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The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney quotes The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney, litcharts The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney, symbolism The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney, summary shmoop The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney, The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney b31cdec0 In High School, The Last Thing You Want Is For People To Think You Talk To GhostsWhen Sparrow Begins Tenth Grade At A Huge New School Full Of Strangers, She Thinks Her Dreams Of Anonymity And A Fresh Start Are Finally Coming True No Following In Her Six Older Sisters Footsteps No Going To Class With Kids Who Ve Seen Her Grandma Doing Jujitsu In The Front Yard Next To The Headstones Of Her Four Dead Husbands And No Worrying About Keeping Her Deep, Dark Secret HiddenSparrow Makes A New Best Friend And Has Her Eye On An Irritatingly Appealing Guy In Her History Class She Feels Like She S Well On Her Way To A Normal Life But It S Another Boy A Dead One Who Wants Sparrow S Attention, And He Won T Let Her Be Till She S Helped Him Move OnYou See, Sparrow Delaney S Secret Is That She S A Psychic And There S One Very Persistent Ghost Who Won T Let Her Forget It

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    The Setting A slightly and smartly tweaked version of Lily Dale.The characters Eccentric, charming, and all even the ghosts bursting through the pages with life.The plot Pitch perfectThe writing style Lovely, fluid and injected with just the right amount of delicious banter and good humor.The story is told in first person point of view, Sparrow Delaney s, the 7th daughter of the 7th daughter from a family of medium who wants nothing but to pass as just another teenage girl in her new school, all the while struggling to stay sane in a household of 9 females distracted mother, eccentric grandmother, and 6 older sisters , 1 bathroom, and malevolent tabby cat, not to mention all the ghosts dropping by asking for help or offering unwanted advice mainly that she give up keeping her enormous psychic gift a secret Then a boy in her history class catches Sparrow s eyes He s got dark hair, hazel eyes, and a crooked smile He s also smart, funny, and stubborn and persistent in the most charming way He s absolutely perfect well, except for one thing He s Dead And he s hell bent to convince Sparrow that she s his last hope of heaven.The book was one of those impulse buys You know, when you happen to stroll by a bookstore and then check out some stationery and then ended up going home with a book in your arms This book is such case and its been lounging on my shelf unread and neglected for months before I ve finally picked it up and read And when I did, I ve never been happier with an impulse buy I ve read all 362 pages either smiling or laughing out loud except for that made me cry This may be Suzanne Harper s first book but it sure made me wish she d write some a lot Because I absolutely, positively loved her writing Her characters are simply endearing, even the vague ghosts lurking in the corners and the schoolmates that only appeared in one to two paragraphs Most charming of all is Grandma Bee, the Delaney matriarch and Sparrow, who might be a superspiritualist in training but at the end of the day is just really every other teen a little confused about what to do with the rest of her life Luke also is one great factor in overall fabulousness of the book, being the most swoon worthy ghost I ve ever read about After the last page I m quiet demanding 10 pages In fact, make that 362 pages I want a fudging sequel My total rating 4 starsMy advice Read it Read it Even if you re not a teen my spirits tell me you re gonna like it.

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    Possible spoilers and gloating Okay, first off, love the cover Those tarot cards are awesome As was this book It sat on my night stand for a little while, but after I read some I seriously couldn t put it down Sparrow is such an interesting character But living in a house with 8 other females I think I d kill myself Good thing she has an attic room or I m not sure how she would have survived Grandma Bee is hilarious too With her innocent Weed the garden for me act and her kung fu or whatever The whole book was pretty funny actually And I totally knew Luke was Jack s brother I totally guessed it I love when I do that I felt really bad when everything started going wrong for her at the message service, but luckily everything got better quickly If breaking your leg is better Seriously loved this book I love books with the whole ghosts and teenagers thing going on It would be epic if there was a second book Tori

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    Reviewed by Candace Cunard for TeensReadToo.comFor Sparrow Delaney, having to switch schools before starting tenth grade isn t a curse it s a blessing All her life she s wanted to be normal, and now that she s found a chance to start over, she s not about to let anything ruin it But it s hard to live a normal life when your sisters, mother, and grandmother are all mediums, in contact with the spirit world, and when you live in Lily Dale, New York, a town devoted to spiritualism where s ances are regular activities and everyone you meet has some affinity for the dead It only gets harder when you hear the dead, too As the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, Sparrow is an exceptionally powerful medium She s been seeing ghosts since she was five years old, and she knows her talents far surpass those of anyone else she s met But Sparrow has always wanted from life than being a medium, so from a young age, she s hidden her gifts, pretending that she cannot communicate with the dead at all She sees her move to a new school as a chance to finally break away from the teasing that s always followed her, and the first step in becoming someone who has no need for annoying spirits who refuse to Move On Unfortunately for Sparrow, the spirits don t care too much about what she wants On the first day of school, the spirit of a teen named Luke appears to her and urges her to help him solve the problems that are keeping him from Moving On Sparrow ignores him at first, but Luke is persistent than the other ghosts she s shrugged off over the years, and eventually she finds herself grudgingly listening to his story Sparrow also has to deal with a history project partner, Will, who decides they should focus their local history report on Lily Dale and those psychic quacks who live there Not to mention the continued worrying of her mother, grandmother, and sisters about her apparent lack of talents I came into this story less than thrilled by the premise, but I was quickly won over by Sparrow s first person voice as she articulated all of the difficulties of being a teenage medium trying to hide her talents The author does a good job of painting realistic albeit quirky relationships between Sparrow and her family members and new found friends The intricacies of her interactions with Luke and Will kept me wanting to know about all of the characters involved Even readers put off by the story s fantastic premise will be sucked into the drama of Sparrow s life and fly through the plot s twists and turns until they reach what I felt was a very satisfying conclusion.

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    I found this book at the library and loved it The story revolves around 15 year old Sparrow, who comes from a psychic family and lives in the medium friendly community of Lily Dale, New York She s embarrassed of her abilities and has continually told her family and that has never felt a single spirit in actuality, she s seen them since she was 5 and has the rare ability to see, hear, touch, and smell spirits most people only can do one But despite her abilities, Sparrow wants to break free from this type of life and jumps at the chance to attend a different high school than her older sisters and reinvent herself somewhere no one knows her or her family or their abilities There, she makes a best friend, meets a boy in her class, and is followed by another boy this one a ghost who wants her help, though Sparrow is determined, as usual, to not acknowledge the spirit or offer assistance.What I loved about this book is that everything flows so well The opening scene is great and pretty much told me all I needed to know to understand Sparrow s life and sympathize with her, and it keeps moving forward All the characters are great, from Sparrow s 6 sisters all named after birds , to the friends she makes at school, to the ghosts that haunt her Further, the author makes the town of Lily Dale seem fascinating, truly bringing it to life, and makes me want to learn about the place that actually exists but is, of course, used fictitiously in this novel I loved that the mystery in this book was blended together with your typical teen angst and a touch of romance The author carried this off so well amazingly well and made it hard to put the book down I thought the whole plot was great, and even though not every single question raised in the book was fully answered at the end, it didn t matter all that much to me The ending was very satisfactory, and the small loose ends left were just the way life is sometimes I highly recommend this book to all YA lovers or those looking for a good teen book to read I enjoyed it so much that I almost want to read it again and I just finished it yesterday

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    Sparrow comes from a long line of mediums, her grandmother, mother and sisters all see ghosts As the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter Sparrow has extraordinary abilities but she has hidden her talents for years, longing for a life that is normal When Sparrow starts 10th grade at a new school her hopes to blend in are dashed by a good looking ghost who needs her help This book was so hard to put down The writing is richly descriptive and the characters are unique The only part I didn t like was a point near the end of the book when Sparrow lets a ghost inhabit her body to communicate with his brother When that happened I kept picturing Whoopi Goldberg, Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost awkward All in all it s a cute story about embracing who you truly are The book is YA but it s a tame read that you could easily recommend to tween s Ages 12 14.

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    The Secret Life of Sparrow Delaney is probably one of my favorite books I m not quite what sure what makes it so but I can give a few examples The plot is very intriguing, first of all Suzanne Harper takes Sparrow Delaney, a girl who has the most eccentric family of mediums you can imagine She wants to find a place to start over, a place where no one knows about her crazed life at home She gets that at a new school but enter Luke, a ghost who is determined to get Sparrow s attention and won t stop until he does.The humor in this novel was absolutely beautiful The writing is a true account of what can possibly go on inside a teenager s head when she s got so much on her plate Kudos to Suzanne Harper

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    Despite a few awful characters on that below , I found this book to be delightful I m sure there are better words to describe it, but it s the only one I can come up with at the moment.I felt that Grandma Bee was annoying than charming, the twin sisters Linnet and Lark were weak Fred and George Weasley ripoffs, and Fiona the BFF was simply useless.

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    This book is at times eccentric and funny, at times obscure and serious, and above all, highly creative and original, with a crazy cast of characters and a gripping plot Sparrow is easy for teens to relate to, and her strange life and weird adventures are incredibly interesting.

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    This book is about a girl named Sparrow Delaney Sparrow can talk to gost and theirs one particular gost who wants her help and is desprate.

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    The idea of this book had a lot of potential but wasn t executed to the best of its ability Sparrow makes a lot of silly choices throughout that only make the end goal of her guides that much difficult I felt like some of the words used didn t match how a 15 year old would speak either I couldn t get a clear vision of her in my head either Her description was kind of vague and the clothes weren t entirely clear either All the interactions with her family weren t very interesting or important to the story A lot of the stuff in this story is very random and doesn t contribute much to the overall story The twist was also kind of obvious to me as well It was okay and cute I guess but just lacks a certain charisma that a story about things like mediums or ghosts really needs to make it work I didn t enjoy her friend Fiona very much either, she immediately turned on her then flip flopped once it became clear sparrow wasn t lying I didn t really understand why sparrow chose to hide her talents either Her childish stubborn streak was a big part of why I didn t enjoy reading about her very much.

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