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City Of The Dead summary City Of The Dead, series City Of The Dead, book City Of The Dead, pdf City Of The Dead, City Of The Dead 072b442d5e As The World Succumbs To A Devastating Plague That Brings Its Victims Back From The Dead, Eager To Destroy All That Is Living, A Group Of Survivors, Trapped Inside A Fortified Skyscraper, Must Fight For Their Survival Against An Indestructible Enemy That Keeps Coming Back

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    3.5 5 stars CITY OF THE DEAD has been on my TBR pile for a year or two, and on my physical bookshelf , so when I saw it listed on my Audioboom email, I immediately requested it I m glad I did This book picks up right where THE RISING left off Most of the group is now trapped in a house and you can t help but to root for them The zombies they are fighting are not your normal zombie they can be fast, use weapons, and drive cars They are led by Ob, and in this book we learn about him and his mission on earth.Fast paced and filled with lots of fun action, zombie crocs and birds anyone , there isn t much time to rest here, and why would you want to There are plenty of gross outs and characters to root for and not of lot of time for quiet moments, fancy prose, or reflection If this is the type of book you re in the mood for, then CITY OF THE DEAD is the book for you I listened to the audio, narrated by Joe Hempel It took me a while to get into his narrative style, but once I did, I ended up enjoying it quite a bit.Recommended for those in the mood for bloody, smart zombie fun Thanks to Audioboom and Joe Hempel for this audio copy in exchange for my honest review This is it

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    My original City of the Dead Author s Preferred Edition audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Set immediately following the final moments of Brian Keene s Bram Stoker Award winning The Rising, a small band of survivors manage to flee the zombie infested suburbs of New Jersey Their escape is not exactly scot free, however, and Jim, Frankie, Martin, and Danny are hounded by a pursuing band of the undead who quite nearly finish them off They re rescued, though, and spirited away to Ramsey Tower, an impenetrable New York City skyscraper at the heart of the city where scores of survivors have found shelter and a chance at survival Unfortunately for them, this rescue puts the survivors out of the frying pan and straight into the fire Ramsey, an old, perverted, wealthy old tycoon with a reality TV show and dementia hmmm I wonder what other old, perverted, wealthy real estate tycoon with a crappy TV show and dementia Keene could have based Ramsey on will do anything to survive Anything And Ob, the undead leader of the zombie hordes, has set its eyes on Ramsey Tower and the death of everyone hiding within.With the ground rules of Keene s zombie apocalypse well established in The Rising, this Author s Preferred Edition of City of the Dead ups the ante a fair deal and provides a wealth of gore, dismemberment, and mayhem New York has become a necropolis, and in between all the flesh chomping and headshots, Keene expounds on the goals of Ob and the demonic Siquissim One of the things I ve grown to appreciate about Keene s The Rising series is the way the author infuses traditional zombie apocalypse tropes with a welcome dose of cosmic horror Anybody looking for solid, edgy Romero esque carnage will feel right at home with these two novels, and will likely appreciate the spark of originality Keene injects.The Rising s narrator, Joe Hempel, returns to the microphone for City of the Dead to deliver a lively reading Having narrated than 150 books, Hempel has a comfortable, familiar reading style that makes for a companionable listen, one that s smooth all the way through His production skills are top notch, as well, and you won t find any blips or aberrations in the recording to yank you out of the story.Readers who bemoaned the ending to The Rising can rest assured that Keene delivers a definitive finale to City of the Dead Personally, I found the ending to The Rising to be very well done, but I know there s also a surprising number of readers out there who need every single thing spelled out for them and who are unable to infer details unless they re beat over the head with them Well, fear not City of the Dead has an ending and nobody need fear the mistaken appearance of a cliffhanger City of the Dead takes all the best aspects of The Rising and plumbs its cosmic mythological depths a bit In some ways, it s a nastier, darker, dirtier work than the prior story, but don t say I didn t warn you Ramsey in particular is a real piece of work, and Keene gives his living characters enough warmth and humanity to stab you in the heart when you least expect it Thankfully, Keene softens some of the considerable tension and long, violent action set pieces with moments of dark humor, usually thanks to a cat named God, as well as a few scenes of heartwarming familial repartee City of the Dead is definitely worth a visit, but I wouldn t want to live there.

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    Before we begin This is the Sequel to The Rising and should be read in that order If you have yet to read The Rising stop reading now because what is in these reviews will be spoilers when reading the first in the series Now for the Summary Keene rewinds a bit in the opening of this book, recapping the final chapter of The Rising where we were all left in that upsetting cliffhanger He then continues on from there with an ever growing and shrinking group of scrappy survivors At this point they have now crossed 5 states, escaped the psychotic military troupes, run from the Zombie leader Ob and continued on into New Jersey In this installment the final installment at the point of my writing this , the group spends most of the first half of the book running like heck, then being rescued by another group of survivors holed up in a supposedly indestructible skyscraper Shockingly enough, the man in charge of the skyscraper has lost his mind sounds like something you ve seen on the TV doesn t it well you re right To prevent what might be any spoilers, I won t go beyond there But odds are, if you are reading this book, you like Zombies which would also imply that you like Zombie movies, which would then mean you ve already watched this book The first 3rd of the book is standard run from the Zombie fare the second 2 3 of the book is an almost exactly the same as George Romero s Land of the Dead Now as to who ripped off who according to , both were released in 2005 so it s a toss up All I m saying is that the majority of the book is the same as the majority of that movie I was really disappointed in that aspect I had really been hoping for something new and inspired, unfortunately if you ve seen the movie, it s not Does that mean this is a terrible book By no means, it s a heart pounding thrill ride from beginning to end that never lets up for a second I blazed through the 360 some pages in about 3 hours I enjoyed the read Keene is a very fast paced writer I just know I would have enjoyed it had I not seen such a similar film.

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    Several of our old friends from The Rising are back for fast talking and speedy moving zombie killing action Sh t, these zombies fly, crawl and drive military assault vehicles Damn That s f d up If only Jim and company can get to the sanctuary at Ramsey Towers everything would be peachy Welluntil Ob and his horde of nasties show up to spoil the party.

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    If you read my review of The Rising , the first book in this collection, well then you know exactly what I will think of City of the dead Miraculously, City of the Dead manages to be even cringeworthy than The Rising Lashings upon lashings of depressingly bad dialogue between characters, stupidly over the top gory scenes and overall, a completely moronic plot with unnecessary god references than the last book managed to squeeze in, which is quite an achievement.Notable crapness A homeless person with a cat called God This allows choice lines such as Let god lead the way or God will save us etc.A dream scene with a zombie ejaculating maggots Yes Wow Don t get me wrong, this doesn t phase me itself, but the stupidity of writing about it sure does Wow, I ll really shock the readers with this must have been the thoughts in the authors head when he put together that particular scene.Sexual themes abound in this one too The above mentioned maggot member scene, then some homosexual references and even some necrophilia None of it serves any purpose at all I really think the author of this book is mentally stunted It s just the kind of crap I might have thought about writing when I was 11 or 12, thinking I was cool to describe over the top grossness after having read a few Stephen King novels.I really struggled through these books since I had nothing to read and they truly are terrible I vow never again to read anything written by this author.

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    Now that was a different kind of zombies This book was disgusting lol but a really good read Didn t know it was the second book in a series so now I got to get the first one.

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    I finally got to City of the Dead, Brian Keene s sequel to the relentless The Rising.I had rated The Rising four stars, but I think this one will have to hit five.Keene can move a story along with the best of them There is no time for flowery prose, so buckle in and hold on tight.City of the Dead picks up right where The Rising left off Actually, it overlaps that ending Like The Rising, the pacing is relentless, and you are burning through the novel like gangbusters.And man, I love his zombie concept These zombies are bad ass and scary as hell.Read The Rising, and then read this And make some popcorn.

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    This books picks up immediately where The Rising leaves off, matter of fact the first chapter of this book is pretty much the last chapter of The Rising I would recommend reading the books in order, unless you re just reading them for the sake of gory action I m not giving these books 5 stars, because, although I really appreciate Keene s spin on the zombie story, this is just not how I like my zombies I like my zombies like I like my mornings, slow moving and quietthese talking, thinking, driving, armed and dangerous ones are just too freaking unfair, how can anyone survive that Still good book, I definitely recommend it.

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    I ll write a longer review at some point maybe, but for now I ll just say this There s hope in this book, but COTD isn t going to clobber you over the head with it No, it s a novel with integrity Keene follows the story to the conclusion that fits best, and that means you ll need to steel yourself for some rough, disquieting stuff But it s scary, it s harrowing, and as you d expect, it s exceedingly well written A worthy sequel to one of the best zombie novels ever written, and a great standalone tale as well Five stars.

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    Great unplanned sequel to The Rising, Keene gets things going pretty fast and doesn t let go until the very end There isn t a book by him I haven t enjoyed and this wasn t the exception.

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