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History/Writing pdf History/Writing , ebook History/Writing , epub History/Writing , doc History/Writing , e-pub History/Writing , History/Writing b998bbb19a2 History Writing Is A Form Of Literature That Claims A Unique Correspondence To The Processes Of The Real World In This Ambitious Study, Albert Cook Examines The Literary Dimensions Of Historiacal Writing He Examines Two Seemingly Contradictory Constraints On Historiography The Truth Claims Of Texts And The Rhetoric Of Historical Discourse He Shows How These Constraints Combine To Enable, Rather Than Prevent, The Presentation Of Meaning In Temporal Sequences Of Events Cook S Scope Encompasses The Historigraphical Aspects Of The Hebrew Bible And The Gospels, Homer, Thucydides, Tacitus, Gregory Of Tours, Einhards, The Anglo Saxon Chronicles, Machiavelli Guicciardini, Gibbon, Ezra Pound, Foucault, Heidegger And Bradel In The First Half Of His Work He Focuses On The Practice Of Individual Historians In The Second On Particular Philosophical Or Organizational Techniques, In Scriptural Historians Philosophical Historians, Or The Self Critical Historians Of Our Own Time Though His Concerns Are Systematic His Analysis Bears Upon Development Questions In The Practice Of Historiography Over The Past Twenty Five Hundred Years Thus, The Book Is Not A History Of Historiography But A Historicized Perspective Of Its Manifestations In Different Cultures Its Ambitious Scope Extends To Questions Of Literary Theory And Criticism, Literary History, Rhetoric, Semiology And Narratology

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    This is one of the clearest expositions of Hayden White, Foucault, Derrida, and Ricoeur when it comes to the field of historiography In a sense, it works off of Hayden White and delves deeply into historiography and so called philosophy of history to question the distinction between the two Cook does this by a central postulation of synechdoche which invariably must penetrate deeply into any comprehensive history This means that history is not only organized and understood in terms of abstract sweeping principles that predetermine the commitments, arrangements, and facts in a given narrative narrative history is also irreducibly synechdochic in nature Bluntly to address what these principles are is to shatter the very irony which makes them viable Put differently, history is always organized by principles which cannot be named because it is not so simple as boiling them down to a formula , but are nonetheless always operative in the worldview and compilation of a given work This would be a great book for graduate work on historiographical issues and scripture.

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