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Marcias Madness (Sisters Eight, #5) files Marcias Madness (Sisters Eight, #5) , read online Marcias Madness (Sisters Eight, #5) , free Marcias Madness (Sisters Eight, #5) , free Marcias Madness (Sisters Eight, #5) , Marcias Madness (Sisters Eight, #5) 7333f8201 The Sisters Eight Is Really Suspenseful And Funny Indrani, Age I Love The Sisters Eight Series Because I Love Mysteries My Cousins And Friends And My Sister And I Like To Play The Sisters Eight, And We Are Each A Different Sister Claire, Age I Like It Ian, Age Questions Questions Questions The Sisters Eight Have So Many Questions And So Few Answers Luckily, One Month Means They Ll Get A Few Answers Marcia S Month Is About To Begin You Remember Marcia, Right The Sensible One The One Who Would Never Do Anything Crazy

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    Less than 24 hours after receiving our copies, the eldest and I have already finished it, and I ve read the first 20 pages aloud to the KitKatPandaBatWolf Oh, we love these books And this morning I realized why Unlike so many books for the new novel reader those Daisy Meadows books, for example there s a little bit of snark here Not a lot Just enough to keep the fantasy grounded The girls are confronted with big mysteries, but also with the mundane aspects of life There are mysterious gifts, and groceries to buy Evil people to thwart, and regular folks doing their jobs They may share magical powers with their respective cats, but there are still litter boxes to scoop.I love this series.

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    A great series for young girls and the people who love them My daughters and I have really enjoyed the series so far and eagerly await each new book We often rush to see who can get to the library first to check them out.Anxiously awaiting the rest

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    it was such a great book the rest are even amazing Read the whole series

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    3.5 starsA fun book in this series My kids probably would have enjoyed these if we had discovered them a few years earlier, when they were a bit younger However, they are hooked and can t put the series down.

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    Book five of the series and the hits keep on coming, another hilarious entry and it keeps rolling on.

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    My favorite book in these series so far

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    And the plot thickens.

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    This is the fifth book in the Sisters Eight series by Lauren Baratz Logsted, Greg Logsted, and Jackie Logsted Our oldest daughter discovered the first book of this series recently at our local library and fell in love immediately We ve borrowed the next few books in the series and she s read several of them quickly in succession We read the last book together, but for some reason, I would quickly fall asleep while reading it I guess I just didn t enjoy it as much as the others Or it just didn t lend itself to reading aloud In any case, I told her that she should read the remaining books on her own I think we ll both enjoy the stories that way I know I do.Our oldest also visited the Sisters Eight website and took the Which Eight Are You Quiz in the Sisters tab and discovered that she s most like Jackie So she was very excited to read this book Now she s got her sister interested in which eight she would be perhaps Rebecca, or maybe Zinnia I found the story to be strange, but interesting and I can see that this series would appeal to a young elementary school age child just getting into reading longer chapter books The story occasionally interacts with the reader, usually foreshadowing dramatic parts that will follow later in the book Marcia s power is a bit hard to understand, but quite powerful nonetheless The book has a suspenseful and mysterious plot and I think that the series will keep my oldest enthralled the whole way through The stories have a pattern that is both predictable it s even mentioned in the story and reassuring In each book, one of the eight girls discovers her power and gets a gift within the span of a month the series order goes from the oldest to the youngest octuplet So with this book we are about half way through the series although I did notice there is a ninth book, so we ll have to see what that s about I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series and discussing the stories with our girls.

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    I didn t really like this one as much as the others The madness part was annoying, weird, didn t really relate to her power, and didn t even lend to character development So it was unclear why it was even there It felt of a distraction from the story than anything else Also, I didn t like the scenario that happens with social services Granted, there is a certain amount of suspended reality and even sometimes allowance of lying concealment that happens for this type of fantasy whimsy version of life without parents to work and be accepted, but if taken too far tends to negate itself, loses its whimsy, and risks being both dangerous and discounting of real life situations I felt this book crossed over that line Which was so unfortunate, because then the fantasy indulgence and whimsy got lost So if I had to sum up this book and storyline I d say disappointment But, the Books Series overall are still great, and hopefully this was just an anomaly in the series I would read Book 6 and see where things go.

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    Marcia starts acting like Annie She starts doing things Annie does Now she wants to take charge Will Annie let her Will her sisters vote against her Marcia gets her power What problem will she have to solve this month What will she do when someone named Bill Collector shows up at there house besides the fact of Petal having a panic attack Mr McG seems to be nicer towards the end They realize he just wants them to learn When he starts to realize everything He starts to loosen up What his wife said had been true I like this book because, it has a lot of twists, and also how it is a series I like how they have to figure things out on there own Mostly The only thing I dis like is that at the end of each book it leaves you hanging Its a good thing that there is another one to look forward to.

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