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    Unlike Alexander Trocchi s Young Adam in which there are zero Adams as not even the protagonist is named Adam in the book, this one has a surplus of them and keeping two of them apart in Adam in Eden is perhaps the one main jolt in this vibrant novella, and it occurs in the first half The Fuentes poetics soon begin to emerge.Here is satire in the vein of Don De Lillo or J G Ballard There is a prophetic paranoia here that is exquisite This stuff needs to be widely read In Adam in Eden , we find out that Fuentes is the male and Mexican counterpart to another ruthless titan, Iris Murdoch.

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    Who doesn t love a good fart joke I ask this because, if you don t, then this would be a good time to leave the review But first the set up This is my first read of Carlos Fuentes, so I didn t know quite what to expect Modernism Post Modernism Magic Realism Kafkaesque Bolano ish Mexican Murakami It is the story of Adam Gorozpe, a lawyer and respected businessman in Mexico I was picturing him as Demian Bichir or Javier Bardem He married into money, a point his father in law likes to remind him of daily His wife Priscila slaps the maid, just because she can, and has taken to pouting Adam is very recognizable so he has to be careful when he goes to see his mistress L This perfect life goes along swimmingly until Adam s staff show up at a meeting all wearing sunglasses And they won t take them off Something is wrong in Adam s Garden of Eden Where, oh where is this novel going And then this happens For whatever reason, at a seated dinner of twelve people, I reacted impulsively when Priscila, always inappropriate, took advantage of an angel s passing an awkward silence at the table to disturb the peace with a wind of her own.That release of intestinal exhaust was a single wind in three distinct movements Priscila first let out a thunderous fart, as if to attract attention, followed by the sound of a succession of bubbles, ending with a silent but deadly gas that reached every nose and spoiled the red snapper that we had just been served Priscila s odors were stronger than those of the capers, onions, tomatoes, and fish.I broke the awkward silence that followed the fart attack by repeating aloud a secular mantra Shut up, Priscila You don t know what you re talking about That quickly, Demian or Javier turned into Will Ferrell for me And so, as my reading year comes to a close, I post the above as a Holiday present to all of you who continued past the second line of this review, and as a reminder to me, not to take myself seriously Now, with toddies in hand, and in unison please Shut up, Tony You don t know what you re talking about

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    In any case, he went on, mimicry is inevitable in literature and, after all, to choose one s mentors well is a sign of talent Adam in Eden is a social satire, an attempt to make something postmodernistic While there are some brilliant passages but on the whole the novel is too fragmentary and too much of a caricature.The Adam of the story is a successful lawyer A surgeon cannot make a mistake if he operates for appendicitis on a man with a toothache, his license is revoked A lawyer, on the other hand, can lie in the sense that he knows his arguments are based on a fallacy that is useful to win a case, to deceive a fool, or to confuse an enemy And this is a civilized society he operates in Now it is not the revolutionaries who are coming The ones who are coming are the criminals, the drug traffickers, the whores who accompany them, the bodyguards, and as usual, the government officials with Swiss bank accounts of unknown origin So far, so good but to my great chagrin the ending is simply foolish.

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    Una cr tica cruda del M xico actual Sorprendente es que sin importar el a o, el libro se ajusta a todo gobierno, derecha, izquierda o intermedia.

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    This is a wonderfully different novel I listened to an audio version read by Robert Fass, which is a great way to experience this book which is written in first person Adam comes across, at first, as a macho Mexican He is in charge He has arranged his life the way he wants it But he is honest He is where he is partly because he has married the daughter of a nouveau riche man, the king of bakeries But we find that Adam can be compassionate The story is set among many of the travails of modern Mexico.Adam s world starts to come apart on many levels and he carefully examines the problems and his own responses to these challenges.His solution is surprising I think this would make a wonderful movie I am not sure how, but the plot, the characters, the action and the humor seem that they could be made visual.

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    Well, this is the third or fourth Carlos Fuentes book I ve attempted to read I don t know what it is with Fuentes, but his stories and writing is somewhat frustrating to read at least for me This story is about a Mexican lawyer who appears to be a little paranoid about what his subordinates at work think of him, how far he should go with his relationship with his mistress, about his wife s perceived affair with a high ranking Mexican official and about living in his father in laws home.My it s just me, but I read about half of the book a little than what I ve read on past Fuentes novels and then decided to stop and return the book to the library.I ve come to a conclusion that Fuentes does not write novels that are appealing to me and that are too difficult to read and understand I ll leave them to others who enjoy his work.

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    Adam Gorozpe is a very put upon man Like the first Adam he stepped into a Garden of Eden by marrying his wife Priscila, daughter of the wealthiest and most powerful man in Mexico City, and a festival queen in her own right In doing so, he creates his own success and takes over his father in law s place, while still placating the man by living in his home Now his paradise is plagued with employees who refuse to remove their sunglasses in meetings and a vile man who also goes by the name Adam but whose sole purpose as Director of Security, seems to be Gorozpe s downfall Read the rest of this review at The Gil Guide to Books

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    Una de las ltimas obras de Fuentes, y no la mejor Es interesante porque con Fuentes uno siempre puede contar con una historia muy bien contada, un manejo del lenguaje impresionante y, sobre todo en sus ltimos tiempos, formatos y quiebres estructurales muy interesantes En Ad n en Ed n Fuentes nos presenta una visi n bastante cruda de lo que es el M xico actual corrupci n, p rdida de valores, b squeda in til, al parecer de un sentido, incluso el amor, ya medio podrido como concepto al mezclarlo con intereses pol ticos y econ micos La desesperanza de un pa s, la inoculaci n de poderes como el narco y la delincuencia Y todo al estilo de Fuentes, a veces claro, a veces crudo y a veces demasiadas cr ptico Eso s , personajes maravillosos Priscila, los dos Adanes, el Ni o de las Alas, Abelardo Incluso en sus momentos malos, Fuentes es muy bueno.

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    Tal vez demasiado mejicana Supongo que para un mejicano puede llegar a ser un 4 5, pero bueh, para este argentino es un 3 5

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    Beginning as an amorphous cloud, and ending on a pretty solid note An interesting title that will be unsettling me for awhile How to create a new world in a Mexico swallowed by the side effects of neoliberalism, corruption, crime and violence how about a deus ex machina that isn t, a cynical ploy that contains the best intentions

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