and the posterior war between Blood and landens not magical jeweled people sick of the abuses Now, Theran Greyhaven of Dena Nehele, the last survival Warlord Prince of his house , saved by many others as last hope, get the idea of bring back a new Queen of the Old Ways to rule and prosper again.Meanwhile, Cassidy is a Rose Jewel Queen Not beautiful, not very strong in Craft No I mean it, is not a she is not pretty nor powerful but she really isn t Imagine that And she is without a court b c reasons She is really insecure, and don t trust very much in herself because of that Guess who Witch is sending.This is a SECOND CHANCE kind of plot And how you could use or not.Oh, and Theran he is total moron, and a jerk And I really really mean it Thank the Lady he is not the main interest All women may look the same in the dark, but all men don t feel the same In fact, a woman will find out about a man s true nature in the dark than she ll ever see in the light of day Gray, the cousin, is a damaged young man He was tortured when was captured thinking he was Theran And again, with damaged I talking about the kind of traumatized and stuck as kid mentality here And oh, Cassie and Gray made cry He woke up with his heart pounding, on the verge of tears He wanted to wear that coat Had been born to wear that coat But he didn t know how to change to make it fit., and Saetan too made cry.Is all about war and abuse and vengance and fall into darkness of soul and mind, damaged people, scars mental than physicals, rape, and well this is dark fantasy But only is mentioned in case you are wondering Also there is a lot of sex talking, specially of the Janelle Daemon variety And gardening.Despair and disappointment all around But a promise of a treasure and maybe Dena Nehele coul be saved If some people can really see beyond.I like it.The next book, Shalador Lady is the second part of this book, but it did not end in cliffhanger.Lucivar is still my favorite The Eyrien took a step closer The first law is not obedience The first law is to honor, cherish, and protect The second is to serve The third is to obey But if you don t obey, you get punished The Eyrien studied him Everything has a price You take a chance of being punished, even killed, for challenging a Queen even if you re doing it to protect her, but you accept that risk and do what you should If the Queen is truly worthy of your loyalty, she ll understand the reason for the challenge and back down Doesn t mean she ll like it or be happy with the man, but she ll back down ok, you have to read the book to understand P

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    A touching story of healing, of love and hope A story where neither the Lady, nor her Warlord are perfect A story for the heart and soul I love it to pieces No matter how many times I read it, it will always be 5 fabulous

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    Bishop needs confidence in her new characters I loved Lady Cassidy and Gray and wanted of them, but felt that the constant need for Damian and Lucifer In fact, Bishop insisted on inserting a completely needless subplot of yet another attempt to seduce Damian by a vicious witch Why Oh, why Lady Cassidy and Gray, two people in emotional pain, find comfort and solace in each other s company as they bring a garden to life The readers receive a glimpse of Cassidy s earthy leadership style, but not enough to truly cement her as a major character in the Black Jewels series If Bishop had faith in the two main characters, perhaps they would have garnered demand for a sequel.Instead, I m just hoping she writes another book in order to finish telling the story the ending is unsatisfying and abrupt.

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    The Shadow Queen introduces us to Theran Grayhaven, the last of Jared and Lia from The Invisible Ring s bloodline Set a couple of years after Jaenelle cleared the taint caused by Dorothea, and killed many of the Blood of Terrielle in the process, we see Theran trying to rebuild Dena Nehele but he s in desperate need of a Queen who knows the old ways of the Blood to help him Since there are no Queens strong enough left in Terrielle he turns to Daemon for help in the hope he can persuade a Queen from Kaeleer to help him.Lady Cassidy may only have a Rose jewel but she has all the knowledge Theran needs to help set up a new court at Dena Nehele and she s the only Queen who doesn t already have a court of her own Cassidy is nervous about travelling so far from home and worried that Theran s people won t accept her but she knows she is their only hope so she agrees to serve as their queen for a year hoping that will be enough time to teach them protocol.I absolutely loved this book, we get to see some of my favourite characters again which is something I can never get enough of, but I also really loved getting to know Cassidy and most of the people we meet at Dena Nehele I have to admit I was than a little annoyed with Theran by the end of the book, he is disappointed when he first meets Cassidy because he wanted a Queen who was not just powerful but also beautiful so he never seems to fully support Cassidy no matter how hard she works to prove herself Luckily Theran seems to be the only member of her court who is quite so stubborn and the other characters made up for his bad attitude I particularly loved Gray, someone who suffered unbearably when Dena Nehele was ruled by Dorothea s pet queens but who is able to look past his fears and see Cassidy for who she really is I m totally rooting for a romance between Gray and Cassidy and at the moment I d be quite happy for Gray to overthrow Theran to get him out of the picture completely I m really looking forward to reading of Cassidy s story in Shalador s Lady and I know this whole series is one I m going to revisit time and time again in the future.

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    What With the and the what If I wanted to read terrifying outpourings of personal id vortex, full of gender essentialism and staggeringly bad portrayals of PTSD and everyone acting like badly mismanaged three year olds who fuck and slaughter each other at a moment s notice, I d spend time at fanfiction.net, where at least I don t have to be appalled that someone got paid to write it.All I can say is, when I read the first chunk of the series last year during my 2L exams at the end of the semester of triumph and sleeplessness and espresso vodka, I was clearly far closer to a psychotic break than I realized.

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    2.5 starsNot a bad fantasy novel but not a good one either The writing was professional, but the plot, the characters, and the world building didn t ring true Of course, it is 7 in a series, but I m not tempted to read the first six novels Neither the world nor its denizens attracted me.Bishop s world is ruled by wizards and witches, but for some reason, she calls them Princes and Queens They are a volatile race, with lots of magical powers but not much of humanity or decency The story is centered on them, while simple non magical people are hardly mentioned at all These Queens and Princes constantly jockey for power and dominance Their tempers explode, their passions collide, but I wasn t impressed I didn t sympathize with their plight Instead, I wanted to puke from all their posturing They were all repulsive The Princes and Queens in this story were supposed to be good guys, but I disliked them immensely From the backstory, of which there is a lot in this book, I m guessing that in the past six books, their power plays almost destroyed the world This book is an aftermath The main plotline focuses on a territory a country, a kingdom or a village, I m not sure that needs a new Queen Why Again I m not sure All their previous Queens were evil bitches and were destroyed by whatever cataclysm happened in the first six novels Now Prince Theran brings home a new Queen, Cassidy, from another realm Cassidy is not beautiful, nor powerful Nobody wants her there Nobody trusts her She is unsure of herself, with a bunch of insecurities, and Theran despises her too But he has to serve her Again, why I m not sure So he acts like a prick and sabotages her every move Theran s cousin, Gray, is a broken man When he was fifteen, he was captured and tortured by the evil Queens for two years before he was rescued Now, he can only work as gardener His mind and body are not what they could ve been if he was whole Of course, Gray and Cassidy meet and fall in love They plant flowers too In the process, they are both redeemed, healed, yada, yada, yada Theirs is not an original story but it is the best one this book offers Because of their story I finished reading the novel instead of throwing it away in disgust after the first 50 pages The second subplot of the book has nothing to do with the main story It is all about other Princes the protagonists from the previous books of the series and it has to do with their sex lives Multiplied by their tremendous magical powers, this subplot was distasteful to the extreme Overall really blah.

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    No Sorry, that s all I can think of to say here.

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    This series is brilliant One of the greatest things about it is that the plots are never formulaic and the characters will always keep you guessing The previous book in this series was an ode to a genre piece gone slightly wrong, but this one gets everything back on track I can t wait to pick up the next one

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    Wonderful story Cassidy is a great character, good Queen I hope Gray becomes the man he could have been.

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