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  • Hardcover
  • 230 pages
  • Glamour
  • Carol Dyhouse
  • English
  • 04 October 2017
  • 9781848134072

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    Although this books starts with Hollywood cinema of the thirties glamour really begins with the illusion making of old royal courts Never appreciated bustles and periwigs, e.g., but I do have of a feel for the twentieth century Took away that glamour British spelling because a British book has long been associated with tarts, kept women, and chorus girls What today we would call skanks Can t see how this look is empowering, as many feminist apologists contend, but it apparently worked for Zsa Zsa Gabor, if not, say, Tammy Faye Bakker Here is a great joke I made up myself what do you do if you meet a shift less woman you give her the slip.

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    This was great until she started talking about obesity Luckily it s few and far between, but still.

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    Academic in tone, yet fast paced and readable, this book explores glamour as both concept and commodity From Marlene Dietrich to Madonna, the evolution of glamour is analyzed alongside its relationship with pop culture, celebrity, advertising, and fashion surprisingly, being glamorous was not always considered en vogue Images of perfume ads from the 20s are interspersed with accounts of the less than pretty aspects that came with upholding such an ideal think class issues, Orientalism, and extensive cosmetic surgeries Dyhouse explores the political implications of mixing up glamorous principles with conventional ideas of femininity Cohesively balancing perspectives on how these notions could be both restricting and liberating for women, she inspires questions for further debate Encapsulating a century of cultural history in about 170 pages is tough though, and her own analysis feels as if it is just skimming the surface of what could be discussed Upon finishing the book, I felt as though I could easily consume another hundred pages on glamour Reviewed by Anna Fitzpatrick

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    to be truthful i only bought this book because of the cover haha but it actually turned out to be a pretty fascinating read.the author looks at glamour from the various perspectives of different classes through various eras glamour and it s dynamic in relation to feminine identity plays a multi role in regard to expressing the female identity it is interesting to look at how the female power dynamic is explored through this idea.the book is a written from many different angles, taking into account a feminist and women of colour perspective it shows in detail what the meaning of beauty actually truly conveys and how throughout society and through the decades status is portrayed basically through fashion and appearance ad a sociology student i found this book very interesting and relevant in regard ton gender studies, also in regard to psychology scholars, i m sure it would be of interest to them aswel.

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    Il titolo un p fuorviante, il libro in realt un excursus storico sociologico su come la moda ed in particolare il concetto di glamour, abbia influito sulla vita, sugli usi e costumi delle donne, dall inizio del 900 ad oggi.La visione incentrata soprattutto sulla societ inglese e americana, quindi a mio avviso, non proprio possibile fare un parallelo con la condizione femminile in Italia, almeno fino agli anni del boom economico.L ho trovato comunque molto interessante, si legge facilmente e ne consiglio vivamente la lettura anche agli uomini

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    A lively history of the beauty business and its impact on women s lives, both positive and negative, throughout the 20th century Covers fashion, movies, magazines and how trends correspond with social change Interesting to see how patterns repeat themselves, and some eras may be less radical than they first appear, while others are underestimated It s essentially a British perspective with lots of nostalgic detail, especially of my hometown, Brighton But the influences are global Paris couture, Hollywood and so this would appeal to anyone interested in glamour and the past.

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Glamour characters Glamour , audiobook Glamour , files book Glamour , today Glamour , Glamour 6691d In This Lavishly Illustrated Book, Author Carol Dyhouse Surveys The World Of Glamour From Early Hollywood Right Up To Madonna She Deftly Unpacks The Ever Changing Nature Of The Word, Its Relationship To Femininity And Fashion, And Its Place In Twentieth Century Social History With Wit And Insight, Dyhouse Conducts A Dazzling Tour Of The History And Meaning Of Costume, Cosmetics, Perfume, And Fur And Disentangles Some Of The Arguments Surrounding Femininity, Appearance And Power And Directly Addresses Feminist Concerns As Dyhouse Shows With Style And Flair, Glamour As An Expression Of Desire And Entitlement In Women Can T Simply Be Dismissed As An Oppressive, Or Subjective Male Fantasy, But Carries Celebratory And Liberating Meanings For Women

About the Author: Carol Dyhouse

Carol Dyhouse is a social historian Her research has focused on gender, education and the pattern of women s lives in nineteenth and twentieth century Britain Her books include Girls Growing Up in late Victorian and Edwardian England 1981 Feminism and the Family in England, 1890 1939, 1989 No Distinction of Sex Women in British Universities 1995 and Students A Gendered History 2006.