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La Porte étroite pdf La Porte étroite, ebook La Porte étroite, epub La Porte étroite, doc La Porte étroite, e-pub La Porte étroite, La Porte étroite 038c68d8f15 A Delicate Boy Growing Up In Paris, Jerome Palissier Spends Many Summers At His Uncle S House In The Normandy Countryside, Where The Whole World Seems Steeped In Azure There He Falls Deeply In Love With His Cousin Alissa And She With Him But Gradually Alissa Becomes Convinced That Jerome S Love For Her Is Endangering His Soul In The Interests Of His Salvation, She Decides To Suppress Everything That Is Beautiful In Herself In Both Mind And Body

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    Gide said that he meant this book to be treated as one half of a pair, together with L Immoraliste I took him at his word and read them in rapid succession By the way, I should say this was atypical I m a when all else fails, read the instructions kind of person, but I found both books together at a second hand bookstore and it seemed silly not to do what he said.Looking at other reviews, I seem to have a fairly different take on the book, and perhaps my reading route has something to do with it So, here we have a guy who s in love with this charming girl, Alissa, and is hoping to marry her Alissa, however, takes it into her head that God doesn t wants her to marry her nice fianc , but rather to contract a form of anorexia, coupled with depression, which eventually kills her On the way, she also manipulates her unfortunate sister into marrying someone she doesn t much like, trapping her permanently in a loveless marriage Well, if Alissa was someone I knew personally, I wouldn t be rhapsodizing about her moving closeness with the Divine I d be trying to get her into therapy as quickly as possible, and meanwhile reading up the literature on religious mania When I did what Gide suggested, and compared her with the main character in L Immoraliste, I decided that his take on her wasn t very different from what mine would be in a real situation He thinks Alissa is falling into one of two possible errors with religion, allowing it to take such a large part in her life that it drives her mad, destroying her and also several people she supposedly cares about The hero of L Immoraliste falls into the opposite trap He rejects religion entirely, living an utterly selfish life which ends up killing his beautiful and loving wife in a particularly horrible way.So, to sum up both books, I d say Gide was telling people not to abandon religion but also not to overdo it, and not to forget to listen to their normal human feelings and their common sense Pretty balanced advice, in fact.

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    758 La porte etroite Strait Is The Gate, Andr Gide 2003 1316 144 1342 207 1359 214 1373 184 1381 9644481615 1386 1382 198 1392 9789643311490

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    This book is been hailed as one of the most sensous and sublime love stories of the 19th century, as well as being one of Andre Gide s most vaunted publications Me I have no basis for comment or comparison at this time as this was my first tentative foray into the world of Andre Gide I don t think it will be my last but I don t think I will be charging out the door to clasp all of his other publications lovingly to my bosom It also seems a little ironic that a gay Frenchman produced one of the best received and highly praised but devoutly and notably chaste novels about the ritual trials and tribulations of heterosexual romance Gide was alive and kicking in Paris at a time when you could barely walk down the Avenue des Champs Elys es without rubbing shoulders with a literary giant, artist or poet The avant garde and the artistic were practicallly falling over each other and no doubt causing endless obstructions in the bars and backstreets of Paris as the sought out each other for drinking, philosophising, trysting, quaffing absinthe and howling at the moon beneath La Tour Eiffel Ok, I m not sure how much of that is true but it is infinitely interesting to imagine it that way, non Ultimately I failed to see the great romance of this book and was generally struck by how it portrays the unchecked spiral of a young girl who quite clearly has some fairly severe mental health problems These may or may not have been brought on by all the general ardent ness and love struck mooning which took place around her Yes, yes young Jerome is an admirable chap who really does love Alissa in his own naieve and youthfully love struck way, but with all the too ing and fro ing and self sacrifice going on, no one actually turns around for long enough to spot the onset of severe depression with religiously zealous overtones which is clearly manifesting itself in Alissa That, and I found it a little dull at times.Nil point for joie de vivre.

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    Esfor ai vos por entrar pela porta estreita, pois a porta larga e o caminho espa oso levam perdi o, e numerosos s o os que por aqui passam mas estreita a porta e cerrado o caminho que conduzem vida, e poucos s o aqueles que os encontram Mateus 7 13,14 Julieta ama Jer nimo Jer nimo ama Alissa.Alissa ama Jer nimo.Julieta casa com Eduardo.Alissa e Jer nimo s o infelizes para sempre

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    A haunting tale of doomed love.Sad, powerful and deeply moving.Stimulates the emotions with beautiful prose.Such a sad ending

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