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The Hermitage chapter 1 The Hermitage , meaning The Hermitage , genre The Hermitage , book cover The Hermitage , flies The Hermitage , The Hermitage 6d7e1310e40c0 An Unspeakable Secret Threatens To Destroy The Earl Of Westbridge S Tranquil Life, So He Seeks Refuge While He Plots An Honorable Course Of Action Disguised As Robbie Darkwood, He Finds Sanctuary As A Living, Breathing Hermit On The Newly Acquired Estate Of Mr George Gardiner Mr Gardiner S Rules For His New Hermit Are Simple He Is To Be Seen But Not Heard, And He Is To Provide A Romantic Presence To Travelers By Being Spotted From Afar And, Mr Gardiner Warns, If His Spirited Daughter Returns From London, The Hermit Must Have Nothing To Do With Her The Earl Readily Agrees With His New Employer S Reasonable Rules After All, How Hard Can They Be To Uphold Then Miss Laurel Gardiner Returns From The London Season Disillusioned And Wanting Nothing Than The Sanctuary Of Her Secret Library In Her Father S Stone Hermitage When She Finds Her Sacred Space Occupied By A Handsome And Enigmatic Hermit, She Decides To Set Aside Her Passion For Reading And Invest That Energy In Something Infinitely Pleasurable Playing Matchmaker To Her Father S Hermit And Her Newfound And Recently Jilted Friend In London Despite His Strenuous Objections, The Earl Of Westbridge Soon Finds Himself Embroiled In Laurel S Plot To Turn The Hermit Into A Gentleman, And Laurel Finds Herself Falling In Love With The Man She Is Grooming For Another Woman Can The Earl And Laurel Chart A Course Through The Hazards Of Society, Family, And Their Own Forbidden Desires Or Will The Earl S Unspeakable Secret Destroy The Fragile Love Growing Between Them

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    I received this book from net galley for an honest review Thank you This novel was a good read The plot contained romance and secrets Sometimes, a person finds themselves when they become someone else.The Earl of Westbridge, Robin Waltham, discovers a terrible secret He leaves his estate, having his brother handle his affairs He travels to the estate of Mr George Gardiner, whom has placed an ad for a hermit to live at the hermitage on the estate He disguises himself as Robbie Darkwood and lives off of the land Mr Gardiner tells Robbie to not speak with anyone, to be seen but not heard and to stay away from his daughter.Miss Laurel Gardiner returns from the London season early, not happy with London society She has received several marriage proposals, but declined all of them She is looking for love, but several suitors want the money she would bring to a marriage Laurel is very headstrong and determined She discovers Robbie in her sanctuary, the hermitage when she returns home She is upset by him living there However, the two of them work out an agreement so she can get her books Laurel seeks out Robbie often, even though she is told not to She decides Robbie would be a good man to help her friend get over from being jilted by her fiancee Robbie tentatively agrees to meet her friend Robbie and Laurel begin to accept their feelings of love toward each other However, when Laurel s friend arrives, Laurel begins to put the pieces together of Robbie s true identity Robbie loves Laurel, but must face his past and the secret he has discovered Will Robbie be able to accept the secrets he has discovered and be free to marry Laurel or will he keep to his promise of marriage to someone else

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    Mr George Gardiner has recently acquired an estate it includes a hermitage The hermitage is without an occupant until Robbie Darkwood arrives takes up residence George is intrigued as Robbie seems a gentleman his hands haven t seen hard work.When an unspeakable secret is uncovered, threatening to destroy the Earl of Westbridge s tranquil life, he seeks refuge while he plots an honorable course of action, as an hermit Laurel Gardiner, Mr Gardiner s spirited daughter, returns from the London season bored and disillusioned, wanting nothing than the sanctuary of her secret library in her father s hermitage Where she finds her sacred space occupied by a handsome and enigmatic hermit.The Earl of Westbridge does his best to avoid Miss Gardiner, but she s a force to be reckoned with, and soon he finds himself falling in love with her But he knows that his love is ill fated, for no respectable woman will have him once this unspeakable secret is revealed.A fairly good read, the characters were well portrayed quite likeable but didn t seem to embrace the era The plot was well paced but I just didn t engage with it I found my attention wondering quite often I found it hard to come to terms with an Earl becoming a hermit living off the land, I d have thought he d have gone abroad to come to terms with the secret My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read

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    A perfect read for a lazy weekend i really liked this book it was well written and it held my interest.I m looking forward to trying from this author.

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    This book was nice to read even though it was a bit too forseeable and I had no problem to put it aside every now and then I understood that the Earl of Westbridge was distressed and even horrified when he discovered the truth, this one secret that is just too horrible to even think of it But, well, a hermit Seriously Some coincidences are really astonishing like Miss Laurel Gardiner befriending Miss Penelope Croydenand everything that results of it Nevertheless I really liked the characters and I enjoyed to read how every Jack finds his Jill.A nice book, not something that I ll read again that soon, but nice nontheless.

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    I guess I have read too many Georgette Heyer historical romance because they have set a pretty high standard This one felt rather tawdry The characters jumped right into sex too explicit for my taste without many quams even though at that time period her reputation would have been ruined and if he had been any kind of gentleman he would have thought a bit before defiling her They were in love before they even really knew much about the other So this was really all about lust and not love.The story was pretty predictable and I guessed his secret before getting very far into the story If you want real historical romance this one isn t a great choice If all you want is a cheep, lustful, quick easy read then go ahead.I recieved this book via Netgalley in exchange for a review

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