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Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout, #1) chapter 1 Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout, #1) , meaning Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout, #1) , genre Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout, #1) , book cover Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout, #1) , flies Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout, #1) , Zombie Fallout (Zombie Fallout, #1) 4952c8689a8ce Zombie FalloutIt Was A Flu Season Like No Other With Fears Of Contracting The HN Virus Running Rampant Throughout The Country, People Lined Up In Droves To Try An Attain One Of The Coveted Vaccines What Was Not Known, Was The Effect This Largely Untested, Rushed To Market, Inoculation Was To Have On The Unsuspecting Throngs Within Days, Feverish Folk Throughout The Country, Convulsed, Collapsed And Died, Only To Be Re Born With A Taste For Brains, Blood And Bodies, These Modern Day Zombies Scoured The Lands For Their Next Meal Overnight The Country Became A Killing Ground For The Hordes Of Zombies That Ravaged The LandThis Is The Story Of Michael Talbot, His Family And His Friends This Is Their Story A Band Of Ordinary People Just Trying To Get By In These Extra Ordinary Times When Disaster Strikes, Mike A Self Proclaimed Survivalist, Does His Best To Ensure The Safety And Security Of Those He Cares ForBook Of The Zombie Fall Out Trilogy Follows Our Lead Character In His Self Deprecating, Sarcastic Best What He Encounters Along The Way Leads Him Down A Long Dark Road Always Skirting On The Edge Of Insanity Can He Keep His Family Safe Can He Discover The Secret Behind Tommy S Powers Can He Save Anyone From The Zombie Queen A Zombie That Seems By All Accounts To Have Some Sort Of Hold Over The Zombies And Mike Himself Encircled In A Seemingly Safe Haven Called Little Turtle, Mike And His Family Together With The Remnants Of A Tattered Community While Not Fighting Each Other, Fight Against A Relentless, Ruthless, Unstoppable Force This Last Bastion Of Civilization Has Made Its Final Stand God Help Them All

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    Some people find it difficult to bash a Kindle book that only cost them.99 I, however, am not one of those people The only enjoyment I received from this book was that apparently I m not alone in legitimately wanting a Z apocalypse to happen After that heap of praise it should be noted that there is a HUGE difference between juvenile humor and lame, cringe worthy attempts at humor The first chapter alone reminded me of watching a stand up comedian and literally looking away because I was so embarrassed at his her comedic abilities Except apparently this author is Dane Cook and I m sitting in the back row still in complete disbelief at how people deem this stuff funny.There s to be said about why this book is god awful, but I ll sum it up in one sentence This author cannot write I m only mildly surprised that ratings fooled me yet again, but I completely expected to come here and see this book ripped to shreds Even the most die hard zombie fanatics I include myself in said category should avoid the book This is not the zombie epic you are looking for.

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    I really wanted to like this book Really And after reading all the great reviews I didn t hesitate to purchase Unfortunately, I did not like this book To start off with I had a hard time to adjusting the humor that everyone else praised in their reviews For me, it was like when you watch a movie and the lovers stop to make out as danger is about to overtake them It was infuriating I really disliked being in the middle of an action sequence and I would be forced to stop to listen to the funny ramblings going on in the head of the protagonist Also, the female characters in the book are irritating and bossy and I m not sure why the other characters in the book have such high opinions of them They take stupid risks, that put others in danger and worry about pointless things Warning Tiny Spoiler For example, the protagonist is Zombie proofing his home and his wife is worried about the how now the resale value of the house has just gone down Really I don t feel like this author knows how to write strong women However, despite all my annoyance with the book I kept on reading I read on because I was hoping it would get better After all, this series has so many fans Warning minor spoiler But, when the author stops the storyline during the zombie attack and takes time to add a storyline about a serial killer, I was just to mad to finish I am disappointed because I was really looking forward to reading a new Zombie series I know I won t be picking up book two The main character says something in the book that might explain why I didn t get this book He says if you don t understand New England humor, then you ll never understand me That s not the exact quote but close enough Well, I guess I don t understand By the way, I did eventually finish this book in a desperate attempt that it would get better It didn t.

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    I purchased the first 3 in this series based on and Goodreads reviews alone Let this be a lesson to the rest of you when I say STOP RUN AWAY Drop the book and back your Romero loving ass up This self published attempt at the zombie trend is downright pitiful Within the first couple of pages, you will find characters that would have died in a zombie flick before the opening credits were complete And to the author, please stop raping the thesaurus, pick a style of dialogue and stick with it, and stop using farts and dog shit at your only means of humor Oh, and I want my 5.99 back.

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    DNF 25%I gave Zombie Fallout a chance purely because it was free and it was highly rated on GR but now I realise it s a love it or hate it type of book and I didn t like it I found it boring, at time it made me feel queasy, the attempt at humour grated on my nerves and the whole thing left me feeling puzzled and asking why is this book so highly rated and praised I had to admit defeat after reading the latest vomit inducing descriptions about worms and maggots inside grotesquely shaped, Daisy Duke wearing fat zombie girls outside Walmart It was just too much.There was a lot of cringe worthy juvenile humour and many of them were cheap shots at the usual suspects the over weight there were lots of fat jokes , gender, sex etc I would have to lug Henry because he couldn t walk than two hundred yards before he would begin panting like a sex offender at a cheerleader convention But I admit to laughing at one of Michael s lines at the start because it was unexpected given the situation I see a tongue Some asshole is licking my peephole Zombie Fallout is told from Michael Talbot POV and it s about how he ensures his family s survival after the H1N1 virus epidemic leads to the zombie apocalypse But Michael is prepared for the apocalypse his ammunition gun stockpile rivals that of the local gun shop or police station It s like he knows, Man Rolls eyes Michael s wife comes across as incompetent, shrewish, at times cruel and a raging bitch.e.g When he tried to take his 15 year old son as backup to rescue their other son who was stuck on the roof of a building surrounded by zombies You can t she yelled.Travis rushed to my defence Mum, Dad needs my help He can do it on his own, she retorted You re my baby Hon I started You shut up she spat fiercely Travis is my baby, he s my flesh and blood And what am I I yelled back You re just some guy I met she retorted He s forced to tell her what to do, pull her out of the horror induced mental paralysis he likes to call Traceyville a.k.a blond moment We sometimes joked when my wife had a blond moment or just lapsed out of our reality into her own made up one Life came back into her eyes, and just like that, she was back Michael has to reason with and also explain the obvious to Tracy Forget the damn puke she yelled Shouldn t we try to help No, I mumble What Speak up, I can t hear your altruism she retorted acerbically Listen, if we stop, we become vulnerable, and we don t know if the person we would be helping is infected We can t take the chance, we have to look out for us I argued.So far, I haven t seen a strong woman, just an emotionally immature woman but she seems to be a perfect match for Michael because he s no prize either Michael is a former Marine and an average Joe in character but in the blink of an eye he becomes the man, the one most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse He s a quick thinker, faster and braver than his 15 year old son who is a mini Hercules in size and strength but somehow Michael is the one with all the good ideas Michael is cleverer than everyone too, he is the first one to act, he is the only one who has a plan and everyone s survival depends on him Yep, we have a Mary Sue hero a.k.a Gary Stu I read few pages to see if anything changes but nothing did There was nothing to like about any of the characters, they were all flat and uninteresting and I found it difficult to connect with any of them The narrative, writing style, humour, characters, especially the main characternon of it worked for me This book had one thing going for itthe zombies were different here, they seemed to have emotions and some sort of thinking or group mind set that I found interesting, but it wasn t intriguing enough to keep me reading Still, I m glad I gave Zombie Fallout a try and now I can move on.

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    Very new to novels of this genre although huge fan of everything Zombie on Film , but after enjoying World War Z Max Brooks Warm bodies Isaac marion in paperback, and with the arrival of my Christmas present kindle i read numerous Zed novels with great reviews on .What can i say There is some Pure Crap out there Hence Zombie Fallout was to be my last foray into the Genre and i did not hold much hope. Oh how i like to be proved wrong, this book was a revelation Mr Tufo has managed to introduce a wholly fresh twist to the normal Zombie mediocrity Get Bit,Turn,bite etc etc , With super strong characters on every level,and a uniquely strong storyline this novel is a winner The end of every page forces you to start the next,i giggled out loud to the constant humour,cringed at the graphic horror and became engrossed with the constant twists and turns The only real way i can promote this guy novel is to say i finished it in two days,could not put it down and within 30 seconds of its completion i had downloaded the follow up ZF2 ,and started immediately LOVED IT

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    Highly disappointing I was all set to enjoy a good old fashioned zombie book full of gore and violence, but what I got was a big heap of misogyny The two main female characters, family members of the protagonist, a self proclaimed survivalist, don t even know how to load a gun There is a whole section of the book devoted to their hi jinks, from fiddling with the guns, to decided to go on a cigarette run in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, to running into a pornstar look a like slut that tried to seduce the main character because he is such a catch Characters in books can be dumb I understand that However, this author comes across as juvenile and simplistic as a thirteen year old boy in his portrayal of women and gays don t even get me started Want to read a zombie book that treats women like actual people Check out the Newsflesh Trilogy by Mira Grant or Plague of the Dead by Z.A Recht You can thank me later.

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    I listened to Zombie Fallout in late November I found out about it after hearing the author, Mark Tufo in an interview wherein he discussed the origins of the ZF series and his journey in self publishing I was particularly intrigued by the fact that Mark Tuffo stated in the interview that the main character, whose initials mirror his own, was closely based on Tufo and his family I thought it would be an interesting read listen.Unlike some of the other people who rated this book poorly, while I thought the protagonist was than a little goofy, I wasn t terribly annoyed by his jokes, which were for the most part unfunny I just thought, oh he s a goof ball That said, there were serious moments wherein the joking was sorely out of place and the effect would throw me out of the narrative as I attempted to figure out if I should be scared for the characters or if I should be laughing The protagonist, I d decided, was juvenile, not very clever, thought way too much of himself and his looks, and frequently an ass And because Tuffo stated that the character was based on him, I figured, Hmm, Tuffo must be too.The women are fairly one dimensional They re weepy, bossy, and have attitude for absolutely no good reason Cute, but no cigar on portrayals of women The protagonist had a side kick, BT Big Tiny and forgive me, but I am sick of seeing stories where black men are referred to by initials or off the freaking wall nicknames T Dog The man never had a real name and then he died and are fill in the blank stereotypes, big, strong, but not all that smart Actually BT was a little worse He sort of drifted into the land of almost magical negro If he wasn t brooding and silent, he was cussing you to ribbons or spouting some spiritual mystical mumbo jumbo the mumbo jumbo might be from the second book He was like John Coffee from the Green Mile, only not all healy and whatnot.My biggest issue came when the main character, a veteran and ex Marine made a comment about Muslims I think the term was towel heads , but don t quote me This is a slur It is derogatory Now I don t expect to like all of the characters that I read about Some of them will be bigots Some of them will be bad Some of them will be misunderstood I don t have to like them In fact, I don t want to like them all But bear in mind that I d just listened to Tuffo in an interview state that his protagonist was based on himself So I started to ask myself questions.1 Is this Tufo calling Muslims Arabs I know they aren t the same but our media has effectively created a hybrid and the words are often interchangeable towel heads or is that the protagonist I don t know the answer to that It s hard to tell.2 If this is Tufo using this slur, does it matter to me, the reader Have I stopped reading other authors who have questionable politics or views The answer to that is sometimes yes, and sometimes no It depends.Nevertheless, I continued to listen to the story until its conclusion and I was moderately satisfied at the end Not impressed Sort of meh I found ZF entertaining enough even though I didn t exactly think the book was the stuff of genius, or award worthy or deserving of the multiple five star accolades To be totally honest, if I had been reading as opposed to listening, I likely would not have been able to complete it The science is flawed, but heck, this is the ZA we re talking about If one isn t willing to suspend disbelief at the door, then they shouldn t even begin reading this or any other zombie tale.I went on to begin listening to the second book I never finished it because our protagonist made a statement about how all Muslims just hate Christians I paused the audio on that and I think I even rewound that portion to listen to again I started to ask myself those questions again In the end, I couldn t go back to the story I m not exactly Mrs Politically Correct, but I am Muslim, and I was sufficiently insulted And for that you don t get of my time or my money.There has been lots of discussion lately on Goodreads about rating and reviews, about how they should be based on the merits of the book and not the author themselves So over a month has passed wherein I have endeavored to rate this book justly This is no easy task due mostly to the fact that I m not sure who what I dislike The author, or the character who is supposed to be the author, or both, the flawed science and its one dimensional female characters and BT the sage black side kick, the jackassery and idiotic jokes I give this one a two That s all I got.

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    Resources for Adults Horror SelectionI saw this book on a list of Best Science Fiction of the 21st Century I ve never thought of zombie novels as science fiction, but there are several on the sci fi lists, so maybe I m the anomaly In any case, Zombie Fallout had great ratings on goodreads, and the audio book was available for download from my local library, so I thought I d give it a try.After listening to it, I d say it s a better fit for horror than sci fi Even if it is sci fi, it doesn t belong on the best of list It has since been bumped, which makes me wonder if it was spam voted to the list in the first place More on that later Zombie Fallout begins with a swine flu epidemic, circa 2009 In desperation, the CDC releases an untested flu vaccine that cures the flu but surprise also turns recipients into zombies The plague spreads quickly, and before long human survivors are outnumbered Our protagonist, Mike, is an ex marine survivalist who has been stockpiling weapons and MREs for years, just in case of apocalypse zombie, or otherwise The townhome complex where he lives with his family becomes a makeshift safe haven for human refugees, with Mike as one of the skilled and outspoken leaders Most of the book is setup excursions outside the compound to rescue survivors and gather supplies hint that these zombies are not the mindless zombies of horror flicks Although the undead are slow moving, their attacks seem coordinated Predictably, a zombie horde descends on the compound and eventually breaches the defenses they re not as dumb as they look, those zombies Still, I hope I m not giving too much away in saying that Mike and his family escape Hint there are six sequels so far The story itself is interesting enough, but the storytelling is distractingly bad It s told in first person from Mike s point of view His narrative style is amusing he s manly and self deprecating and full of corny jokes Initially, I wanted to give the author Mark Tufo the benefit of the doubt and assume that any narrative awkwardness was intentional just part of Mike s casual, everyman style Eventually, though, the painful phrasing from which he came from and syntax grammar errors penultimate to mean ultimate were than I could overlook Even the sections that were told in another voice were painful Mike s wife narrates briefly, and there is inexplicably a section in the middle that is told from a third person omniscient point of view This book needs an editor Badly.Still, it was an amusing diversion during a long car ride I just don t care enough about Mike to keep reading.I can see this book appealing to fans of zombie fiction who want a series they can stick with for a while It s got humor, gore, action, and a protagonist with wit and charm But unfortunately, it s so poorly constructed, I can t see myself recommending it very enthusiastically.

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    I won t bother outlining the plot of this one other than to say it s a typical zombie outbreak scenario It focuses on an ex marine and his family as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse I ve read dozens of zombie books and enjoyed nearly everyone The problem I have with Zombie Fallout isn t with the story The problem is the writing.The book is overflowing with spelling and grammatical errors In something that is self published, it s not surprising to find a few mistakes here and there, but Zombie Fallout has so many errors it s distracting.Another problem is the endless attempts at being funny After a while it just becomes irritating You ll find jokes about farts, pooping, needing a shower, the smell of zombies and jokes about farts If it smells bad it s funny and needs multiple jokes I wish I had read this when I was 13 and could appreciate the humor.This is the first book in what looks to be at least a trilogy I doubt I ll give this writer another try, but hopefully rest of the series received a bit editing.

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    I love to read I read a LOT I read books in a wide variety of genre I confess a preference for the paranormal and horror, so why have I not come across Mark Tufo s books before Zombie Fallout is the first in a series and begins just after the plague starts It is written in the form of a journal, which is narrated by the main character, Michael Talbot Mike is forced to become the Man of the Hour when an untested H1N1 vaccine turns thousands into the walking dead He s healthy, he s strong, he s a former Marine, he s got a good dose of common sense, and he has a sense of humor which helps in the sanity department Being a touch paranoid, uh, I mean being a survivalist, he is prepared He just never quite expected that he needed to be prepared for zombies, but he can adapt on the fly Relying on his training and skills, Mike sets out to do whatever he can to save his family, friends, and as many of the still living as possible.Along the way, Mike meets quite the variety of characters, both heroic and vile His cause is aided in unexpected and sometimes unexplainable ways by those you d assume to be a liability rather than an asset Ryan Seacrest lends a hand, in a unique way People who could be of great help show their worst side, and choices have to be made Somewhere along the line Mike also figures out that these zombies may be dead, but they re not quite brain dead I found Mr Tufo s writing style to be refreshingly real By that I mean he writes the way ordinary people talk at least how people with Michael Talbot s background would talk Is the grammar and sentence structure perfect No Would your grammar and sentence structure be perfect if you were dodging zombies Probably not Mike s wife and sons make what I ll call guest appearances , taking over chapters when Mike is occupied elsewhere and unable to keep us up to speed on what s happening These chapters are written in an obviously different style, which to me proves Mr Tufo s intent At any rate, Zombie Fallout is an easy read Gory Yes, but it wouldn t be a zombie story without some gore, right It s ok though, the sense of humor throughout brings balance to the blood and guts This isn t the kind of story that ll give you nightmares, but it IS the kind of story that s going to make you want to read Zombie Fallout 2 right away

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