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Hey Buddy pdf Hey Buddy , ebook Hey Buddy , epub Hey Buddy , doc Hey Buddy , e-pub Hey Buddy , Hey Buddy 90b0dec1076 FINALIST FOR GENERAL NON FICTION THE INDIE BOOK AWARDSFINALIST FOR MEMOIRS HISTORICAL LEGACY CAREER THE INDIE BOOK AWARDSHe Was Just A Kid From Lubbock, Texas, Sporting Black Horn Rimmed Glasses, Blue Jeans, A White T Shirt, White Socks, And Loafers And He Changed The Course Of Music History Today, Than Five Decades After His Tragic Death, Buddy Holly Still Affects Lives Around The World Critically Acclaimed Author Gary W Moore Was Not A Fan Of Rock Music He Was Familiar With Buddy S Name And Thought He Was Dead, But Couldn T Name Even A Single Song Buddy Had Written Or Performed In A Single Evening All That Changed When The Late Great Buddy Holly Reached Out From A Stage In Cedar Falls, Iowa, And Seized Gary S Heart And Soul Through A Song Not A Song Written Or Performed By Buddy, But A Song About Buddy Performed By Musician John Mueller Even Buddy S Closest Friends Say John Is Buddy Reincarnated, And His Resemblance And Music Will Take Your Breath Away Hey Buddy Is A Warm And Intimate Chronicle Of The Author S Personal Journey To Discover About The Young Man From Lubbock, His Music, His Influence, And The Times In Which He Lived Join Gary As He Meets Buddy S Personal Friends, Celebrities, And Everyday Buddy Enthusiasts Their Unique Stories Will Make You Laugh, Smile, Cry, And Think All The While What If What If Buddy Had Lived Instead Of Perishing In That Terrible Plane Crash In Clear Lake, Iowa, On That Winter Night In What If Buddy Had Continued To Write Music Into The S And S What If Along The Way Gary Discovers The Darker Side Behind Buddy S Last Hours The Doomed Dwyer Flying Service Charter Flight Took Off In Deteriorating Weather With An Inexperienced Year Old Pilot Who Was Not Instrument Rated The Dwyers Claim They Have The Plane Wreckage In Which Buddy, Ritchie Valens, Big Bopper Richardson, And The Pilot Died, And Told Gary The Truth Has Never Been Told About What Happened On That Flight With The Help Of A Retired National Transportation Safety Board Aviation Crash Expert, Gary Recreates The Short Flight And Reaches An Intriguing Conclusion About What Really Happened During The Plane S Final Moments A Rollercoaster Ride Of Emotion, Hey Buddy Offers A Surprising Examination Of Our Culture And How The Young Man From Lubbock Brought Us From Where We Were Five Decades Ago To Where We Are Today His Dramatic And Enduring Legacy Influenced Everyone From The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, And Don McLean To Writers, Fans, And John Mueller, Who Took The Stage In Iowa One Cold Night Not Long Ago To Recreate The Winter Dance Party Of And, In Doing So, Influenced An Author To Pick Up His Pen And Explore A Legacy That Still Affects Us Today About The Author Gary W Moore Is A Motivational Speaker, Accomplished Musician, And The Award Winning Author Of Playing With The Enemy A Baseball Prodigy, World War II, And The Long Journey Home Savas Beatie, Penguin The Story Of His Father S Secret Life In Baseball And War Playing With The Enemy Has Inspired Readers Worldwide And Will Soon Be A Major Motion Picture Gary Has Contributed To The Chicken Soup For The Soul Series And Has Been Featured In National Publications, On Syndicated Radio, And On CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, And FoxVIEWS Hey Buddy Is A Page Turning Pursuit Of Buddy Holly S Legacy And His Impact On Others In And Out Of The Music Industry It S As American As Apple Pie And As Compelling As Don McLean S Legendary Hit About The Day The Music Died Run, Don T Walk, To Your Nearest Bookstore And Get Two Copies One For You And Another For Anyone You Know Who Listens To Music James Riordan, New York Times Bestselling Author Of Break On Through The Life And Death Of Jim Morrison Gary Moore S Hey Buddy Is A Touching Narrative That Chronicles His Fascinating Journey Of Discovery Into The Life And Music Of Buddy Holly Through The Spirited Performances Of John Mueller While Endeavoring To Explain The Profound Impact Buddy S Musical Legacy Continues To Have Than Fifty Years After His Tragic Demise Jacqueline A Bober, Curator, The Buddy Holly Center A Rock And Rollercoaster Of A Read Gary Moore S Emotional Account Of His Discovery Of Buddy Holly And The Eye And Ear Witnesses Of Holly S Genius Is A Memorial To The Influence Of One Of Rock S True Pioneers You Ll Rave On About This Unforgettable Story Bill Guertin, Longtime Vinyl Rock And Roll DJ And The Author Of Reality Sells The Pound Gorilla Of Sales We Ve All Had Uncle Charlies In Our Lives Who Were Fun To Be Around Because They Told Such Great Stories We Always Wanted To Hear For Me, Gary Moore Is The Uncle Charlie Of American Writers He Is A Great Storyteller Through The Written Word And I Always Want To Read Now He S Done It Again With Hey Buddy John Skipper, Author Of Meredith Willson The Unsinkable Music Man Hey Buddy Illustrates The Raw Power That Passion For A Topic Can Have When It Grips An Unsuspecting Writer Author Gary Moore Is Not Only A Gifted Storyteller But An Accomplished Musician And A Pilot, And He Uses These Attributes To Provide New And Unique Insights Into Holly S Music, His All Too Brief Life And His Death Bonnie Bartel Latino, Author And Former Columnist For Stars And Stripes Newspaper Europe Buddy Holly Inspired A Generation Of Musical Greatness But In Many Ways, He Was Very Different From The Musicians He Inspired In His Short Life These Differences Are What Allowed A Former Rock N Roll Naysayer To Finally Come To Grips With His Musical Prejudice In Discovering Buddy, Gary Moore Learns As Much About Himself As He Does About A Generation Of Music He Had Selectively Tuned Out Hey Buddy Allowed Me To Walk On This Journey With Him It Is Really Terrific Sweet, Sad, Informative, And Even Patriotic This Is A Great Read For Anyone Remotely Interested In Music And Why It Does Or Doesn T Make Us Tick Beth Kenney Augustine, Emmy Award Winning Producer A Thoroughly Fun Read And Crazy Good Chicago Sun Times Provides A Wonderfully Balanced Account Of Moore S Investigations Intelligent And Accessible Throughout, It Reveals Moore S New Found Love And Warmth For Buddy Which We, As Readers, Can Share Now Dig This, A Warm And Intimate Chronicle For Buddy Holly Fans, And Indeed Anyone Interested In His Music And Times Then This Is Going To Be A Must Have On Your Shopping List I Recommend Thoroughly Crackerjack, Comfortable Read And Recommended As A Gentle Introduction To The Man Who Was Buddy Holly Maggie S Blue Suede News,

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    Possibly 3 1 2 Buddy Holly wasn t exactly on my radar either until I heard The Best of Buddy Holly or maybe it was called Greatest Hits at my friend s house Either way it was a good album But I just don t recall that he made much of a dent on my brother or sister She and I were 9 10 years old when he died Our brothers and sisters were of the age who would have purchased his music Hers did, mine didn t Mine were folkies than hers were.But I didn t know that you could be of an age and rock had no effect on your life Like me, the author was a suburban Chicago kid But we followed different musical paths He listened to country WJJD before it turned talk and was in a marching band We listened to JJD until 58 when we moved closer to the city and learned WLS played some version of rock roll.This guy got taken to winter dance party name of Buddy s last tour by his wife and mother in law And he just flipped out over the pseudo Buddy, John Mueller Hey Buddy was title of Mueller s tribute song it is apparently available on YouTube He was apparently up all night od g on Buddy s music A couple of friends tried to tell him about rock roll didn t the Lovin Spoonful have a song, or at least a line, like that But, here he was, trying to catch up on 50 years of music all at once They knew he needed help Cut him some cds.I began to wonder what kind of nut is this Actually, the book wasn t too bad After all, I finished Better editing would have helped though We are left with the implication that Michelangelo did the Mona Lisa and that there was once a singer named Jimmy Hendrix These were the major things that got to me Maybe I m just too picky.

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    I give this book a five star, amazing rating only because I have never read a book that made me feel like I was sitting next to the author on a bar stool listening to him tell me this story over a couple of beers.This is not a biography of Buddy Holly It is about the author s quest to understand how he could of blown off the rock and roll era that was influenced so heavily by Buddy Holly Gary Moore takes us with him as he runs into Buddy Holly fans all over the country In the process they explain to him what they know about Buddy and how they feel when they listen to his music Gary makes many friends along the way as he takes us in the most intimate way to the crash site in Clear Lake, Iowa.My favorite parts of the book were when his closest friends try and teach him the history of rock and roll and the photos Gary included that were taken on his iPhone If you are looking for an easy, comfortable read about a guy who falls in love with something he can t understand, this is the book for you The Buddy Holly parts will be just a bonus.

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    A very nostalgic visit with the people that were effected by Buddy s music and death Gary s search for his lost decade was a revelation to me because I just assumed everyone had heard of rock roll And even listened to it if not actually danced to it Very interesting information about Buddy s advanced music writing, playing, and recording skills Pretty amazing for someone SO very young.

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    Hey Buddy is a wonderful and magical journey to find Buddy Holly the man, the legend, and his music You will be blown away by what you hear and what you learn from Holly From the crash investigations, talking to the Dwyers , and just exploring a decade of music, you thought you knew This one is a keeper Hey Buddy In pursuit of Buddy Holly, My New Buddy John, and My Lost Decade of Musicby Gary W Moore2011, Savas Beatie Publishing219 PagesI must start this review by saying I have never in my life, borrowed, checked out, read, listened or reviewed a book on music or musical artist s It is just not a subject that interested me I was looking over Savas Beatie s offering for 2011 and for some reason this book stood out to me, almost calling me I went back to the page several times before ordering my copy Hey Buddy is Not a Biography on Buddy Holly It IS a wonderful and magical journey to find Buddy Holly The man, the legend and the music We learn quickly that the author shared my view on music history knowing a little but not really interested until that one night changed his life forever.After being dragged to an event called the Winter Dance Party performed by John Mueller who impersonates Buddy, Gary W Moore was transfixed, mesmerized and struck to the core What this entire book revolves around his the quest to find the music.Gary W Moore book Hey Buddy is a Masterpiece He takes us on the journey with him We are there from the first moment that these emotions hit to the final visit to the crash site You will find yourself researching, looking, listening and reading to what he did Seriously, do not be surprised if you find yourself on the computer until 2 3AM.Even though this book is a personal journey for Gary his writing, his research it is strangely perceived at the end as personal journey for you the reader The reason I am stating this as a Masterpiece is that although this is his journey I found myself not really seeing him that much in the book I was in his skin, in his shoes and experiencing this journey for myself It was my story Along this epic ride we take with us a host of characters some serious, some funny, some sad and some angry All of them culminate to bring this story to life Hey Buddy will be one of your all time favorites as it is now for me This is a book and a journey you will have to experience for yourself and I promise you will not be disappointed Hey Buddy is for the hardcore Holly Fans and for those who have just heard about him You will be blown away by what you hear and what you learn about Holly From the crash investigations, talking to the Dwyers and just exploring a decade of music you thought you knew This one is a keeper.Craig AndersonOur History Project

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    I loved this book I have always been a big fan of Buddy Holly so I really enjoyed reading this book It was fun to read how the author discovers all that he does about the life of Buddy Holly I envy him being able to do all that he did in the course of writing this book.This book was won in a giveaway and I m so glad that I won it.

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    I was very happy when I got this book in the mail as Buddy Holly is one of my favorite singers from that era I think that the book is well written and a fun read for anyone interested in this topic Will update with full review soon

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    I loved every moment in the pursuit of the legacy of Buddy Holly

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    Pleasant enough I will be reading a Holly biography soon as my interest was piqued.

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    Learned about author Gary W Moore from a required reading book from my daughter Ellie This book is stating with a bit self aggrandizement style, it is a quick read and interesting.

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    I loved this one I, too, want to learn about Buddy Holly now A fun memoir a quick read.

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