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Primal Heat (Prime Series, #5) summary Primal Heat (Prime Series, #5) , series Primal Heat (Prime Series, #5) , book Primal Heat (Prime Series, #5) , pdf Primal Heat (Prime Series, #5) , Primal Heat (Prime Series, #5) 73b3fd759a Can A Heroic Vampire Protect His Clan From Danger And Save Himself From Burning Desire As Prime Of His Vampire Family, Mathias Bridger Is Sworn To Protect His Own Kind At Any Cost But Years Of Acting As A Fierce Guardian Of His People Have Left Him Yearning For Out Of Life His Chance Comes In The Form Of Phillipa Elliot, The Beautiful Police Officer Whose Allure Hasn T Dimmed In The Two Years Since They Had A Brief, Torrid Affair And Though She S Involved With Someone Else Now, Phillipa Can T Deny The Feeling That Matt Is Her Destiny When The Family Comes Under Attack From Fanatical Vampire Hunters, Matt Uncovers Treachery That Shatters His World So How Can He Possibly Invite Phillipa Into It Fighting To Protect His Kin, He Tries To Push Phillipa Away To The Safety Of Her Mortal Life But He Aches For Her, And His Will Is No Match For The Flames Of Their All Consuming Passion

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    Susan did it again Another of her entrancing stories with beautiful charactors, a twisting plot and chemistry that set the sheets on fire Phillipa is a strong woman, but like all strong women, she has a weakness Matt Bridger, the mysterious best man with an accent that makes my skin chill He has a sweet tooth for Phillipa and he wants to satisfy it.Drawn togehter for one night of firey passion, Matt leave Phillipa in her bed without a backward glance Years later, they come together again as Jo s first child is being christianed After several near death experiances for her sister and herself, Phillipa realizes that Matt is a vampire But that is the least of their problemsAdventure,passion and killer accent, I give this one a 5 star rating I just couldn t put it down until I finished.Bravo Susan It was wonderful

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    the only thing that kept this from being a 5 is that the hero and heroine went from lust to love without seeing each other for 3 years It wasn t believable enough for me The rest of the storyline, the side characters, everything else was fabulous The lust was great, but it wasn t quite a 5 Philippa had a one night stand with Matthias at her sister s wedding and 3 years later for the baby s blessing baptism, they meet again But Philippa s supposedly going through a ton of stuffbut we don t know about it And Matt knew she was his bondmate, but we never knew It was annoying that they were normal and then in love.But the action and the story were great, so good read, enjoyable Not my favorite of the Primes, but I ll read the next one for sure.

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    I read one book in this series and thank goodness Clan, Tribe, Family, Purists, Prime Sooner or later, mostly later most becomes clear, but there is a lot unanswered.Basically the two leads, one a vampire, have a one night stand at a wedding and can t forget each other They meet again at a family chrtistening and wham bam thank you ma am they re back in bed True love through sex Not much substance in the relationship, but a little in the story The Purists want to kill all vampires, there s a gang robbing casinos, banks and others left and right, and somehow the two are tied together It s up to the leads, both cops of sorts, to save the day.

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    A great series if you like the sexual strong male characters and their equally strong minded mates For those who like vampires and romance will not want to put the book down At the wedding of Phillipa Elliot s sister Josephine to Marcus Cage, she meets Prime vampire Matt Bridger and the pair come together for a night of great sex Three years later they are brought together to be godparents of her newly born nephew Brandon When the family comes under attack from Purists with an agenda of their own brings Matt to realize that he wants to be with Phillipa Looking forward to the next book in this series.

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    Matthias Bridger is sort of the enforcer of the Family Vampires, so his job is very dangerous Philippa is also a police officer, sister to the heroine from the second book in the series They meet at the sister s wedding and have a thrilling night together, pretty much starting a bond But Matthias, despite the pull, can t bring Philippa into his world since his job is so dangerous and he won t risk her life So he leaves her that night without a word kinda breaking her heart Several years later, they re having a baptism of sorts for the sister s new child and Philippa and Matthias are the godparents So they re back in close quarters again Philippa is sort of seeing someone casually, but is even determined to stay away from Matthias, remembering how casually he left her Of course neither of them can resist the pull of being bondmates But the danger of Matthias s world does in fact touch Philippa, since a band of vampire hunters is attempting to kill her sister and her new nephew and Philippa is in their way This was just sort of an average installation to the series I didn t dislike it, though there were parts of it I didn t like, just as there were parts of it I really did like I like that Philippa is no wimp and she s able to stand up and protect her sister and nephew I didn t really like that she had absolutely no backbone when it came to Matthias, even though he kept trying to push her away And then when he changes his mind, she just falls in line She does give up some token resistance, complaining that Matthias got to make all the decisions and that s not the way a partnership works, but she stays made for like 2 minutes and then he agrees to listen and do it his way anyway She realizes it s futile to argue and goes along with it So she kind of develops into a doormat, rather than being one by nature But the two have some undeniable chemistry and Matthias at least doesn t go out and try to get over her when he s pushing her away Hooray for faithful heroes

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    Susan Size does it again She creates colorful characters that stand out on their own, and this time you didn t know who the evil one was until near the end I was surprised how Phillipa went with the flow instead of demanding She seemed stronger a character than that at the beginning, even with everything going on in her life Still, I was happy to see her and Matt together There was just the right amount of action, even though I would have liked to see a battle between Phillipa and Octavia, just to show what Phillipa can do, and was disappointed that Phillipa s role didn t seem stronger than that The sex scenes were just as hot as usual, but for some reason, I still found this novel lacked something It needed a bigger oomph than what it had Her other Prime novels seemed exciting than this one On that note, I can t wait for Primal Desire to come out so I can read Jason s story.

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    This was a great story Mathias Bridger is the Prime of his vampire family and had one hot night with Phillipa Elliot Two years later they see each other and no matter how hard they both try to stay away from each other they can t keep their hands off each other They are drawn together in fiery passion and need Despite this they both intend to walk away from each other again until Mathias family comes under attack, which means Phillipa s sister, new brother in law and their infant are all in danger As a police office Phillipa refuses to ignore the danger her family is in even if it means she can no longer ignore the passion burning between her and Mathias.

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    I really enjoyed reading it Filled with lots of action, excitement, sizzling romantic scenes between Mattias and Phillipa I really connected with the characters and liked learning about the different ranks of the Families , Clans etc.

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    I really like this series very good

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    Guess I should have done research to figure out which was the first book in this series Although from the page before the book starts, it lead me to believe this was the first book, Master of Darkness was the 2nd, I Burn from You the 3rd but clearly that is incorrect While it wasn t exactly difficult to figure out the overall workings of the universe we are in here, there were a few things that weren t explained at all and I hope they are in the first book like what exactly the deal is with Family vs Clan vs Tribe Cuz I still don t know And how exactly does one become a Prime I had a number of issues with this book First, the love scenes weren t so much steamy as mushy And they were overly mushy I m all for the romance, and I know in this genre it tends to develop fast without much basis, but this took that to a whole new level And, since the steaminess was just ah another reminder I need to come up with a good steaminess scale to use I didn t even feel like it was balanced out with scenes good enough to make me blush Second problem with this book was the bad guys You could eliminate the reading of those chapters sections and you wouldn t miss them And you wouldn t be confused So, from a plot development perspective they were really not very integral or good Octavia seemed to have so much potential, but who knows what the heck happened to her And she wasn t, as a character, really developed at all The writing well, I think a 6th grader could do better There were dialogue scenes where I had to trace backwards after reading to figure out who said what The jumping from character perspective Mike, the wolf s and then the various vamp s was just that jumpy Plus, it wasn t really about switching perspectives so much as simply switching scenes and I often felt like those witches were at awkward times, didn t move the plot forward, or were simply a waste of ink And for someone who tried to keep the identity of the evil vamp a secret, relatively early on there is a slip I assume it was a slip anyway that totally gives the gender away After that I totally didn t get the point in not using the correct gender articles to identify her versus it When you add in the fact that there wasn t enough info to set Jason up as the bad guy red herring, it was no surprise at all as to the identity of the bad vamp And, as stated earlier, we didn t get enough development of Octavia to really care that she was the bad guy.Finally, the heroine in this book yuck I expected to find out she was dying of some incurable cancer or something not to merely hear she is diabetic I know a number of diabetic who live perfectly normal lives but this woman No, not her Instead she is a whiny little girl boo whoo she needs to test her blood sugar And she s supposed to be some tough cop Please Reading about her made me sad for women of the world I certainly wouldn t want to be identified in the same breath as this woman Even the little bit of Jo the sister seems a better heroine and someone tougher If the author did any research or knows anyone who lives with diabetes and this is what she based that portion of the story line off of I wonder about the quality of her research skills or the moral fiber of the person s she based this off of anyway I probably wouldn t bother with the other in the Primes series except I got them free a year ago, so I have 4 Might as well read them before sharing them But unless the rest of these do a major turn around I won t exactly be purchasing any of Ms Size s titles for myself.

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