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The Ten-Year Century files The Ten-Year Century , read online The Ten-Year Century , free The Ten-Year Century , free The Ten-Year Century , The Ten-Year Century 6ea776873 Remember Worrying About The YK Bug In Or Life Before Twitter Ten Years Ago, September Was Just Another Day, Facebook Didn T Exist, And Barack Obama Was A Little Known State Senator Some Have Called The Jam Packed First Decade Of The New Millennium The Ten Year Century For All Of The History Making, Life Changing Developments It S Contained Now, James Sutherland Explores These Influential Years For The Audience That S Grown Up In It, Putting History In Context And Explaining How The World Is Smaller, Faster, And Connected Than It S Ever Been And Why It Matters

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    Informative though I lived through most of the decade anyways, this book included lots of info I d never read before My only gripe is that the book placed a heavy emphasis on American politics, and only briefly addressed pop culture music, TV shows, and advertising are addressed only cursorily at the start of each chapter Nonetheless, the book made me both miss the noughties and thank heaven that they re over.

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    I thought this book did a very good job explaining many of the events that occurred from 2000 2009 However, I think it could have spent time talking about the technological innovations that occurred in this decade This book mentions them, but it doesn t expand upon them as much as it could have.

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    A very good capsulized chronicle of major events spanning the the first decade of the 21st century, which Sutherland shows was indeed a tumultuous one in many respects Further explanation is needed for some apsects of Islam he metions and I take issue with a couple of generalizations.

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    I detected a slight liberal bias, which was fine with me, but otherwise a pretty good general overview of the important events of the last decade for children.

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