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    3.5 starsReview is slightly spoilerish Of course, it s important I know you Nothing would make you bother the police for a joke With you, it s always something important you re about to be murdered, or else commit suicide, or perhaps you ve decided to involve the Royal Family in some fiendish scandal, or disobey the Pope Hah This is the third book in a long series, and this review will be rather brief to avoid spoiling events from the prior novels, Angelique Book 1 and Ang lique and the King Book 2 At the end of book two, Angelique learned that her supposedly dead husband might not be so dead after all, and she s willing to risk everything, including the King s wrath to find him Despite the heavy police guard placed on her by the express command of Louis XIV, Ang lique slips away, and her feminine charms come in quite handy when she needs to wheedle her way onto one of the King s vessels heading for Crete No surprise, but there s no smooth sailing in Ang lique s world and after a battle or two at sea and a shipwreck, she s captured and sold as a slave to the highest bidder the notorious pirate Rescator Oh, but the fool escapes and lands herself right into the hands and harem of the infamous Sultan of Morocco Will she survive with her virtue intact, or will that treacherous body of hers betray her once again This was the only time in her life that she was ashamed of being a woman and a beautiful one to boot She could not help thinking of herself as merely a work of art being inspected by some critical collector pondering its material values only She felt as is sic she had been robbed of her soul I did enjoy this book, although there were times when events dragged on too long for my tastes there seemed to be a lot of background being set up for events that will happen in the later books I did notice that the edition I read is from a different translator than some of the other editions and read a bit dryer than those and for that I m knocking off half a star Still, jolly good fun and next up is Angelique in Revolt Book 4.

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    Sins of my youth I read this book when I was 12 with red ears well still a pretty good trash read

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    Dobro je odupirati se smrti Ali pod uslovom da je se ovek ne boji Smrt je deo na e igre, na eg ivota Uvek sam je smatrao dobrim dru tvom koje nas uvek prati Tako idemo napred s dva dobra druga, sa ivotom i sa smr u Oba pola u na nas ista prava Ne smemo od njih praviti udovi ta Ni od jednog, ni od drugog Tako je to, i to je samo igra Glavno je ne izgubiti razum usput Odlu no odbiv i da postane miljenica Luja XIV, An elika od Njegovog veli anstva saznaje da njen prvi mu , grof ofrej od Pejraka prije deset godina nije spaljen na trgu Grev Uz gomilu du nosnika koji su mu tada poku avali u i u trag, za glasinama je i ao i tada nji An elikin advokat, a sada nji pomo nik efa policije, Degre.An elikinu suludu odlu nost da nakon deset godina krene u potragu za mu em oja ati e saznanje da je nedugo nakon svog navodnog pogubljenja, ofrej boravio u palati Botreji i sa sobom odnio sakrivene zlatnike Mo e li ljubav jedne ene biti toliko jaka da, no ena uzburkanim i opasnim vodama Sredozemnog mora dospije ak do Krete na kojoj je trgovina robljem svakodnevnica, a tajanstveni gusari ravnaju sudbinama ak i onih kojima se u visokom dru tvu svi klanjaju.I u ovom dijelu historijske sage autorica se nije odrekla svog obi aja da stare, esto sporedne likove, postavlja na nove pozornice, davaju i pri i dirljive zaokrete Ovdje se ne to vi e bavi sudarom dviju religija i kultura koje su u sedamnaestom vijeku, pa i danas, esto dolazile u dodir Kr anstvo i islam prepli u se u haremu marokanskog sultana Mula Ismaila kome je Veliki evnuh Osman Fera i za enu namijenio neukrotivu An eliku Mo e li ona jo jednom pobje i vlastitoj sudbini, ili je ova unaprijed odre ena Iako je tek zadnjih stotinjak stranica teklo onim tempom kakav sam od ovog serijala navikao dobiti, prevagnula je etvorka zbog svega onoga to bi se moglo dogoditi u sljede em nastavku.

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    Barely ok, borderline why am I doing this to myself Back when I was a teenager, it never would ve even occurred to me to read this series now, I ve decided to marathon it for the historical interest and to see how long I d last Well, this one is where I throw the white flag for the moment.The first book instantly alarmed me with its persistent mentions of sexuality and sexual violence it did not seem like a light read to me at all Or at least, a relaxing one Then I pressed on, and Angelique managed to charm me all over again, plus there was surprisingly atmosphere and history than I expected for a proto bodice ripper It s not that the series is shallow or poorly written save for some eyebrow raising turns of phrase, but could also be the translation s faults it s that it s seriously weighed down by all the toxic romance and views about men and vs women The Parisian underworld was grotesque, but it was husband 2, Philippe, who completely disgusted me Like, I eyeroll at de Peyrac whenever he speaks of love, but Philippe, I wanted to shoot dead personally Then the books continued their slow but sure slide towards the horrific rape in book 5 absolutely, 100 % skipping that one In this instalment, the sheer, objective horror of captivity and slavery, well described in non fiction like The Ordeal of Elizabeth Marsh or Andrian Tinniswood s book about Barbary corsairs, is made even scarier by the romance cliches and fetishism No amount of personal bravery could counter the icky feeling of needing brain bleach and or a long shower Plus, both of my favourites after Angelique Savary and the Grand Eunich die awful and pointless deaths.OH, and the whole Angelique repeatedly not recognising Rescator Pure black comedy tbh.

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    Angelique in BarbarySergeanne Golon 3rd in seriesThis book tells how beautiful, emerald eyed Angelique, sets out in search of her first husband, Joffrey de Peyrac Although Angelique has lived many lives in the years since Joffrey was sentenced to death, she could never forget him and remembered as the gentlest and wisest of her lovers When the King reveals that Joffrey was spared execution and later outwitted his guards, she knows that no matter how inaccessible his hiding place, she will make every sacrifice to find him In the face of the King s jealous opposition, Angelique embarks on a voyage of discovery The clues lead her from Marseilles to Candia, the blood soaked centre of the slave trade, to Malta, Algiers and the fabled harems of Morocco Shipwrecked, sold to Rescator, masked prince of the pirates, given to the Grand Eunuch of the Sultan Mulai Ismail, cruellest and most fanatical of the sons of Mohammed, Angelique is sustained only by her great love Another magical entry to this series I still have all my original paperback copies That has to tell you something.

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    Book Cover France s daughter of joy seeks lusty new adventures as a Sultan s pampered slaveAngelique one of the most irresistible heroines in the history of fiction Saucy, emerald eyed slave of passion, Angelique s stormy adventurer have taken her from the gutters of Paris to the harems of Africa to the silken prison of a king.Angelique begins a perilous search for her lost love in the lawless, savage world of the Mediterranean, where her beauty is plunder for pirates, treasure for the slave traders, a helpless plaything for the lust crazed Sultan I haven t read this book in over 30 years or I would give you a review, but I will say that I have carried it from one country to the next, its been one of my most favorite books and I have it next to my bed to read again soon.

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    Just like the three before it, this fourth book in the Angelique series, was magnificent It had every element of brilliant writing and I found myself utterly caught up This book was absolutely unbelievable I loved it This is well beyond 5 stars

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    With the first two books, I learned about being a strong woman despite hardship, and being true to yourself This book opened up a whole new Arabian world, and made me go on used book searches for the next book.

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    Oh man this book taught me so much about slavery and piracy in the 17th century

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    This is literally the most frustrating book I have ever read It s so obvious it s Joffrey and yet she can t put two and two together And she missed her chance to be with him because she always has to escape from everywhere It literally happened twice that she escaped from the person she was looking for Come on, Ang lique

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