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    If I could give this book negative stars, I would It s been a long time since a book has made me as angry as this one did I don t think I m the overly critical sort I have expectations, and I want them to be met, but I think that I m willing to compromise If a book isn t the best written but has a good story, or if the writing is gorgeous, but the story is kinda meh , I can appreciate the book for what it is and move on But this was just painfully, ridiculously bad This book s gimmick is that it s the daily journal entries of a person who is trying to survive the zombie apocalypse That s it The journal format is what s supposed to make this book different from all the other zombie lit out there The book kinda hinges on that aspect, so it s important to do it right And right there, that hinge y part, is where the author failed to tighten the screws, and the whole thing fell apart almost as soon as I opened it up.Here s why Writing in the style of journal entries is not the same as 1st person narration They aren t interchangeable Similar, sure, but again, NOT the same thing I feel like I need to make this clear Journal style First person A journal is where we write our own thoughts, for ourselves, so we don t need to explain things to ourselves that we already know Writing in journal form is tricky, because the reader DOESN T know what the journal writer does, so info needs to be conveyed in a subtle, indirect way by context Not like these 1 My friend in Groton, CT called today Bryce is a Navy submarine officer He really helped me out on a great deal on salvage parts off the old diesel boats when I was installing those panels in my house a few years back Pg 5 Who is he telling Doesn t he know who Bryce is Obviously he remembers the help that good ol Bryce gave him, so why explain it to himself in his own journal And WHAT panels If we re all gung ho about explaining everything to ourselves, let s explain what the hell the panels are I seem to have forgotten2 I miss my sisters, Jenny and Mandy I called my dad s house and spoke to Jenny, the youngest Pg 7 Again, doesn t he know who Jenny is Or that she s the youngest Why is he telling himself this 3 I installed the bars using a tape measure, pencil, 5 32 drill bit, and a square head screwdriver proprietary screwdriver that came with the bars and it s supposed to be difficult to get the screws out without using a drill Pg 10 I would like to point out here that this is the beginning of the fucking inane shit that seems to take over this book The ONLY reason I can think of to list out the tools used for installation of anything is so that it can be taken back apart later But this would only really apply to those tools needed later Why would anyone including Sir Journalist need to know that a tape measure and a pencil were used specifically No really, I want to know This is not a rhetorical question Well, yes it is, because nobody needs to ever know that It s fucking pointless drivel inserted for authenticity that needs none You installed security bars Bam Done I don t need to know if they are black or silver, who manufactured them or what the weather was like as they were being installed unless that has some actual bearing on the story FFS 4 I finally got through to my Mother and Stepfather Dad Mom was hysterical I had to talk to dad to get any words in He told me that things were fine and that they were as safe as possible They hadn t seen any signs of the disease, but told me that there were reports in town of possible outbreak 10 miles away Pg 16 Really REALLY Again, WHO IS HE RELAYING THIS TO Look, here s how you do this I finally got through to mom She was hysterical and I had to talk to my stepdad in order to get any words in edgewise Thank God they are safe dad said the nearest reports of outbreak are at least 10 miles away from them At this point, I lost patience and flipped ahead to a random page to see if it got any better, where I read this 5 I slammed the garage door type shutter down and immediately thought of a way to secure it I held the shutter down with the bottom of my boot just as the first creature started beating on the metal They would attract The plastic zip ties in my pocket would do no good, as I had nothing on the ground to secure the door to I glanced over to the corner of the room where I found a mop and some nylon string Walking over to the corner, I kept my right foot along the lip of the door, and my left for balance Grabbing the mop, I wedged it between the rollers that made the door slide up smoothly Using the twine I secured it in place There was a heavy box on the shelf full of plastic bottles of mouthwash I sat the box on the lip of the door where my foot was This wouldn t work forever, but it would have to work for now Pg 126 127 So, not only has the writing not improved 110 pages later, but there s even of it now The guy is fighting for his life against an undead horde Exactly when does he have time to take notes on his daily activities When does he find the time to put them in essay form Just for fun, let s re write this one too I slammed the garage door just before the first creature started beating on it and started looking for a way keep it shut I looked around the room and found a mop and some nylon string Keeping a foot on the door to hold it closed, I edged over to the mop, jammed it into the door rollers, and tied the string around it to keep it in place I weighted the door down with a heavy box for good measure Probably won t last, but better than nothing The sentences I quoted are just plain awkward, and would be in ANY piece of writing, in my humble opinion I get that it s hard to write fiction in journal entries There s a lot of info that only the person writing the journal would know, like who Bryce is, or Jenny, or that the stepfather isn t the same Dad as Dad , and somehow that information needs to be conveyed realistically to the reader But that s the challenge you take on when you go for that style It s NOT the same as epistolary fiction using letters or other correspondence, because those are intended to be read by someone else, and therefore the explanation works, is even necessary The fact is that if Bourne had specified that the journal was being kept for posterity, much of my issues would not even exist If you re purposefully writing a journal for someone else to read at some point, it makes sense to write it with explanations for them But unless the purpose of the journal changes at some point, that s not the case And honestly, even if it DID, it doesn t explain the explanations in the part that came before the decision to explain to future readers What it boils down to is that this book was a huge disappointment, and I couldn t even make it 10% into it You can be the king of hardcore zombie action as the quote by Brad Thor says on the cover, but if you can t write a decent sentence, it doesn t matter at all 1 Decapitation.

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    Opening Line January 1st 0358 hrs Happy New Year to me Wow, this was a surprise Before I begin I should tell you that I ve never read a Zombie book in my life and I m not a fan of the genre although I did think Shawn Of The Dead was hilarious I generally read romance novels with the occasional biography thrown in So you can imagine my surprise when I became absolutely engrossed in a book about surviving a plague of walking dead Day By Day Armageddon was unputdownable and had me alternating between being really freaked out, checking doors and windows despairing for the future of mankind also afraid of the dark and getting my personal survival kit weapons, food, Band Aids, Gin ready for that day Could I really kill my undead friends and neighbours Simply put this is then just a zombie novel and this romance reader loved every minute of it DBDA has been written from the first person and in the form of a journal which for me increased the suspense factor Because our unnamed hero sometimes starts out an entry with things like 0430 hrs I m still weak from blood loss before going back and explaining As the reader you re like, holy shit what happened last night The narrator is a US Navel officer who begins his journal as a New Years resolution It all starts out rather mundanely with day to day life stuff and a few ominous mentions like this one It seems that something is going on in China the local news reported some type of influenza virus sweeping them over there The flu is of course the Zombie virus and it spreads to apocalyptic proportions within months I found these parts really interesting how the author saw the realistic breakdown of society, media blackouts and the extents the US government ultimately took to eradicate the disease In the early entries our hero spends a great deal of time describing in a very calm manner how he safe guards his home locating and stockpiling weapons and ammunition, collecting food and water and having an alternate power communication plan in action He s a super smart guy and although the military jargon and descriptions of guns got to be a bit much I d definitely want him on my side With swarms of undead now parading through the streets our barricaded hero eventually teams up with his neighbour John and with no options left the pair flees the city, picking up other survivors along the way and dealing with a multitude of post apocalyptic problems The futility of it all really got to me here as they struggle to stay alive under ridiculous odds I had a hard time seeing a point to it all Good bet I wouldn t survive This book is full of action and also a ton of well written suspense although it wasn t as gory as I was I expecting Don t get me wrong though, it has its moments but its not gore for gores sake, all the kills are warranted Can t believe I just said that As silly as this sounds this book really made me think what would I do How could I prepare myself Could I survive I should also warn you that this is addictive reading and that the ending is well than a cliff hanger Just make sure you have book 2 Beyond Exile Day by Day Armageddon on hand because the war on Zombies isn t over yet Highly Recommended for lovers of apocalyptic fiction, Zombie fiction, horror, adventure, disaster stories, military buffs, survivalist fiction and the occasional romance reader Cheers

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    Rating 3 of five The Book Report The book description says An ongoing journal depicting one man s personal struggle for survival, dealing with the trials of an undead world unfolding around him An unknown plague sweeps the planet The dead rise to claim the Earth as the new dominant species Trapped in the midst of a global tragedy, he must make decisionschoices that that ultimately mean life, or the eternal curse to walk as one of them My Review I really, really wish the narrative frame of journal was gone This novel is just fine without that explanation, in fact a good deal better without it, because no one on the surface of the earth describes their little sister as their little sister in a journal Among other details that don t fit in the journal frame A book to be enjoyed without one s awf ly awwwgust self imposed this is not good enough because it is not good enough filters on note to snobbish readers Yes, I rated it higher than Gone Girl and all works of, oh say Dickens, because reading it was a great deal pleasant than reading those books.IN MY OPINION Now Perfect it isn t, and as annoying as the self published novel with all the usual faults wrong words used, punctuation eccentricities can be, this one s got something going for it Energy This story s getting told by someone who really really likes the storytelling I found that infectious pardon pun because, AGAIN IN MY OPINION and how tired I am of having to defend my utterances by stating something that the absurdly over sensitive or over critical need to get a damn grip and assume is the case in a review , it takes this zombie novel out of the cash in herd where Colson Whitehead et alii live Bourne loves this story and can t not tell it, and that came through to me loud and clear.Would I recommend it No, not really, because zombie novels aren t in need of recommendations to the fan base, and the non fans don t need to bother themselves with the genre In my ongoing quest not to turn back into a dismissive, annoying book snob, I read this because Stephen from Ohio a zombie book aficionado gave it a good review It s not a genre I m going to adopt as regular diet, but there are some good stories being told in it This being my fourth zombie novel, though, I don t want to go any deeper into the swamp Go out on the highest note yet, I say, scraping zombie off my shoe.

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    I guess I can only explain the majority of users glowing appraisals with the fact that Bourne has some interesting ideas It s like he thought of the most interesting places someone could hole up during a zombie apocalypse and then wrote a book around them That combined with the fleeting bits of action throughout the story encouraged me to continue reading despite my overwhelming objections to much of the rest of the book.Some users have tried to explain the main character s overreaction, and thereby preparedness, for a zombie fallout with the fact that he is a military man and therefore preparation is in his nature, but I just don t buy it There s a viral outbreak in China and this guy starts putting bars on his windows in case Texans begin looting Come on I could maybe see stocking up on food and bottled water, but not on ammo and materials for fortification And on the flip side, let s say I did agree with the explanation and I that thought his reaction was appropriate for a disciplined member of the military But let me ask this If this guy is such a stoic military purist, then why would he ignore his commanding officer s orders to join his squad on base It wasn t because he looked out and saw an unassailable horde of zombies outside his conveniently pre constructed high rock wall It was because he simply thought he d be better off in his home than on a MILITARY BASE This doesn t sound like the conditioned thinking of a man who has spent the majority of his adult life serving the military.The lack of and or unexplainable character development is another one of my gripes Each character seems to be in the story to serve the utility of the moment and that s it There s the military tactician pilot, the mechanical engineer, the medical nurse, the chemist I m sure he ll come in handy in the next book , the love interest, and the zombie sensing dog a varied and useful combination of people dog indeed They re all very emotionless and hard to sympathize with, i.e I was hoping they d get eaten.I also can t stand how the main character regards the zombies He often refers to them in bombastic terms like demonic creatures , putrid devils , pure evil , etc Wrong They re zombies, which means they re not after humans because they re cruel or because they enjoy maiming people They re after them because of a singular primordial instinct in the back of their decomposing brains to feed I might have even forgiven his ill tempered attitude towards them if something happened to make him a voracious zombist I just coined that , like he knew for a fact that they killed his parents or his friend was killed right in front of him or something, but nothing even happens to the character to birth such unfounded animosity towards them Not to mention that toward the end he describes a couple of bound zombies as being poor creatures or something to that effect Well, which is it You irrationally hate them or you realize that it s not their fault for being undead Get consistent as well as logical.My last complaint is the poor writing and editing The journal style is an unnecessary and detracting novelty, and Bourne s writing style is so magniloquent and yet so often bad that at times it becomes hard to stomach I think he has potential though, especially if he takes his criticism seriously The editing is also terrible with many glaring mistakes, and I feel that if there was a good editor at the helm, many of Bourne s problems could have been cleaned up before the book even went to print.

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    3.5 stars While not up to the quality or enjoyment of World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War which is on my list of All Time Favorite novels, this book can hold its decaying head up high and proudly moan that it is the SECOND BEST ZOMBIE BOOK I HAVE EVER READ Written in authentic journal style complete with misspelled words , this book has a gritty, realistic feel to it and a tight plot that keeps the tension up at a good clip Short, fast and enjoyable.

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    Ok Zombie come and zombies go But as raw as it isI LOVED this book It s a diary format tale of a military guy stuck in the burbs of the living dead What a guilty pleasure Or maybe it s the voyeuristic me dancing behind the overturned car with a high powered rifle and only enough SPAM to last me another two days DIE ZOMBIE BASTARDS

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    I am a great fan of zombie fiction and post apocalyptic fiction in general I absolutely loved Max Brook s World War Z so I was really excited to pick up this book The journalistic style intrigued me and I had hoped to get a realistic, first person view of a survivor in a world ruled by the undead.How easy would it be to survive in a world full of flesh eating zombies Really easy especially considering that the protagonist is apparently McGyver Our hero can fly a plane, hotwire a car, is a dead shot and can fashion a weapon out of anything And he is extremely, ridiculously well prepared He already has solar panels installed from a long time ago and has rechargable submarine batteries lying around his house for some reason A wardrobe full of fireproof and maybe biteproof full body nomex flight suits is also a nice touch, among other things Even before there were hints of the undead epidemic, he goes to great lengths to fortify his house because he is worried about potential looters Yes, looters Finding weapons and food in this post apocalyptic world also seems to be almost effortless when the protagonist and his companions travel around zombie infested Texas, they frequently stumble onto things like guns and ammo and night vision goggles It puts me to mind of a first person shooter video game where these things are just lying around waiting to be taken.There is no real sense of danger at all not from zombies and other human survivors The main character escapes scrapes all too easily and seems to be equipped with all the skills and tools necessary to survive in a world filled with the living dead in short, he is just too perfect Even the people he meets along the way have conveniently useful skills The people he ends up rescuing are not web designers or middle managers oh no he meets a mechanical engineer, a chemist and a nurse There is one woman with no obvious useful skills but the hero does mention that she is very attractive OK, the attractive one check And lets not forget the cute dog that alerts them to the presence of the undead And the icing on the cake they are all good natured, well adjusted and helpful people Not a nutter or even slightly obnoxious one among them.The biggest problem in this book are the 2 dimensional characters You would think that the first person style viewpoint would flesh out the main character better, but no, he is so bland and colourless, so much that when he drops the occasional F bomb, it is very jarring almost like the author is trying to artificially inject some character into him Our hero would occasionally bring up the fact that he is scared and fearful but somehow this doesn t ring true at all As they say show, don t tell.At the end of the day, I felt sympathy for the zombies It s not completely without its merits which is why I gave it 2 starts instead of 1 I found it entertaining enough to pass a rainy afternoon For me at least, zombies are like pizza there is no such thing as bad pizza

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    3.5 StarsThis is an interesting take on the post apocalyptic zombie story I am a die hard zombie phile and love all the different takes on the genre This story done by J.L.Bourne takes the zombie story and gives it to us at the point of view of a modern day soldier who s name we never get to know The name, Day by Day Armageddon, is perfect as this is a journal type story that is told by a soldier It is a daily written account telling our heroes trials and tribulations from the first day of the end of the world.The journal style gave this book an interesting feel and a bit of reality to it The pacing is fast, and there is a great deal of action and zombie killing Not much original in the backstory or in the zombies themselves there are fast zombies and normal slow shufflers The good and the bad about this book are both the same thing Our hero is a soldier, and this book is told from his point of view Cold, calculated, planned, and executed Our hero is in his prime which makes him almost robotic in nature He even makes several journal entries that comments on his disciplined nature, and his robotic state His background and his story makes this book original and fresh Unfortunately, he is cold, without emotion or feelings, and therefore so too is this story We never feel any emotional investment in him or his companions If not for the adorable Italian Greyhoud named Annabelle, I would not have had any character to care about.There is not much backstory, nor is there much world building as they are portraying our world today I enjoyed this book and overall feel that the fresh aspect of the book outweighed that of the lack of feelings I will read the next and I am sure that fans of the genre will find things to like about this book.

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    Take The Martian, add zombies and subtract the humor and you get Day by Day Armageddon So I guess that means it s just like journal style narrative, which is what this is Each day in the journal of the life of an unnamed protagonist.I was in the mood for a good zombie book and Day by Day scratched that itch It s nothing that really breaks any mold They re still a hoard of zombies that suddenly sneak up on you even though they re loud, moaning creatures The survivors are the ones to worry about.As typical for zombie books, the plot is the focus and characters, especially with the journal style, are less important It s definitely a weakness, but it s hard to get out of that with the style of the book The main protagonist is a military type, so it was a slight change of your typical everyman who s dealing with the world crumbling down around him.Of course, the protagonist goes from one problem to the next That s the beauty of a zombie apocalypse, it s all believable and nothing contrived when there are monsters everywhere He runs into other people with similar issues okay, the exact same Everyone s screwed.There are odd typos, but after doing some research I guess they re intentional to add realism Note to self, typos are the last way to add realism to anything Just write grammatically correct or it takes me out of the story That s less real when I m out of the story.Another benefit is this book is relatively short It s an easy, short, plot driven zombie book Nothing , nothing less I m looking forward to reading in the series.4 out of 5 stars highly recommended

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    This was, in general, a fairly good zombie tale, with plenty of suspense.One thing I found distracting was the editing In particular, the error that kept popping up was this Zombies should be wandering around In this book, the zombies wondered around It s a spelling error that changes the meaning of the word Every time the author meant to use the word wander, he used wonder instead This is not the fault of J.L Bourne I do not expect authors to be good spellers The responsibility of the author is to craft a good story Bourne does this just fine My beef is with Bourne s editor The responsibility of the editor is to CATCH THE SPELLING ERRORS This was not the only editing error, but it was certainly the most distracting Any error in any book causes me to stop reading, lose the flow of the story, and fixate on the fact that an error exists in a professionally edited book Most books have zero errors Some books have one tiny one like a misplaced apostrophe Any than the one tiny one and I start to get irrationally frustrated with a book This is unfortunate I read this book a few years ago, and the part I remember most about it is the image I have in my head of zombies, shambling around, deep in thought

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Welcome to the Official J.L Bourne Goodreads page.J.L Bourne is a retired military officer and national best selling author of the horror series, DAY BY DAY ARMAGEDDON, and dystopian thriller, TOMORROW WAR.With twenty years of active military and intelligence community service behind him, J.L brands a realistic and unique style of fiction.J.L lives on the Gulf Coast but is sometimes spotted