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Hockey Superstitions pdf Hockey Superstitions , ebook Hockey Superstitions , epub Hockey Superstitions , doc Hockey Superstitions , e-pub Hockey Superstitions , Hockey Superstitions d6006776cbf One Of North America S Best Known Hockey Writers Examines The Strangest Rituals And Superstitions Within The NHLWhy Did Wayne Gretzky Start Every Pre Game Warm Up By Shooting Wide To The Right Of The Net A Rather Funny Habit, Given That He Scored Goals Than Anyone In The Game S History Why Do Many Hockey Players Seem To Believe Performance Is Tied Directly To Facial Hair Why Does Geoff Sanderson Use A Different Length Stick For Every Period And Why Did Petr Klima Break His Stick After Every Goal He Scored Hockey Superstitions, By One Of Canada S Best Known Hockey Writers, Andrew Podnieks, Explores The Fascinating And Fun World Of Hockey Superstitions Their Origins, Their Quirks, And The Mythology Around Them Along The Way, It Gives Us An Original Look Into The Minds Of The Players And Coaches Behind Them

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    Bland, generic writing isn t necessarily damning in a light novelty hockey book, but this has several minor factual errors i.e says that Maxime Talbot is a defenseman and Scott Gomez signed with Montreal as a free agent that make one wonder how much one can trust the other info.

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    Danny MetayerMs HayesEnglish period 319 January,2014 The book I read was called Hockey Superstitions by Andrew Podnieks This book is about hockey players superstitions Some superstitions are crazy, some are clever, some don t make any sense, but all that matters is if those superstitions work A lot of the players superstitions lasted throughout all of their careers, some lasted for only days My favorite superstition is belongs to Wayne Gretzky His superstition was that after warm ups he would go back to the dressing room for a series of beverages, in a particular order Diet Coke, ice water, Gatorade, and a second Diet Coke 101 This is my favorite superstition because it is odd and I would think the two Diet Cokes would slow him down, but it looks like it didn t because he became the best hockey player in the world I really liked this book because I never knew that players had so many superstitions I also liked it because I was wondering why players did these things, and now I know why they did it Of course, superstitions work best if they are associated with winning That is what makes the superstitions continue on I would recommend this book if you like hockey or you want to read an interesting book about superstitions This book made me laugh sometimes because some of the superstitions were very weird.

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    Every athletic league presents multiple forms of superstition From tee ball to the NHL, it is not difficult to find someone with a lucky charm, game day meal, or favorite place to watch the game Many hockey fans most likely agree that their own game day rituals and those of their favorite players probably rank near the top of the list of most superstitious sports.Those looking for an in depth examination of hockey players and their superstitions may be disappointed by Andrew Podnieks s book Hockey Superstitions From Playoff Beards to Crossed Sticks and Lucky Socks Instead, Podnicks described the rituals and superstitions of some of the game s well known and sometimes not so well known names He devoted the majority of pages to individuals from Karl Azner to Bernie WolfeRead the rest of my review at The Hockey Writers.

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    This was of a fun, interesting read for me Since I love the game of hockey and I find myself pretty superstitious I wanted to read up on some NHLer s that had some crazy habits Gets repetitive at times that is why it only hot 3 stars from me.

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    Nothing special the writing is not anything to be raving about, but some interesting tidbits of trivia, that s all Quick read.

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    Interesting for the most part, but there were a few details that were just a bit off and that made me question whether the rest of the facts were true or not.

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