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The Romanov Prophecy txt The Romanov Prophecy, text ebook The Romanov Prophecy, adobe reader The Romanov Prophecy, chapter 2 The Romanov Prophecy, The Romanov Prophecy 7890e1 Ekaterinburg, Russia July , Ten Months Have Passed Since Nicholas II S Reign Was Cut Short By Revolutionaries Tonight, The White Army Advances On The Town Where The Tsar And His Family Are Being Held Captive By The Bolsheviks Nicholas Dares To Hope For Salvation Instead, The Romanovs Are Coldly And Methodically ExecutedMoscow Present Day Atlanta Lawyer Miles Lord, Fluent In Russian And Well Versed In The Country S History, Is Thrilled To Be In Moscow On The Eve Of Such A Momentous Event After The Fall Of Communism And A Succession Of Weak Governments, The Russian People Have Voted To Bring Back The Monarchy The New Tsar Will Be Chosen From The Distant Relatives Of Nicholas II By A Specially Appointed Commission, And Miles Job Is To Perform A Background Check On The Tsarist Candidate Favored By A Powerful Group Of Western Businessmen But Research Quickly Becomes The Least Of Miles Concerns When He Is Nearly Killed By Gunmen On A City PlazaSuddenly Miles Is Racing Across Continents, Shadowed By Nefarious Henchmen At First, His Only Question Is Why People Are Pursuing Him But After A Strange Conversation With A Mysterious Russian, Who Steers Miles Toward The Writings Of Rasputin, He Becomes Desperate To Know Most Important, What Really Happened To The Family Of Russia S Last Tsar His Only Companion Is Akilina Petrov, A Russian Circus Performer Sympathetic To His Struggle, And His Only Guide Is A Cryptic Message From Rasputin That Implies That The Bloody Night Of So Long Ago Is Not The Last Chapter In The Romanovs Story And That Someone Might Even Have Survived The Massacre The Prophecy S Implications Are Earth Shattering Not Only For The Future Of The Tsar And Mother Russia, But Also For Miles Himself

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    Any ideas on why books aren t rated for language content Anyway, the story line was interesting enough but I stopped reading the book because of the language Note to authors F bombs really aren t necessary to add emphasis to a situation, it just creates characters who lack the capacity to express themselves with any degree of intellegence

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    I enjoyed reading friends on goodreads reviews I am also a Russian history nut and have traveled to St Petersburg and the Peter and Paul Fortress This was such a fast paced intriging book that I read it in a couple of days I think the mystery surrounding the missing children s bodys will never be solved So, we have our wonderful imaginations to keep us interested.By the way, I found the Amber room not as exciting I have seen the real Amber room and and the privilege to speak with a Russian about its tragic history.

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    What I didn t like about this novel Pretty much everything I disliked the writing style to put it mildly , I couldn t relate to the characters and I found the plot extremely dull The whole thing seemed like a Hollywood blockbuster A very dull and crazy unrealistic Hollywood blockbuster I kept rolling my eyes Lord the protagonist pretends he doesn t speak Russian often for no particular reason and this magically saves his life all the time Nobody suspects he might indeed speak the language, even after Lord repeatedly stresses that he is researching Russian history and the Romanov with the permission of the Russian government There is this scene where a corrupt police speaks on the phone about planning to kill Lorn in front of him, and doesn t suspect Lord might understand him, despite the fact that Lord told him ten seconds ago that he is in Russia to do the kind of work that demands at least elementary knowledge of Russian language Then Lord pushes him over and magically escapes from the police station we don t learn how into the street, easily mingling with other people and disappearing despite the fact that the whole novel stresses the fact how Lord stands out everywhere because he is, in fact African American That makes no sense Nothing makes any sense, I m afraid.The protagonist of this book is, as I said, an African American man I m going to take a wild guess and say that the author of this book is white Did he make Lord black only to win some politically correct points I can t say for sure, and I certainly can t speak for African American community, but I did cringe a few times Yes, I had some issues with the way Lord was being described, and not just the odd Uncle Sam references that felt a bit racist There was also that time when Lord s skin is being compared to a river and it came of as offensive to me, even if it was done by a woman that was supposed to be attracted to him And what is with saying that all Russian have yellowish skin I found that offensive as well There were other things I found offensive, but it would take me forever to list them all, so I ll just stop myself here I feel like I actually lost IQ points reading this novel It is a shame because it could have been a good thriller I mean the premise is pretty interesting, isn t it But the book was such a disappointment To conclude, The Romanov Prophecy is one of the worst thrillers and books in general that I have ever read I can t believe I actually bought it I think I ll even have to insert sad face emoticons, something I don t usually do but here it goes

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    Didn t really like this book at all The only reason I kept reading was because I found some of the story that was actually about the Romanovs fairly interesting If a book has either the Romanovs, Cesare Borgia, ancient Greece Rome, or Arthurian legend, chances areI ll like it So it is saying a lot that I didn t like this book If you like formulaic conspiracy books a la Da Vinci Code it is possible you might like it But I hate those kinds of books Small people caught up in something bigger than them, always a man and a woman and some pathetic attempt at sexual tension, people out to kill them to keep the secret, old pretentious men who give unrealistic monologues full of information that they have spent their entire lives doing nothing but researching, following ridiculous clues around the world, and always ending up successful with dues ex machina moments in which the characters learn all the historical information is contrary to the facts that most people believe and cause all the pieces of the puzzle to neatly fall into place Sorry if I ruined the book and every other conspiracy book out there for you You start right in the middle of the action I get the purpose of this, to bring the reader in, but I had absolutely no connection to the character and that feeling continued throughout the book Things about the lives of the characters I guess to help you relate unsuccessful are thrown in via the characters thoughts and are forced and so loosely related to what is happening in the story that you wonder why the character would have chosen that particular moment to think about it Or any moment at all since the back stories are not relevant to the story and are very poor attempts at character development.It was also a little hard to relate to Russia electing to turn back into a tsarist nation.So That s that.

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    I choose this book to read because it was about the Romanovs There was brief time in my life where I was interested in the last czar s family so the title caught my eye I m still interested in the topic, just not to the same degree The action never stops in this book I think that s something that appeals to lots of readers I don t always like the fast pace, but I have to admit, it does encourage you to continue reading Even though I ve done my own research into the Romanovs, I have no idea how historically accurate the story was And it s been some time since I read it anyway But there was nothing that stuck out like a red thumb to me, so I d say the author did his research If the story is good enough, I can forgive some historical inaccuracies Of course there are some blatant ones given that a lot of historians believe none of the family survived, but damn it makes a good story to ignore that fact.

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    I continue my illogical and inexplicable fascination with Russian history with this historical novel based on The Romanov dynasty In the last decade, I have read dozens of books, novels and historical texts about Russia and the Soviet Union with a bizarre emphasis on the early secretive Soviet Space program I have no clue how I developed this passion This is one of Steve Berry s early novels His writing has since improved but the story here is quite good, once you cut him some slack about an unlikely premise a prophecy by Rasputin that for some reason must be followed to the letter almost 100 years later Like his other books, I have read, this is a novel based on some good and fascinating history The Romanovs and the execution of the entire royal family There is a very similar book I read last year, The Romanov Conspiracy by Glenn Meade which caused me some confusion until I realized they were two different books I gave that book five stars instead of four I liked it But this was still a good book that I devoured in two days I think I have read almost all of Steve Berry s novels now, and I must say he is consistently good Unlike some other authors I read a lot Steve Berry is Dan Brown without Brown s nonsense.

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    This is a good read It s fun, with all the detail and history you expect from a Steve Berry thriller The pacing is excellent, if not a little forced at times Overall, it s a great read and makes for a solid book.

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    Given the general strangeness that goes on in modern day Russia, the notion of restoring the tsar s throne is one of the less daffy ideas floating around out there It could, of course, be argued they already have a tsar, though only a de facto one Nonetheless, say the Russians decided an absolute monarchy with all the trimmings is the way to go How might that turn out Steve Berry gave that scenario a whirl, and The Romanov Prophecy is the result.In an unspecified time that looks like the middle years of Boris Yeltsin s chaotic presidency, the Russian people have decided they want to go back to the future An official commission begins to work out how to restore the Romanov dynasty High priced Atlanta attorney and Russian history geek Miles Lord ends up in Moscow researching one of the candidates to become the first Tsar of All Russia since Nicholas II went the way of all things during the Revolution However, he turns over the wrong rocks and ends up the target for every malign force in Russia They can t quite manage to get rid of Lord, though, who flees most of the way around the world tracking down obscure clues to a century old conspiracy that may upend the commission s work and foil the malign forces that want the new tsar in their collective pocket Yes, it s a Dan Brown novel, only better written and not about the Vatican.Miles Lord is okay company on this journey His backstory is a bit convoluted and he has a set of interests that are at best unlikely in someone of his background As a person, though, he s bright but not brilliant, resourceful but not omnipotent, and humanly fallible when it suits in short, as regular a guy as you re likely to find in this kind of story His suspension of disbelief comes as hard as ours does he s just trying to do his job, not become a true believer until the end It s not hard to root for him when he faces regular mortal peril.The puzzle in this plot centers around whether any of the Romanov children survived their family s slaughter at the hands of the Bolsheviks in 1918 Lord has to pick up shreds of arcana across Russia and in America while on the run, aided by the inevitable secret society dedicated to preserving the Russian crown and pursued by the equally inevitable cabal of shadowy people who want to pull strings behind the scenes The author wrote this novel before The Da Vinci Code exploded on the world but follows the same basic template The story works in this case because Lord isn t called on to make any near miraculous leaps of deduction or otherwise display superhuman cognition or memory You may, however, find the secret society s sheer perversity in hiding the clues to be a bit much to swallow.Berry s supporting characters are mostly plot devices rather than fleshed out personalities Akilina, the pretty Russian circus gymnast who ends up dropping her life to follow Lord around, has a few too many useful talents to be entirely believable The bad guys are bad mostly because they can be the authorities are useless because they can be and so on Everything happens in the service of the plot, not for the characters moral or personal growth.The saving grace here is as it often is in these kinds of books sheer speed The author knows how to push a plot along smartly, how to end a chapter so you want to read just one , and when to cut off the exposition right when you re about to say enough, already This last talent gets a thorough workout with the bales of real history the author has to bolt onto his fictional history I got through the 416 pages in two sittings The speed helps you overlook that the lawyer is awfully lucky, the baddies can t shoot straight, and money and travel time don t seem to be the problems for Our Heroes that they are for the rest of us.Berry wrote this book before The Amber Room which I liked a bit but published it second if you want to see his growth as an author, read this one first Those two, along with The Third Secret and The Columbus Affair , are all standalones that lead up to the author s mainstay Cotton Malone series, an acquired taste I have yet to acquire The Romanov Prophecy sits firmly in the thriller subgenre dominated by The Da Vinci Code , but without most of the metaphysics and with a relatable protagonist It s got first novel problems that it paves over with a sprinting narrative and great dollops of tragi history surrounding one of the world s favorite conspiracy theories Fun Sure You won t come out with a net loss of neurons Take it for what it is a good distraction from sitting in coach on a transatlantic flight and you ll have a good time.

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    This book is a stand alone novel by Steve Berry What grabbed my attention towards this book was the title Having always entertained a fascination for Russian history and knowing Berry s skill on good research, I was very much interested in reading it As the case with all Berry books, this too is a combination of history and fiction I enjoyed reading history, although I feel he could have avoided the gruesome details on the massacre of the Imperial family I also enjoyed the story based on that history, even though it is a little far fetched A good set of characters ranging from good to bad to worse were employed The standard Berry features quick pace, suspense and adventure, coupled with some additional Brownish trend to resort to clues and resolving puzzles made the reading all the engaging Overall, a good and enjoyable read.

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    Like Dan Brown, Steve Berry is a guilty pleasure kind of read for me And for the record, I don t care much about historical accuracy or inaccuracy, in Brown s case, I just like alternate history and the way these authors spin their stories.I ve read only 2 other books by Berry so far The Amber Room and The Venetian Betrayal I ve come to like Cotton Malone as a protagonist in Venetian, so it took a while to adjust to someone different, like Miles Lord here in The Romanov Prophecy.I got used to him alright, but I didn t really like Miles all that much The Romanovs, Rasputin, and the other historical side characters were interesting, which says a lot, considering most of them are dead throughout most of the book Miles just seems to serve as a focal point for the plot to move forward, and that s pretty much it Heck, even characters who appear only during the last few chapters were interesting than Miles Sorry, Miles I mean, if you haven t figured out who was really after you after all those security breaches, then shrug I also had a problem with the first half of the book, which, although it began with a murder attempt which is as good a beginning as any, seemed to drag Berry got into the intriguing part of the plot the treasure hunt only about halfway through.What pushed me to continue reading, though, were my interest in the conspiracy surrounding the alleged survival of Anastasia and Alexei, and several years worth of fascination with the Imperial Easter Eggs.Did you say Faberg Imperial Easter Eggs, Steve Now you have my attention.Ever since high school, when I read about the eggs in Judith Krantz s Princess Daisy my mother liked Judith Krantz, and there was a time when I had to rely on her for books to read, I ve read up on them and Googled them several times I like looking at the pictures and reading about the history of each egg and finding out where they are now.In this book, Berry used the Lilies of the Valley egg as a plot point This egg was given by Tsar Nicholas II to the Tsarina Alexandra on Easter April 5 1898 It is made of gold, rose pink and green enamel, diamonds, rubies, and pearls.All the Imperial Eggs have a surprise this one s are miniature portraits of the Tsar and their 2 elder daughters painted on ivory, which are revealed by turning a pearl knob.The egg is now part of the collection of The Link of Times Foundation Russia And that s all for today s Imperial Easter Egg lesson PThe ending of the book felt a bit rushed I wanted of a closure between Miles, Akilina, and the mysterious Semyon Pachenko, who served as the starting point for their quest, as well as some kind of crackdown on the people behind the manipulation of the Tsarist Commission A royal coronation is well and good as endings go, but I wish Berry provided a few details to wrap things up.

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