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    I don t think there s a better book by Arthur C Clarke than this These stories are taut, memorable, moving, full of the pain of one form or another of exile Sure, there are one or two amusing throwaways, but has there ever been a poignant story of homesickness than If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth , or a bleakly ironic memorial to human folly than the closing paragraphs of the title story If you, like I, have found much of Arthur C Clarke s late work less than inspiring, read these early stories to discover what a tremendous writer he was at his peak.

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    I picked up an Arthur C Clarke book after many years, and got reminded why i got interested in sci fi in the first place A very good selection of short stories that were written before humans entered space and even now ensnaring readers into the genre of science fiction Timeless

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    A collection of some of Clarke s older SF stories, including The Sentinel, which is the story that set the tone for 2001 All these stories are pretty good, although not the best that Clarke wrote A few have twists that are easy to see coming, but overall I enjoyed them quite a lot.

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    It s good to read some of the works of the forefathers of science fiction It s been decades since I ve read any Clarke and it s like visiting an old friend These are 11 tales originally published between 1949 and 1953 and are, of course, of varying quality individually Combined, they re fascinating in style and content and a joy to read.Most of these stories aren t about laser guns or space battles although I enjoy that kind of science fiction but about the human condition.Second Dawn This is a cautionary tale A race of psychics discover a psychic weapon of mass destruction in war time In their horror, they turn away from it and the knowledge that lead to it and instead down a path of physical sciences.If I Forget Thee, Oh Earth A child looks upon the radioactive wastes that is the Earth from the relative safety of the Moon.Breaking Strain A spaceship loses its oxygen reserves.History Lesson Long after humanity is gone, what will be found to show who we were and what will be made of us Superiority A military tribunal holds a reminder that superior technology and superior hubris does not necessarily guarantee success on the battlefield This is a truism that s often forgotten and this story is a very nice reminder.Exile of the Eons A tyrant saves himself at the end of his empire with 100 years of suspended animation that ends up as eons and eons beyond imagining.Hide and Seek A spy, a battle cruiser and a moon of Mars, what could go wrong Expedition to Earth Humans centuries advanced than us find and Earth full of primitives.Loophole When Martians insist the Earthicans give up research into rocketry and set up monitoring stations to enforce their edict, those wily humans find an itty bitty loophole.Inheritance A little ditty about test pilots and vivid dreaming I m not sure I really grokked this one.The Sentinel This is the basis for Stanley Kubrick s 2001 A Space Odyssey and considered a classic But, it s far from my favorite in this collection There s just no there there for me to love it.Overall, I really enjoyed this collection and I need to revisit the old masters often.

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    There are some great stories here A great taste of his style and themes Well recommended for anyone who wants a flavour of this great Sci Fi icon.

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    I thought it was a pretty good collection of short stories Did not feel dated and some of the ideas were still original.

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    Entretenido, poco m s pero nada menos.

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    Great Collection of Short Stories There are 11 short stories in this collection and all of them are truly exceptional but 3 really stand out The first of course is Sentinel which is the basis for the movie and eventually the book, 2001 Breaking Strain is a great book discussing the moral implications of two men trapped alone in a space ship when it is quite obvious that if there was only one of them they could survive With interesting commentary on how people live under pressure and what actions they take, this is an exceptional piece of work But my favorite is probably Second Dawn this story discusses what happens to a group of aliens without hands but with enormous mental powers when they encounter a group of aliens with hands The interaction of the civilizations and cultures is well described, and though I think Clarke may be taking too friendly an approach to such a meeting it would be nice if all civilizational clashes resolved this way Overall this book shows that once again Clarke has proven himself a master of the science fiction genre Though it should be warned that Clarke s writing style is very hard in other words he definitely emphasizes technological capability over character development That being said I think this collections contains some of his best character sketches yet.

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    .Think outside the box

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