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    This was my first Vince Flynn novel and I was thoroughly impressed The plot was very well constructed I never felt like there was a major plot twist, but rather the characters were working hard to battle each other and all felt like powerful adversaries As with many good books, when the end came, I expected the outcome, but was pleased by the way the author got me there The book tapped a number of emotions for me with despicable characters facing chiseled heroes The theme of corruption in Washington politics was easy to identify with and I felt the author had an excellent knowledge of sophisticated weaponry and surveillance countersurveillance tactics.I would gladly recommend this book to any thriller fan.CJ

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    this guy is AMAZING term limits was published in 1997 and it talks about the budget and how the failure to balance the fed budget will lead to crisis and chaos which is happening I believe I will go out and buy all of his books after the holidays if anyone knows the order in which they were written I would love to get a listI have finished this book and LOVED IT had everything I like power struggle insider info on how DC works great characters and great story I cannot wait to read the next one thanks and happy holidays

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    The pace and plot of this political thriller were, well, thrilling The intricate details of the various reconnaissance and other operations were fascinating and kept me absorbed throughout.Yet, at the end of the book, I felt saddened that the book so clearly promotes the idea that it is acceptable for a tiny handful of self righteous and narrow minded individuals to take a democratically elected government hostage by murdering congressmen and senators in order to force the government to implement their ideas, then justifies the violence by saying that the politicians were corrupt and pointing out that America was founded in a bloody revolution I can accept books with main characters who have different motives, beliefs and values from mine, and who might do things I would consider depraved After all, literature gives authors and readers the chance to explore the dark side of humanity safely, and I like exploring viewpoints other than my own.But in genre fiction like this, I expect that the good guys, while flawed, will at least genuinely BE good guys In this book, neither the good guys or the bad guys are moral the only difference between the good guys and the bad guys was that the good guys actually convinced themselves they had honor and integrity, when what they really had was megalomania.

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    About the only reason that I finished this book was to see just how ridiculous the plot got before the author put it out of its misery I m not sure who the people are who liked this book and there are many I just didn t get it.The premise was interesting A group of assassins targets corrupt politicians and kills several of them, demanding an end to deficit spending, special interests, pork, and partisan politics keep in mind, the book was written in 1999, so any resemblance to our current political situation sadly just means that some things never change.From there, things went downhill in a big way The main character, Congressman Michael O Rourke, was about as bad as the murdered bad guys The problem was that he was portrayed as the noble good guy He actually said numerous times that the other men deserved to die Nice Further, he knew who the assassins were and told no one, just let them go on murdering people Really nice.Aside from an unlikeable protagonist, the characters were as thin as smoke to such a degree that it was hard to remember who was who Weak characters are combined with horrendous dialogue resulting in a special treat for readers The author also apparently never heard the old adage show don t tell as much of the book was just a recapping of who said and did what Further, the plot was at times a stretch somewhat to be expected in a thriller action novel but many times, it was just flat out unbelievable For example, a congressman who participates in covert operations with a group of political assassins to kidnap a former CIA honcho Participates, as in staking out the guy s house and busting in with automatic weapons Give me a break Here s another an audio tape with enough damning information that it would literally destroy the CIA, the office of the presidency and our political system ends up in the hands of Congressman O Rourke and his journalist girlfriend The CIA director asks them if they give their word that they won t tell anyone else about what s on the tape They do and he says your word is good enough for me WHAT Add to all of this misery the author s annoying tendency to interchange character first and last names in a single paragraph O Rourke looked at Scarletti and then Michael handed Liz a drink , his tendency to repeat entire passages of the book for example, a phone conversation between 2 characters may be retold verbatim between one of those characters and a third the reader doesn t need to reread the whole thing , his insistence on referring to cell phones as digital phones, and stupid statements like he blinked away the drop of sweat forming on his brow and Geez Louise, there s not much here to like.This one is a big stinker Unless you want to check your brain and logic at the door, you would be better off skipping this one entirely.

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    What if America s politicians were held accountable for their broken promises and made to pay for their corruption Oh, if only oops, I was lost for a moment in the sweet, sweet fantasy of having corrupt, immoral, and self serving politicians systematically eliminated by a thoughtful group of elite, patriotic American assassins After reading Vince Flynn s rather disappointing, often sophomoric Consent to Kill, I was reluctant to give him another try However, at the encouragement of my Flynn acolyte friends, I read Term Limits and was pleasantly surprised Term Limits is an exciting story of a group of former American commandos who recognize that, in many cases, corrupt and immoral politicians threaten the security and welfare of the country they love far than the foreign terrorists, dictators, and extremists they have fought and killed in the name of national security In an attempt to bring attention to, and eliminate the corruption and greed that have come to dominate much of government, they target the worst of these politicians for assassination Term limits presents a real moral and ethical paradox and will likely have you questioning your notions of justifiable violence in pursuit of the greater good The story is exciting and fast paced, and may just leave you wondering what if Term limits contains significant military combat style violence, profanity, and deals with philosophically complex themes making it appropriate for mature late teens.

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    Let me begin by saying that I m a huge Mitch Rapp fan, so this brief review is written from that mindset I began reading Vince Flynn about a year ago after hearing Neal Boortz and others sing the praises of Mitch Rapp So, naturally, I skipped past Term Limits since it s not listed as part of the Mitch Rapp series and jumped right into his other books I ve since completed all of that series and turned to Term Limits to get my final Vince Flynn fix RIP, sir It did not disappoint.Because Term Limits isn t part of the Rapp series, I assumed that it wouldn t share any of the canon of those books As I read and , I couldn t have been happier to find that this book weaves nicely into the Rapp series and overall Flynn universe In fact, it provided some background and answers to questions I often had while reading the Rapp series For example, the whole time I m reading any of the Rapp books, and Scott Coleman comes into the scene, I found myself wondering about Scott s past He seemed every bit the badass that Rapp was and I always knew that his would be a back story worth telling Another is Michael O Rourke An early Rapp novel made many references to him that I couldn t quite place, so now things make much sense.Chronologically, I estimate that Term Limits happens somewhere between Kill Shot and Transfer of Power Even though this isn t a Rapp novel, it s pretty cool knowing that he s still an unknown to the world at that time and is secretly conducting covert ops overseas and killing bad guys Though indirectly, it s very nice that this book fits into the overall Rapp story in that way.Overall, and perhaps oddly, this book gave me closure to Vince Flynn s passing and the end of Mitch Rapp I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to all.

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    I can t think of the last time I enjoyed a fiction books this much Term Limits is about a solution to what is wrong with Washington killing politicians An elite team of former Navy SEALS decides to take out the most entrenched and corrupt politicians in DC, and demands that the President clean up our beloved capital It sounds like pretty thin soup, but man Talk about a pager turner I couldn t put it down There is much, much to the story, of course the FBI, the CIA, NSA, rouge intelligence agents, top secret programs and assault teams, and a tremendously realistic description of a White House in total spin control I loved it I also thought that the author a very conservative man I first heard about this book on Glenn Beck did a good job of showing how wrong this solution actually is, even as I acknowledge a certain emotional satisfaction in reading this story about killing the people who are killing our country Even as the noble SEALS unleash their assassination, the violence they set loose is used by less noble men for ignoble reasonsand that, of course, is the problem We can all fantasize about politicians who we hate taking a dirt napbut what if it were a politician who we like or admire Violence, of course, has no place in our political systembut I admit, it sure was fun to read about Highly recommended book I haven t read a political thriller for years I think the last one was a Tom Clancy novel in the late 90s , but I am all over this guy.

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    If you love great thrillers, you ll love this stand alone political thriller by Vince Flynn In Term Limits, Michael O Rourke, a young congressman, knows a secret In every page, we watch how Michael s trapped Due to heated politics in Washington D.C., we watch the fireworks fly between the White House and Michael and potential threats We see how close he is to his family We witness the love he has for his girlfriend, Liz Scarpatti, a reporter, and how embroiled he is into the mess I felt bad for Liz, who has a duty to report the facts for her paper, and how her lies are sealed on keeping his secrets, until something happens that turns up the tables We re shocked and awed by the actions of this players and how payback is returned with retribution This would get you hooked into the drama and sucked in, right away A lot of violent drama, when it deals with politics, then and now, and how it can affect the presidency To see those executions, it didn t make me sick to my stomach.

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    This book was amazing It stayed interesting the whole way through It s a political thriller It reminds me of Tom Clancy, but with less of the weapons model info that makes my eyes glaze over.

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    My sister in law introduced me to Vince Flynn after she received his latest novel as a Christmas present After hearing what his subject matter was, and knowing how hooked on 24 I am, I thought I d give Flynn a try and decided to start with his first novel I was definitely not disappointed While the storyline might be a little far fetched, as the story unfolds you really start to wonder if something like this could ever happen in America It s quite a hefty book, but I really had a hard time putting it down when I had to do other things Flynn s writing is fast paced and than once I found my heart pounding as certain key events took place If taken too seriously, it doesn t make you feel particularly good about our government or its many agencies and politicians, though there are thankfully a few exceptions But in the context of a fictional work, I was really impressed with the level of detail provided, not to mention the fact that it was a fast paced, attention grabbing read for a 600 page book Oh, and just when you think the story s got to end, it gets interesting in a hurry But that s all I ll say on that subject

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