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Menace of Club Mephistopheles txt Menace of Club Mephistopheles , text ebook Menace of Club Mephistopheles , adobe reader Menace of Club Mephistopheles , chapter 2 Menace of Club Mephistopheles , Menace of Club Mephistopheles 55a03f Every Marriage Is Haunted Haunted By The Past, And The Shadow Of Guilt That Creeps Over The Heart From Words Spoken In Anger, And All The Rest That S Left Unsaid Hank Stanford, A Small Town Lawyer, Is Frustrated With His Life, And His Marriage Determined To Drag All The Skeletons From The Closet Of His Marriage And Salvage What Is Left Of The Love That He S Shared With His Wife Of Twenty Years, He Ditches The Mistress And Goes Home To Clear His Conscience But It S Too Late For Redemption His Wife Is Dead By Her Own Hand What Follows Is A Nightmare Of Family Secrets, Incest, Madness And Murder His Tormented Wife Might Be Dead, But The Terrible Secrets She Took To The Grave Are Not, And The Husband She Left Behind Is About To Find Out That Death Is Not Always The End Of Love, Of Life Or Of Fear

About the Author: Joseph Duncan

Born in Southern Illinois, Joseph was raised in a very liberal home environment and was exposed at an early age to the classic underground comic book scene of the sixties and seventies, as well as European graphic novels by artists like Moebius, Enki Bilal and Milo Manara At age 9, he was reading Tolkien and Stephen King He wrote his first novella at age 10 If you want to read the same old form

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    This is a good read It pays hommage to the hardboiled detective style of Dashiel Hammett and Raymond Chandler one of the character s last name is Marlowe while blending in a healthy dosage of urban fantasy and light horror It also sprinkles humour and sex liberally However, and the main reason why I am unable to give it than three stars, Dixon Peters is perhaps a little too inspired from Harry Dresden I am a big fan of Jim Butcher s Dresden Files and I kept feeling Boy This passage reminds me an awful lot of a passage in the Dresden Files This kept spoiling the fun for me and prevented me from feeling fully satisfied with the book.Too bad I will try other books by Rod Redux.

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    An absolutely enjoyable read The main character is very likeable and is quite a unique character with a mysterious background, which is revealed at the end The story is set in the 1920 s and gets and strange as each new paragraph unfolds I enjoyed it s sense of humor, and am very much looking forward to the further adventures of Dixon Peters, detective It s available on Smashwords.com and for anyone who enjoys supernatural mysteries, or just plain weird fiction, I recommend giving it a try.

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    I like this author and his 30,000 year old vampire series so had high hopes for this book With that said, I found parts of it interesting and imaginative but still not my cup of tea The main character is a mysogynistic Gum shoe from I m guessing the 1920 s with some low level magical powers Just had trouble getting into it and I really didn t like the way it ended ah, well, can t love them all, huh

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    Good FunJust a really fun read Silly premise but well executed The characters are well developed, especially Dix Peters Quick fun read.

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