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Make Believe Marriage quotes Make Believe Marriage, litcharts Make Believe Marriage, symbolism Make Believe Marriage, summary shmoop Make Believe Marriage, Make Believe Marriage c06eab0d Their Relationship Was Strictly Business Perhaps Daphne Shouldn T Have Left Her Aunt S Home Much As She D Hated Living There For What Would Become Of Her Now In Mexico, Alone And Penniless She Didn T Really Consider Carlos Reynolds As An Alternative At The Time She Wouldn T Marry A Perfect Stranger Just Because He Happened To Need A Temporary Wife However, When He Risked Going To Jail For Her, She Felt Indebted But Becoming Mrs Carlos Reynolds Was One Thing Falling In Love With Her Handsome Unfeeling Husband Was Definitely Another Sheer Folly

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    Acapulco Daphne discovered her Aunt had lied to get her to agree to leave her home and job to go live with her and be her personal hairdresser and assistant maid All she wanted was to save enough money to pay the airfare back to Wales She wanted to get away from Elsa the superstar and Elsa s husband Mitchell she knew if she stayed he would rape her, because she would never willing go to his bed Feeling suddenly suffocated by the theatrical atmosphere of the room, sickened by the false gaiety of the people in it, Carlos lunged away from the wall and turned sharply to go out on to the terrace He collided immediately with one of the maids who was entering the room with a tray laden with full glasses, and the tray spun from her hands You little fool , Elsa s voice shrilled spitefully as she advanced towards Daphne Get out Elsa spat the words out dramatically and continued Get out Go on, leave now, I ve had enough of you and she turned to her guests After all I ve done for her, taking her in and giving her a job when I found her, my brother s only child She was poor and out of work, so I offered her a home with me, and in return she s tried to come between Mitch and me, to destroy our marriage You see what happens when you re charitable to a poor relation Liar Hypocrite Daphne s voice shook with anger I ve had enough of you too She couldn t stand living with and working for her aunt any longer, she hated Mitchell with his wandering hands and insisting she become his mistress under Elsa s nose She ran to her room, packed her case, grabbed her passport, she turned and ran from the room She was half way down the driveway when Mitchell drunkenly staggered out of the bushes and grabbed her, your not really leaving I need you, I can t let you go Stay with me His mouth and hands were all over her Hitting, struggling, twisting, scratching at his face, she couldn t get away from him SUDDENLY he was thrown into the bushes and she used the back of her hand to wipe away the feel of his lips on her mouth Are you okay Carlos asked Yes, Thank you Then get in, give me your case and I ll put it on the back seat Where were you going, do you have a friend you can stay with I would be glad if you would drop me off at the zocalo plaza After a series of questions, Carlo s felt he couldn t just leave her there wondering around with no one to turn to looking for a job, not enough money to fly home I asked you to drop me off, where are you going Where are you taking me she exclaimed, really worried now OH I should have guessed you re no better than the other men who go to Elsa s parties, you re no better than Mitchell, after all Please stop and let me out I don t want to go any further with you I refuse to be kidnapped by you I m not kidnapping you, I m trying to help you, it s my fault you had to leave, my fault you don t have a job any, so I feel responsible for what happens to you, and I can t let you stay alone in some cheap hotel or walk the streets looking for a job Someone might take advantage of you You re safe with me The car roared up the road climbing steadily towards the Sierra Madre del Sur.

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    Might have 2 copies

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